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  • 1. Selling the V-Link e-Mobile Phone Service Ms. Mel Cabansay General Manager Virtual Route Philippines
  • 2. V-Link e-Mobile Phone Overview
  • 3. The V-Link e-Mobile Phone Service V-Link e-Mobile service provides broadband users V-Link e-Mobile anywhere in the world with a U.S. telephone number, enabling savings on both inbound and outbound calling. V-Link e-Mobile utilizes the wifi V-Link e-Mobile connection of broadband internet.
  • 4. The V-Link e-Mobile Opportunity Who can benefit from V-Link e-Mobile Service? V-Link e-Mobile Anyone who receives calls from the U.S.A Those who call internationally Both small business and residential users
  • 5. Cost-Saving Benefits V-Link e-Mobile phone service provides savings on both V-Link e-Mobile inbound and outbound calling: By acquiring a U.S. phone number, V-Link e-mobile V-Link e-mobile service subscribers can enable their business customers, family and/or friends to save when placing calls to them. For example, if someone in India chooses a U.S. phone number, those who call that number will have the same experience as calling any other U.S. phone number. So, callers would be charged as if they are calling the U.S., even though the phone will ring in India. V-Link e-mobile phone service subscribers can also use V-Link e-mobile the service to place low-cost outbound calls all over the low-cost world
  • 6. Target Markets V-Link e-Mobile service provides your customers with the V-Link e-Mobile benefits of a U.S. telephone number, no matter where they reside globally. Potential customers include: Companies located outside the U.S. , who can utilize V-Link e-mobile service to establish a virtual U.S. V-Link e-mobile presence. For example, a company with customers inside presence. the U.S. could obtain a U.S. phone number for service and support. Those calling the company will have the same experience as they would calling any number in the U.S. Residential broadband users, who can drastically users, reduce their communication costs with family, friends and business contacts in the U.S.
  • 7. V-Link e-Mobile Phone Calling Plans
  • 8. Calling Plan Overview The different V-Link e-Mobile service calling plans offer the V-Link e-Mobile subscriber a number of options for both inbound and outbound calling: Plan Type Telephone Outbound Calling Inbound Calling Number Monthly U.S. DID Either unlimited or a Unlimited Plans Number bucket of minutes to a specific region
  • 9. Calling Plan Types Users can choose from various types of V-Link e-Mobile V-Link e-Mobile phone service calling plans: Monthly Unlimited call Calling Plans ( within the network ) Monthly = Unlimited or bucket of minutes for outbound calling
  • 10. Monthly Plans V-Link e-Mobile phone service features two main types of V-Link e-Mobile monthly plans, unlimited and bucket of minute calling bucket minute Monthly Plans Unlimited Bucket of Minutes Unlimited = Unlimited outbound calling to U.S.A for a flat, monthly fee Bucket of Minutes = A fixed number of minutes for outbound calling for a specific monthly fee
  • 11. Bucket of Minute Monthly Plans With bucket of minute plans, customers are assigned a US DID number. Bucket of Minute Plans U.S. DID Number Outbound: Inbound: Fixed number of Unlimited monthly minutes
  • 12. Bucket of Minute Monthly Plans Bucket of Minute Plans U.S. DID Number (includes unlimited inbound minutes) Unlimited call Unlimited call Unlimited call To USA To USA To USA 2000 outbound 3000 outbound 1000 outbound minutes to 38 minutes to 38 minutes to 38 Countries for Countries for Countries for $60.00/month; $90.00/month; $30.00/month;
  • 13. Calling Plan Summaries
  • 14. Unlimited Plan Summary Phone # Plan Cost Includes U.S. DID $30.00/month Unlimited call V-Link to V-Link number Unlimited inbound calls 1,000 minutes to call 38 countries U.S. DID $60.00/month Unlimited call V-Link to V-Link number Unlimited inbound calls 2,000 minutes to call 38 countries U.S. DID $90.00/month Unlimited call V-Link to V-Link Number Unlimited inbound calls 3,000 minutes to call 38 countries