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<ol><li> 1. Alicja Gruntowicz Freedom 55 Financial Advisor VISION: To be the leader and chosen authority in Financial Coaching and Mentorship in Canada in Debt Solutions, Saving Accelerator and Financial Planning Solutions. To be ranked #1 Company in debt reconstruction and debt education for families, business owners. MISSION: To mentor and guide clients through Easy 7 step Financial Journey of Self discovery, Personal Financial Mindset and Strategic Committed Long term Solution thinking. To empower our communities with Financial Tools that will create well rounded and self sustaining society. WHY: There is a lot of struggling and suffering families and small business today; which is impacting livelihoods of many individuals. Debt ratios are staggering and continue to grow rapidly as lives of many are being destroyed. Purpose is to assist, educate and guide in shifting of understanding in basic financial principles. And we can help in creating a successful and comfortable environment for positive and amazing influence within our society and our community. </li><li> 2. CORE VALUES: 1 Heartfelt &amp; effective communication Attentive, caring &amp; timely communication based services 2 Accountability Committed to transparent, measurable, attainable financial growth 3 Commitment to financial success Your financial growth and success, our #1 Priority 4 Integrity Doing the right thing, every time &amp; all the time 5 Unconditional gratitude Giving gratitude for ourselves &amp; others 6 Open &amp; Honest community of compassionate providers Honesty &amp; openness in interactions for strength is our commitment to you </li></ol>