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A presentation looking at the benefits of Vitality and Vitality Plus for members

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2. 2Agendaa. Who is PruProtect?b. Trends impacting protectionc. Facts, stats and quotesd. Personal productse. Business productsf. Vitality and Vitality Plusg. Growing your business 3. The need for healthy living 4. 4The UK needs and wants to be wellTHE OXFORD HEALTH ALLIANCES 3 - 4 - 50 MODELDrivers ofmorbidity andmortalityThe Oxford Health Alliance: (2013)3450VitalitySerious Illness CoverIncome Protection CoverLife Cover 5. 5There is a real need for wellness80% of type II diabetescases could beprevented throughlifestyle changes such asmore exercise and eatingmore healthily2Up to 40% of cancerscould be preventedthrough exercisingregularly & eatingsensibly1Physically inactivepeople have almostdouble the risk of dyingfrom coronary heartdisease than activepeople380% of adults are not reaching governmenttargets for moderate exercise41. Irish Cancer Society (2014) 2. Diabetes UK (2013) 3. World Heart Federation (2013), 4. Kings Fund and BBC (2013) 6. 6What drives people is not always rationalStandard models for economicsassume that humans are rational,calculating and unemotional, andact in a way to maximise their selfinterestStandard wellness assumes thatpeople will be rational about theirwellness to maximise their long-termhealthThe rational man 7. 7The downfall of traditional health and wellbeingmodelsThis is simplynot the caseStandard models for health and wellness assumethat if people understand what is best for theirhealth in the long term, they will do it. 8. 8Example of decision delusionsTHE OBESITY PANDEMIC 61.9% of adults in the UK are overweight or obese Rates have been increasing significantly Studies show that people are well informed about the extrahealth risks that obesity poses Yet people dont necessarily make healthier choicesCan we increase adherence through incentives?Source: Reducing obesity and improving diet, Government policy, 2013 9. Integrating healthand wellness is aboutunderstandinghuman behaviourand addressing anindividuals needsand wants 10. The Vitality programme 11. 11What is Vitality?Our healthy living rewards programme to help your clients to get and stay healthyCreated in conjunction with doctors, scientists and academicsWe help your clients track their progress by awarding points for doing healthy thingsAnd to keep your clients motivated, we give them rewards for making positivechanges to help them to get and stay healthy for lessProtection cover with benefits for everyone, not just those that claim 12. 12VitalityRECOGNISED LEADER IN INCENTIVISED WELLNESSThe largest incentive-based wellness programme in the world with7 million members worldwideWall Street Journal (21 June 2013), PruProtect data (2013) 13. 13Vitalitys impact on clients healthRELATIVE CLAIMS AND LAPSE RATES BY VITALITY STATUSExperience shows that clients with higher Vitality statuses have lessMortalitychance of claiming or lapsing their policies100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%No VitalityClients who are highly engaged areless likely to claim for a death benefitthan those without Vitality.Discovery South African Experience (2013)Morbidity Lapses100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%No Vitality No VitalityClients who are highly engaged areless likely to claim for an illness thanthose without Vitality.100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%Clients who are highly engaged areless likely to lapse their policies thanthose without Vitality.0%Low Medium high0%Low Medium High0%Low Medium HighEngagement Engagement Engagement 14. 14PruProtects growth underpinned by Vitality1801601401201008060402002010 2011 2012 20135045403530252015105The fastest growing protection insurer in the UK (% growth)ThousandsPruProtect data (2013)02010 2011 2012 2013MilionsPolicies inforceAPE in millions 15. 15Member engagement with selected Vitality partnersUK PARTICIPATION LEVELS 201325 millionVitality points awarded52,000online health checks780,000gym visitsDid you know?People that take out cinema codes are more likely toengage with other Vitality partnersUp to1,500cinema codesgenerated each dayPruProtect data (2013) 16. 16Vitality is an appealing and agreeable conceptProtection and life insurers should help their customers leadhealthier lifestylesI'd like to better understandmy healthPruProtect and Immerse study (2013)46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60I'd welcome encouragement or incentives to be healthier 17. 17Vitality is an appealing and agreeable concept81% appealYou get cash-back as an extra incentiveto be healthy each year83% appealYou get something back even if you dontclaim such as cash-back, premiumreductions, savings and discountsPruProtect and Immerse study (2013) 18. How it works 19. 19The issuesInnovativeprotectionsolutions builtaround thecustomerHow can we drivebehavioural change?Global recessionThe industry is changingThe online revolutionHow can the industrygrow as a whole?How can you keeppace?The need forhealth andwellnessAusterityThe industryis changingThe onlinerevolution 20. 20Our solution Discountson things like holidays,and gym membership New Vitality partners Unique protection benefits The chance to receiveupfront discounts onpremiums, annualpremium reductions andcashback New quote tool Vitality Calculator Marketing supportThe need forhealth andwellnessAusterityThe industryis changingThe onlinerevolutionEnhanced VitalityprogrammeImproved premiumefficiencySolutions basedprotectionInteractive onlinetools 21. 21Vitality works in three easy steps 22. 22Vitality works in three easy steps 23. 23You cant change what you dont knowstroke, heart attack, heart failure, chronickidney disease, and cognitive declineheart disease, stroke, blindness, kidneydisease and amputationsHYPERTENSIONDIABETES IICORONARYHEART DISEASEFOR EVERY 100PEOPLE DIAGNOSED313240REMAIN UNDIAGNOSEDnarrowing of arteries, angina and heartattackBritish Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK (2013) 24. 24Understanding your healthA HOLISTIC APPROACHDisease detection and managementMental healthNutritionPreventative carePhysical activity 25. 25Understanding your healthTo help you understand your health, we have a series of tools and products thatmembers can access through the Member Zone, our online Vitality portalHealth ReviewView the Vitality statementSet healthy goalsMental wellbeing assessmentsHealthy meal plansUseful articlesFind out about our Vitality partnersSubmit screening pointsUpdate and maintain personal detailsTHE MEMBERZONE 26. 26The Health ReviewThe Health Review is a quick and easy review, designed to be the first step ofthe Vitality programme. By monitoring members general health and fitnesslevels, it shows what they can do to improve their health and earn Vitality pointsand opens up other benefits. It is recommended that the review is completedevery six months. Personalised information 100 Vitality points per adult per year Split into ten sections: Your medical history Your familys medical history Key measurements Smoking Alcohol Nutrition Exercise Sleep Stress Productivity 27. 27The Health ReviewVITALITY AGEThe results of the Health Review will produce a Vitality Age to help further understand yourhealth and how to improve itLifeActual Age +Average LifeExpectancyExpectancyaccording tolifestyle 5080 7555 28. 28Have access to healthy activities 29. 29Earning Vitality points By taking part in healthy activities such as health screens and using an exercise device,members can earn points Everyone starts at Bronze status and can build points to moveup to Silver, then Gold, and finally Platinum The higher your status, the more that you get back from VitalityExampleA policy with two adults andone child would need 1,600 points toreach Silver, 3,200 to reach Gold and4,800 to reach Platinum 30. 30Health assessmentsUNDERSTAND YOUR HEALTH AND HOW TO IMPROVE IT We help you understand your health and how to improve The more comprehensive screenings can be useful in the earlyidentification of health issues that could lead to serious illness orchronic conditions in the future.With our health partners you can book a health screenand pay from 15 for a basic health checkPrices and discounts shown are correct as of June 2014. For the latest details, visit partners' own terms and conditions apply.DiscountsWith VitalityVitality Healthcheck Introductory rate of 1550% offEligibility criteria apply 31. 31Fitness assessments Fitness assessments can be booked with our Vitalitypartner gyms and are a great way to kick start a fitnessprogramme Virgin Active offer fitness assessments free of charge andyou dont have to be registered as a gym member to haveoneFree!With VitalityPrices and discounts shown are correct as of June 2014. For the latest details, visit partners' own terms and conditions apply. 32. 32Fitness assessments and health screens Members earn 60 points for each clinical measurementtaken during a fitness assessment or health screen. Plus 60 more points if they are in the healthy green zone Points can only be earned once per policy year Fitness assessments include three clinical measuresWith our health partners you can book a health screenand pay from 15 for a basic health checkPrices and discounts shown are correct as of June 2014. For the latest details, visit partners' own terms and conditions apply. 33. 33Vitality works in three easy steps 34. 34Stop smoking Combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy Aims to help members to quit for good using tried andtested techniques Earn 300 Vitality points by taking the Vitality Healthcheck,signing the non-smokers declaration and for being tobaccoand nicotine free for 12 months as well as non-smokerscashback Each adult can attend one free Allen Carr programmeduring the life of the plan Retail Price 250FreePrices and discounts shown are correct as of June 2014. For the latest details, visit partners' own