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1. Things that you might need to do Observation Perhaps the first thing to do, if you are planning to paint your house is to examine all the minute details of the area. Rotten areas, area where paints are missing, damps and rusting areas. If these are issues are obvious find a quick solution to repair it. According to Ridge painting company following points are crucial: Final touch up Evaluate whether you want to paint the whole house or just a fraction of it. Always start with general evaluation of total state of exterior paint job of your home. If there are many cases of chipping, flaking, or other areas where the paint is ripping, it's probably the best time to paint your entire house. Hire a contractor for full time. Painters at Ridge painting says if the house lookes fine but just needed a little touch here and there in that case , purchase one bucket of good primer and a bucket of exterior finish paint that matches your house's current color. Scrape and clean the affected areas first, then put on a layer of primer to provide protection. Once that dries, touch up the primered spots with the finish coat to match the rest of your home. It also increase the life line of the houses. House Painting Tips: Trim The trim is probably the most common area where the need for a new paint job is very necessary. Apart from looking bad it is also corrosive and can danger the life of your house. A Damaged trim is subjective of water seeping into areas where it shouldn't have access, likely because the house was not appropriately caulked, primed and sealed before painting. If water is getting behind the trim, it's likely that it's also making its way into other areas of your home, which can result in more serious problems, such as structural damage and the development of mold and mildew. Evaluate the damage, and then repair and replace the trim as soon as possible. Make certain that you fix the trim properly, and take care to ensure that everything is thoroughly caulked, sealed, and primed when you fix the problem. House Painting Tips: Hiring a Painting Contractor When your home is going to need a new exterior paint job, hiring an experienced painting contractor is the best thing you can do for your home. Painting company in basking ridge mostly focus on Proper preparation, the right choice of paint, and proper application, are fire sure way to ensure that your new paint job is ever lasting. Hiring a reliable painting contractor, with good references and a good track record, is the only way to escape the cost of hiring someone else to repaint your house in the near future.