Own your brand - Lessons on personal branding

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In my own words, NationBuilder encourages a lot of shared learning, which is why we do Demo Day every Friday. I was asked to give a talk on personal branding, how it ties into my work as an organizer with the company, and tips on developing thought leadership. Explore other talks and workshops I've facilitated at www.vasquezsays.com/leadership.


  • 1. @JuanSVas Own your brand ! Juan Vasquez NationBuilder organizer

2. @JuanSVas Hi, Im Juan. 3. @JuanSVas Your name = ? What do you stand for? 4. @JuanSVas Twitter Time Out Own your brand/be a leader for the communities you care about @JuanSVas @NationBuilder #NBDemoDay! ! ! Bonus points for picture (Yes, you can take a sele) 5. @JuanSVas Share about the stuff you care about, add value! Panels, symposiums, workshops! Interviews, guest blogs, podcasts! Donate your servicesDene your brand 6. @JuanSVas Share your story ! Embrace being a content generator! Create your site, use Twitter! ASK Dene your brand 7. @JuanSVas Gathering For Justice 8. @JuanSVas Hi, Im Juan.