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  • 1. Amazon Rose *Music Video Analysis Wood located video Bad Ideas- Storm at the Shaw

2. * The music video begins with a pan showing a masked figure resting against a tree. The shot is very out of focus and so draws the viewers attention to the shot. This blurred effect creates a softening effect to the scene and doesnt show the full picture. The next few shots are focused stills, of blades of grass, hands, leaves and feet swinging from a branch. This opens the story to have a narrative and further interests the viewer as the scene is set in these opening seconds. 00:00- 00:20 3. * The identity of the band is at this point revealed as they remove their animal masks. The following shots show the band preparing and gathering tools such as spades and compasses. This adds to the narrative aspect of the video. The musical accompaniment to these visuals is not directly linked by lyrics but does fit the rustic, earthy theme to the video with a guitar based sound. 00:20- 00:40 4. * The editing at this point still shows fairly quick simple shots one after the other of a map and a decision making. The next shot shows one band member with an owl mask and a sledgehammer, the camera draws in and out of the focus to first draw attention to the mask and secondly to a colourful tattoo on the artists hand. These images show connotations of toughness at the same time as presenting a fantasy image. The camera also focuses on movement here, by dragging the framing through grass- adding to the narrative of searching/going on a hunt. 00:40- 00:50 5. * The panning shots used in previous footage change at 00:50 to show a fast low angle titled pan of the trees above. I found this angle very effective when it was placed directly before a shot of a very high angle, or low to the ground- showing the contrast between the extremes. The low angle shot did not reveal the entirety of the artists, so the following wider angled shot at 1:00 also had an contrasting effect and impact on the viewer. 00:50- 01:15 6. * An aspect of this music video I found interesting was the range and amount of different camera angles and framing used throughout the video. At 1:10 the angle changes sharply to looking straight up as the artists stand above. This allows the viewer to see the artists reactions but not what they appear to be looking at. The shots then turn into shaky, point of view panning shots of the band digging up what turns out to be a mirror. At this point the only member of the band who has revealed their face is the main singer which suggest importance and significance to this member. 01:10- 01:40 7. * As this band are fairly unknown, all of their identity's are revealed at this point so that the viewer will come to recognise and remember them and increase publicity. At this point the sound begins to match up to the visuals in the following shots of the band playing amongst the forest. The shots focus on the artists for the first time and show them performing in time to the music. 01:50- 02:00 8. * The ending shots to this music video firstly pull focus onto the instruments, using close framing around hands and surfaces. The shots then widen out to show the band as a whole and leave the viewer with the image of the band re-masked and holding aloft smoke canisters. This is providing an impression on the viewer and intending to increase publicity by leaving the viewer with an image of the band. The colours of the smoke provide a strong contrast to the green background and highlight this ending shot. 02:10- 02:45


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