Baby Boomers, Long Term Unemployment and the Great Reset

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1. Baby Boomers, Long TermUnemployment and the Great ResetStrategies to Help! 2. Agenda Baby Boomer Belief Systems Baby Boomers Parents Belief Systems The Great Reset Long Term Unemployment Why Baby Boomers Strategies to help 3. Baby Boomer Generation Born 1946-1964 79 Million Major Events Vietnam War Watergate Technology Advances? Parents? 4. Greatest Generation Born 1900-1924 Major Events Great Depression World War II Characteristics? Money Work 5. Beliefs of Baby BoomerParents 6. Beliefs of Baby Boomers Work for 30 years and then retire Company will provide benefits Vacation Health Insurance Pension/401(k) Loyalty Safety Work Ethic 7. Baby Boomer Issues Employment Housing Children College Education Retirement Savings 8. Great Reset 9. Great Reset New consumption patterns and new assumptions aboutownership that are less centered around houses andcars, New forms of infrastructure that speed the movementof people, goods and ideas A radically altered and much denser economiclandscape organized around megaregions that willdrive the development of new industries, jobs and awhole new way of life. 10. HousingIs your house a boat anchor? 11. AutomobilesAt what age did you get your drivers license?At what age did your children get their drivers license? 12. The New EconomyCreative ClassService Sector 13. Long TermUnemployment 14. Baby Boomers andLong TermUnemploymentOptions/Strategies/Solutions.. 15. Baby Boomer and Long TermUnemployment 16. Baby Boomer UnemploymentExpectations 3 Months is a really short job search Expect 9-12 months Get comfortable being uncomfortable After 1 year look for alternatives 17. Big Picture Housing Lifestyle Children/Family Location Retirement 18. Options Downsize Relocate Temporary Permanent Contract Freelance Start a business 19. Conclusion Age discrimination is alive and well World is changing and it will not stop or slow down You need to be flexible Compensation Skills Location 20. Repurpose Your Career BookAvailable on Kindle 21. Career Pivot ContactTwitter - @CareerPivot