Tips for Bathroom Lighting Design

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Looking for a bright and clean beautiful bathroom? Take look at this, great tips for lighting design for bathroom.


  • 1. Tips for Bathroom Lighting Design /blog/tips-for-bathroom-lighting-design/It is likely that bathrooms are the latest one to be considered when it comes to interior lighting. Most people dont like to invest their money to bathroom lighting. Instead, people are more willing to spend their money on the living room or kitchen lighting. However, as the bathroom is increasingly becoming a place to relax, people need to think more about the lighting issue. Without a good lighting in the bathroom, it would not be a pleasure to take a shower or just shave the face. The lighting of the bathroom needs to be bright, making the space look more tidy and clean. At the same time, the fixtures in the bathroom must be waterproof and dustproof.Here are some tips for you to design bathroom lighting.1. Use an LED ceiling light with high brightness to build the basic background lighting.

2. 2. You could buy wall lights on either side of the mirror to create an even wash of light. It is better to use warm white instead of cold white, so that your face would looks more soft. 3. 3. You could use spotlights to highlight the water, glass or mirror, which are commonly seen in the bathroom, creating a wonderful atmosphere. 4. 4. You could use a downlight to light the picture or feature. Also, you can use LED strips behind the mirror to highlight the mirror.Recommendation: LED ceiling light, LED PAR light and LED spotlight.