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Unite 2011, a Nordic conference hosted by Denmark and Sweden about Youth Leadership, business and entrepreneurship


<ul><li>1.AIESEC DenmarkAIESEC Sweden, andAIESEC Norwaypresent:<br />UNITE 2011<br />Copenhagen 27 30 January 2011<br /></li></ul> <p>2. The story<br />In 2010, more than 200 students from Denmark and Sweden united in Lund, Sweden.<br />They had an unforgettable experience.<br />They participated in an innovative Youth to Business Forum.<br />They elected their leaders for the coming year.<br />They gained new skills in a dynamic learning environment<br />3. Now we repeat the success!<br />In Copenhagen<br />27th 30th of January 2011<br />250 300 delegates from:<br />Denmark<br />Sweden<br />Norway<br />UNITE 2011 will be a conference for aspiring leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers!<br />4. The countries behind<br />Denmark<br />Sweden<br />Norway<br />X: 50<br />X+L: 3<br />LR: 94<br />Members: 325<br />LCs: 5 (+1)<br />Campuses: 10 <br />X: 76<br />X+L: 15<br />LR: 86<br />Members: 298<br />LCs: 6<br />Campuses: <br />X: 55<br />X+L: 5<br />LR: 58<br />Members: 137<br />LCs: 4<br />Campuses:<br />Dictionary:<br />X = Exchanges realized | X+L = Leaders going on exchange | LR = Members taking up a leadership role | LCs = Local Committees<br />Statistics are from the year 2009-2010<br />5. What will happen <br />Youth to Business Forum<br />Students and business engage in dialogue<br />Interactive forum to explore innovative solutions to real life business problems<br />6. What will happen <br />Elections<br />The members elect their leaders of the coming year<br />Young students decide to take their ambitions to a new level<br />Young students decide to become the leaders of tomorrow<br />7. And a conference!<br />Track 1 TBD<br />An AIESEC conference is where members learn new skills<br />Track 2 TBD<br />And they acquire leadership competencies<br />8. Company benefits<br />Reach an audience of 760 committed AIESEC members and their classmates and fellow students at more than 19 campuses in 3 different countries.<br />Address 300 high potential ambitious students directly<br />Connect with the leaders of tomorrow<br />Brand your company in a progressive and dynamic environment of students!<br />In contrast to ordinary student events such as career fairs, the Y2B Forum provides:<br /></p> <ul><li>a stronger focus on a predefined theme </li></ul> <p>9. space for longer dialogues with national and international talent 10. creative and interactive solution finding processes 11. more visibility for companies compared to other mass events 12. youth opinion as crucial input for organizational activities</p>