What makes Latin American Millennials Tick?

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Living at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and believing they can make a difference.The Millennial Leaders are the 11% of those surveyed who are the most likely to drive global change through technology. 74% believe they can make a global difference compared to 40% worldwide. Telefnica in partnership with the Financial Times, commissioned 12,171 online quantitative interviews among Millennials, aged 18-30, across 27 countries in six regions including North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Middle East & Africa. Read more about the Millennial Leaders here: http://survey.telefonica.com/meet-the-millennials/millennial-leaders/


  • 1. Latin America What Makes Millennials Tick?

2. Social Inequality And Education Are The Most Important Issues In Latin America Central & Eastern Europe Western Europe North America#1. The Economy: 34% #2. Social Inequality: 15%#1. The Economy: 22% #2. Social Inequality: 17% #2. Poverty: 17%#1. The Economy: 46% #2. Education: 12%Middle East & Africa*Asia #1. The Economy: 24% #1: Social Inequality: 24%#1. Terrorism: 19% #2. Political Unrest: 13%Latin America* #1. Social Inequality: 19% #1. Education: 19% *The Economy Ranks: #4 in LatAm (11%) #4 in MEA (10%) 22 3. Climate Change Is A Very Pressing Issue To Latin American Millennials38%49%Central & Eastern Europe Western Europe36%North America 44%59% AsiaMiddle East & Africa70% Latin America Globally, 53% of Millennials believe climate change is very pressing 33 4. Few Latin American Millennials Believe The Economy Is Headed In Right Direction44 5. Latin American Millennials Believe More Regulations Will Drive Economic Growth Thebestwaytodriveeconomicgrowthinmycountryisthrough55 6. Professional Progression Is Keeping Latin American Millennials Up At Night % Say it is difficult for their generation to progress from school to the workplace environment% Say they expect to have to continue working indefinitely, and will not have enough money to retire comfortably63%Global58%North America39%49% 61%Latin America Western Europe19%74% 56%Central & Eastern Europe66% 60% 61%Asia Middle East & Africa59%633% 39%6 7. Latin American Millennials Are Split On Whether A Decent Paying Job Is A Privilege Or A Right GlobalNorth AmericaLatin America7Western EuropeCentral & Eastern EuropeAsiaMiddle East & Africa7 8. Latin American Millennials Are Less Devout Than Their ParentsIn Latin America,55% Say they are less devout than their parentsGlobalCentral & North Latin Western Eastern America America Europe EuropeAsiaMiddle East & AfricaMore devout12%13%16%9%12%11%21%Less devout51505552465143Equally devout373729394238368 9. And Open To Others Religious BeliefsIn Latin America,79% say they areopen toward other religionsand beliefs outside their ownGlobalCentral & North Latin Western Eastern America America Europe EuropeAsiaMiddle East & AfricaVery open37%38%46%37%21%36%39%Somewhat open39403338384238Not very open14131312231316Not at all open101071317969 10. And Would Consider Marrying Someone With Different Religious BeliefsIn Latin America,87%Globalsay they would considerYeswith different religious beliefsmarrying someoneCentral & North Latin Western Eastern America America Europe EuropeAsiaMiddle East & Africa45%52%56%49%32%43%29%Maybe35273133463927No1920131722174210 11. Latin American Millennials Say Government Does Not Reflect Their Values And Beliefs I believe my countrys current political system represents my values and beliefs (Showing Disagree)North America Strongly DisagreeLatin AmericaWestern EuropeCentral & Eastern EuropeAsiaMiddle East & AfricaSomewhat Disagree1111 12. Belief In Change Through Education And Protecting The EnvironmentGlobalNorth AmericaLatin AmericaWestern EuropeCentral & Eastern EuropeAsiaMiddle East & Africa42%37%53%32%42%44%43%Protecting our environment41295232394824Eliminating poverty39344645373643Providing basic food and shelter to people24342227252123Promoting sustainable energy24201920123118% believe the most important way to make a difference is Improving the access to and the quality of education1212 13. The Study Of Choice For Success? Technology % believe most important field of study to ensure personal future successGlobalNorth AmericaLatin AmericaWestern EuropeCentral & Eastern EuropeAsiaMiddle East & AfricaTechnology36%28%34%23%30%44%30%Economics20171920252019Foreign Languages1331715161317Science121910159914Mathematics4755537Literature34333331313 14. Learn more at www.telefonica.com/millennials#TEFMillennials