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Career power point #2

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A career assessment based on the Holland Code and Birkman tests.

Text of Career power point #2

  • 1. In my life I hope to go to college, live on Long Island, continueto play polo, ride horses, play as many instruments as I do, andhave a family. I hope to make it to DE CA Nationals before Igraduate and have had some good job experiences. I have a fewjobs that would fulfill my dreams but one of them sticks outmore than the others and I hope to take steps towards makingthese dreams come to life.

2. Some of my wor k val ues ar e havi ng a safe envi r onment towor k i n, fr iendl y co-wor k er s, a fai r boss, and the abi l ity towor k i ndependentl y. T hese ar e impor tant to me because Idont thi nk that I would be ver y happy at my job i f some ofthese wer ent pr esent. Some unique qual i ti es that I posses ar ethat I am ver y i ndependent, can wor k wel l wi th other s and Iam ver y musi cal .Some foundati on bui l ding bl ock s that I have alr eady ear nedar e i n my M oms business wi th acting and modeli ng. I al sohave made a foundati on in D E CA wi th M r s. W ood and M r .Como. I al so have had a few smal l jobs at Sweetbr i ar Natur eCenter and wor k i ng the far mer s mar k et i n W est H amptonwi th my G r andpa i n l ate spr i ng thr ough ear l y fal l . I wi sh todevel op mor e bui l di ng bl ock s i n the educati on wor l d byconti nui ng to par ti ci pate in T eacher Swap and the H i ghSchool H er oes pr ogr am. Some mor e bui ldi ng bl ock s I wi sh toposses ar e i n the pol o/ hor se wor l d by going to tour namentsi n nor ther n New Yor k ( Cor nel l) and at UCONN. 3. M y H ol l and code was S I E whi ch stands for S oci al ,I nvesti gati ve and E nter pr i si ng. T hi s matches myper sonal i ty r esul ts because I l i k e to deal wi th peopl eand students, sol ve pr obl ems such as cr i mi nali nvesti gati ons and al so be i nvol ved i n busi ness suchas a company. M y per sonal i ty i s ver y comedi c, I l oveto l augh and cr ack j ok es al l the ti me. I al so l ovedeal i ng wi th students and teachi ng them new thi ngs. 4. This was one of the first careers that I have ever considered, and itseems to have stuck with me. I think that this is a good career forme because I have always loved teaching. I can easily stand in frontof an audience and speak, and convey my thoughts out loud. Itmatches my Holland code because teachers have to be social withother people and their students, they have to solve problems such aschildren that misbehave and they also have to understand businessaspects in order to teach students the same type of things. I havealways loved teaching and I participate in teaching programs suchas High School Heroes and Teacher Swap every year. 5. T he second car eer that I have chosen based on my H ol l andcode i s a musi cian. I cur r entl y pl ay 6 instr uments andconsi der myself to be ver y sk i ll ed at 4 of them. A musici anwoul d be a good match for me because I have al ways l ovedmusi c and woul d l ik e to have a car eer wher e I can chal l engemy musi cal tal ent. M y H oll and code was a mtch for thi scar eer because musi ci ans have to deal wi th other people andbe good at speak i ng to other s, they have to i nter pr et musi cand be good at pr obl em sol vi ng i n case a pi ece needs to ber ear r anged. E nter pr i si ng i s not that i mpor tant i n thi s car eerbut i t is sti ll a useful sk i ll to have. 6. F or ensi c A nthr opol ogy i s a car eer that I cannot descr i bewi th wor ds other than cool . W hat they do i s l ook at bodi esthat ar e too decomposed for a pathol ogi st or cor oner toi denti fy. F or ensi c A nthr opol ogy i s a ver y di ffi cul t fi el d towor k i n, but i f successful , i t i s wor th i t. T hi s matches myH ol l and code because I woul d get to wor k i n a l abor ator ysetti ng wi th many other peopl e, thi s j ob i s mostl y based onthe i nvesti gati ve aspect because they wor k wi th sk el etons tofi nd out how that per son di ed and wher e and when theyl i ved. 7. P eopl e wi th a bl ue i nter estP eopl e wi th a r ed styl e pr efer tocol or enj oy cr eati ve,per for m thei r j ob in a mannerhumani sti c and thoughtfulthat i s acti on or i ented and pr acti cal . T hey pr efer l ogi cal ,types of qui et acti vi ti es. I t asser ti ve, hi gh pr essur e j obs.often l eads to wor k i nYou wi l l want to choose a car eeredi ti ng, teachi ng, i nventi ng, path wher e i n whi ch your styl e ismedi ati ng and wr i ti ng.wel comed. 8. T he fir st car eer I have chosen i s a tr avel agent. T r avelagents help their cl ients get the best out of their tr avelbudgets. T hey must expl ain things li k e customs, hotels,and the local geogr aphy to thei r cl ients. T r avel agentshave to r esear ch a lot of differ ent things and checkr eser vations multiple times i n or der to mak e sur e thatthei r clients ar e happy. T his car eer matches my B ir k mantest r esults because I l ove lear ni ng about other countr i esand thei r customs and I also enjoy tr avel ing a lot. T hiswoul d be a good job because ther e ar e a l ot of benefi ts tolear ning about other countr ies and how they l ive. 9. T he second car eer I have chosen i s a talent manager . T al entM anager s must collect money fr om people that owe andalso book jobs for their tal ent. T hi s job uses sk ill s such asfinancial management and str ategicall y pl anning. T hey mustcoll ect fees, communi cate with cli ents and develop contactswi th individual s and or ganizati ons. T hi s car eer matches myB ir k man test r esults because I enj oy busi ness and have beenar ound this type of car eer my enti r e life. T hi s car eer i s ver yinter esting and would be a good match for me because Ik now exactly how i t wor k s and have been ar ound thisbusiness my whole l ife. 10. T he last car eer I have chosen i s an M usi c T eacher for postsecondar ystudents. I n thi s job one woul d teach students the aspects of musi c,conduct pieces, hol d l essons, and conduct at concer ts and par ades. Ifound this job to a be a good combi nati on of two of the thi ngs that Il i k e to do most. I woul d have to have a vast k nowl edge of musi c, i tsi nner wor k i ngs and many differ ent i nstr uments such as woodwi nds,br ass, per cussi on and str i ngs. I think that thi s j ob woul d be a goodmatch for me because I cur r entl y pl ay 5 differ ent i nstr uments andam eager to lear n as many as possi bl e. T hi s car eer r el ates to myB i r k man test r esults because I enj oy musi c and teachi ng a l ot, so acombi nati on of the two woul d be a good thi ng for me to tr y out.

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