Facebook Banner Maker: Free Tool to Create your Facebook Banner

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This is a video with a summary of how to use the facebook banner maker timelinebanner.com to make beautiful banner.


  • 1. Facebook Banner Maker: How to Create a Free BannerBy Olivia FisherWatch the video. The video is pretty self-explanatory for why this Facebook banner maker is oneof the best.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdtZ2vTHoEYI love this tool and use it for many other things that I will show in future posts. Using thisFacebook banner maker is easy. I love timelinebanner.com because it's simple to use and veryquick.First make sure that you have a Facebook page, profile, or group ready to go ahead and make abanner for. At least know the concept of your group or page. That's all you need to get startedOn Google you type in timeline cover banner and the website is the first link on the searchengine.Cilck the green button towards the last third of the page. On the next page you want to get to thefree backgrounds. In the blue box at the top, there is a link for only the free backgrounds. Clickthat and you should get 42 pages left. This may seem like significantly less, but there is a widevariety to choose from. The Facebook banner maker is easy to use so all you need is a littlecreativity. Find a background that you like choose to make either a fan page or profile banner. Agroup banner is best done with the fan page maker.Next is the editingI suggest the orange T for using text because the other one starts out small and it seems to takelonger to edit. The Facebook banner maker obviously uses flash and the other text when editedmakes the computer run slowMake sure that your text isn't in the way of the buttons on the bottom right of a group page. On aprofile banner, makes sure that your text is clearing the photo on the bottom left and the text onthe bottom right. On a Facebook page, the same is applied as the profile banner, clear the photoand the buttons.I will show you how to make a good quote picture with it and also how to change the bannersize.There are other editing tools that I'm sure if creatively used could make some really coolFacebook banners, but I don't use them. There's an eraser, paint bucket, line, circle select,, andrectangle select.

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