Tales from The Brant Cave (Volume One in The Brant Cave series)

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Tales from The Brant Cave, by Robert Lavigne, Your Social Business Mentor. Volume One in The Brant Cave series features insights from SocialBusinessMentor.com Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) Are you struggling to formulate your Social Media Strategy? Do you wish to understand how to become a Social Business? Would a personal one-on-one mentoring session Help You Succeed? Robert Lavigne, Your Social Business Mentor, is available for online mentoring sessions on the following topics using Skype, Google Hangout and even your Phone. In person Life@42 Workshops, featuring Robert Lavigne, can also be scheduled for any group size and topics. Contact Robert Lavigne, @RLavigne42.com

Text of Tales from The Brant Cave (Volume One in The Brant Cave series)

  • 1. Tales fromThe Brant Cave Second Edition byRobert Lavigne,Your Social Business Mentor

2. Volume Onein The Brant Cave Series 3. Dedicated to Karen,Therese and Marcel 4. Table of ContentsIntroductionChapter ThreeRobert Lavigne, Your Social Do you feel like you are the RodneyBusiness Mentor Dangereld of Social Media?Chapter One Chapter FourHow do you dene Value in the Age The Age of the Yes Men is Dead.of Freemium and Prosumerism?Stop Enabling. Start Engaging. TheEmperor is in Need of a New Tailor.Chapter TwoEnrich your Insights. Expand your Chapter FiveInuence. Enhance your Exposure.Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. Itsabout your Shareholders. Its notabout You. 5. Table of ContentsChapter Six Chapter EightRecycled Ideas. What is Old is New. A New Economy for a Brave NewWhat is New is Old. The PendulumWorld. A World based on Prosperityof Commerce Often Requires aand Commerce on a Global Plane.Nudge of Innovation.Chapter NineChapter Seven What is your Password? SocialYour Key Inbound MarketingInfringement on your Privacy is theStrategy is Re-Purposed In-Flow latest HR Scam perpetuated byContent. Having a Strong EngagedTraditional Businesses.Tribe Doesnt Hurt Either. 6. Table of ContentsChapter Ten Chapter TwelveWhat does The Six Million DollarLand the Sale! Why a "ContentMan and Knight Rider have to do Spiral Engagement Strategy" willwith Social Business? convert your Sales Funnel into aSales Tornado.Chapter ElevenTo Blog or Not To Blog? It is not a Chapter ThirteenQuestion, but an Answer to your The Doubting Thomas. How anFundamental Identity as a Human Agilistic Operational Model canBeing.Convert the Unbelievers intoDisciples and Saints. 7. Table of ContentsChapter FourteenSocial Media 101Titanic Social Business Lessons.A Social Business Hangout withWhat has 100 years taught us aboutTherese and Marcel Lavigne.Silos, Class Hierarchy, and Icebergs.We Love BrantfordChapter Fifteen A Social Business Hangout with JeffDont let that Needle Burst yourand Jaime Thibodeau.Bubble. How to Ensure that yourTagged Drunken Picture becomes aNeedle in a Haystack. Downtown BrantfordA Social Business Hangout withJohn Bradford. 8. Are you struggling toformulate your Social Media Strategy? 9. Do you wish to understand how tobecome a Social Business? 10. Would a personal one-on- one mentoring sessionHelp You Succeed? 11. Contact @RLavigne42.comRobert Lavigne, Your SocialBusiness Mentor, is availablefor online mentoring sessionsusing Skype, GoogleHangout, and even yourPhone.In person, Life@42Workshops featuring RobertLavigne, can also bescheduled for any group sizeand topics.11 12. ChapterOneHow do you dene Value in the Age of Freemium and Prosumerism?Return to Table of Contents 13. What is value?How is it dened?Is value something that isearned or established? 14. Chapter OneIn the Age of Freemium Economics andProducer/Consumer Markets, the denition ofvalue is often variant based on our own immersionand exposure to the Digital and Social Era. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 14 15. Chapter OneIf we are ooded by freemium alternatives, thevalue we place on sparse physical goods is oftendevalued by the innite supply of digital goods. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 15 16. Chapter OneSimilarly, if we are both producing andconsuming as Prosumers, we often degrade ourlevel of dependence and acknowledgement of theonce high valued Professional. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 16 17. Chapter OneIn the Age of Freemium and Prosumerism, theconcept of value is in a state of ux ravaged bythe concurrent state of collapse felt across allaspects of economical, social, and political eco-systems. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 17 18. ChapterTwoEnrich your Insights. Expandyour Inuence. Enhance your Exposure. Return to Table of Contents 19. What is the point ofSocial Networking?Why would you want tosurround yourself with Weak Ties? 20. Chapter TwoMuch has been said about the value of aFacebook Friend, a Twitter Follower, a LinkedInConnection, an Empire Avenue Shareholder, or aGoogle+ Engager. You caught that right? I usedthe word Engager to describe those I sociallynetwork with on Google+. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 20 21. Chapter TwoThat was not always the case and I want to sharewith you a brief story to explain why. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 21 22. Chapter TwoI was one of the very few people to receive aninvitation on Google+. There were between 2,000and 5,000 people on the network when Ijoined. But then something happened, themembers grew larger, grew wider, and grew morediverse everyday. No longer was Google+ just aplace for the "Google Fan Boys", "Tech Geeks",and "Early Adopters". Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 22 23. Chapter TwoMany came, many left, and many becamedormant during that growth. As a result of myearly forage into Google+, I quickly hit the 5,000maximum number of people I could have in mycombined Circles. I would struggle weekly toremove a few dead accounts to make way for newlive accounts. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 23 24. Chapter TwoAnd then something happened that would foreverchange how I viewed my 5,000 limit. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 24 25. Chapter TwoSomeone curated a group of Empire Avenuemembers on Google+ and proceeded to share thatCircle so that others could benet from it. Iattempted to add that much valued Circle and washalted yet again with the Google+ 5,000 Limit. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 25 26. Chapter TwoNow for those unaware about Empire Avenue, letme tell you this in no uncertain terms. EmpireAvenue is the most engaging Social Network Ihave come across. The gaming dynamics rewardengagement and has been the source of themajority of my Likes, ReTweet, Shares,Comments and most importantly newconnections. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 26 27. Chapter TwoSo on that day I weighed my options. What wasmore important, 5,000 Strangers or 500Engagers? Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 27 28. Chapter TwoThe answer was clear, for my Google+ Network tohave meaning for me, it required an infusion ofengagement. So I purged my Following Circle andonly kept those in my Recent Interactions,Collaborators, Acquaintances and Friends Circles.I then proudly added this new shared EmpireAvenue Circle to my fold. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 28 29. Chapter TwoFor a Social Network to have value, it needs tohave a high engagement factor. To achieve this,you need to constantly widen your horizons andbring in new voices, opinions and insights. Youneed to constantly identify the Engagers andpurge the Strangers. For only by engaging will youever be able to collaborate, and collaboration isthe ultimate goal of Social Networking. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 29 30. ChapterThree Do you feel like you are theRodney Dangereld of SocialMedia?Return to Table of Contents 31. Do you get no respect? Does your hard work go unnoticed?Do you fail to get your justdesserts? 32. Chapter ThreeAll the world is a stage and we are merely players.Whether this makes you think of Rush or WilliamShakespeare, the end goal remains the same. Bothbecame masters of their art throughdiligenthardwork, constant experimentation, and an undyingpassion for what they held true. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 32 33. Chapter ThreeWe all start as infants and traverse clumsilythrough childhood. Demanding respect duringthese years is often responded to with contemptand ridicule. Social Media is still young and manyare wielding it like a toy expecting immediateparental attention. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 33 34. Chapter ThreeThose who carry forward have love for what theydo and soldier on past disillusionment andrepeated failures. During these stages, they acquirea personal brand solidifying their true personaand actual accomplishments. Social Media cannotbe viewed as a lone animal amongst the fold. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 34 35. Chapter ThreeFor respect comes with the justice of wisdom.Steadfast experience in ones eld accomplishesmuch power and position. The world is made upof rm institutions and constructs powered bythose clinging to their last vestige of isolation.Social Media must ow through the cracks ofthese factory silos. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 35 36. Chapter ThreeFor with every age of man, the cycle must eithercome to an end or be reborn anew. Those who failto adapt and learn will quickly lose the respectearned after their initial 10,000 hours. SocialMedia is in an ongoing state of evolutionrequiring adaptable spirits leading the charge. Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 36 37. Chapter ThreeThe world is your stage. While the script may notbe under your control, how you act and portrayyour role is entirely under your direction. SocialMedia has opened up the world to your business.How will you choose to showcase your talent andpassion? How will you choose to leverage yourrespect and position of inuence? Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42.com), Your SocialBusinessMentor.com 37 38. Chapter FourThe Age of the Yes Men is Dead. Stop Enabling. Start Engaging.The Emperor is in Need of aNew Tailor.Return to Table of Contents 39. Do you surround yourself with Yes Men?Do youforsake those who would actually Engage? 40. Chapter FourMany once respected brands have fallen intodisrepute due to hubris. Many once innovativeorganizations have fallen into mediocrity dueto echo chambers. Many once v