The 20 Leading Packaging Companies 2014

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<ul><li> 1. Contents1. Report Overview1.1 Global Leading Packaging Companies Overview1.2 Global Packaging Market Segmentation1.3 Why You Should Read This Report1.4 How This Report Delivers1.5 Key Questions Answered by This Analytical Report Include:1.6 Who is This Report for?1.7 Methodology1.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)1.9 Associated Visiongain Reports1.10 About Visiongain2. An Introduction to the Packaging Market2.1 What is Packaging?2.2 Packaging Division2.2.1 Layers of Packaging2.2.2 Submarket by Material2.2.3 Submarket by End-Use Market3. Global Packaging Market Overview 2014-20243.1 Global Packaging Market Overview3.1.1 Global Packaging Submarket by Material Forecast 2014-20243.1.2 Global Packaging Submarket by End-use Market Forecast 2014-20243.2 Major Trends in the Global Packaging Industry 20143.2.1 The Packaging Industry will Experience Strong Growth3.2.2 Opportunities in Emerging Markets for the West-Dominated Industry3.2.3 Packaging Products will put more Emphasis on Sustainability3.2.4 Packaging Markets will be Increasingly Regulated3.3 The 20 Leading Packaging Companies 2014: Market Share Allocations and Overview3.3.1 International Paper Company3.3.2 Tetra Laval3.3.3 Reynold Group Holdings3.3.4 Amcor3.3.5</li></ul><p> 2. Contents3.3.6 Crown Holdings3.3.7 Ball Corporation3.3.8 Owens-Illinois3.3.9 Toyo Seikan Group3.3.10 Ardagh Group3.3.11 Rexam3.3.12 Mondi Group3.3.13 Sealed Air Corp.3.3.14 Rengo Co. Ltd3.3.15 MeadWestvaco (MWV)3.3.16 Nine Dragons Paper3.3.17 Greif3.3.18 Bemis3.3.19 ALPLA3.3.20 Graphic Packaging Holding Company3.4 Assumptions and Explanations4. Competitor Positioning in the Packaging Market 20144.1 An Overview of the Top 20 Packaging Companies4.2 What is the Market Concentration for the Packaging Market?4.3 Packaging Revenues as a Percentage of Total Revenue in the Leading Packaging Companies20144.4 Analysis of the Top 20 Packaging Companies Revenue by Primary Material4.5 Learn about the Scattered Geography of the Top 20 Packaging Companies Headquarters5. Leading 20 Packaging Companies in 20145.1 International Paper Company5.1.1 International Paper Company Overview5.1.2 International Paper Company Analysis: Packaging Segments5.1.3 International Paper Company PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.1.4 International Paper Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.2 Tetra Laval Group5.2.1 Tetra Laval Overview5.2.2 Tetra Laval Packaging Analysis: Packaging Segments5.2.3 Tetra Laval Packaging PEST-E Analysis: Packaging 3. Contents5.2.4 Tetra Laval Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.3 Reynold Group Holdings5.3.1 Reynold Group Holdings Overview5.3.2 Reynold Group Holdings Analysis: Packaging Segments5.3.2.1 SIG Analysis and Competitors5.3.2.2 Evergreen Analysis and Competitors5.3.2.3 Closures Analysis and Competitors5.3.2.4 Pactiv Foodservice Analysis and Competitors5.3.2.5 Graham Packaging Analysis and Competitors5.3.3 Reynolds Group Holdings Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.4 Amcor5.4.1 Amcor Overview5.4.2 Amcor Analysis5.4.3 Amcor PEST-E Analysis5.4.4 Amcor Future Outlook5.5 Rock-Tenn5.5.1 Rock-Tenn Overview5.5.2 Rock-Tenn Analysis: Packaging Segments5.5.3 Rock-Tenn PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.5.4 Rock-Tenn Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.6 Crown Holdings5.6.1 Crown Holdings Overview5.6.2 Crown Holdings Analysis5.6.3 Crown Holdings PEST-E Analysis5.6.4 Crown Holdings Future Outlook5.7 Ball Corporation5.7.1 Ball Corporation Overview5.7.2 Ball Corporation Analysis: Packaging Segments5.7.3 Ball Corporation PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.7.4 Ball Corporation Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.8 Owens-Illinois5.8.1 Owens-Illinois Overview5.8.2 Owens-Illinois Analysis5.8.3 Owens-Illinois PEST-E Analysis5.8.4 Owens-Illinois Future Outlook5.9 Toyo Seikan Group5.9.1 Toyo Seikan Group 4. Contents5.9.2 Toyo Seikan Group Analysis: Packaging Segment5.9.3 Toyo Seikan Group PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.9.4 Toyo Seikan Group Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.10 Ardagh Group5.10.1 Ardagh Group Overview5.10.2 Ardagh Group Analysis5.10.3 Ardagh Group PEST-E Analysis5.10.4 Ardagh Group Future Outlook5.11 Rexam PLC5.11.1 Rexam Overview5.11.2 Rexam Analysis5.11.3 Rexam PEST-E Analysis5.11.4 Rexam Future Outlook5.12 Mondi Group5.12.1 Mondi Overview5.12.2 Mondi Analysis: Packaging Segments5.12.3 Mondi PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.12.4 Mondi Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.13 Sealed Air Corp5.13.1 Sealed Air Overview5.13.2 Sealed Air Corporation Analysis: Packaging Segments5.13.3 Sealed Air Corporation PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.13.4 Sealed Air Corporation Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.14 Rengo Co., Ltd.5.14.1 Rengo Overview5.14.2 Rengo Analysis: Packaging Segments5.14.3 Rengo PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.14.4 Rengo Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.15 MeadWestvaco (MWV)5.15.1 MWV Overview5.15.2 MeadWestvaco Analysis: Packaging Segments5.15.3 MeadWestvaco PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.15.4 MeadWestvaco Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.16 Nine Dragons Paper5.16.1 Nine Dragons Paper Overview5.16.2 Nine Dragons Paper Analysis: Packaging Segments5.16.3 Nine Dragons Paper PEST-E Analysis: Packaging 5. Contents5.16.4 Nine Dragons Paper Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.17 Greif5.17.1 Greif Overview5.17.2 Greif Analysis5.17.3 Greif PEST-E Analysis5.17.4 Greif Future Outlook5.18 Bemis5.18.1 Bemis Overview5.18.2 Bemis Analysis: Packaging Segments5.18.3 Bemis PEST-E Analysis: Packaging Segments5.18.4 Bemis Future Outlook: Packaging Segments5.19 ALPLA5.19.1 ALPLA Analysis5.19.2 ALPLA Future Outlook5.20 Graphic Packaging Holding Company5.20.1 Graphic Packaging Holding Company Overview5.20.2 Graphic Packaging Holding Company Analysis5.20.3 Graphic Packaging Holding Company PEST-E Analysis5.20.4 Graphic Packaging Holding Company Future Outlook6. Other Leading Packaging Companies in 20146.1 Saint-Gobain (Verallia): the 15th Largest Packaging Company in 20136.1.1 Saint-Gobain (Verallia) Overview6.1.2 Saint-Gobain (Verallia) Analysis6.1.3 Saint-Gobain (Verallia) Future Outlook6.2 Other Leading Packaging Companies7. SWOT Analysis of the Packaging Market 2014-247.1 Strengths7.1.1 A Competitive Market that Leads to Innovation7.1.2 Products will always Require Packaging7.1.3 Fast Growing Global Packaging Market7.2 Weaknesses7.2.1 Packaging Companies are exposed to Economic Slowdowns7.2.2 Packaging Materials Demands are Subject to Weather 6. Contents7.3 Opportunities7.3.1 The Changing Lifestyles in Developing Economies7.3.2 Growth in Domestic Companies in Emerging Economies7.4 Threats7.4.1 Health Concerns over Packaging Materials7.4.2 Consolidations in End-Markets8. Expert Opinions: Mr. Alan Davey, LINPAC8.1 What are the Key Trends and Developments in the Food Packaging Industry?8.2 What are the Impacts of Sustainability on the Food Packaging Market?8.3 Will Increasing Environmental Regulations put more Cost Pressure on the PackagingCompanies?8.4 Will the Consolidation Trend in the End-Markets Restrict Packaging Companys Ability to Passon Higher Costs to Consumers?8.5 Opportunities in the Food Packaging Market8.6 Competitive Landscape in the Food Packaging Market8.7 Which Areas are experiencing a Major Increase or Decline in their Demand for Food PackagingProducts?9. Conclusions9.1 Porters Five Forces Analysis of the Packaging Market9.1.1 Rivalry among Competitors9.1.2 Threat of New Entrants9.1.3 Power of Suppliers9.1.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers9.1.5 Threat of Substitutes9.2 Overview of the Market for Top 20 Packaging 7. The 20 Leading Packaging Companies 2014:Competitive Landscape AnalysisTable 5.15 Amcor Products/ Services 2014 (Division, Product, Specification)Division Product/Services SpecificationRigid PlasticsBeveragesOver 100 hot fill and cold fill Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)stock bottles for carbonated beverages, waters, juices, teas andsports drinks.Food Blow moulded and extrusion moulded plastic containers for avariety of food applicationsPharmaceuticals Rigid plastics packaging to the pharmaceutical and healthcareindustries, as well as multi-material and multi-process services.Spirits, Wine &amp; Beer Packaging with distinction to highlight customers fine brands.Personal &amp;HomecareContainers from round to oval shapes and in a multitude ofsizes.Flexibles AsiaPacificHealthcareA full range of packaging for healthcare products, includingpharmaceuticals, medical devices, personal care products,home care products.Food Innovative packaging for fresh foods, processes foods andwholesale quantities of foods.LifeSpan bags LifeSpan box liners and pallet shrouds extend the shelf life ofproduce, keeping it harvest fresh from orchard to market.FlexiblesEuropePersonal &amp; HomeCarePrinted foil and film laminates used in sample and retailpackaging for a wide variety of personal care and homecare applicationsCapsules A wide range of capsules and closures for wine, sparkling wineand spirits that satisfy quality and service requirements.Hospital Packaging Sterilisation packaging and other supplies used by hospitalsterilisation units.Medical Devices Packaging solution that protects and maintains the sterility ofmedical devices until the moment the packaging is opened.TechnicalSpecialtiesThe material science know-how and broad technology base inlaminating and film extrusion to address customers productperformance requirements.Ceramis A technology by which a SiOx coating is applied to varioustypes of substrates.Food &amp; BeverageFlexible packaging solutions to bakery, beverages, dairy, chilledmeat, seafood &amp; ready meals, produces, processed and frozonproducts.Pharmaceutical Products include barrier laminations for pharmaceuticalspackaged in sachets, stick packs, strip packs and blister packs.Tobacco &amp;SpecialtyPackagingTobacco Key products include: Hinge-lid cartons, Speciality packformats, Shells and slides, Display cartons, RYO (roll your own)booklet covers, Inner frames, Soft label paper packs, Bundlewraps (paper and film), and Inserts and labels.CigarettesCigarsSource: Amcor 2014; visiongain Page 98 8. The 20 Leading Packaging Companies 2014:Competitive Landscape Analysisincrease in sales revenue is expected. The company is likely to benefit from continued growth inemerging markets as well as recent acquisitions and ongoing cost improvement and restructuringprogrammes. The developed economies will hopefully become stronger in the near future. Amcorsinnovation capability and its emphasis in sustainable packaging put the company in the leadingposition to adapt to the future trend towards consumer and environment friendly packaging.As for the next few years, visiongain expects increasing presence of Amcor in emerging markets,as well as better performance in developed regions. Growth will be further fuelled when the recentacquisitions pay off. The acquisition of Aperio and Detmold will support the growth in Australia.Other factors driving sales include planned new tobacco packaging plant in Indonesia, betterbusiness performance in New Zealand, and the non-repeatable US bad weather condition from2014.5.5 Rock-TennTable 5.19 Rock-Tenn Overview 2014 (Total Revenue $bn, Packaging Revenue $bn,% Revenue from Packaging, Market Ranking, % Market Share, Primary Material,Primary Sector, CEO, HQ, Number of Employees, Ticker, Contact, Website)2014Total Revenue $10.2bnPackaging Revenue $9.7bn% Revenue from Packaging 95%Global Market Ranking 5thGlobal Market Share % 1.3%Primary Material PaperPrimary Sector Corrugated PackagingCEO Steven C. VoorheesHeadquarters Norcross, Georgia, USANumber of Employees 27000Ticker NYSE: RKTIR Contact (678) 291-7900investorrel@rocktenn.comWebsite http://www.rocktenn.comSource: Rock-Tenn 2014; visiongain Page 105 9. The 20 Leading Packaging Companies 2014:Competitive Landscape AnalysisFigure 5.47 Crown Holdings Quarterly Revenue by Segment 2011-2014 ($m, GrowthRate %)90080070060050040030020010002011 2012 2013 2014 2011 2012 2013 2014 2011 2012 2013 2014 2011 2012 2013 2014Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4Sales $m300025002000150010005000Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q42011 2012 2013 2014Sales $mTimeAmerican Beverage North America Food European BeverageEuropean Food Asia Pacific Non-reportable segmentGrowth Rate %Source: Crown 2014; visiongain 20145.6.3 Crown Holdings PEST-E Analysis30. Rate %The political stability in the areas that Crown Holdings operates in can largely affect the companysoperational results. The Middle East, one of the companys target markets, has long raisingconcerns regarding doing businesses there, due to the greater political and economic volatility.Other political factors include regulations regarding M&amp;A, taxes, asbestos and pensions. CrownHoldings recent acquisition of Mivisa Envases, SAU was reviewed by the European Page 121 10. The 20 Leading Packaging Companies 2014:Competitive Landscape Analysis5.9.4 Toyo Seikan Group Future Outlook: Packaging SegmentsTable 5.42 Toyo Seikan Group Packaging Revenue Forecast 2014-2024 ($bn, AGR %,CAGR %, Cumulative)2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2014-24Sales $bn 6.8 7.2 7.5 7.7 7.9 8.2 8.5 8.8 9.1 9.4 9.7 90.7AGR % 5.3 4.2 3.5 2.8 3.2 3.8 3.1 3.4 3.5 3.4CAGR % 2014-19 3.8 2019-243.4CAGR % 2014-243.6Source: visiongain 2014Note: (1) Toyo Seikan Groups fiscal year ends on 31st March. (2)Forecasts assume constant exchange rates.Figure 5.67 Toyo Seikan Group Packaging Revenue Forecast 2014-2024 ($bn, AGR %) 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024AGR %Sales $bnYearSales $bn AGR %Source: visiongain 2014Note: (1) Toyo Seikan Groups fiscal year ends on 31st March. (2) Forecasts assume constant exchange rates.Visiongain estimates Toyo Seikan Group to experience strong growth in its packaging revenue inthe next decade. Its revenue in 2014 is estimated by visiongain to be $6.8 billion. The CAGRbetween 2014 and 2024 will be approximately 3.6% without taking into account any unforeseeablefactors such as M&amp;A activities and discontinued operations. The will be a small peak in sales in2020 due to the Page 150 11. The 20 Leading Packaging Companies 2014:Competitive Landscape AnalysisFigure 5.74 Ardagh Group PEST-E Analysis 2014PoliticalRegulations in the company's marketsAusterity measures in the EuropeStability of the EU and the European Monetary UnionAsbestos related liabilitiesPower of trade unionEconomicalChallenging EU and North American economiesChanges in exchange ratesChanges in interest ratesLower disposable income and high unemployment rate in many of thecompanies' marketsSome business segments are more cyclicalCompetition in the marketsVertical integration and concolidation of customersSocialImage of glass packaging as high qu...</p>