Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategy for B2B & B2C

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Our social media marketing campaign highlights 7 things to consider when planning, executing, and analyzing your social media campaign: define objectives, audience, goals, strategies, KPI, analyze campaign findings and recommend future action. This report suggests strategies to ensure a successful social media campaign.


<ul><li> 1. The Social Observer (TSO) B2B &amp; B2C SM Marketing Campaign Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Author: Debbie Hamilton June 9, 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Company Social Media Objective &amp; Audience Campaign Objectives SM Campaign Strategies Campaign Editorial Calendar on Wordpress WordPress Qualitative Data WordPress Quantitative Data Campaign Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Campaign Findings Campaign Success Facebook &amp; Twitter KPI SEO Plug-in Yoast WordPress SEO Report Yoast SEO Page Analysis Recommended Future Actions Work Cited 3. Social Media (SM) Objective &amp; Audience Social Media Objective: Targeted Audience: To increase brand awareness and audience engagement with The Social Observer (TSO) websites and associated social media sites B2B and B2C clients that use social media 4. SM Campaign Goals Attract 500 new visitors through out TSO sites. Capture 100 email address downloads Strengthen brand reputation &amp; Build audience engagement with compelling content Improve search rankings Run four week campaign Measure social media activities on website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites in Google Analytics and other Analytics platforms such as Hootsuite, Twitter, FB, and Wordpress 5. SM Campaign Strategies Publish compelling content on TSO to spread through the TSO SM sites Implement persistent social media interactions that promotes the content Use Call To Action (CTA) methods such as contests, surveys, and free download offers 6. SM Campaign Strategies cont. Due to restrictions on TSO site-wide changes that could be implemented, primary CTAs were reduced to blog subscriptions, the download of a single promoted PDF, sharing articles across the readers social networks, and commenting on posted articles. Promote postings on third party sites, influencer venues, and other platforms Source: (Group Final Report: Social Media for Business Campaign, June, 2014). 7. SM Campaign Strategy cont. SEO Plug-in : Aligned key words in metatags, titles, content, image alt-tags and out bound link Used Wordpress Yoast SEO Tool to align tags and keywords Used #Hashtag embedded into every platform Twitter Facebook G+ Etc. Used Twitter Used Hootsuite Search Engine URL landing page had the relevant keywords in it to attract the kind of clients the campaign wanted to attract 8. Editorial Calendar plug-in on Word Press 9. WordPress Qualitative Data Feedback: Positive The campaign reported positive feed back from the 17 participants who posted during the campaign. Most users pointed out how the information would help them in their social media endeavors. 10. WordPress Quantitative Data Group Findings: 21 Campaign articles, including the CTA post 143 comments posted 139 comments were generated on TSO blog site 4 comments were posed on content outside of the campaign Campaign articles averaged 6.95 comments 11. Campaign KPI Attract 500 new visitors through out TSO sites. Capture 100 email address downloads New or increased sharing, commenting, referring on all TSO sites Positive comments and other types of qualitative interactions 12. Campaign Findings 13. Campaign Findings cont. The campaign goal was to attract 500 new users on TSO website and associated sites. And collect 100 email addresses from CTA pdf download. Google Analytics reported 401 new users and Word Press Analytics reported 81 new users downloaded the CTA article which lead to the collection of 81 email addresses. 14. Campaign Findings cont. Users who shared directly from TSO WordPress site: Facebook 708 Twitter 476 Google+ 11 Linkedin 30 15. Campaign Success The campaign reached 80% of its intended goal and attracted 401 new visitors to all TSO sites The CTA article PDF down-loads reached its goal at 81% (81/100 users) The campaign also reported referrals, sharing, retention and other social media activities were high among viewers on the other TSO social media platforms. 16. Facebook &amp; Twitter KPIs Followers 225 New Followers 14 Shares 158 Likes 352 Comment 97 Shares from TSO FB post 101 Likes from TSO Facebook posts 10,562 Unique users who saw content associated with TSO 835 Unique consumers who clicked on any TSO content 167 Sessions on TSO website via referrals from FB Followers included 187 men and 133 female 320 New followers (an increase from 287 to 320) 32 Clicks from Twitter page 207 Each TSO tweet had 1-7 "retweets" and "favorites" per tweet 6 Influential outside tweeters "retweet" to their pgs. 13 outside Tweeters "retweet" to their pg. 476 Shared from TSO article to various Twitter pgs. 17. Yoast WordPress SEO Report 18. Yoast SEO Page Analysis An SEO page analysis of a campaign article gave 10 of the 15 categories greenlights, 2 yellows and 3 reds. Consider that URL recognize these SEO suggestions to ensure better results. 19. Recommended Future Action Use qualitative and quantitative collected data to launch other campaigns aimed at converting users to clients. Use gathered information to better engage customers, and craft good blog post to improve on the number of visits to website leads 20. Work Cited SNHU. (2014, June 8). The Social Observer Final Report Social Media for Business Campaign: In partial fulfillment of the requirements of MKT 666. Southern New Hampshire University. Professor Damsens class. </p>