Top 10 Fastest Typist In The World

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<p>What Is Correct Format Of A Manuscript</p> <p>Top 10 Fastest Typists in The World</p> <p></p> <p>retype.bizWHAT IS TYPING?Before we start to go more into details about world fastest typist, we would like to mention what is typing and some facts about how difficult is to be a typist.</p> <p>Typing is basically writing or retype text (or some kind of text input). It can be done on different was and different kind of techniques mobile phone, typewriter, laptop/keyboard, calculator. </p> <p>retype.bizTYPING TECHNIQUESThere are 5 main typing techniques used for typing services:</p> <p>Touch typingHunt and peckHybridBufferingThumbing </p> <p>retype.bizTYPING TECHNIQUESTouch typingThis technique is one of the main standards techniques for accurate typing services. Here typist is keeping focus on the source copy and also typist wrists are not on the typing surface.</p> <p>retype.bizTYPING TECHNIQUESHunt and peckIn this technique typist is having constant visual contact with keyboard, not seeing a screen or paper while typing. </p> <p>retype.bizTYPING TECHNIQUESHybridSignificant number of typing styles can be in so called hybrid style typing that is often used for typing services online. This style is combination of touch typing and hunt and peck typing styles.</p> <p>retype.bizTYPING TECHNIQUESBufferingBuffering is also one kind of hybrid typing. In this technique typist reads several sentences from source and then memorize them and type them at once.</p> <p>retype.bizTYPING TECHNIQUESThumbingThis technique came after 1980 year, with all kind of touch screen kind of input keyboards, where input of text is done with thumbs. </p> <p>retype.bizTYPING SPEEDIn order to be better version of themselves, typist are not only continuously developing new typing techniques (also that are used for online typing services), but also they are measuring typing speed.</p> <p>Measure of speed is WPM word per minute. Also there is set of rules to follow when you are measuring someones typing speed in order to make that measurement relevant. </p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGNow, we will go through a historical part of typewriting. Also we will go through some of the most famous and fastest typists in the world.</p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGThis are 4 fastest typist of last century: from left, George Hossfeld, Stella Willins, Irma Wright and Albert Tangora.</p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGHenry William Lockyer Digby, He was born on New Zealand and his records were accomplished in Australia.</p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGJ.N.Kimball was for long period of time main executive for organizing championships and writing texts for typists.</p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGMargaret B. Owen, won 4 world titles and three championships from 1915 to 1917. First one she won in 1913.</p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGEmil Anton Trefzger won world title in 1914. He was born in Peoria, Illinois, on 18.3.1888. and died on 19.4.1961.</p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGIn recent times, there are also marvelous typists. Here are some of them:Longest typing marathon: Les StewartFastest typing on an electric typewriter:Margaret Hamma</p> <p>retype.bizCHAMPION TYPISTS AND RECORDS IN TYPEWRITINGLatest record was from Barbara Blackburn. She is credited by theGuinness Book of Records (2005). She is fastest English typist in the world.</p> <p>THANKS!Want to know more?Visit </p>