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Lean Six Sigma project phase two.

Text of Measure Tollgate

  • 1. Lean Six Sigma Improving FTX/STX2 Tank Draw Quality SFC Henry, Don H. II Project Initiation Date: 31/03/08 Measure Tollgate Date: 04/06/08

2. Agenda

  • Project Charter Review (insert updated quartered box)
  • Value Stream and Process Mapping (create VSM)
  • Key Input, Process, and Output Metrics (insert updated SIPOC)
  • Operational Definitions
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Baseline Data (insert baseline data)
  • Process Performance and Capability
  • Recommended Quick Wins and RIEs
  • Measure Phase Summary
  • Lessons Learned
  • Barriers/Issues
  • Next Steps
  • Storyboard
  • Update Risk Mitigation Matrix

3. Measure Executive Summary

  • Improve tank maintenance quality by giving the 1/16 soldiers more time to perform maintenance during the draw.
  • The project starts at the FTX/STX2 T-6 IPR and ends when the tanks are ready for HETT transport.This project is contained within the Fort Knox Garrison and can transfer to other training support missions on Fort Knox.
  • We are feeling the pain in training and tank maintenance.
  • Soldiers fail to do a quality PMCS for the lack of time, training, and command emphasis.

4. Project Charter Review

  • Scope:this process begins with the T-6 IPR and ends when 1/16 loads the tanks on HETTs.
  • Goal: Improve tank draw quality

Problem/Goal Statement Tollgate Review Schedule Business Impact Core Team

  • State financial impact of project
    • Expenses-none
    • Investments-none
    • Revenues-potential savings in time and material TBD
  • Non-Quantifiable Benefits are increased tank maintenance quality, soldiers morale, maintenance fault tracking, and less training time lost.
  • PES Name MAJ Mackey, Andre
  • PS Name MAJ Mackey, Andre
  • DD Name LTC Naething, Robert
  • GB/BB Name SFC Henry, Don
  • MBB Name Nathan Sprague
  • Core TeamRole % Contrib.LSS Training
  • CW2 Warren SME 20% none
  • MAJ AydelottSME 20% none
  • MAJ Mackey SME 20% none
  • SSG Jones SME 10% none
  • CW4 LucySME 10% none
  • SFC Henry BB 100% BB

Tollgate Scheduled Revised Complete Define: 04/30/08 -04/29/08 Measure: 05/14/08 04/06/08 04/06/08 Analyze: 06/13/08 XX/XX/08XX/XX/08 Improve: 07/18/08 XX/XX/08XX/XX/08 Control: 08/23/08 XX/XX/08XX/XX/08

  • Reduce rework during tank draw from 90% to 45%, per FTX/STX2 by 1 October 2008.
  • Improve 5988-E fault tracking during tank draw from 10% to 85%, per FTX/STX2 by 1 October 2008.
  • Improve tank bumper number accuracy from 10% to 90%, during the T-2 preparation week by 1 October 2008.

Problem StatementSoldiers of 1/16 express dissatisfaction with the Unit Maintenance Activities M1 series tank quality prior to mission support. Currently, 90% of the tanks drawn require maintenance for mission readiness.Approximately 10% of faults listed on the 5988-E s completed by soldiers are tracked by UMA.Lastly, tank bumper number accuracy during T-2 is currently at 10% which causes excess work in the last days of the mission support draw. 5. Tank Draw High Level Process Map T-4 IPR T-1 IPR Area of focus 6.

  • PLT = 10 hours
  • Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) =3%
  • PCE target is 10%
  • Current Work In Process (WIP) = 20 Tanks
  • Current Exit Rate (ER) = 2 tanks per hour

Tank Draw Value Stream Map No No PLT = WIP (20 tanks) / ER (2 tanks per hour) PCE% = Value added time (20 minutes) / PLT (10 hours or 600 minutes) X 100 wait time waste productivity Trigger-service schedule, AOAP, Deadline report, 5988-E, Dispatch, DA Form 2062, QAQC sheet, license, AA card Defects-4 or 17% Set up time-20 min # of people-26 Rework-4 tanks or 20% Trigger-RATSS Time available 420 min Takt rate-19.5 min Defects-4 or 17% Set up time-60 min # of people-26 Rework-0 Trigger-tank in the service bay (fuel & commo) Defects-0 Set up time-10 min # of people-26 Rework-0 Trigger-Fuel gage reads FULL Defects-0 Set up time-15 min # of people-26 Rework-0 Total Defects-8 or 33% Total rework-4 or 17% FMC T-1, Bumper number list and 5988-Es given to soldiers for before ops PMCS QA QC Sign for and Dispatch Commo installs equipment if needed POL fuels vehicle Vehicle staged in the mud lot for transport by HETT to the training area Yes Yes Yes No 90 Minutes per tank (PMCS) 30 minutes per tank 5 minutes per tank 10 minutes per tank 10 minutes per tank 60 minutes 15 min per tank 5 minutes per tank 5 minutes per tank 5 min per tank 15 min per tank (walk to the mud lot) Value add Non value add 20 min 230 min Total time 250 min or 4 hrs & 10 min per tank 7. BII Issue Value Stream Map

  • PLT = 2.7 hours
  • Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) = 28%
  • PCE target is 50%
  • Current Work In Process (WIP) = 16 sets of BII
  • Current Exit Rate (ER) = 6 sets per hour

PLT = WIP (16 sets of BII) / ER (6 sets per hour) PCE% = Value added time (.75 hour) / PLT (2.7 hours) productivity wait time waste T-6 RATSS request received T-4 RATSS updated T-1 RATSS updated Unit arrives on the draw date UMA employees and soldiers lay out BII UMA and soldiers inventory BII UMA and soldiers complete documentation of control Soldiers load BII on a truck 2.75 hours of total time, lay out is concurrent with inventory and documentation is concurrent with loading. 60 min to inventory 45 min to load 60 min to lay out 5 min to document Trigger-RATSS Time available 165 min Takt rate-10 min Defects-0 Set up time-60 min # of people-9 Rework-0 Trigger-DA Form 2062 Defects-0 Set up time-0 # of people-9 Rework-0 Trigger-DA Form 2062 Defects-0 Set up time-0 # of people-2 Rework-0 Trigger-order to load truck Defects-0 Set up time-0 # of people-6 Rework-0 Value add Non value add 45 minutes 120 minutes Total time 165 minutes or 2 hours and 45 minutes 8. SIPOC Map C ustomers

  • 1/16 Soldiers

S uppliers

  • UMA


  • reduce rework by 50%
  • Improve faulttracking
  • Improve bumper # accuracy

Quality Quality Quality I nputs P rocess O utputs

  • Tanks
  • Completed 5988-Es
  • 5988-E
  • IPR
  • LRTC
  • Troop to Task
  • Deadline report
  • Service sched.
  • AOAP sched.

T-6IPR T2T RATSS T-5 T2T T-4 T2T T-3 T2T T-2 IPRvehicle Bumper #s Given to unit T-1 Tank draw, HETT, 5988-E update Input Metrics Process Metrics Output Metrics Number of tanks drawn from UMA by 1/16 not ready to support FTX/STX2 training (due for services, AOAP schedule, deadline report, or RATSS for another unit.) Number of tank faults annotated on the 5988-E by 1/16 soldiers (based on the troop to task) during FTX/STX2 tank draw. Number of tank bumper numbers presented to 1/16 at T-2 (based on the LRTC, IPR, RATSS, and EXSOP) by UMA for FTX/STX2 mission support. Number of tank bumper numbers presented at T-2 by UMA actually drawn for FTX/STX2 mission support. Number of total tanks drawn from UMA at day one of T-2 by 1/16 that are ready to support FTX/STX2 training. Number of tank 5988-E faults updated during FTX/STX2 tank draw by UMA clerks. % of tanks drawn from UMA by 1/16 soldiers during T-1 that are ready to support FTX/STX2 training. % of 5988-E faults annotated by soldiers during FTX/STX2 tank draw that are updated by UMA clerks during. % of tank bumper numbers presented to 1/16 for FTX/STX2 mission support at T-2 by UMAactually drawn by 1/16 soldiers during T-1 to support training. M1 series Draw Process 9. Operational Definitions

  • Y Continuous data-Process starts at the T-6 IPR and stops when the tanks are staged in the motor pool awaiting HETT movement.The cycle time boundaries are the UMAs hours of operation (0730-1530, M-F) and the units of measure are hours and individual faults. The unit of measurement is tank quality, and weekends, holidays, and non-business hours are not included.
  • Y Discrete data-Success is a tank bumper number given to a soldier to draw for a tank that is ready for training. A defect is work that has to be done to make the tank ready for training after the bumper number has been given to the unit.Also, success is a 5988-E that is correctly completed by a soldier and updated by the UMA within 7 days of receipt.A defect is an incorrectly completed 5988-E (by the soldier), or a correctly completed 5988-E that the UMA fails to update within 7 days.
  • X Draw times of other events that effect tank quality. These areas under examination are the Contracts Process, and BII issue points

10. Data Collection Plan Performance MeasureOperational Definition Data Source and Location How Will Data Be Collected Who Will Collect Data When Will Data Be Collected Sample Size Stratification Factors How will data be used? Tank draw time From bumper number issue to dispatch 5988-E, RATSS, DA 2062, Mansfield MP Observation and stopwatch SFC Henry Monday & Tuesday, 5