Location Ideas For My Pop Music Magazine

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<ol><li> 1. Location Ideas for my musicmagazine </li><li> 2. From my research of pop magazines I found thatmost images are taken in a studio style, theseimages tend to have a plain background whichresults in more attention being on the model inthe image. By having a plain background such as white orblack it connotes sophistication and freshness,resulting in the image being more effective to theaudience. Ive also noticed that some images havepatterned backgrounds such as flowers. Thisconnotes relaxation, which is how the audienceshould feel when they are reading this magazine. </li><li> 3. My location ideas I will take my image against a plain background, possibly anorange brick wall. I think the way the natural brightness ofthe orange bricks contrasts the model will make the imagelook really effective, especially if my magazine has aseasonal theme as the orange-ness of the bricks somewhatlooks like the orange autumn leaves. I may also take some of my images against a white wall, asto me the colour white connotes sophistication andfreshness. This will result in my magazine lookingsophisticated and mature- much like Billboard magazine. My images will be from multiple angles, for my fashionsection I was considering having an image of someoneposing against a brick wall with the camera looking up atthem from below. </li></ol>