Making money vs. earning income

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  • Making Money vs. Earning Income

    People everywhere are talking about making money and what they

    will do with that money after they get it. The sad fact is that everyone

    focused on making money is broke! Instead of focusing on how much

    money you can make to better yourself, redirect your focus on earning

    income to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Why? Its simpleancient wisdom clearly states that you will reap what

    you sow. If you sow a making money for me attitude, then your

    results will reflect your greed. However, if you change your mindset

    into earning income to change the lives of others, then you will reap a

    bountiful harvest in every area of your life.

    But theres a catch

    If you dont know why you are doing what you are doing everyday to

    earn that income, then you have no direction. Basically, if you dont

    know your Why in life, then you cant get move forward to changing

    your life or the life of anyone else. Your Why in life is your ultimate

    purpose in life. When you get out of bed every morning, you should

    read your Why Card to direct your results for the rest of your day. Do

    you have a Why Card? If not, email me at and request a copy of a sample Why

    Card to assist you in writing your own Why Card.

    Remember, you will reap what you sow. Its up to you to determine

    what your harvest in life will be!

    Motivating Champions Worldwide

    John Di Lemme