Whole House Remodel

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  • 1. Whole House Remodel

2. Front exterior before 3. Stakes outline the planned additions 4. Excavators arrive on site 5. and dig right in 6. Forms for footings go in 7. Block layers go over plans 8. Lumber arrives and framing begins 9. Floors are framed 10. Walls are erected 11. Roof framing takes shape 12. Roof lines are tweaked 13. Sub fascia is installed 14. Shingles let us all breathe a sigh of relief 15. Windows and house wrap 16. Existing home gets new windows and exterior trim 17. The homeowner gets to strike the first blow 18. Tear out continues in the master suite 19. And in the kitchen 20. Finally the wall is ready to come down 21. David removes the wall 22. New gas meter is installed 23. New garage doors and openers 24. Brick layers go to work 25. Meanwhile, inside theair ducts are installed 26. And wiring is run 27. Drywall finisher makes it look easy 28. Cabinets are installed 29. David and Jim Lovitt 30. Walnut flooring is installed 31. Electricians install fixtures 32. Plumbers install pipes 33. Template is made for tops 34. Granite top is lifted from the truck 35. and set in place 36. A perfect fit! 37. Membrane for shower is set 38. Custom concrete shower base is built 39. Shower before tile 40. Milo installs tile in shower 41. and tiles bathroom walls 42. Jacuzzi tub is set in place 43. Glass block goes in 44. Bruce Corey, nice job! 45. Mirrors are installed on walls in the master bath 46. Trim is installed 47. Painters prepare surfaces 48. Painting begins 49. Fun colors liven things up! 50. Carpet is installed 51. Clean up makes it sparkle 52. Even the windows get done 53. Kitchen angle before 54. Kitchen angle after 55. Front exterior before 56. Front exterior after 57. Kitchen dining area before 58. Kitchen dining area after 59. Kitchen island in progress 60. Kitchen island after 61. Master bathroom after 62. Finished exterior