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  • 1. Anna Marie Trester Department of Linguistics Georgetown University

2. Texts that comprise the job search Resume Written spiels: Cover Letter LinkedIn profile Oral Spiels: Elevator pitch Pocket example narratives TMAY 3. 1) Deixis: the need for enacting a shift in perspective from that of student to professional, from focusing on why you want/need a particular job to thinking about why THEY want/need you. 2) Framing: the need to deconstruct some of the unproductive metaphors and framing which shape our thinking about the job hunt, and the notion of a perfect job and instead think in terms of tasks, responsibilities and duties; skills, interests and values. 3) Narrative: adopting a narrative approach helps the jobseeker better listen for and tell stories that resonate. Three core linguistic ideas here 4. Oh the Places Youll Go! (where people work with degrees in linguistics) How Linguistics Can Take you there A chance to practice (Tell Me About Yourself activity) Plan for today 5. Introductions Skill Interest Dream Job 6. Oh The Places Youll Go Where do people get jobs with a degree in Linguistics anyways? 7. Management Consulting Marni Myers Strategic Communications Phan Connolly Human Capital Consulting Ryan Connolly Associate, International Program Management Sonia Checchia Learning & Development Curriculum Manager 8. Center for Applied Linguistics 9. Language Advocacy 10. Smithsonian Institution 11. Research 12. Frameworks Institute 13. Fors Marsh 14. American Institute of Physics 15. AAPOR 16. SEIU 17. Verilogue 18. Social Media strategy 19. Education 20. 20 How can I integrate my knowledge regarding the importance of phonemic awareness to reading development into a career? 21. 21 Traditional Teacher Education Moats (1994: 82): The findings of reading researchers, however, are likely to have little impact on practice unless practitioners can interpret and apply them. Consequently, the preparedness of teachers who must carry out linguistically informed, code-emphasis reading instruction is an increasingly important issue. Lead program specialist These are professional positions serving as the lead technical specialists for compliance monitoring, curriculum development, consultation and advice in Pre-K through High School education initiatives related to various Race-To-The-Top program areas to promote Marylands vision of school reform. 22. 22 Non-Profit Organizations Need Help Too Jumpstart for Young Children Reading is Fundamental 826DC Literacy Council of Montgomery County International Reading Association ZERO TO THREE Pre-K Now NAEYC 23. 23 Dont Forget the People with the Money! Grant-Makers PNC Grow Up Great! The McKnight Foundation The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Foundation for Child Development Annie E. Casey Foundation 24. 24 Government Depts of Education 25. Government 26. FBI 27. Census Bureau 28. General way-coolness 29. business 30. PR (Political messaging) 31. Translation 32. Time Warner 33. Corporate Executive Board (CEB) 34. entrepreneurship 35. You Say Tomato Communication in the workplace or other institutional setting plays a crucial part in how that organisation functions, and when things go wrong, they can go wrong in a big way. Planes can crash, patients can die, suspects can escape because of miscommunication. I want to help you eliminate these potentials for error. As a trained linguist and anthropologist, I can look at the way your organisation works, and offer suggestions and advice for improvements and alterations, to help you work better. 36. Questions for you: How do I influence what the world knows about my skills & interests? How do I apply my training in Sociolinguistics to my work? 37. Why? Because THEY need YOU! 38. pointing elements in language which reveal contextual information about speaker/hearer and their relationship For example: Adverbs about time and place: here/there; then/now; up/down; Verbs and tenses that give info about the vantage point of the speaker: go/come; went/came; Pronouns that indicate inclusivity vs. exclusivity or otherness I, we, they, them Deixis 39. S Support. Have I supported every claim to experience with an illustration of what that experience looked like in that context? O Outcomes. Who benefitted from my work? Did I improve communication? Productivity? Efficiency? Morale? Systems? Effectiveness? Profits? Q Quantification. Wheneevr possible, provide quantitative evidence, for example, if you are talking about teaching, how many students did you work with, how often? If you created a newsletter, for what size community from how many members did you collect updates? With what frequency? How many people read? Resume SOQs 40. From I want this job to This is why you need me Cover Letters 41. Shift from thinking about getting out there to being found Search for yourself What keywords would people use to find you? Who does LinkedIn think is like you? LinkedIn / Academia.edu profile 42. Find a way to SHOW yourself doing what you TELL you are capable of doing (imagery) When possible, share the voice of others in describing you, your accomplishments (Constructed Dialogue) In pocket examples 43. Look at the major turning points in your narrative Find a way to present agency, that positive outcomes were the result of your: Decision Knowledge, Skills, or Abilities Strength of character Steadfast intention NOT Luck Accident Someone elses help (at least not wholly) In your narratives 44. Deploying your stories Informational Interviews Elevators External Events JOB FAIRS! Job Interviews YOUR STORIES 45. Informational Interviews Elevators External Events JOB FAIRS! Job Interviews !!!!YOUR STORIES 46. Job interviews 47. Tell Me About Yourself