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This is my life story and projects in 80 slides as presented during my Betabreakfast presentation at the Betahaus in Berlin. It includes pictures from my life, projects as well as the companies I was involved. I arrived in Berlin from Greece in February of 2012 with my wife and 3 kids, and would love to meet new and interesting people, make new friends and start new collaborations. I have a design agency/platform representing award winning creatives of various disciplines such as Branding & Communication, Motion Design, Interior Design & Architecture, Product Design etc from Europe to Asia and not only, called DESIGNLOBBY.ASIA Recently we launched DESIGNLOBBY.GR and we are expanding. I am based in a great space, the BETAHAUS in Berlin

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  • 1. Starting a business is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. In mid air, the entrepreneur begins building a parachute and hopes it opens before hitting the ground. ! ! RICH DAD POOR DAD Book by! ROBERT KIYOSAKI!

2. Dont Imitate, Innovate. ! 3. KAkkk 4. Nicolas Travasaros and MRA Architects, Ravanos-Merminga 5. TSEVIS.COM 6. On top of that take 2 minutes to explain what you see as the biggest obstacles in general for a new venture to scale. Is it in people in general, mindset, budget, business model ? ALL OF THE ABOVE ! what you see as the biggest challenge to grow your projects the coming years ? STAY FOCUSED AND SELF MOTIVATED, STAY ALERT, SEEZE & IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES IN A FAST CHANGING ENVIRONMENT, INNOVATE. 7. VASSILIOS P. BARTZOKAS Dreamer / Doer / Motivator / Entrepreneur @vpbartz @designlobby1 @archisearch DESIGNLOBBY.CN@GMAIL.COM T. +49 176 2772 3662 ABOUT.ME/VPBARTZOKAS LINKEDIN.COM/IN/BARTZOKASVAS Looking for partnerships, collaborations.