Talkpro Walkie Talkie Multi Unit Charger

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  1. 1. Walkie Talkie Multi unit charger TalkPro offer to sale Walkie Talkie Multi Unit Charger. This multi unit charger can suitable for all types of walkie talkies and brands like Kenwood, Motorola including two way radios.Specifications Suitable for Charging Li-on, Li-Poly, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries Available in OEM brands Available in 3 types- quick charging, quick charging with reconditioning and the standard 10 hour charging type.TalkPro Walkie Talkie Multi Unit Charger Suitable for...Contact us for More Details about TalkPro Walkie Talkie & It's Accessories B. Supriya - +91 - 98842 23333 Haresh - +91 - 98842 91111 Email: Website: