EURAXESS Ireland Jennifer Cleary Irish Universities Association 2 nd May 2014

Jennifer Cleary EURAXESS

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Presentation as part of the Dublin - Mexico Business promoting Dublin as the Gateway to Europe, eurgate, which was held May 1 and 2 2014 in Dublin.

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Jennifer Cleary

Irish Universities Association

2nd May 2014

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Mexican researchers on HA in Ireland

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Mexican researchers on Hosting Agreements by discipline

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InCites data on Mexico and Ireland

Volume of publications arising from research collaboration which have been cited between Ireland and Mexico has increased six fold between two periods ( 00-04 and 08-12) showing ever increasing cooperation and a widening of the base of institutions

Period # Institutions #Publications

2000-2004 34 70

2008-2012 80 450

Number of citations - a strong indicator of quality -have increased

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Science Foundation Ireland Collaborations

Mike Hinchey, LERO Software Engineering  CSET, UL and Autonomous University of Aguascalientes on joint research in process references models and systems approaches

Tom Ray, DIAS and Universidad Nacional Aut¢noma de Mexico on  star formation based on data collected from  the radio telescopes centered on Jodrell Bank

Stephen O’Brien, UL and Universidad Autonoma de Guerrero, Dept of Mathematics. 

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Irish University Agreements

FIDERH Central Bank of Mexico and IUA - (i) providing financial assistance graduate degree programs  & (ii) increasing the financial support available for graduate studies of Mexican students.

Mexico’s top graduate student population.

UCC in the process of signing a new research agreement with the UNIVERSITY OF GUADALAJARA, University Centre of Puerto Vallarta

– encouraging the exchange of knowledge and research in the cinematographic, literary and cultural scope

– Ongoing collaboration with # bilateral visits, series of Marie Curie grant applications, conference in UCC (Nov) & various film festivals

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Irish University Agreements

DCU - MOUs with UDLAP (Puebla) and with Tec de Monterrey. 

Next month DCU are sending a delegation (senior researchers) and both Tec de Monterrey and UDLAP are on their itinerary

– UCD Smurfit Business School and the IPDADE: MOU – MBA Student exchange programme

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Jennifer Cleary

Head of EURAXESS Ireland

[email protected]

+353 1 7996023