Jonathan tichich guides you with ways to keep your boss and team happy

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<p> 1. Jonathan Tichich Guides You with Ways to Keep Your Boss and Team HappyYour aim should not only be to make yourself happy, but also your manager and your subordinates, which will help the overall company to grow. When you are working in a team, you do not work as an individual performer, but work as a whole team, states eminent business development executive Jonathan Tichich.Jonathan Tichich provides you with useful tips to keep both your boss and team members happy:1. Get to Understand Your Boss and Team Members: You can never become a good team leader; at the same time make your boss life easy if you fail to understand them. You should understand they way they work and operate. Hence, your initial step must be to figure out what your boss wants or expects from you and how will you deliver it across through your collective teamwork. This will help you deliver the desired results to your boss on time, and the way he prefers it, states sales expert, Jonathan Tichich.2. Understand Your Boss Goal: As an employee, you may be focused with your work and forget the fact that you are placed in such a position to support the goal of your manager. Thus, understand the ultimate goals, projects and numbers and deliver it across to your team. Guide them with systematic approaches as how to achieve them gradually. This way your team will be able to produce deliverables that support your boss success.3. Fight for Your Staff; Be a Leader: When you have a team working under you, make note that your boss will assess you with a tricky yardstick. You represent your team, as you are the decision maker and the team leader. More than your subordinates, you have a greater say when you deal with your boss. Hence, it is your task to request for things that would be helpful and work for your teams overall well being.This way not only will your boss be impressed with your approach, but also your team members will look up to you and trust you with all their future endeavor. </p>