Showcasing LEH LEH Sports @ TiE Sports Conference 2015

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1. +91-11-46592255 2. {1} SERVICE CLASS FAMILY. NO BUSINESS BACKGROUND {2} BOOT STRAPPED. DIDNT NEED MUCH MONEY TO START {3} 10 MEMBER PROFITABLE COMPANY TODAY. MILESTONES THE ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY 3. Vision: A SPORTY-er Planet 4. We make it easy for you to play, regularly J q PAY & PLAY LEAGUES, TOURNAMENTS AND MATCHES q CORPORATE SPORTS q MONETIZING SPACES FOR SPORT PRIMARY REVENUE MODEL Registration Fee ANCILLARY REVENUE MODELS Sponsorship, Merchandize OVERVIEW: WHAT WE DO 5. +91-11-46592255 6. +91-11-46592255 THE PROBLEM 7. THE VALUE FITNESS. FUN. FRIENDS. COMPETITION Simply turn up, leave the rest to us J 8. +91-11-46592255 HIGHLIGHTS 7,000+ matches across multiple sports completed since kicking o operations 15,000+ players are actively engaged in our community SEED FUNDED. By the Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship at IIM Ahmedabad. Only sports company in the country to receive this oer Winner in the Economic Times Power of Ideas Competition Nominated for the FICCI India Sports Awards 2014 10 member team, nancially sustainable, steadily growing, built a solid base and capacity. All focus now on scaling up. Seeking fresh funding 9. FAMOUS PLAYERS: PRO Sports Personalities that have played with us, joined our activities as guests Shiva Keshavan, Indias Winter Olympian Ajay Jadeja, Former Test Captain, Indian Cricket Team Robin Singh, Striker, Indian National Football Team Sachika Ingale, India #3, Professional Squash Player Sunita Godara, 1992 Asian Marathon Champion, torch bearer for India in the Atlanta Olympics Prachi Tehlan, Captain, Indian Netball Team, CWG 2010 10. FAMOUS PLAYERS: COMMUNITY Corporate & Business Personalities that have played with us Aditya Ghosh, CEO, Indigo Airlines Amit Ranjan, Co-Founder, SlideShare Harish Bahl, Chairman, SMILE Group Sandeep Ahuja, Managing Director, VLCC AD Singh, Owner, Olive Bar & Kitchen Rahul Khanna, Founder Mamagoto, SpeedyChow & Roll Mall 11. +91-11-46592255 AAM JUNTA PLAYERS: Diverse Highpar)cipa)onofexpatriate andfemaleplayers 12. +91-11-46592255 CORPORATE CLIENTS Rategain Bloomberg Wizcraft Acision Orix Capital IQ HCL Stag Accenture Accuracy TBSL Octane TCS GMR Smartcube Rockwell FIS Ernst & Young EXL Citibank French Embassy Eco Rent a Car RMB 91 Mobiles Boeing Freecultr Alchem Aristocrat MetaLink Gaboli Schneider SAP Japanese Embassy CSC Ericsson Samsung MAX Hospital Russian Embassy UHG Teach for India Mongolian Embassy Russian Embassy Wipro Thrills PWC American Express Leela Hotels Cadence Indigo Save Life Foundation 9 Expression AIESEC Birla Sunlife Grant Thornton VVDN Tech Vastragatha Apparels Sapient Botswana Embassy HiFit Genpact 13. +91-11-46592255 14. +91-11-46592255 MEDIA COVERAGE 15. +91-11-46592255 SUMMARY GET STARTED. EXECUTION IS EVERYTHING EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: INTRAPRENEURSHIP LOOKING TO RAISE ANOTHER ROUND OF FUNDING TO SCALE UP 16. +91-11-46592255