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  • 1. My Style AdviserApplicationEmma Hoggett

2. About My Style Advisor Application for outfits Connects to Facebook and links to your events youare attending and then helps plan and choose andoutfit for this event Can choose different modes for example, if going onholiday, click that mode and it links to all the newestfashion trends and suitable to the weather of thecountry you are going to Saves your favourite clothing shops and websites 3. SILVER Silver, gold and Platinum membership for theapplication. 5 a month - standard membership weekend useonly! You can also get sent a top up card which like aphone top up, Or get a standing order in which money is put intothis account each month which when on the app, ifyou like a certain item, you can purchase it this way. 4. PLATINUM & GOLD Platinum membership - unlimited use - 15 a month. Gold allows for the application on weekdays 10 amonth Do you think changing the colour of each font for each memberships a good idea? 5. Design Ideas 6. Fonts 7. Who is this for? My target audience is aimed at teens and young adults. The stereotypical person for this icon would be a female as many associate shopping with females. However, my icon is aimed at both females and males and tries to break this stereotype. This application is for fashion conscious people. Id imagine the person to be someone who goes shopping at least once a week, conscious on looks, buys a new outfit for every new event.Still to come I plan to use a icon with a male on as well.