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  1. 1. Dvir And Stoler Refining Phone: 212-382-3640 31 West 47th Street Suite 608 Fax: 212-382-2949 Web : New York, NY 10036 Selling your gold is as easy 1, 2! You mail us your gold, we'll appraise the value, then notify you so you can decide weather to sell gold for cash or not. If you decide to sell us packaging step in order to reduce our shipping cost. That way, we can pay out greater returns to our customers.your gold we will send you a check that same day. If you decide not to, we will Fed-Ex or UPS it right back to you.We intentionally eliminated an expensive and formal. Within 24 to 48-hours of receiving your package, we will assay its worth and contact you with our estimate. Upon your approval, we send you a check for that amount that day. If the estimate does not meet your approval, we send your items back, also that day via FedEx or UPS. In Addition to purchasing gold, will assay your precious metals, such as gold, platinum and silver. We are Better Business Bureau accredited and have over 25 years of experience. You can rest assured that your gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals are in good hands. The gold and precious metals market fluctuates often both nationally and internationally, that's why Money Your Gold keeps on top of the trending prices daily. Monitoring these daily rates allows us to give you the best opportunity to understand your potential gain. You could be sitting on a pot of gold! Send us your broken, unused, or unwanted jewelry and we'll determine a valued market price on the item(s). You let us know if you're happy with the dollar amount quoted, and we'll send you your money ASAP! If you're not happy with the quoted price we will return the precious metal back to you. THE PROCESS !!! Precious Metal Submission and Reimbursement Process: When your item arrives at our refining facilities, we make an inventory of it and assign a number which will follow it through the whole assessment process. We then have to melt your item into a button or bar shape in order to get the most accurate weight, purity and quality from it. 24 to 48 hours after your precious metal is received, refined, and assayed, we will contact you with a summary of our results, and what our offering price is for the precious metal. If you do not agree with the quoted price, your button, or bar shaped precious metal will be returned right away via FedEx or UPS. We offer the highest money paid for your gold, platinum, silver and precious metals. If you have any questions regarding any of this process please give us a call: 212-382-3640
  2. 2. Dvir And Stoler Refining Phone: 212-382-3640 31 West 47th Street Suite 608 Fax: 212-382-2949 Web : New York, NY 10036 HIGHTEST PRICES PAID MOST MONEY YOU CAN GET FOR YOUR GOLD... Investing in Cash for Gold is the most sought after method of trading well publicized globally. Savvy investors are likely to invest more in mines and keep track of market which fluctuates both nationally and internationally. With Money Your Gold you can Sell Gold Jewellery for Cash and monitor the daily rates with the best opportunity to understand your potential for selling gold. One of the best methods of utilizing your broken jewellery is to recycle the product with Cash for Gold and get the dollar amount quoted. Our agent evaluates the best price to Sell Gold for Cash at your doorstep. For further information on how it works refer to Our The Process page. What We Pay !!! The value of your gold, platinum, silver and other precious gems are appraised/assayed on their quality as well as their weight. We have our own refinery which cuts out the middle man, that saves us money and allows us to pay you more. Here is how we determine what to pay for your items. When we receive your package, we take full inventory of it Your gold, platinum, silver, or precious metals are then weighed and assigned an invoice number We will conduct a test on your item(s) to verify the purity and the type of precious metals received That same day we visit the current trading price for your gold, platinum, silver or precious metals Based on the quality, purity, weight and current trading price of your precious metals you will be offered a payout amount If you agree to the payout amount offered by us, we will then send you a check that same day For larger amounts, wire transfers can be arranged Please note that the payout amount is not based of the items sentimental value or ornamental integrity. It is only based on the amount of precious metals that are contained in the pieces/jewelry, if you have any questions dont hesitate to Contact us
  3. 3. Dvir And Stoler Refining Phone: 212-382-3640 31 West 47th Street Suite 608 Fax: 212-382-2949 Web : New York, NY 10036