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<ul><li> 1. Facts That You Must Know About Balustrade Balustrades have attained an almost universal importance when it comes to house building and house decoration. In fact, balustrades are not a recent architectural phenomenon. The history of balustrades can be traced back to the great Roman Empire when the ruling elite started building huge mansions and palaces with these balustrades as a major feature of the external and internal architecture.The importance of balustrade systems has transcended down the historical upheavals and has become a major feature of architecture and home decoration. However, some big problems are associated with balustrades. The biggest issue is that of selecting the right balustrade for your house. A number of factors come into play and you cannot neglect any of them.Construction of the house If you live in a small house, balustrades cannot be installed in a big fashion. In most cases, people turn to balustrades while installing staircases and balconies. However, the problem of space restricts them to install only a couple of balustrades. The best way of doing this is to install balustrades on the staircase railings as well as small balconies erected in front of bedrooms. This strategy would add a great dimension to your interior and exterior home decoration and that too without any major expenses.Bigger houses, on the other hand can maximise the use of balustrades, as they have plenty of space. They can make use of balustrades in balconies, stair cases, facades and open-air arcades, among other places. Additionally, they can use intricate designs of balustrades that require more space as compared to a small house.</li></ul> <p> 2. Architecture of the house More importantly, it is the architectural design of a house that dictates the use of balustrades. If you are a fan of vintage design, and you have constructed your house according to vintage standards, balustrades would look great and add to the beauty of the house.On the contrary, modern architectural columns designs do not allow any room for the use of balustrades. Glass is used extensively in modern housing designs and this includes glass railings. In that case, the use of a vintage looking balustrade would spoil the whole ambiance of the construction.However, there are some interiors settings where you can blend the contemporary design with a vintage touch. In that case, you can use balustrades on the internal balconies and staircases with a glass touch on the external section of the house. This combination of balustrades would enhance the beauty of your house and would also add to the style quotient of your house.Final selection Once you have analysed the architecture and other settings of your house, it is time to select the right balustrades for your house. As mentioned earlier, small houses do not need any extravagant balustrades. A simple balustrade selection would be more than enough. Bigger houses, of course can enjoy a greater variation. Again, select a balustrade that fits the overall construction of the house and the place where you are going to install it. Now you should know the reasons why you should choose steel balustrade: By installing a balustrade, one can give the house or the office a very sophisticated look. It is a convenient way to escalate the beauty of the house and also to give the office that much-needed special touch. Though balustrades can be made of various materials including stone and wood, presently it is the stainless steel balustrade which is enjoying the top billing. More and more people 3. are opting for this form of balustrade because it is very cost-effective and offers extremely high durability.Here are the 3 main reasons why stainless steel balustrade is the best form of balustrade: 1. Stays intact: So how is it that this material is considered more durable than other forms? It stays intact and does not suffer from wear-n-tear or rusting. For instance, if you go for stone-made balustrades, you will notice that weathering will come into play before long. Wind, moisture and temperature fluctuations will slowly begin to erode or peel off the top layers which will start to scrape off in a few years. Likewise, wooden balustrade can always succumb to depreciation due to moisture or pests. It usually begins to wear off after a few years with shards of sticks poking out from here and there. Iron-made balustrade may stay strong and unharmed, but it is vulnerable to rust and corrosion. On the other hand, stainless steel balustrade is not affected by rust, corrosion, heat or moisture. It is extremely strong and is literally fully resistant.2. Is easy and economic to maintain: Another great reason why to go for stainless steel balustrade is that it does not tax you when it comes to maintenance. Since it does not decay or rust, one does not have to do anything major to look after it. It can look after itself. During stormy weather or during the daily dust, you may have to wipe it clean and brush off the dust every week or so. But that is all that is there to it. It usually does not require any investment even after years. In case, you spill over something and it develops certain marks, spots or stains, they can be easily removed by wiping with a solvent. So stainless steel balustrade is the best form of balustrade.3. Looks very rich: One of the main things which people look for these days is richness of their home and commercial space. Stone-built or iron-built balustrade looks very cheap. Wooden balustrades, if varnished richly, may look classic and appealing but they do not give you long-term value for money since they depreciate fast and are always vulnerable to pests. Stainless steel balustrade, on the other hand, offers a very rich and attractive look and does not come with any negative trait associated with wood or stone or iron.So, from the discussion, one can conclude positively that a balustrade made of stainless steel is not only pocket-friendly in the long run but is also exceptionally charming and easy to maintain. 4. The Popularity behind wire balustrade:Most people do not think twice about the materials used on their staircase, but the reality of the situation is that this can play a big role in altering the appearance of your home or business. The balustrade is the name given to the small, often rounded pillars situated around balconies or down the length of a staircase to hold up handrails and walls. Often, these pillars are constructed out of timber, stone or metal, but one trend that is beginning to rise in popularity is the wire balustrade.In recent times, wire balustrade is being highly accepted.There are a number of reasons that have led to the increase in popularity of wire balustrade for residential and commercial staircases, some of them including:Wire gives a more modern appearance to the staircase and balcony than materials like timber and stone do. This allows home and business owners to extend the modern look of their property all the way through.Wire balustrade is extremely versatile, meaning that it can be bent easily into your desired shape and bent back if needed in the future. This makes repairs and adjustments extremely easy.Wire is not as expensive as the other materials often used to construct the balustrade, meaning that it is much more affordable for people who have forked out hundreds on the staircase or balcony itself.Wire is actually far sturdier than people give it credit for, meaning that it won't easily give way beneath the weight of a child or even an adult that may be leaning on it. 5. Wire balustrade is extremely resistant to corrosion, making it perfectly suited to outdoor applications, as well as indoor ones. This will ensure that your staircase or balcony always looks its best.Wire can be used in conjunction with a number of other materials in order to achieve different looks within your property. It is often coupled with metal or glass, but can also be used with timber and stone. When it comes time to choose the balustrade for your next staircase or balcony project, you should consider whether wire is appropriate for your needs and the space's application. It can be used both inside and outside and is an extremely strong and durable material that can vastly improve the appearance of any property, be it residential or commercial. Don't disregard a wire balustrade before trying it out for yourself - you may just find that you love it. </p>