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Slide deck from my #twtrcon keynote presentation. Covers the basics of understanding Twitter for Business


<ul><li>1.for Business: 101Laura Fitton @pistachio </li></ul> <p>2. @Pistachio? 3. Laura Fitton has thousands of people following her on Twitter. by consistently touching a tribe of people with generosity and insight, shes earned the right to lead-Seth Godin, Tribes 4. Influence (was) Attract attention to yourself 5. Influence (is) Provide attention &amp; value to others 6. 4 Word Guide to Social Media 7. 1. Listen. 2. Learn. 3. Care. 4. Serve. 8. Social Media is Nothing New 9. Photo Credit: (cc) jerryfletcher on 10. Social Media is Knowledge 11. Knowledge is SociallyMediatedPhoto Credit: (cc) fredoalvarez on 12. Knowledge is Socially Mediated 13. Knowledge is Socially Mediated 14. Markets are Socially Mediated 15. Photo Credit: (cc) gregor_y on 16. Markets are Socially Mediated 17. Markets are Socially Mediated 18. Photo Credit: (cc) matrianklw on 19. What is Twitter? 20. in 11 more days? 17 BILLION. 21. 65 Million Tweets Every day. about your marketsproductsbrandscompanycustomersworld 22. What is Twitter? 23. Its Your Business. 24. Twitter Disrupts 25. 26. Twitter Disrupts Human Isolation. 27. Use it Where YouThink Best -IBM ThinkPad ads circa 1992 28. We see an ecosystem of developers swarming around the Twitter API like moths around a 29. history suggests that where there is so much user engagement, dollars follow. -Chris Dixon 30. research VALUE. marketingvisibility networkingrelevance customerrelationshipsservicesocial capitaltrafficcommunitynewsideassalestrustSEO 31. Externally Events Point of Sale CommunityWord of Mouth Customer service Relationships Monitoring Branding News Direct sales Innovation SEO &amp;traffic Research Networking 32. Internally Sales TeamsDecentralized teams Event Planning Employee Support Project Status Mentoring News Problem-solving Coordination Purely Social Interface 33. How to start? 34. By starting 35. Influence (was) Attract attention to yourself 36. Influence (is) Provide attention &amp; value to others 37. 4 Word Guide to Social Media 38. 1. Listen. 2. Learn. 3. Care. 4. Serve. 39. Manners 101 1. Dress nicely Background &amp; avatar 2. Introduce yourself Complete profile, link on your site 3. Be a good conversationalist Listen. Respond. Be relevant. Be useful. 40. Twitter Campaigns?not so much.Twitter literacy. 41. Best Approach? Set simple standards Excellence Authenticity Engagementthat work for your organization 42. Bearing in Mind Produce feeds of cool, useful things Publish &amp; subscribe: Self-serving fails. Useful thrives. Work to not be rejected as spam 43. Confused by Twitter? 200+ How-to guides to the tools and services that make a difference: 44. profession 45. to promote 46. function 47. by personality &amp; use case 48. Think YOUR customersarent on Twitter? 49. Off-Platform Benefits Get Found. (SEO) Listen and Learn. (Research) Generate Content Word of Mouth Media and PR 50. Get Found. (SEO) Even very common words DOMINATE Google (@pistachio, @dough) Choose the Google Adsense word youd spend your last dollar on 51. Listen and Learn. (Research) Passive listening tools: monitoring, analytics Active ask questions, use #tags, recruit groups Live real-time focus groups, polls, surveys Global sensing and signaling network 52. Fresh Content. Abundant content 65 million messages a day Display anywhere Widgets, embeds, filtering, search Cloudprofile SIMPLE small biz websites 53. Word of Mouth Pass-along and ReTweet norms @DellOutlet: $500k to less than 1k Celebrities, influencers Journalists, bloggers 54. Media and PR Publish Become known Be helpful 55. Finds You 56. Measurement NO: Follower numbers. YES: Follower engagement Measurable links Clickthroughs Conversations Context Ripples in the water Retweets, reposting your links Others pointing towards what you do 57. Business ObjectivesMeasure appropriate standards for each objective 58. Will Employees Waste Time? 59. YES!! 60. Will Employees Waste Time? Pointless meetings Procrastinating Coffee breaks Telephone Gossiping Smoking email Web IM Social media 61. Efficiency Tools Objectives Discipline 62. Learning more 63. 64. Outlook Whats on the horizon? What trends should we watch for next? Better tools Promoted Tweets Business accounts 65. TFB 101 Toolkit </p>