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INDEX 1953 - 2005

Compiled by

Dr. James D. Floyd John & Margaret Kinnaird D. Richard Torrance and Other unidentified members of the Society

Copyright The Scottish Genealogy Society


The Scottish Genealogy Society Library & Family History Centre

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Index Volumes 1-52

1953-2005 INTRODUCTION Over the existence of the Scottish Genealogy Society indexes to the Scottish Genealogist have been published at regular intervals and distributed to those who were members of the Society at the time of publication. The index to the first 28 volumes was one large index with no sub-divisions. As a great number of queries were published it was decided to include these in a section of their own from volume 29 onwards. From volume 41 the index was split into the following sections: General index; Article Titles; Contributors; Reviews; Work in Progress; Queries. A separate section for Illustrations was included in the index for volumes 45-52. NUMBERING There has not been uniformity in the numbering format used by the different compilers of the indexes. A volume covers one year during which 4 journals were issued usually in March, June, September and December. In the current index these have been harmonised to follow the most commonly used pattern:

Volume number - Roman numerals capitals Journal number - Roman numerals lower case Page number - Arabic numerals Example: XXXIX.iv.116 -Volume 39, December issue, page 116.

Page numbering Page numbering in the journals has not been consistent over the years. For the majority of volumes the page number begins with page 1 in the March issue and continues consecutively until the last page in the December issue for any given year. Some years however each issue of the quarterly journal starts at page 1. Journals for 1985-1987 number consecutively from page 1 - 415

FORMAT In 1987 the Scottish Genealogist changed to an A5 format commencing with volume 34.

COVERS Originally the Journal had a grey cover. Starting with volume XLII.ii. the cover was changed to blue card as the Society discovered that they were being charged a premium for the cover as grey card was difficult to source. In 2002 the Society moved to a glossy, full colour cover. From volume LI.ii. illustrations were introduced on the back cover.

INDEX SUB-DIVISIONS Article titles - these cover all volumes. Contributors / Authors - these currently cover volumes 28-52. In early volumes

Contributors / authors are to be found in the General Index. General Index - In earlier volumes this includes all information that was sub-divided in later

indexes. Illustrations - cover all volumes and include pictures, charts, graphs and family trees. Obituaries - cover all volumes. Queries - these were relatively easy to extract and the Queries section contain all of the

queries. Reviews - these cover the volumes 40-52. In early volumes reviews are to be found in the

General Index. Work in Progress - This feature only ran for six years from volume 42-47.


i = 1 ii = 2 iii = 3 iv = 4 I = 1 II = 2 III = 3 IV = 4 V = 5 VI = 6 VII = 7 VIII = 8 IX = 9 X = 10 XI = 11

XII = 12 XIII = 13 XIV = 14 XV = 15 XVI = 16 XVII = 17 XVIII = 18 XIX = 19 XX = 20 XXI = 21 XXII = 22

XXIII = 23 XXIV = 24 XXV = 25 XXVI = 26 XXVII = 27 XXVIII = 28 XXIX = 29 XXX = 30 XXXI = 31 XXXII = 32 XXXIII = 33

XXXIV = 34 XXXV = 35 XXXVI = 36 XXXVII = 37 XXXVIII = 38 XXXIX = 39 XL = 40 XLI = 41 XLII = 42 XLIII = 43 XLIV = 44

XLV = 45 XLVI = 46 XLVII = 47 XLVIII = 48 XLIX = 40 L = 50 LI = 51 LII = 52

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ARTICLE TITLES 13th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences XXIII.i.16 17th Century Military Uniform Contracts XXXIX.i.20 1819 Journal of Thomas Purves L.iii.106 1861 Census Perth XLVIII.ii.60 21st Anniversary Conference XXI.iv.97 22nd International Congress of Genealogical & Heraldic Sciences XLIII.iv.139 50th Anniversary of the SGS L.i.3 71st Regiment XXVII.iii.119 A A 'Thumb Nail' outline of notes on Research of the Old Royal House of Moray XXVI.i.18 A Century of Dickies (1750-1850) XVII.ii.49 A Churchyard Dispute L.iv.149 A Demographic Study of Illegitimacy in Ceres Parish, Fife, 1841-1861 XXX.iv.113 A Distinguished son of Anstruther, Fife, Scotland XXIX.iv.110 A Family Historian's Alphabet LI.ii.68; LI.iii.121, LI.iv.164;

LII.i.20, LII.ii.77, LII.iii.133, LII.iv.152

A Ferry Tragedy at Dundee XL.iv.155 A Footnote to the Grace Darling Story XXXV.iii.125 A Fortune Unfolded XXIV.i.23; XXIV.iii.57;

XXIV.iv.85 A Fourth Cousin Discovered XLVI.iii.103 A Fraser in Anjou - a translation of the article in XXX.ii. XXXI.ii.54 A French Connection LII.i.15 A Fund for the Relief of the Poor XLIX.ii.44 A Hogg Dynasty of Ministers XLIII.ii.58 A Hundred Year Old Tragedy XLVIII.iv.126 A Hundred Years Ago in Edinburgh part 1 XLIX.iv.116 A Hundred Years Ago in Edinburgh part 2 L.i.29 A Hundred Years Ago in Edinburgh part 3 L.ii.85 A Jacobite or Not? XLII.iv.140 A Lang Pedigree XLIII.i.11 A Letter to Ann XLIV.iii.112 A Lillie Link Between Setons and McInroys XXVII.iii.85 A Link with the Canadian Pacific XXXVIII.i.8 A List of Libraries, Societies and Universities which have purchased or received one or more of the

SGS's list of MI XXVIII.i.16 A Look at Two Old Parish Registers XIX.i.5 A Lost Orcadian Name XXVIII.iv.163 A No Non-sence Man XLIII.ii.56 A Note on the Campbells of Lix X.ii.2; X.iii.1 A Private Soldier in a Scottish Regiment in the Napoleonic Wars XXVI.iii.61 A Puzzling Link Between Forresters and Munros XXI.iii.87 A Question of Allegiances L.iv.151 A Remarkable Family Record XVI.iii.68 A Scots Lady in Algult XXXI.ii.44 A Scotsman in Peru XLVI.iii.97 A Scottish Soldier in the Great War XLI.ii.60 A Second postscript to the Grace Darling Story XXXVI.i.32 A Span of Spouses XXVII.ii.50 A Tale of the Sea XLVII.iv.149 A thousand Years - the Littles and their Forebears XXXV.ii.45 A Trip across the 'Herrin' Pond' XLII.ii.62 A Trip to London XLIV.iii.93 A War Crime 1746 XXII.iii.78 Aberdour Kirk Sessions XXXVII.iii.96 Aberdour, Fife - Marriage Contracts XLIV.iii.124 Aberdour, Fife, Register of Burials of Mariners 1817-54 XLIV.iv.152 Abernethy of Saltoun XVII.iv.127 Adam Drummond of Megginch, Surgeon Apothecary (1679-1758) XIX.i.15 Address by Sir Thomas Innes of Learney VII.i.3

Affleck, Auchenleck and the Back of an Envelope XLVI.i.4 Agatha - The Ancestry Dispute XLIX.iii.71 Airlie OPR XXXVIII.iv.154 Airs of Angus: 1375-1800 XXII.iii.63 Airs of Lothian 1535-1800 XXVIII.ii.57 Alexander Hutchison 1809-1898 XLI.iv.173 Alexander Read XXVI.i.13 Alive and Well XXIII.ii.34 Alterations in Old Graveyards – Falkirk X.ii.7 American links with the Ettrick Shepherd XII.iv.69 American Links with the Ettrick Shepherd, addenda and corriegenda XIII.iii-iv.35 An Alexander Family in Scotland & America XLV.ii.46 An Approach to Records IV.iii.69, iv.96 An Early Nineteenth Century Minute Book XXXV.iii.105 An Historical Survey of the Family of Cowden XXXIII.iv.237 An Indomitable Mariner LI.i.13 An Industrial Site Long Forgotten XLIX.ii.50 An Interesting Tombstone XXVII.iv.166 An Offprint from Industrial Archaeology Review v.6, no.3, 1982 XXXIII.i.145 An Old Scottish Family Library X.iii.6 Ancestors of Scotland want your attention XXV.iii.89 Ancestors Overseas XVII.ii.39 Ancestry of James Reid Campbell XXXVI.iv.109 Ancestry of Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell XXXII.i.1 Ancestry. How far honour is to be paid to it from the Spectator Wednesday October 27th 1714 XXVIII.i.34 Andrew Barclay, The Complex Life of a Victorian Engineer LII.iii.99 Andrew Russell's Family Letters XLVII.ii.41 Anglo-Scottish Family History Society LI.iii.109 Annandale Peerage Case XXIV.iv.113; XXV.ii.55 Annandale Peerage XXVI.ii.56 Apparent Blue-Green Sheen of a Crow Flying Against the Sun LII.iv.171 Ardchoirk Colquhouns: a Colquhoun enclave near Duart Castle in Mull XLVII.iii.93 Are You A Luke Warm Genealogist? XLIV.ii.62 Are You Re-inventing the Wheel? XLII.iv.148 Are Your Ancestors Here? LII.i.43 Armorial Bearings XXV.iv.127 Armorial Register of Sir David Lindsay, The IV.i.12 Arms of Maxwell of Calderwood – a note XV.i.24; XV.ii.44 Arms of Maxwell of Calderwood XIII.ii.7 Arms of the Duke of Guelders XVII.ii.33 Articles in Exchange Periodicals XVI.iii.61 As Winter Approaches XLIV.iv.136 Association for Records and Census Indexing XV.iii.50 Auchterarder Junior Conservationists XXVI.iv.102 Auld Hoose LI.i.31 Australian Houstons XVII.i.25 B Bailie Patrick McVicar and his issue XXXV.iv.162 Baillies of Leys XXVIII.ii.54 Balfour Conference IV.iv.103 Balfours of Pilrig and Melvilles of Strathkinnes VIII.i.17 Ballots for the Skye Militia, 1809-1820 XLI.i.1 Balquhidder 'No Mans Land' XXV.i.1 Bankhead XXXIV.ii.330 Banking Families, Scottish VI.i.2 Baronage of Scotland: the History of the Law of Succession and of the Law of Arms in Relation Thereto

XLVII.ii.35 Battle of Glenfruin - A Different Perspective XLIX.iv.103 Battles with Landlords XLIII.i.1

Behind the Gravestone - Robert Fergusson (1750-1774) LII.ii.65 Beith - its merchants and others XXXV.iii.122 Berbers, Our Ancient Cousins, The I.ii-iii.8 Beware the Registrar XLV.i.18 Beyond Parish Registers XLI.ii.67 Birth/Baptism Interals in Elgin XXXV.iv.154 Birthplace of William Wallace XLV.ii.37 Bogues in Berwickshire XXII.iii.69 Book of Days - Robert Chambers, 1864 LI.ii.74 Borland Clan: Origin and Migration XL.ii.51 Boswell, Bruce and Burns XXXIII.i.142 Braes of Glenlivet in the Olden Time XLIII.iv.137 Branch of the family of Dalmahoy XII.ii.13 Breingans of Clackmannanshire XXVII.i.5 Brownlee Family History XLI.iii.102 Budges of Skye XXIII.i.15 Budges, The Genealogy of the IV.iii.63, IV.iv.92 Burial Ground Inscriptions IX.iii.7, X.i.10, X.iv.6, XI.i.8; XII.ii.1,

XIV.iii.59 Burial Grounds, Pre 1855, Glasgow V.i.2 Burials, Lists of Books Including Records of IV.i.20 Burns Excise Associates, VI.i.15, VI.ii.1, VII.ii.11 Burt Affair LI.i.18 Bygone Lochaber XVIII.i.10 C Caldwells of that Ilk and associated Branches XXVIII.iv.185. Caledonia at the Cape of Good Hope XXX.iii.89 Camerons of Glendessary and Dungallon: Cadets of Locheil XVIII.iv.74 Campbell Street Burying Ground, Port Glasgow VI.ii.7 Campbells of Jura, The IV.iii.76 Campbells of Strachur XVIII.i.1 Canadian Census Records XI.iii.6 Cargill Family Gathering In Dunedin, New Zealand in February 1984 XXXI.iii.88 Cargills of Dunkeld IX.i.4. .ii.18 Carnwath Parish Registers XX.ii.37 Catholic Records XVIII.iv.93, XXXVIII.iv.142 Celts in Central Europe XXVII.iii.118 Cemeteries, The Old Calton III.ii.33 Census Indexing XXXIV.iv.394 Census of Population in Iceland in 1703 X.i.8 Census Street Indexes - A plea from the Public Record Office XXIX.i.10 Certificates of proclamation of banns XXXVII.iv.131 Chamberlain Russells XXVIII.ii.69 'Chance' in search for Family & Forbears XXI.ii.54 Charles Jardine Don 1820-1866 XXX.iv.122 Charles Lyell XXXVIII.ii.73 Chart showing some descendants of Charles Campbell in Tuerachan VIII.1.7 Charter of Uchtred, Mac Gille Chonaills in the Isle of Man XLV.i.1 Chiefs of Clan MacNachtan II.i.10 Chiefs, In the Cradle V.i.7, .ii.30, .iii.52 Christian name patterns of the Men of the Principal Clans in Sutherland 1678-1834 XXV.iii.73 Chronicle of Press Reports relating to John Paul Jones XX.ii.39; XX.iii.53; XX.iv.81 Church of Scotland Records, V.iv.68, VII.iii.10 Church Records, II.iii.14, II.iv.ll Churchyard of St Mary in the parish of Camus, Juxta Bann in the diocese of Derry XI.ii.6 Clackmannanshire Haigs LI.i.3 Clan A Mhaighstir of Ardgour XLVI.ii.56 Clan Mackellar Part II: Some post-1700 Mackellar Families XLVIII.iii.84 Clan Mackellar Part III: The scattering of the Family Maam XLVIII.iv.119

Clan Mackellar XLI.iv.155 Clan MacThomas - the ancient chiefs XII.iv.87 Clan Mactire (McTyre) Origin XXXV.iv.141 Clan McKellar - Early History up to the 18th century XLVIII.ii.49 Clan Societies and Genealogical Queries II.i.19 Clan Societies, The Rise of, I.ii.l4, I.iii.l4, III.iii.45 Clandestine Marriage of John Bonar and Jean Smith XXXIX.ii.71 Clann Challuim in Lorn (Mac)Colmins, (Mac)Calmans, (Mac)Callums, (Mac)Malcolms LI.iii.87 Clansmen and Clients XII.iii.36 Clock and Watchmakers in Scotland XXIV.iv.113 Club Books VIII.ii.7 Coalmining at Auchanbeg, Lesmahagow, 1770-1922 XXXVII.i.20 Cochrane XXV.i.20 Cockburns of that ilk XLIV.ii.66 Cockpen Parish, Midlothian, in 1694 XIX.ii.63 Colinda Voyage XXXIV.ii.325 Colloquial Naming, I.ii.21, I.iii.21 Colonel Sir A. David Stirling DSO, OBE (1915-1990) L.iv.154 Colquhoun XLVII.iii.93 Company of Merchant of the City of Edinburgh VIII.iii.17 Composers, The Genealogy of Early Scottish Music, III.iii.54 Computerised Genealogy XL.iv.142 Computers in Genealogy XL.iii.83 Computers in Genealogy XL.iv.147 Concept of Proofs of Nobility in European Genealogy IX.iii.1 Conference Postscript XXII.iii.68 Conflict of Glenfruin & its Aftermath XLIX.iii.82 Connections between some celebrated Americans and an ancient Scottish Border clan XIV.iv.72 Conservation of Graveyards XLIX.ii.42 Corrections to the County Compilations of MI’s XXIV.i.1 Corstorphine Village, Edinburgh XVIII.iii.55 Count von Moltke and Scotland XXIV.i.19 County Compilations of Monumental Inscriptions XV.iii.58, XVIII.ii.26, XIX.ii.69 Court of the Lord Lyon XXVIII.iv.181 Cowie Castle XXXV.i.5 Craig, James and an Edinburgh Baptismal Entry XLVII.i.1 Craigdarroch Castle XXXV.i.23 Craignish Ms: Forgery or Collaboration XXXII.ii.47 Creative Genealogy XXXIX.i.22 Cuba: English and Irish Immigrants XVII.ii.62 D Daedalus, Scottish family name in Swedish Industry & Technics VIII.iv.20 Dalmeny Parish Records III.i.12 Darroch - Oak is my name XXXVIII.i.4 Darrochs and MacEascherns XXI.iii.93 Dates in the Life of Flora McDonald XXIX.i.1 Davidson, Dr Anstruther XLVII.iii.84 De Lanys or Lennies of that Ilk L.i.18 Decoration, Genealogy in Architecture, II.iv.3 Descendants of Robert Stirling 1790-1878 XLIII.ii.41 Descendants of Somerled's Kin XLI.ii.62 Descent from the Carmichaels, Boyds and Grahams of Airth XXXVI.iii.92 Descent of James Gifford of West Linton, sculptor, from John the brother of James Gifford of Sheriffhall, 1445

XXVI.iv.112 Descent of the Hamilton's of Shawfield and Turnlaw XVII.ii.58 Descent of the Wellwoods XVII.i.7 Destruction of Tombstones XVII.ii.61 Development Schemes of the 18th Century, Some Highland III.iii.64 Diary of Alexander Mackenzie XXVIII.ii.45

Diary of George Eberwein Kieser XXXV.iv.170 Dicksons of Dunkirk XXXVII.ii.48 Dictionary of Emigrant Scots, The, III.ii.26, 43, IV.i.22, IV.iv.105, V.ii.29 Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants IX.i.1 Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue VIII.iv.3 Did the marriage age of Scottish Bridges decrease in the Eighteenth Century XVIII.ii.21 Did You See Lord Hamilton Around? XLIX.iii.84 Difficult Names XLIII.iv.147 Directories XLIV.i.1 Disappearing Brydies XLV.i.7 Dissenting Congregations in pre-Disruption Ayrshire XXXIV.ii.328 Division of Soldiers' Records XL.i.16 Do you Recognise any of these Photos? XLIV.ii.83. iii.119 Do's and Don'ts of Genealogy XIII.i.16 Doctors, Dynasties of V.ii.22 Doigs of Monteith LII.ii.86 Dr Andro Crawfurd and the cairn of Lochwinyoch XII.ii.9 Dr IR Johannes Maclean 1923-1982 XXX.iv.121 Drowned?? XLIV.ii.59 Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society VI.iv.2 Duncan Family, Notes on the I.iv.3 Dundas Family VIII.i.22, .ii.2 Dundas family, old cadet branches of West Lothian` X.i.4 Dundas Family, Old Cadet Families of West Lothian, V.i.12, .ii.35; .iii.47; .iv.65; VI.i.12, ii.14 Dundas of Duddingston XLVII.iv.115 E Earl of Atholl in the thirteenth century VII.ii.2 Early History of Glengarry and its settlers XVIII.ii.39 Early MacNeil/McNeill arms XXXVI.iv.125 Early McNeill History XXIX.iv.123 Early Records of the McLachlan XXIII.ii.25 Early Scots at Montreal XXIX.ii.33 Early Scottish Settlement on PEI - Princetown Pioneers XLI.iii.112 East Anglian Stewarts LI.iv.151 East India Register & Directories 1768-1860 LI.ii.63 Edinburgh Burgh Records V.iii.42 Edinburgh Militia of 1799 XXXI.iii.90 Edinburgh Recorder XXXVIII.ii.59 Edinburgh Royal Mile V.iii.57 Edinburgh Wrights and Furniture Makers XXXIX.ii.77 Elgin Fencibles XXXVII.ii.40 Elie OPR - Deaths and Burials XXXIII.iii.214 Elizabeth Hamilton of Finnart, wife of John Maxwell, 8th Laird of Calderwood LII.ii.51 Emigrant Scot I.i.15 Emigrant Scot XXI.iv.116 Emigration from North-east Scotland 1830-1900 XXXII.ii.33 Emigration from St. Martins Parish, Perthshire 1841-51 LII.ii.62 English Descendants from Malcolm Canmore (II) L.iv.165 Englishmen in the Scottish Excise Department 1707-1823 XIII.ii.16 Entails as an aid to the Genealogist XXIV.i.5 Euphemia - an interesting name XXXIX.iii.113 Evaluation of Military Indexes XLIX.i.7 Evolution of Gaelic Surnames in Kintyre XXXIII.ii.188 Extract from 'The New Yorker' Magazine 11 April 1964, p. 156 Clear Days on the Bench XXII.i.19 Extract from Australian Newspaper XI.iii.4 Extract from Rigasche Biographion IX.i.6 Extract from the speech of the President of the St Andrew Society of Philadelphia on 31st May 1973


Extracts from the death duty register at the PRO, London, relating to wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury XXX.iii.73

F Families of Scotland, Notes on Sir George Mackenzie's IV.ii.30,38, IV.iii.76 Families of the Lennox: A Survey XXII.ii.29 Families researched into XIII.i.23 Family History - Its Social Aspect XLVII.i.14 Family History Resources in Kirkcaldy District XXXVIII.iii.101 Family History Talks XXXVIII.i.40 Family of Andrew Russell XXXVII.i.18 Family of Duncan Menzies of Menzies XIX.iii.83 Family of Gifford in Shetland and their descent from the Giffords of Sheriffhall XXVIII.ii.60 Family of Mavor XVII.i.15 Family of Sir John Ogilvy, First Baronet of Inverquharity XLIII.iii.96 Family Papers, Arranging and Indexing IV.ii.42 Family Research XII.iv.86 Family Seats Series: Bemersyde LII.ii.67 Family Tree of Allan Ramsay XVII.i.4 Family, The II.iii.3 Farewell to Feudalism LI.iii.98 Farmers & Agricultural Labourers LII.i.31 Father of Lachlan MacNeill Buidhe XXXII.ii.42 Federation of Fmily History Societies XXII.iv.104 Fernetix fer Fammlistry XXXIX.i.13 Feuars of the Barony of Auchingowan, 1823-4 and others XXXIII.i.137 Fifty Years Endeavour - Our Society Celebrates L.ii.77 final part L.iii.114 Finding our Fife Forefathers XLVIII.ii.47 Finding Scottish Ancestors by Computer XXXIX.iv.144 Flemings of Fleming, Ohio, USA XXI.i.1 Fonetix Phor Phamly Istry XXXVIII.i.26 For Family and Nation XXV.iv.141 Forrester Family XVI.iii.68 Forresters of Leuchars XLVI.i.1 Forresters of Strathendry and Gibliston XXX.ii.37 Foulden Church, Berwickshire LII.i.48 Foundation of the Scottish Genealogy Society XXXIX.ii.50 Four Men and a Lady, after Hilaire Belloc XXXV.iii.127 Four Ministers of Leswalt XLIX.iv.105 Frasers of Kiltarlity: Cadets of a deposed Mackintosh Chief XVI.ii.21 Frasers VII.iii.11 From 'Romance in Gowrie' XXXIX.ii.67 From Auchagoyle to Penmore XXXV.iii.117 From Cousland, Scotland to Blidah, Algeria XLVII.iii.90 From Scotland to the USA a Civil War Diary - the McRobbie / Divan Migration and Transition

XXVIII.iv.177 From the 1851 Census Returns, Forfar XLIII.iii.115 From the Old Parish Records XXXI.i.8 From the Old Parish Records XXXIII.iii.219 From the Old Parish Records XXXV.i.21 From the Old Parish records XXXVII.ii.44 Further notes on Frasers and Camerons XIX.ii.48 G Gaelic origin of Tainsh XXXIV.ii.332 Gaelic Surnames - English Adaptations XVII.iv.109 Galloway, Genealogical Survey of the Ancient Lords of II.ii.3 Gelston & Its Early Owners XLIII.i.23 Genealogical and Piping Notes from 'Squire' John MacKay's 'Reminiscences of a Long Life' XXX.iii.94

Genealogical Information in Local Publications - Hawick II.iv.10 Genealogical Information in Local Publications - Stirling II.iii.2 Genealogical Research in Australia XVIII.iv.91 Genealogical Research in Gibraltar XXX.iv.142 Genealogical Research in the Channel Islands XXVII.ii.45 Genealogical research in the Isle of Man XX.iii.73 Genealogical Research XXXIX.iii.89 Genealogical Research, Effect of Industry on II.i.16 Genealogical Society of Utah XXV.ii.63, XXXV.iii.120 Genealogies of Bondmen XLVI.iii.100 Genealogist, Professional Negligence & Insurance XXXIII.ii.185 Genealogy and the book world VIII.ii.6 Genealogy and the Law XXXIII.iii.205 Genealogy and the Mormons XXVII.ii.59 Genealogy and the Principles of Mutation I.i.5 Genealogy for the Biographer XIV.ii.35 Genealogy In England III.i.3 Genealogy in School XXXVII.iii.106 Genealogy in the Outer Hebrides XXXVI.i.22 Genealogy of a Parish XII.i.22 Genealogy of John Knox - a new look XXVII.iv.148 Genealogy Shareware for Windows XL.iii.102 Genealogy Treasure Trove XXVI.ii.48 Genealogy, The Wider Implications of III.i.19 Genealogy: Romance and Reality XXXIV.iv.396 Genetic Variations and the Family Group II.iii.5 George Bogle and his children XXIX.iii.73 George Hay Forbes, Linguist, Traveller, Man of God XLVI.iv.138 George Sinclair - correction XXIV.iv.104 George Sinclair -Early Scottish Scientist (Plate) XXII.iv.81; XXIII.i.8 Glasgow and District, Burial Grounds of, III.iv.90, IV.ii.47 Glasgow, The Archives of the University of IV.ii.31 Glencairn MacGregors IX.iii.14 Glimpses of Scottish Education LI.iv.140 Governor General MacPherson XXXII.iv.109 Governor JamesGlen and the Cherokee Indians X.iv.10 Governor Lachlan Macquarrie and his family circle XXXVI.i.7 Grave Confusion XXV.i.10 Gravestone Imscriptions in North Perthshire XXIII.ii.41 Gravestone Inscriptions in South Perthshire XXI.iii.94 Gravestone Inscriptions XVII.iv.128 Graveyard Genealogical Gold XXXVII.ii.45 Graveyards and Development XV.iii.53 Greenock Harbour Trust Wage Sheet LII.iii.120 Gregorian Calendar XXXV.i.24 Grieg and His Scottish Ancestry III.ii.42 Grieg, Origin of the Name, V.i.13, V.ii.39 Grieve XIX.iv.108 Gullen family of Megantic County, Quebec XXXVI.ii.53 H Halketts of Pitfirrane VIII.iii.1 Handfast Marriage in Scotland XLI.iv.168 Have the MacFies got it Wrong? LII.i.2 Hawick, Genealogical Notes in Local Publications II.iv.10 Hays at Charles VII of France’s Coronation IX.ii.13 He fought with the Americans XXVIII.iv.165 He has the same name, but is he Your Ancestor? XXXIX.iii.91 Headstones in the Graveyard at Cluny XV.iv.73 Hearth Tax & Poll Tax XI.iii.8

Hector, The Emigrant Ship, SEE also NOVA SCOTIA III.ii.27 Henry Scrymgeour, 1506-1572 XLIV.ii.52 Heraldic Ceilings at Pitfirrance House, Fife VII.ii.21 Heraldry, Footnotes On I.iv.12 Highland Emigration to America with particular reference to North Carolina XXXVII.i.1 Highland Genealogy in Local Publication XI.i.1 Highlanders from Skye in N. Carolina and Nova Scotia: 1771-1818 XII.iv.92 Historical Development of the railways of Scotland XII.iii.60 History in Stamps XXVII.iii.113 History of a Spanish 'Double-Icon' XVII.iv.120 History of Mortality and Fertility XLIX.ii.47 History repeats itself XIV.iii.67 History Societies / Memorial Inscription Lists XXV.i.12 HMS Curacoa: 2 October 1942 XLIX.iv.120 Holyrood and its Port XXVII.ii.66 Honorary Members LI.i.27 Hospital Archives XXV.iii.65 Houston Schoolmasters XI.i.15 Houstons of Houston addenda and corriegenda XXX.iii.104 Houstons of Houston XV.iii.66; XV.iv.86; XVI.iii.53;

XVI.iv.69 How I Buried My Great Great Granny XXXIX.ii.58 How I used the British Parliamentary Papers to Reconstruct my Scottish Family History XLV.iii.89 How Kirk Session Records brought life to an Ancestor XXVI.i.7 How Many Years in a Generation - revisited XLIX.iii.92 Human fertilisation and Embryology XXXVI.iii.88 I Identification and Life of Andrew Archibald XVIII.ii.27 Identification and Life of James Brown, coalminer XIX.iv.113 Identification and life of Thomas Wilson, Coalminer XVIII.iii.51 Identity in Genealogy XXXIV.i.272 Importance of witnesses in Locating An Ancestor XXII.i.20 In search of a great great grandfather, William McLintock of Sanquhar XXXII.iv.101 In Search of an Ancestor XXII.ii.55; XXII.iii.57 In Search of Gellatlys XXXV.iii.97 Incorporation of Wright's Benefit Society of Kirkcaldy XXXIII.ii.182 Indexing Ancestors A Method of V.iv.71 Indexing Old Parish Registers XVII.i.3 Indices - Prerogative Court of York, Wills, Admons etc XXIX.ii.62 Indomitable Colonel XXXV.i.1 Industrial Associates of the Cadell Family in the Eighteenth Century XXIII.iii.69; XXIII.iv.82 Informal talk on Pedigress and Ancestors XXII.i.4 Information Technology in Genealogy XXXI.iv.105 Inhabitants of Northmavine, Shetland 18th & 19th century XVII.iii.91 Ink in their Veins XXIX.iv.120 Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies XXXII.iv.112 Interment of the Dead XLV.iv.126 Internet User's Group XLV.i.32, XLV.ii.69, XLV.iii.95 Introducing Scottish Genealogy Research XXVI.ii.57 Inverneill Ancestors XLI.iv.144 Irvings of Bonshaw XVIII.iv.64 Island in the Current XXVI.iii.71 It Fell to the Female Line’ A look at the origins of James Noble the Diarist XLVI.i.8 J James & Jessie MacPherson LI.iv.135 James 'Ossian' Macpherson's ancestry XI.iii.15 James and David Cook XIII.i.1 James Drummond of Biddick County Durham and the Earldom of Perth XXVIII.i.1

James Stewart - Fact or Fiction. Another Dunaverty Mystery XXXI.iv.116 Jamieson, Lucretia, Testament of, 28 January 1710 XLIX.ii.46 John Adam: the forgotten brother XLVIII.ii.62 John Anderson's Will XXIX.ii.59 John Dallachy, Scot who became Australia's best Botanical Collector XXX.iv.146 John Drummond of Quarrel XVII.iii.65 John Knox's Descendants XLII.i.17 John Macdowall - a Canadian Emigrant XL.i.3 John McGregor of Fortingall and his descendants XXIX.iv.105 John McNaughton and the 'Beggars' Benison' XIV.iii.55 John Purse merchant in Quebec in 1794 XIII.iii-iv.33 John Reid: Pioneer Landscape Gardener XXXIII.ii.173 John Thurburn XXXIX.iv.150 Johnstones of Elphinstone XI.ii.1 Journal of Mary Purves Hanna L.iv.168 Just How do you Spell MacLean? XLIV.i.8 K Keir Hardy XXVII.iv.146 Kidnapping XIV.iv.87 Kilconquhar, Fife, Old Parish Register Extract XXXV.i.12 Killilung Kirkpatricks - some episodes relating to them XXVI.iv.103 Kilmacolm Records XXIII.i.23 Kinniburghs Brought from their Obscurity IX.iv.1 Kinross-shire Notes XXIX.iv.130 Kirk Session Records Aberdour, Fife XXXV.iv.146 Kirk Session Records XXXV.iii.115 Kirk Session Registers and their Use XXXVIII.ii.49 Kirkliston Parish, The Ms. Records of, II.i.8, II.iii.20 L Lachlan Maclean XII.iii.56 Lachlan McNeill Buidhe XXXIV.iv.380 Lady Anne Halkett of Pitfirrane & Abbot House - Dunfermline XLVIII.iv.123 Lady Ardnamurchan XXXII.iii.81 Laing of Wester Keir XXII.iii.66 Lairds of Ardincaple and Darleith: MacArthurs and Macaulays XXI.ii.46 Land Registers and Valuation Rolls as sources for genealogy XXXIII.iii.211 Landscape Not Portrait L.i.8 Lasswade to Ontario XLII.iv.142 Last Baron Reid-Robertson of Straloch IX.i.11, .ii.2 Last Chapter -J. & R. Allan Story L.iv.155 Last Grays of Skibo XL.ii.59 Last Macdonalds of Islay VII.iv.15 Lauder Arms: The Griffin XLIV.i.12 Lauder Surname XLV.ii.54 Le Forrester in Normandy: cadets of the Forrester of Corstorphine XXX.iii.83 Leaves from the Archives LII.ii.85 Legal Records, II.iv.18, III.iv.92 Legion, The Lost IV.iii.59 Leith Cemetery, The Tombstones in North III.iii.58 Leslie Diaspora XLVIII.i.26 Leslies of Glasgow XXXIV.ii.301 Lesmahagow to Moray & Argyll, 13th Century Travels of Colano MacGilcungill XLV.iii.80 Lethnot and Nairn - Burial Register Extracts XXXVII.iii.99 Letter from Mrs Helen King XIII.iii-iv.47 Letter to My Brother XLIII.iii.106 Letter: Col. Constantin XVI.iv.90 Letters from Edinburgh 1774-1775 by E. Topham XXXVII.iii.100 Letters from Monikie XLVIII.iv.129

Letters of an Emigrant Scot XI.iv.12 Library Catalogue XI.iv.11 Library Sources for Scottish Genealogy XXV.iv.137 Lieuntenat J.B. Pattison, 7th Battn. The Black Watch LI.i.28 Lieutenant Hector Maclean 14th Regiment of Foot XVIII.i.11 Life and Death of Captain James Scott of the “Ballindalloch” XXXI.iv.111 Life and Identification of S. Choyne XVII.i.20 Life in the Past XLIII.iii.103 Ligulfus Son of Inemannus XLII.i.14 Lipetzes: A Jewish Family in Edinburgh XL.iv.123 List of Catholics in Scotland 1700-1723 XL.iii.105 List of Queen's Scholars &c., 1858-1862 LII.iii.122 List of Subscribers for the Testimonial to Mr Craig, Cleish 1848 XXX.i.1 Lord Lyon Sir Alexander Durham XVII.i.1 Lt. Roderick Mackenzie - Officer of Bonnie Prince Charlie XLVIII.iii.83 Lucy, Jane and the Bishop XLII.i.1 Lying on the Wind XLVII.iii.95 Lyon Office Records XXXVII.iii.94 M Mac Gille Chonaillis & the Elusive Conall XLIV.i.25 MacCorquodale of Phantilands & Tromlie XI.i.14 MacDonalds (MacConnell) of Largie in Kintyre XIV.iv.76 Macdonalds of Largie XV.iii.49 MacEacherns - a note XXIII.i.5 MacEachrans XXV.ii.55 MacFie's Black Dog and Other Notable Kin XLVI.iv.142 MacGregor connection XXXI.i.1 Mackellar, Derivation of the name XLIX.ii.48 Mackellar Clan part IV XLIX.i.19 part V XLIX.ii.35 part VI XLIX.iii.73 part VII XLIX.iv.109 part VIII L.i.11 part IX L.ii.70 Mackerlich Campbells in the Breadalbane Court Books 1 XXVII.i.20 MacLachlan, a smaller Clan widely Spread XLIV.ii.45 Maclachlans in Medicine XIX.iii.73 Maclachlans in Medicine XX.i.16 MacLeans in Holland and Flanders XIII.i.21 Macleans in the former Dutch East Indies in the period 1819-1849 XIX.ii.45 Macleans of Vallay, North Uist and Balliphetrish, Tiree XXXVI.iii.94 MacNeils of Ardnacross and Islay XXVII.iii.115 Macphersons of Skye, The I.(ii-iii).26 MacQuarries of Ulva XV.ii.25 MacQuarries of Ulva XVI.iii.41; XVI.iv.73 Macquhar and the evolution of Gaelic Surnames in Kintyre XXXV.i.4 Major John Campbell XXXVII.iv.133 Malcolm III, indirect English Descendants of XLIX.ii.37 Manuscript of an Old Scottish Family I.ii-iii.6 Maps and Plans for Family History Research XLV.ii.58 Marriage contracts recorded at Kirkcudbright XX.iii.71 Marriage XLIV.ii.47 Mause Henderson's in 17th Century Edinburgh XLVIII.iii.91 McCall - some Glasgow - Sanquhar Connections XXXVI.iv.127 McClamroch Legend XXI.i.7 McClellans of Gelston XXXIV.i.277 McDowall and the Lordship of Galloway XLIII.iii.89 McGill, James, University Founder IV.i.9 McIntyre and McPherson Families LI.i.22

McLachlan of Drumlean/Drumlane Aberfoyle XXXV.iv.175 McLachlans at Sea XV.i.1 McLachlans of Over & Wester Culbuies, Buchlyvie/Kippen XXXV.iv.176 McLauchlans who served as Officers in the British Army XVIII.ii.15 McMurtries in Scotland XXIX.iii.96 McNeilla in and around Bute XXXI.iii.82 McNeills of Canna XXX.iv.126 McNeils (Barra) and McNeills (Gigha) 1030AD to 1530AD XXVI.iii.84 McNeils of Ardnacross XXX.i.14 McPherson of Glenlivet LII.iv.165 McShannons of Kintyre XXXVIII.iii.102 McTurks of the Glenkens XL.i.21 Meggetland and the Sivrights XXIX.ii.61 Meldrum Genealogy IX.iii.6 Member's Computer XLV.iii.95, XLVI.i.34 Membership List for Kirkmahoe Friendly Society 1801-18 XXVI.iv.98 Mid 19thC Army Pensioners in the North of Scotland XLIII.iii.100 Migration in the past - some key results XLIII.ii.50 Millers of the Mill of the Gryfe XXXIX.iii.98 Miss I.F. Grant, MBS, LL.D. and appreciation XXX.iv.124 Moffats LII.i.29 Monkrigg LI.iv.162 Monumental Inscriptions for Isle of Islay XVIII.iii.54 Monumental Inscriptions in Kinross-shire XIV.iv.87 Monumental Inscriptions XXIV.iii.74 Monumental Inscriptions XXV.iv.133 Monumental Inscriptions XXVI.iii.83 Moonlight Romance XX.i.6 More Different Names XLIV.ii.79 Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh XLV.iii.81 Mortcloth and other account records XXVII.i.15 Morton Family XXXIX.iii.110 Mount Pleasant, Philadelphia XXXII.ii.56 Mr Harry D. Watson's article on Sir James Spens of Wormiston XXIX.ii.56 Mrs. Kovich is an ending XLV.iii.89 Mull People XLIV.i.15 Murdered, Det. Insp. D.A. Fraser, July 1951 L.iii.122 Murray of Callow - final part XLV.iv.109. Murray of Callow: An old Angus Family part 1 XLV.iii.83 My Unusual Ancestor, William Murdoch XLIII.iii.85 N -- Names of XXXVIII.iv.145 Names The Muddle in Ancient I.i.19 Neidpath Castle LII.iii.117 New Library Practises XXXVII.ii.57 New Register House computer index update XXXVII.iv.138 New Register House Paper Indexes XXXVII.ii.53 New Zealand Houstons XVII.i.31 New Zealand Links XXXVIII.iii.110 Newcastle Keelmen in the Eighteenth Century - the Scottish connection XXXIV.iv.403 Nicknames in Scotland, Old Norse I.i.1, I.ii-iii.3, I.iv.9 North Carolina Settlement of 1739 XXXII.i.7 Northern Notes and Queries VIII.ii.9 Note - Watt Monument Library, Greenock XXII.iii.62 Note in the 1841 census XXXVIII.i.20 Note on the Wallace family of Newton Hall, by Kennoway, Fife XXVII.iv.162 Notes about the Whyte family XXVII.iii.112 Notes on Houstons of Johnstone XIX.iii.78 Notes on the book: 'Historiae Scoticae Nomenclatura Latino-Vernacula' XVIII.iv.73 Notes on the Chalmers Families of South Ayrshire XXXVIII.iii.93 Notes on the Genealogy in the Island of Harris in the period 1750-1900 XIX.ii.29

Notes on the MacNeils of Barra VI.i.14, iv.8 Notes on the McLauchlan Family XXVIII.i.10 Notes on the Ross Family of Priesthill XX.iii.69 Nova Scotia Notes on Scottish Settlers in III.i.27, III.iv.95, IV.i.22 Number of generations to a century XV.ii.31 O O'Connachers of Lorne XVI.iii.65 Ochterlonys as Clergymen XLIX.ii.56 Oddities from the Parish Registers XI.i.13 Of Filial Love and Concern XXXIV.i.286 Ogilvy of Inverquharity XLVII.ii.55 Ogilvys of Clova XLVII.iv.122 Ogston of that Ilk XLIV.iv.133 Old Burial Ground at Gourock XVII.iv.116 Old Mortality XLIX.ii.42 Old Parish Records XXXVII.iv.141 Old Parish Registers on Microfiche XLIV.ii.73 Old Parish Registers XXXVIII.iii.124 Old Ross-shire families II.ii.17, III.i.8 Old Scottish Clockmakers XXIV.ii.38 Old Scottish Funeral Customs XLVII.i.8 Old Soldiers of the 18th century XXXVI.iv.122 OldParochial Registers XXI.iv.106 Omeys XXX.ii.47 Online Genealogy Research LII.iv.170 OPR: Established Church of Scotland 1553-1854 XXXVII.iii.105 Oral tradition and its use in Genealogy XXVI.i.1 Order of Knights Templars (and Knights Hospitallers) Scotland L.iii.124 Order of the Thistle XXXIV.ii.321 Organisation and Method XXI.iv.102 Origin of the Gifford Family in Scotland XXVII.iv.152 Origin of the Kirkpatricks XX.ii.33 Origin of the Lundins L.iv.147 Original Emigrants to McNab Township, Upper Canada - 1825 XXVIII.iii.109 Origins of an unusual surname XXVIII.i.36 Origins of the Campbells of Inverneill XXXV.ii.63 Origins of the MacLellans XLIX.i.9 Origins of the Scottish Dymocks XXXV.i.6 Origins: Athelstaneford Parish - Scotland's Flag and John Knox XXVII.ii.57 Orkney's Sole Australian Convict XXXV.i.28 Orrs of Kaim, Lochwinnoch Parish, Renfrewshire XVII.ii.41 Our Records in Good Hands LII.i.13 Outline of the Genealogical Roll which was founded in Eastern Prussia, 1691, by the Scottish Emigrant William

Simpson, a native of Coupar Anges, Perthshire XXVII.iv.129

P Parish of Holywood (Dumfriesshire) 1698-1725 XXIII.ii.35 Parish of Small Isles (Canna, Rum, Eigg, Muck) L.i.35 Parish Registers in the New Register House III.ii.35 Parish Registers of Edinburgh XXXI.i.7 Passenger list of the schooner 'Lady Mary' XI.iv.21 Passengers on the 'Alexander' XXXIX.iv.127 Patterns of second Marriages in an extended 19th century Scots family XXXVI.iii.73 Peerage Cases and the Archivist XXXVI.i.1 Peers & Heirs XLII.iii.93 Periodicals Index to Scottish Societies I.i.17 Perseverance Pays XLVI.i.27 Peter Macquisten and his passport XXXVI.iv.120

Peter McQuisten's Diary XXXVIII.i.12 Peter Stuart and the 97th Regiment of Foot XXXVII.ii.42 Peter Stuart in the First Line Battalion XXXVIII.iii.89 Peter Stuart XXXVII.iv.115 Pharmacy and Medicine in Old and New Edinburgh XII.i.1 Phonetics XXXIX.i.12 Piast/Rurikide Ancestry of James 1 and his Queen, Jane Beaufort XIX.i.2 Pictish Law of Inheritance XLVIII.iii.108 Place Name Study, Some aspects of IV.iii.55 Point of View XXIII.iv.78 Poll Tax Records of Lasswade Midlothian 1694 XXVIII.iii.122 Poll Tax Rolls, 1696 X.iv.4 Polsons or Siol Phail of Clan Mackay XXXVIII.ii.75 Portuguese Connection XXXVIII.iv.135 Possible medieval origins of the Budge name XXXVI.iii.84 Postscript to John McGregor of Fortingall and his Descendants XXX.ii.46 Pre 1855 Communion Rolls and other Listings in Kirk Session Records XXXV.ii.73 Prelude XXXV.iii.130 Presbyterian “Meeting Houses”& their baptismal and Marriage Registers X.ii.8 Prides of Scotland XXXI.i.20 Princeton Connection LII.iv.147 Prisoner of the Rebels XXXVIII.i.18 Proud Race XIX.iv.109 Psychology of Names XXV.iii.84 Q Quaker and Methodist Church Records XX.iii.68 Quaker Burial Ground in Glasgow, The IV.ii.47, IV.iv.106 R R. Tait Mackenzie: Notes on Distinguished Sculptor’s Family XV.iii.70 Recent Campbell Matriculations and Grants Vi.iv.10; VII.i.7, VIII.ii.14, IX.ii.5 Recent Developments at New Register House XVIII.ii.33 Record and Manuscript Sources XXI.iv.110 Recording of Pre-1855 Monumental Inscriptions in Border Counties XX.i.4 Recording of pre-1855 Tombstone Inscriptions XVIII.iii.50 Records at New Register House XXXVII.iii.95 Records of Kirkcaldy Unrecorded Ms. I.i.10, I.(ii-iii).38 Records of the General Assembly XLIX.i.3 Records of Trades & Crafts LI.ii.60 Recovery of the Clan Mac Gille Chainnich of Dalriada - A Personal Pilgrimage L.iii.99 References in other Journals 1973-1976 XXV.i.29 Regality of Kirkliston IX.iii.15 Regimental Magazines XLVII.ii.43 Register of Corrected Entries and their use L.i.37 Register of Divorces XII.iii.57 Register of Genalogy Work XXIII.i.23 Register of marriages in the Holy Trinity Episcopal Chapel, Dunfermline 1843-1854 XIII.ii.1 Register of Member's Intersts XXIV.iii.82; XXV.iii.72 Register of Research XXIII.ii.43; XXIII.iii.60; XXIII.iv.94 Registers of Birth, Deaths and Marriage VIII.iv.15, XIV.ii.26 Registers of Deeds: 'The Inexhaustable Store of Information' XX.iii.64 Registers of Irregular Border Marriages XXVIII.iv.167 Registration and the censuses, and the information they supply IX.iv.14 Replacement of Scots Origins XLIX.iv.122 Reproduction of Memorial Inscription Lists XXII.i.18 Research Methodology XLIV.iii.104 Research Story: McFadyen of Coll in Argyll, River Denys in Cape Breton, Oakbank Manitoba XXX.i.9,

XXX.iv.134 Researching a Family Tale XXXV.iii.135

Researching the Children of the Mist XLIII.ii.52 Restoration and Reconstruction Work in the Chancery Lane Building, London WC2 XXXI.i.21 Retours and Transatlantic links XIII.i.7 Return of the Staff Officers for Pensioners XL.iv.150 Rising of 1820 XX.i.1 Robert Brown, Botanist XXXVI.ii.50 Robert Jameson and Shetland: A family history XVI.i.1 Robert Keay (1766-1839) and Nephews, Silversmiths LI.iii.113 Robert Wilson (The Gallant Weaver) and Burns XXXI.iii.69 Robertson, William Stewart M.C., Black Watch XLVII.iii.88 Rolls of Honour XLIII.i.31 Romanes Family - Canadian Connections XXXII.iii.65 Royal arms in the Grunenberg Roll XIII.iii-iv.39; XIV.ii.47 Royal House of Moray XIX.iv.97 S Same Name - Additions and Corrections XL.iii.108 Schoolmasters of Abercorn Parish 1646-1872 XV.i.7 Schools and Schoolmasters in the 17th Century, Scottish II.ii.7 Scotland's People Website LI.ii.59 Scots Ancestry Research Society, The III.iii.51 Scots and Manchester after the '45 XX.i.3 Scots in 19th Century Argentina XLV.iv.122 Scots in a 13th century Roll of Arms XXVIII.i.13 Scots in Cuba XI.iv.20 Scots in New Zealand before 1852 XXV.iii.81 Scots in South America XIV.ii.39 Scots in the Australian Imperial Force XLIV.iii.113 Scots in the Canadian Expeditionary Force XLIV.iv.137 Scots in the St Augustine census of 1783 XV.iii.51 Scots in Wigan XXI.iii.89 Scots who died and were buried in Lancaster 1715/1716 XX.ii.36 Scots Year Book XVIII.i.10 Scotsin the Americas 1540-1790 XXXVI.iv.118 Scott of Harden LI.iii.128 Scottish and English Families in Livonia X.iii.23; XII.i.11 Scottish and Irish Library being planned in Austin XVIII.iii.54 Scottish Archive Network and Scottish Documents.com LI.ii.43 Scottish Arms in the Bellenville Roll - Added Note XXIV.iii.84; XXV.ii.33 Scottish Chartered Accountants XII.i.12 Scottish Christian Name Patterns XXXVIII.iii.92 Scottish Clerical Records as a Genealogical Source XXXI.ii.59 Scottish Coalmining Ancestors of Joseph Anthony Pryde XLV.i.19 Scottish Coalmining Ancestors XLIII.i.14 Scottish Coinage XLVIII.iv.146 Scottish Emigrants to East Cape, 1820 XXX.i.32 Scottish Emigration - A Select Bibliography XXI.iii.65 Scottish Families in Holland XII.iii.53 Scottish Families in Sweden XXXII.iv.114 Scottish Family History Studies XLIV.iv.151 Scottish Friends Records VII.iii.1 Scottish Genealogical Records on Line XLVII.iii.104 Scottish Genealogy as a Hobby XIV.iii.50 Scottish Genealogy Society, 1953-1974 XXI.iii.57 Scottish History Society XIV.iv.86 Scottish Influence in Jamaica XXXVI.iii.97 Scottish Influences in Jamaica - note XXXVII.i.23 Scottish Jamaica Testaments 1669-1699 XXXV.i.22 Scottish Links with Kansas XVII.i.26 Scottish Marriages XXVI.iv.121

Scottish Morgans XLII.iii.102 Scottish Nabobs XXVI.i.26 Scottish National Death & Burial Index Project XLIV.ii.56 Scottish National Dictionary, The IV.ii.35 Scottish National Portrait Gallery as a Source for the Genealogist XXX.i.5 Scottish OPR Index XXXIX.i.19 Scottish Poor Law Records XLVI.i.17 Scottish Printers and Book-sellers XIV.iv.85 Scottish Records Association XXIV.iv.112 Scottish Records Primarily for the period 1770-1780 concerning Duncan, Daniel or Archibald Nicolson or

McNicol XXI.i.16 Scottish Regiments f Napoleonic and Earlier Times XXXVIII.iv.137 Scottish Regiments in the Service of France XLII.i.26 Scottish Schetkys XXVI.iv.94 Scottish Tartans Information Centre XI.iii.1 Scottish Tradition in Canada XXIV.iv.105 Scottish Vessels in Durham Ports XLIII.iv.140. XLIV.i.5 Scottish Vessels in Northumbrian Ports XLII.iii.114 Scottish-American heirs 1800-1819 XIV.iv.81 Scottish-Australasian heirs before 1860 XV.i.14 Scotttish Stone-masons in Texas XIII.ii.4 Scrymgeour of Glaswell XLVIII.i.3 Search fees at New Register House XIII.i.19 Searching for a Searcher XXXV.i.29 Searching for McQueens XLVIII.iii.103 Seeds of Faith XLIV.iii.116 Seeking the Emigrant Scot VII.iv.7 Setting Sail to a New Land XL.i.28 SGS Office Bearers since the Founding of the Society L.ii.90 Shannons of Lephenstrath XXV.iii.77 Shipwreck and Loss of Life - Dunbar L.i.28 Signal 'England Expects' at Trafalgar Hoisted by Forecastle Mate, James Robertson, Stornoway L.ii.80 Significance of Genalogy to the Scottish Historian XXI.iii.59 Sinclairs in Jamaica XXXV.ii.90 Single Eagle supporter in Scottish Armory XXI.i.24 Siol Gorrie XV.ii.36 Sir James Spens of Wormiston (1571-1632) - A Scoto Swedish Genealogy XXVIII.iv.149 Sir John Ogilvy, 8th Baron of Inverquharity XLII.iv.133 Sir Sandford Fleming Papers XV.iii.52 Sir Thomas Innes of Learney 1893-1971 XIX.i.1 Sir William Monypenny XXXIV.iii.345 Sketch for an Elphinstone Genealogy XXXVII.iii.67, XXXVIII.ii.62;

XXXVIII.iii.83; XXXVIII.iv.127; XXXIX.i.3; XXXIX.ii.53

Slave Traders XLVII.i.5 Smalls of Scotland XLV.i.11 Smugglers on the Solway XXXI.ii.33 Society of Australian Genealogists XVIII.iii.57 Some Descendants of Lachlan McNeill Buidhe XXXIV.iv.377 Some Descendants of Robert the Bruce LI.ii.49 Some Dundee Ships in English Ports XLVII.i.12 Some Early Kintyre Connections with America XL.iv.131 Some entries relating to Scottish Militia Regiments in the South of Ireland during the Napoleonic Wars

XVIII.iii.43 Some further items from English Registers which may be of interest to searchers in Scotland XIX.iii.92 Some Gentlemen of Sutherland in Colonial Georgia XLI.i.7. XLI.ii.76 Some Greyfriars Inscriptions in full and in summary XI.i.10 Some interesting facts from a Chirnside Berwickshire, Parish Register XIX.ii.71 Some Kintyre Stewarts XLI.iii.97 Some Macnabs in Argyllshire IX.iv.18

Some more Presbyterian Meeting-house registers XV.ii.32 Some notes on early Tulloch XLI.i.22 Some Oddities in the Parish Records XXXVIII.iv.153 Some Oddments from Englis h Registers which may be of interest to Searchers in Scotland XIX.i.8 Some Pastimes XLVI.i.23 Some Personalities in a Company Amalgamation XLIII.iii.92 Some problems in 12th & 13th Century Scottish History - A Genealogical Approach XXV.iv.97 Some research into the family name of Fortune XIX.i.10 Some Scottish Ships Berthed on the River Thames XLVII.iv.120 Some Steeles in Lesmahagow and their Descendants XXVI.ii.33 Some unusual statistics from the parish of Greenlaw, Berwickshire XIV.iii.68 Somebody Called Him George XXXIX.i.32 Soundex Coding System XXXVIII.iv.139 Soundex, Sigillography and the Ragman Roll XL.iii.87 Sources & Sleuthing in Sutherland XLV.ii.41 St Andrews Church, Toronto and its Memorials XXX.i.18 Statement of Isabel Campbell in Killin, 1802 VIII.i.1 Stewarts and the New World XXXII.i.23 Stirling Family History III.i.6 Stirling University Certificate in Scottish Family History XLII.iv.144 Stolen Children XXIX.i.11 Stormont of Lednathie XXXVII.iv.120 Story of a Fifeshire Family XV.iii.59 Story of a Mug XLVII.iii.83 Story of John Campbell Senior & Co. Glasgow’s Great West Indies Sugar Merchants XLVI.iv.125 Sunrise in his Pocket I.i.3 Supplementary Catalogue XIII.ii.28 Surname Kelso XXV.ii.55 Surnames M'Gill and Bell LII.iv.158 Swansboro's first Hotel Keeper X.iv.15 Swinton Family VI.i.6, VI.ii.8, VII.iii.14 T Talking to Great-Grandfather XLIV.iii.110 Territorial Designations - a case for re-appraisal and a Register XXXI.iii.87 That Elusive Place & How to Try & Locate It XLII.ii.77 The Archivist, the Archives and the Public. What should the Priorities be XXV.iv.113 The Bicentenary of Thomas Carlyle’s Birth XLII.iv.148 The Condy/Candy Story XLII.ii.54 The Eyes of Siva in Morningside XXIX.i.16 The Family of Robert Stirling XLIII.iv.126 The Formative Years - the infancy of Scottish Accountancy Profession XXVII.ii.52 The Forresters. A Family? A Lowland Clan? LII.ii.72 The Internet & Family History XLIII.ii.46 The Journey to Work in the 20th Century XLIII.iii.114. XLIV.ii.62 The Maritime Career of William Allan XLIV.iv.148 The Mc/MacLachlans of Auchentroig XLIV.iv.141 The name MacAndrew in Scotland X.i.17 The only Maclean V.C. XVII.iii.88 The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre XLIII.ii.57 The Search for Marianne XLIII.iv.128 The Silver Tea Set XLI.i.37 The Society of Indexers Genealogical Group XLII.iv.146 The Stone of Destiny XLII.ii.49 The Story of a Bible with an inaccurate Pedigree XLIII.ii.62 The Swankies of Arbroath and Auchmithie! An unusual Surname XXIX.i.18 Thomas Currie Kinniburgh XXIV.ii.33 Thomas Jones - Missionary and Maverick XLVIII.iii.110 Thomas Kirkpatrick 15th Laird of Closeburn XXI.ii.33 Thomson, David, Founder of New Hampshire L.ii.51

Thomson, David, the Scottish Founder of New Hampshire XLVI.ii.41, XLVI.iii.81, XLVII.iv.131 Thoughts on Paleography by an Amateur XLI.iii.110 Thousand Years' Anniversary 973-1973 XXII.i.16 Thurston House LI.ii.65 Titular Tosh! XL.i.18 To Van Diemen' s Land: A Minister Transported XXXVI.ii.45 Tombstone Inscriptions XLV.iii.77 Tracing Alumni in Edinburgh University Records XXXVIII.i.1 Transactions of the East Lothian Antiquarian & Field Naturalists' Society XIX.ii.43 Transatlantic Gravestone Link XX.i.10 Tudors and Tudor Mysteries XXX.ii.33 Tug of Love in the Eighteenth Century XXXIII.iii.217 Tulloch The Baynes of II.i.3, II.ii.17 Two Letters from America XLV.i.14 Two Lists of Intending Passengers to the New World 1770/1 XLIII.i.17 Two Pittenweem Clockmakers named John Smith XLVI.ii.51 Two Scottish Fire Insurance Claims of 1788 XXXII.iv.107 U Ulster-Scot Historical Society, The IV.iv.105; VII.iv.3 Un Fraser en Anjou XXX.ii.54 Uncle Sinclair XLIII.iv.125 United States of America XX.i.13 Urquharts of Cromarty VI.ii.16, Vl.iii.l Use of Computers in Genealogy XL.iii.94 Use of School Admission Registers for Genealogical Research XXXIV.iv.402 V Variations in the Spelling of the Name McRobert, mainly from the parish registers of Kirkcudbrightshire

XXIII.i.4 Vatican Archives XXVII.ii.62 Victim of the '45 XLII.iii.110 Visit Scotland and www.ancestralscotland.com XLIX.i.28 Voluntary Subscriptions in Aid of Government XLV.iv.121 Volunteer Excursion and Picnic 1871 XXXVII.iv.144 W Walter Fitzalan (c1136-1177) First Hereditary High Steward of Scotland XXIX.iii.84 Walter Wingate XXXVII.ii.51 War Graves of the First World War XLVIII.i.23 Was My Ancestor at Bannockburn? XLV.iv.116 Was Your Ancestor a Member of Parliament? XLII.iii.109 Watermills and their Conservation XVIII.i.14 What did you do in Egypt? XLVIII.iii.98 What did you do in the Great War, Great Grandfather? XLVI.iii.104 What goes around comes around XXXIV.ii.313 What was the Legal Position? XXXVII.i.19 What’s in a Name? XLVIII.iv.137 Where do I go from here? XXXIV.i.296 Who was 'Shane Dhy' MacNaghten? XVIII.iv.59 Who was Col. John Stuart of Avondale? XLI.iv.153 Who was Lady Jeanne Macpherson? XI.iii.5 Who was Robert Boyd, Glover in Kilmarnock XX.iv.98 Who was the born Innovator XXVIII.i.9 Who Were the Baronets of Nova Scotia? XXVII.iii.90 Whose Land is this? L.iv.176 Why January the First? XXXV.iii.133 Why Use a Computer? XL.iii.84 Whytes in Kilmun XLVIII.ii.43 Whytes of Bennochy, Kirkcaldy XII.ii.26

William Glass - Founder of Tristan da Cunha XLI.iii.95 William Knox Links XX.ii.29 William Munro from Forres XXIX.iii.86 William Ritchie - A Scottish emigrant to Canada - from Rags to Riches XLVIII.ii.71 Wilsons of Bannockburn XXXIV.ii.315 Withdrawal of Old Parish Registers XXIV.i.13 World's Greatest Elephant Hunter LI.i.16 Write it Down! XLIII.iii.104 Y Your most affectionate Uncle XXXVII.iv.119 Z Zulu War Medal - A Civilian Entitlement XLVII.iii.100


XXXVII.iv.119, XLVII.ii.41, XLVIII.iv.143 Affleck, David K. XLVI.i.4 Agnew, Sir Crispin XXXIII.ii.185, XXXIII.iii.205 Alexander, Merton XLV.ii.46 Allyn, C. Vance XL.iii.109 Anderson, Patrick W. XLI.ii.60, XLVII.iii.88, XLIX.iv.120,

L.i.10,17,36, L.iii.122, L.iv.154, LI.1.28 Angus, Alan S. XXXI.i.1 Ashford, Zella XXXIX.ii.71 Astington, Jean XXXIII.iv.237 B Bain, Colin XXXV.iii.125, XL.iv.155 Bain, J. Colin XLIII.iii.92 Baker, D.W.A. XXXII.i.1 Baker, Donna L. XXX.iv.113 Ballantyne, J.H. XLI.i.22 Bankhead, Matt XXXIV.ii.330; correspondent XXXV.i.31 Beaton, Duncan XXXV.iii.117, XXXVIII.iii.119, XLI.iv.155,

XLVI.iv.125, XLVIII.ii.49, XLVIII.iii.84, XLVIII.iv.119, XLIX.i.19, XLIX.ii.35, XLIX.iii.73, XLIX.iv.109, L.i.11, L.ii.70, L.iii.114

Becket, James D. XLIX.i.7 Bell, Mark XXXV.iii.120 Benjafield, Gail XXXVIII.i.4 Bigwood, Frank XLIII.i.17, XLIX.iv.124 Bigwood, Rosemary XXXIV.ii.328, XXXV.ii.73, XL.iii.105,

XLI.i.3, ii.67 XLII.iv.144., XLIII.iv.148., XLIV.iv.151,160, XLV.iv.116, 119, XLIX.i.3, LII.i.46, LII.ii.62

Blair, Jack XLII.iv.133. XLIII.iii.96, XLIV.ii.52. iv.133, XLV.iii.83, 102, XLV.iv.109, XLVII.ii.55, XLVII.iv.122, XLVIII.i.3, XLVIII.iv.147

Bogle, James XLVIII.ii.71 Boon, J.G. XXIX.iii.91 Borland, Dr. J.C. XL.ii.51, XLV.i.31, XLV.ii.37 Brack, A.A. XXXI.1.7 Brown, M.F. XXXVI.ii.50, XXXVIII.ii.73 Brown, Miss M. XLVI.iv.138 Brownlie, James More XLI.iii.102 Budge, Jeffrey Donald XXXVI.iii.84 Burness, Lawrence R. XXX.iv.142; correspondent: XXX.ii.64,

XXXII.iv.125, XXXVII.ii.48, XLII.iv.148 Burnett, Charles J. XXXIV.ii.321 Burns, David G.C. XXIX.iv.108, XXX.ii.46 XXX.iv.149

XXXI.i.8 XXXI.i.19, XXXIII.iii.219, XXXIII.iv.262 XXXIV.i.286 XXXV.i.21

XXXV.iv.145, XXXVII.ii.44,45, XLVII.iii.104, L.i.35, LII.i.13, LII.ii.65, LII.iv.147

C Campbell, Colin XXXII.ii.47, XXXII.iii.81, XXXV.ii.63,

XXXVI.iv.109, XXXVII.i.23, XLI.iv.144 Campbell, Marion, of Kilberry XXIX.ii.48 Campbell, Sheila XXXIII.ii.182 Carroon, Rev. Dr. Robert G. XXXI.ii.59 Clifford, EL XL.iii.84 Cockburn, Russell XLIV.ii.62,66,77, XLIV.iii.103, XLIV.iv.159,

XLV.i.32, XLV.ii.69, XLV.iii.95, XLV.iv.132 Condie, Ian H. XLII.ii.54 Cory, Kathleen B. XLIII.iv.139 Coventry, Charles S. XL.iv.123 Cowie, John L. XXXV.i.5 Cowper, A.S. XXIX.ii.62, XXXVI.ii.45, XLII.iv.142 Coxon, Julia G. XXXV.iv.154; correspondent XXXV.iv.180 Coxon, Julie XLVII.i.27 Cram, Nicholas S.F. XXXV.ii.90, XXXVI.iii.97 Crammond, H. XXXV.iii.135, LII.i.29 Cranstoun, Dr. James XLVIII.iv.144, XLIX.i.22, XLIX.ii.62,

XLIX.iii.94, L.i.41, L.ii.91, L.iv.177, LI.i.31, LI.ii.76, 78, 79, LI.iii.132, LI.iv.135, LII.i.44

Cumming, Liane L.i.3 Curie, Fiona J. XL.iv.147 Curran, W. J. XXXIX.iii.98 Currie, Jo. XXXVIII.i.1, XLIV.i.15, XLVII.iii.93 D D'Arcy, Michael XXXVII.ii.42, XXXVII.iv.115 XXXVIII.i.8

XXXVIII.iii.89 Dean, Valerie E. XLIII.iii.85 Deas, Walter Chalmers XLVI.i.27 Deas, Walter XLVII.i.5 Dobson, David XXXI.iii.90, XXXV.i.22, XXXVI.iv.118 Dodgin, Joan XLVIII.ii.47 Doig, Kenneth Frank LII.ii.86 Donaldson, Professor Gordon XXXV.iii.133, XXXVI.i.1; correspondent

XXXV.i.30 Donaldson, Rear Admiral Vernon XXIX.ii.56, XXIX.iv.127 XXXII.iv.114;

correspondent, XXXI.ii.53, XXXIV.iii.345 Donoghue, E.M. XXXII.iv.101, XXXIV.ii.301, XXXIV.iv.396,

XXXVI.iii.73, XXXIX.i.22, XXXIX.iii.113 Downey, Mrs. George Henry XXXI.i.19 DuLong, John P. LII.ii.51 DuLong, Patricia A. LII.ii.51 Duncan, B.M. XL.iii.94 Duncan, Ben XLIII.ii.46

Dunstan, Vivienne S. XLIV.iii.112 Durham, Sheila XLIII.iii.106, XLV.iii.81 Dymock, Colin XXXV.i.6 E Edwards, L.W. Lawson XXXII.iv.107 Ellis, Major C.W. XL.i.21 Elphinston, C.A.J. XXXVII.iii.67, XXXVIII.ii.62 XXXVIII.iii.83

XXXVIII.iv.127 XXXIX.i.3 Elphinston, C.A.J., contd. XXXIX.ii.53 Ewart, J.W. XXXVIII.iii.92 F Farmer, Kerry XLVI.i.17 Ferguson, J.P.S. XLIV.ii.57, XLIX.iii.96, L.iii.129, L.iv.174,

LII.i.45 Findlater, Alexander Maxwell LII.ii.51 Finlayson, Angela XLIII.iii.100 Floyd, Dr James D. XLIV.ii.56 Forbes-Leith, William XLII.i.26 Forrester, Colin D.I.G. XXX.ii.37, XXX.iii.83, XXXIX.i.17 Forrester, Stan XLVI.i.1, LII.ii.72 Fraser, Genevieve Cora XLVI.ii.41, XLVI.iii.81, XLVII.iv.131, L.ii.51 Fraser, Michael XLVIII.ii.73 G Galloway, Strome XXXI.i.20 Gibson, John G. XXXI.iii.87 Gilchrist, Alex. XXXIV.iv.402 Gilhooley, James XXXVIII.ii.59 Gillespie, J.D. XXXV.i.24; correspondent XXXVI.i.30,31 Gordon, Alastair XLV.ii.41 Granholm, Jackson W. XXXV.iii.130 Gray, Allan P. XL.ii.59, XLI.i.7, ii.76 Gray, Captain (Ret’d) Erik A. XXXVI.iv.122, XXXVIII.i.18,

XXXVIII.iv.137, XL.i.16, XL.iv.150, Guild, Ivor XLV.ii.72, XLVIII.iv.143 Gullen, Malcolm A. XXXVI.ii.53 H Hall, J.M. XXIX.ii.59 Hall, Mark LII.iv.182 Hammond, Tony XLVI.iii.97 Hanna, Rick L.iii.106, L.iv.168 Hardie, Alastair M.R. L.iii.124 Harkness, Frank LII.i.15 Harper, Dr Marjory XXXII.ii.33, XLVIII.ii.73 Hemera, Ruth Marian XLIV.iii.110 Henderson, William F. XLV.i.14 Hewitt, Robert R., III XLIV.iii.116

Hilden-Finland, Leo XLI.iv.153 Hinchcliff, Helen XXXIX.iii.91,96, XXXIX.iv.144,149 XL.i.18

XL.iii.94,108, XLVIII.iii.91 Hodgson, Julian XXXV.iii.105 Hopkins, Dr. Konrad XXXI.iii.69 Howard, Grant XL.i.28 Hoy, Dr. Charles XLIV.iii.104 Hunter, N.J. XL.iii.102 Hutchison, Col. Paul Phelps XXIX.ii.33 I Inglis, Alexander W. XLI.iv.173 Innes, Sir Malcolm of Edingight, KCVO XLII.iii.93, XLVII.ii.35 Iredell, Godfrey W. XXXIII.i.137, XXXV.iii.122 J Jackson, David XLI.ii.63 Jamieson, Arthur, of Barnach XXX.ii.33 Jennings, Ruth L.iv.151 K Khomutov, Nikolai Iur’evich XLIX.iii.84 King, Christopher XXXVIII.iv.139, XXXIX.i.13 Kirkland, Hilary XXIX.iv.134 Kvebekk, Maureen XLVII.i.27, XLVII.iii.109, XLVIII.i.32 L Lauder-Frost, G.M.S., FSAScot XLII.iii.110, XLIII.ii.56, XLIV.i.12,

XLV.ii.54, XLIX.ii.37, XLIX.iii.71, L.iv.165, LI.ii.49, LI.iv.151, LII.i.48, LII.ii.67, LII.iii.117

Lawrie, A.C. XXXVII.iii.89 Lawrie, P.J. XXXVIII.ii.75 Lawrie, Peter XLIX.iv.103 Lawson, Rev. James P. XXXIX.iv.127, XLI.iii.112. XLII.i.1 Leslie, Sir Peter XLV.i.7, XLVIII.i.26, LI.i.3 Lindsay, Dr. Jean XLVII.iii.95 Linton, Jessie A. XLV.ii.71 Little, J.C. XXXV.ii.45 Logan, Robert Archibald XXIX.i.1 Lumsden. Archie. XXXVIII.iv.145 M Macadam, David B. XLVII.iii.84, XLVIII.iii.110, L.i.8 MacAndrew, Robert XL.iv.142 Macgregor, Richard XLIII.ii.52 MacKenzie, George A. XXXI.iv.111 Mackenzie, Graeme M. XLIX.i.9, XLIXii.48, L.i.18, LI.iii.87,

LII.iv.158 Mackie, Alexander XXIX.iv.110

MacLachlan, Gardiner S. XXXV.iv.175.176, XLIV.iv.141 MacLean, Mrs., of Dochgarroch XXXV.i.1 Maclean-Bristol, Nicholas XXXVI.iii.94 MacLeod, Donald John L.ii.80, LI.i.13,16 MacPhee, Donald A. XLVI.iv.142 Macquisten, F.A. XXXVIII.i.12 MacQuisten, P.A. XXXVI.iv.120 Manning, Doreen Caraher XXXV.i.4, XXXV.iii.138, XXXVI.i.36 Marshall, Rosalind K. XXX.i.8 Martin, Patricia E. XLI.iii.95 Martin, Professor(Emeritus) Ged XLIX.ii.64 McAndrew, B.A. XL.iii.87 McCallum, Annella A XXXV.i.28 McCallum, WO1(RSM) Ian, B.E.M. XLVII.ii.43 McCowan, D.B. XXXVII.i.20 McCulloch, Ian LII.iv.171 McDowall, M.G. XL.i.3, XLIII.iii.89 McDowall, Michael G. XLV.iv.116 McEvoy, Michael LI.ii.63 McFadzean, Gordon XLVIII.iv.126, XLIX.iv.105, LII.iii.99 McIlwrick, Maurice L.iv.155 McKinnon, Margaret Learmonth XLVIII.iii.103 McLachlan, T.F. XXXVI.i.32, XXXVI.ii.70 McLachlan, Tom XLIV.ii.45 McLean, Donald S. XLIV.i.8, XLVII.iii.100 McMaster, Gary J. XLVI.ii.56 McMurtrie, Douglas XXIX.iii.101 McNaugton, Duncan XXXVII.ii.40, XXXIX.ii.50 McNeil, Donald J. XXXVI.iv.125 McNeill, Rev. Donald J. XXIX.iv.126, XXXI.iii.82 McTyre, Raymond M. XXXV.iv.141 McWhannell, Dr. D.C. XLIV.i.25, XLV.i.1, XLV.iii.80, XLV.iv.132 Melville, Ian XLVII.iii.83 Mennim, A.M. XLII.i.14 Merriman, Brenda Dougall XXX.iv.134 Milne, Graham N.G. LI.iii.98 Mitchell, Alison XLII.iii.122 Mitchell, Angus XXXV.i.29, XXXVII.ii.56, XXXVIII.iv.135 Mitchell, Dr. J. Angus XLIV.iii.119, XLIX.ii.42 Mitchell, Keith L. XLVI.iii.103 Mitchison, Professor Rosalind XXXVIII.ii.49 Morgan, David XLII.i.25, iii.102, LII.i.2 Morrison, Arnold XLV.iv.122 Mossong, Verna E. XXXVIII.iii.110 Mowat, Alison XLVII.i.3 Mowat, Ian R.M. XLVIII.ii.62 Muir, Dan LI.iii.109 Muller, Thomas H. XXXIV.ii.313 Munro, R.W. XXXV.ii.96, XXXVI.i.7, XXXIX.i.32 Murray, A.R.M. XLIII.iv.147. XLIV.ii.79

N Nicholson, Mary Ann XXIX.i.15 Nicoll, Gordon R. XLIX.iv.116, L.i.29, L.ii.85 Nimmo, Rev. Dr. J. MacKay XLII.ii.49 Nisbet, Kenneth A.M. XLIII.iv.137. XLIV.iii.113. iv.137,

XLVI.iii.104, XLVII.i.14, XLVIII.i.23, XLVIII.iii.98, XLVIII.iv.137, XLIX.ii.55, XLIX.iv.122, L.i.37, L.iv.149, LI.i.22, LI.iv.174, LII.iv.165

O Oliver, John A. XXXV.ii.95 Olsson, Dr. Ynge XXXII.iv.117 Oswald Jones, M. XXXV.iii.127 P Palmer, Jean XXXIV.i.296 Pattison, John E. XLIX.iii.92 Payne, R. XXXV.iv.170 Pearson, Andrew XXXI.iii.87 Philip, Peter XXX.iii.93 Pitcairn, Sheila XXXVI.i.22, XXXVII.iii.94,106,

XXXVII.iii.75,76,81,82, XLV.iv.126, XLVI.iii.100, 110, XLVIII.iii.108, XLVIII.iv.123

Pooley, Colin G. XLIII.ii.50. XLIV.ii.62 Powell, D.K. XXXVIII.i.26, XXXIX.i.13 Prichard, Dr. Muriel F. Lloyd XXX.iv.146 Pryde-Roberts, Eve XLV.i.19, XLV.iii.102 R Ransome, Karl I. XLII.iv.148, XLIII.i.29, ii.69, XLIV.ii.57,

iii.128. iv.159, XLV.i.18, 27, 32; XLV.iii.95, XLV.iv.133, XLVI.i.31, XLVI.iv.163

Razzell, Dr Peter XLIX.ii.47 Reader, Professor Graham T. XLIII.ii.41 Reeks, Lindsay S. XLIII.i.14 Reid, Anthony Stuart XXXI.iv.105 Reid, Neil M. XL.iii.83, XLVII.iii.90 Revie, James XXXIX.ii.58, XLIII.i.11 Richardson, H.E. XXIX.iii.81 Ringereide, Mabel XXXII.iii.65 Robertson, Dr. John A. XLVI.iv.156 Rose, Heather XLVI.iii.114 Ross, Sir Archibald XXX.iv.126 Russell, J.E. XXXIII.i.146, XXXVII.iii.112 Ruthven-Murray, Peter, FSA Scot XLIV.ii.59 Rydings, Tony XLII.iv.146

S Sanger, Keith XXXVIII.iii.102 Scott, Andrew W. XXXVIII.i.36 Sennachie XXXIX.i.15 Sharratt, Edward XLVI.i.8 Shaw, Duncan, of Chapelverna L.iii.99 Shaw, Ron XXIX.ii.56, XXX.iii.82 Simpson, Eric XXXVII.iv.144 Small, James T., B.A. XLV.i.11 Smith, Patricia XLII.ii.62 Spens, Eric XXXI.ii.44 Stammers, Vera XXXV.iii.134 Stathers, May L. XXXIV.ii.325 Steel, Donald XXXIX.i.12 Steele, T.C. XXXV.iv.178 Stevenson, John D. XLVII.iv.149, XLIX.ii.50, L.i.28 Stewart, A.I.B. XXX.i.14, XXXI.iv.119 XXXII.i.7,23

XXXII.ii.42.56, XXXIII.i.142, XXXIII.ii.188 XXXIV.iv.377, 380, XXXV.iv.162; correspondent XXXVI.i.36, XXXVII.i.1, XXXVII.iv.133 XXXVIII.iii.109 XL.iv.131, XLI.iii.97

Stewart, Colin XLVIII.i.33 Stewart, Marjorie XXXIV.iii.214, XXXV.i.12 XXXV.iii.139,

XLII.iii.114, XLIII.iii.115. iv.140, XLIV.i.5, iii.124. iv.152, XLV.i.30, XLV.iii.96, XLV.iv.121, 129, XLVI.i.29, XLVI.ii.75, XLVII.i.12, XLVII.iv.120, XLVIII.ii.60, XLVIII.iv.129, XLIX.ii.44, LI.i.18

Stewart, McKenzie XLIII.iv.125 Stewart, Ralph XLII.i.17 Stirling, Ann XLIV.iii.93 Stirling, David M. XLIII.iv.126 Stuart, M.M. XXIX.i.17, XXIX.iv.122, XXII.iv.109 Stubbs, Carol LI.iv.177, LII.ii.94, LII.iii.142 T Tainsh-Hardie, P. XXXIV.ii.333 Thomson, Alan R. XXXIV.i.286 Thomson, Dr. George XLIII.i.1 Thomson, Margaret XLIV.ii.59 Torrance, D. Richard XXXIV.i.277; correspondent XXXVI.i.6,

XXXVIII.i.23, XXXVIII.ii.44; XXXIX.i.20, XXXIX.iv.150, XLII.ii.77, iii.109, iv.140 , XLIII.i.23,31. ii.62. iii.104. , XLIV.i.1. ii.47,73,74., iii.121. iv.136,148, XLV.iii.77, XLVI.i.23, L.ii.77, LI.ii.68, LI.iii.121, LI.iv.140,164, LII.i.20,31, LII.ii.77, LII.iii.120,122, 133, LII.iv.152, 189

Triseliotis, John XXXIV.i.272

Turnbull, Jean XLIII.ii.50. XLIV.ii.62 U Urquhart, Robert H.J. LI.ii.43 W Waterston, Charles Dewar LI.iii.113 Watson, Harry D. XXXIV.iv.403, XXXV.iii.97, XXIX.ii.56 Watts, Lynn S. XL.iii.84 Webster, David W. XLVI.i.17 Webster, Robert M, M.D. XLV.iii.94 Welsh, Graham T. L.iv.147 Whyte Donald XXIX.ii.63, XXX.i.18 XXX.iii.104

XXX.iv.125 XXXI.ii.43; correspondent XXX.iii.99, XXXIII.ii.174, XXXVI.iii.88, XLI.iv.168. XLIII.ii.58, XLV.iii.101, XLVI.i.34, XLVI.ii.51,77, 112, XLVI.iv.165, XLVII.i.8, XLVII.ii.73, XLVII.iii.105, XLVII.iv.115, XLVIII.iv.146, XLVIII.ii.43, XLIX.ii.46, L.ii.77

Wight, Judith Eccles XLV.iii.89 Wilkes, Margaret XLV.ii.58 Williams, J. Robert XXX.i.32 Wilson, John G. XXIX.iii.84 Wilson, John G. XXXVIII.iii.93 Wilson, Marion L. XXXIV.ii.315 Wingate, Guy A.S. XXXVII.ii.51 Woods, David P. XLVI.iv.135 Young, Margaret D. XXXIII.iii.211

GENERAL INDEX 1881 British Census CD-Rom Discs XLVI.iv.156 1881 British Census Scotland Region CD-Rom Disc One – Errors XLVI.iii.111 42nd Highlanders LII.iv.176 6th West India XXXVII.iv.115,118 77th Foot (Montgomery’s Highlanders) LII.iv.176 78th Foot (Fraser’s Highlanders) LII.iv.171, 176 79th News XLVII.ii.45 97th, of Foot XXXVII.ii.42 A A Stirling Worthy XLIX.i.30 Abbot House, Dunfermline XLVIII.iv.123 Abercorn Parish, Schoolmasters of XV.i.7 Abercorn, Earl of XXXIII.i.137 Abercrombie, Sir Ralph XXIII.ii.41 Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society XXXII.iv.128, XXXIII.i.160

XXXIV.iv.386 XXXV.i.31,33 XXXV.ii.92,93 XXXVI.ii.67

Aberdeen City Libraries, review XXXI.iv.120 Aberdeen family, review XXXVI.ii.69 Aberdour Kirk Session Records XLVI.iii.115 Aberdour Parish Kirk LI.i.18 Aberdour XXXVII.i.34, XXXVII.iii.96-99

XXXVII.iv.144 XXXVIILi.36 XL.i.35 Aberdour, Kirk Session Records XXXV.iii.115, XXXV.iv.146, 147,151,152

XXXVI.iv.142 Aberdour, The Kirkyard of, review XXXV.i.33 Aberlemno XXXIV.i.294 Abernethy of Saltoun XVII.iv.127

Accountancy profession, The Infancy of the Scottish, The Formative Years XXVII.ii.52

Accountants, Chartered, Scottish XII.i.12 Acts LI.ii.68 Adam, John – architect XLVIII.ii.62 Adam, Prof. R.J. XL.ii.74 Adamson family, review XXXII.iii.88 Additions to the Library XLV.i.30, XLV.ii.68, XLV.iii.96,

XLV.iv.129, XLVI.i.29, XLVI.ii.75, XLVI.iii.114, XLVI.iv.160, XLVII.i.29, XLVII.ii.77, XLVII.iii.106, XLVII.iv.156, XLVIII.i.22, XLVIII.ii.77, XLVIII.iv.144, XLIX.i.22, XLIX.ii.62, XLIX.iii.94, XLIX.iv.134, L.i.41, L.ii.91, L.iii.138, L.iv.177, LI.i.31, LI.ii.76, LI.iv.177, LII.i.40, LII.ii.94, LII.iii.142, LII.iv.187

Adoption LI.ii.68 Advertising in the Scottish Genealogist LII.iv.186 Advertising material LI.ii.68 Advertising XXXIX.iv.152, XL.i.40 Affiliated Societies XXIX.ii.54, XXX.ii.58 XXXI.i.12

XXXTT.M8 Affleck Family XLVI.i.4 Affleck, Joseph and Family XIX.iii.95 Africa XXXIX.ii.79 Africa, South XXXIX.i.36, XXXIX.ii.62,

XXXIX.iv.155,158 Agatha wife of Edgar Aetheling XLIX.iii.71 Age, marriageable XXIX.ii.56 Agnew, Sir Crispin, of Lochnaw, correspondent XXX.iii.100 Agricultural Labourers LII.i.31

Ainslie, Robert, XVII.iii.85, XIX.i.28, XIX.ii.62 Air Family, Angus XXII.iii.63

Air Family, Berwickshire XXIII.iii.56 Airlie XXXVIII.i.19, XXXVIII.ii.44,61

XXXVIII.iv.154-157, XXXIX.ii.46 Airs of Angus, 1375-1800 XXII.iii.63 Airs of Lothian 1535-1800 XXVIII.ii.57 Airth XXXVI.iii.92, XXXVII.iii.44,

XXXVII.iii.75,81-83 XXXVIII.ii.62 Aitcheson, Walter XX.iii.75 Alexander Family XLV.ii.46 Alexandrina Stewart Cowper L.iii.137 Alfeston family XXXIX.i.7 Algeria XLVII.iii.90 Aliases VIII.iv.13 Allan family XXX.i.24, XXXIII.ii.195 Allan, Isabella XIX.iv.105 Allan, J & R Ltd, Edinburgh L.iv.155 Allan, John XXIV.i.12 Allan, William 1837-1903, - Maritime Career of. XLIV.iv.148 Alphabet F-G LII.ii.77 Altmann Family XVII.i.19 Alumni LI.ii.69 Alvah Old Churchyard XXXI.i.24, XXXII.iv.128 Alves, Anne, wife of Andrew Ronaldson VI.ii.19 America XXXVII.i.1, XXXVIII.ii.18,19

XXXVIII.iv.150 XXXIX.ii.63 XL.ii.58,62 XL.iv.131

America, South XL.iv.159 American Guide to British Social Service Resources, Review XXIV.iii.84 American Links with the Ettrick Shepherd XIII.iii.35 American Loyalist Claims XXIX.i.3,9 American Revolution, review XXXIX.ii.63 American Scottish, Heirs XIV.iv.81 American Studies, British Association for V.ii.39 American TV Film "Roots" XXVI.iv.108 Americans Connected with Clan Irving XIV.iv.72 Amos, Malcolm and Family XX.i.23 Amusing Entries, see Oddities An Comunn Gaidhealach XXXVI.i.31 Anabaptists XXXII.iv.102 Ancestor Charts LI.ii.71 Ancestors in Shetland, Tracing, Review XIX.iv.107 Ancestors Overseas XVII.ii.39 Ancestors, A Method of Indexing V.iv.71 Ancestors, Tracing Your, Review XI.iv.2 Ancestry Research Society, The Scots III.iii.51 Ancestry, How Far Honour Is To Be Paid To It XXVIII.i.33 Ancestry, In Search of Scottish, Review XIX.iv.106 Anderson Association XLI.i.44 Anderson Families, review XXXII.i.21 Anderson family of Peterhead XXXI.i.12 Anderson, James XL.iii.109 Anderson, Janet, wife of John Pirie VI.ii.19 Anderson, John, St. Kitts XXIX.ii.59 Anderson, Lt. Patrick W. XLI.ii.60 Andrew Fisher 1862-1928, From Pit Boy to Prime Minister, Review XXVII.ii.73 Anglo-Scottish Family History Society XXXI.i.13 Anglo-Scottish Family History Society XXXV.i.32 Anglo-Scottish Family History LI.iii.109 Anglo-Scottish Relations, review XXXIX.ii.62 Anglo-Scottish Society in Manchester XXXV.iv.174 Angus Monumental Inscriptions - Addenda to vol.1 XLII.iii.122 Angus, David, review XL.iv.159

Annan XXXIX.i.31 Annand, Jean XIX.iv.106 Annandale Peerage Case XXV.ii.55, XXIV.iv.113, XXVI.ii.56,

XXVI.iv.131 Annandale, Earldom of XXXVI.i.1 Anniversaries XLVI.iii.118 Anstruther, Sir John Carmichael XXXIII.iii.215 Antioch, Holy See of XXXVI.iii.104 Antiquarian Society, Selkirkshire VIII.iii.24 Antiquary, Scottish V.i.1, VIII.ii.9 Antrim, Mid, Historical Group, review XL.iii.113 Apology L.iv.167 Appeal, Library Premises XXXVII.ii.39,57, XXXVII.iv.137,

XXXVIII.ii.48 Appin, graveyards XXIX.ii.54 Apprentice Records LI.ii.71 Archibald, Andrew and Family XVIII.ii.27 Archibald, Andrew, Identification and Life of XVIII.ii.27 Architecture and Decoration, Genealogy in II.iv.3 Archives and Museums – web addresses XLVII.iii.109 Archives and Record Service, National XIX.ii.47 Archives and Records Service, USA, National XX.i.13 Archives of Ontario XIX.ii.68 Archives, The Vatican XXVII.ii.62 Archivist, The, The Archives and the Public. What Should the Priorities Be XXV.iv.113 Ardchattan, Robert Modan Thorne Clarke Campbell-Preston of IX.ii.6 Ardincaple and Darleith, Lairds of XXI.ii.46 Ardittie XLIII.i.1 Ardnacross XXX.i.15 Ardnamurchan, The Lady XXXII.iii.81, XXXIII.i.166 Argentina – scots in XLV.iv.122 Argyle Colony Plus XXXVIII.iii.119 Argyll Estate, 1779, Inhabitants of (Book Review) XI.iii.13 Argyll, Buchanans of XIX.iii.94 Argyllshire, Some MacNabs in IX.iv.18 Armadale XXXV.ii.55 Armorial Achievements LI.ii.71 Armorial Bearings, SGS, XXV.iv.120, letter XXVIII.iv.159 Armour, Jean, of Mauchline XXXI.iii.69 Arms of Maxwell of Calderwood, XIII.ii.7, XV.i.24, XIV.ii.44 Arms, Royal, In the Grunenberg Roll, XII.iii.39, XIV.ii.47 Armstrong, Bernard XXXIX.ii.62 Army Lists. See Battle Dead Army pensioners XL.iv.150, XLIII.iii.100 Army records XL.i.16,17, XL.iii.112, LI.ii.72, LII.iv.191 Arnot family XXX.iv.148 Arnott, Robin G.K. XL.i.30 Arran XXXTV.ii.342 Articles in Exchange Periodicals XVI.iii.61 Artificial Insemination by Donor XXXV.ii.94, XXXVI.iii.88 Artists XXXVIII.i.35 Asal, South XL.i.36 Ashford, Zella - obituary LI.iii.131 Assam L.i.9 Association Genealogique Flandre Hainault XXXI.ii.62 Association of Genealogists and Record Agents XXIX.ii.46, XXXIII.ii.196 Association of Scottish Family History Societies XXXV.i.36, XXXV.iv.174 Athelstaneford Parish, Origins, Scotland's Flag and John Knox XXVII.ii.57 Atholl, Earldom of, VII.ii.2, Vll.iii.15, VII.iv.26 Atlases LI.ii.73

Auchenbeg XXXVII.i.20-22 Auchenleck Family XLVI.i.4 Auchindoir, Monumental Inscriptions, review XXXIV.i.297 Auchingown XXXIII.i.137 Auchinleck Parish XXXI.1.8 Auchinleck, Lord XXXI.i.8 Auchterarder Junior Conservationists XXVI.iv.102 Auchterderran XXXVIII.iv.153 Audio tapes LI.ii.73 Auld Hoose LI.i.31 Austin, Scots and Irish Library at XVIII.iii.54 Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry, Second XXVI.iv.131 Australasian Source List XXXIX.iii.88 Australasian, Scottish, Heirs XV.i.14 Australia XXXIII.ii.193, XXXIII.iii.226

XXXIII.iv.257 XXXIV.i.299 XXXV.i.28 XXXV.iii.116,129, XXXVI.i.31 XXXVI.ii.67, 69,72, XXXVI.iv.142, 144, XXXVIII.i.25,32, XXXVIII.iii.117, XXXVIII.iii.81,93 XXXIX.i.33 XXXVII.iv.150, review

Australia, Founders of, review XXXV.ii.96, XXXVI.iii.106 Australia, Genealogical Research in XVIII.iv.91 Australia, south XXXII.iv.131 Australian Congress XXXVI.ii.66 Australian Genealogies, Leask's, Review XXVII.ii.74 Australian Genealogists, Society of XVIII.iii.57 Australian Houstons XVII.i.25 Australian Imperial Force XLIV.iii.113 Autograph Books LI.ii.73 Ayr's Export Trade, review XXXV.ii.91 Ayrshire XXXIV.ii.328, XL.ii.55-57 Ayrshire Farm, On an, Review XXII.ii.53 Ayrshire Hone-Stones, review XXXI.ii.60 Ayrshire Sources, review XXXI.iv.120 Ayrshire, Vernacular Buildings in, review XXXV.ii.92 B Baddely, John, Clockmaker XIX.i.26 Baillies of Leys XXVIII.ii.54 Balfour of Denmiln, Sir James IV.iii.54,75, IV.iv.103 Balfours of Pilrig VIII.i.17 Ballachullish XXIX.ii.54 Ballighartan, MacQuarries of XVI.iv.86 Balmakellie, Sir John Falconer of XIV.i.1 Balquhidder - A Highland "No Man's Land" XXV.i.1 Banffshire Census & Burials XLIII.iv.160 Bank of Scotland VI.i.6 Bank of Scotland, Royal VI.i.8 Bank pass book LI.iii.121 Bankhead family XXXIV.ii.330,344 Bankruptcy Papers LI.iii.121 Bannerman family XXXIX.i.31 Banns of Marriage XXXVII.iv.131 Baptism XXXV.iv.154 Baptismal Register of Father Robert Francis XLV.i.27 Baptisms LI.iii.122 Baptist Churches XXXII.iv.102 Barclay, Andrew, engineer LII.iii.99 Baronage of Scotland XLVII.ii.35

Baronets of Nova Scotia, Who Were the XXVII.iii.90 Barr family XXXIX.iii.98-103 Barra XXXVII.ii.65, XXXIX.iv.131,140,141

XXXIX.ii.44 Barra, Some Notes on the McNeills of, VI.i.14, VI.iv.8 Bathgate XXXIX.iv.125 Bathgate, West Lothian, Lanark, Ontario, Transatlantic Gravestone Link XX.i.10 Battle Casualties in Scottish History XIX.i.25 Battle Dead, I.i.21, II.i.21, II.iii.22, III. .22,74 Battle Dead, Note on Sources V.ii.39 Battle of Traigh & the Dubh Sith XLVI.iv.153 Baynes of Knockbain, The II.ii.19 Baynes of Pitcairlie, The II.ii.22 Baynes of Tarradale, The II.ii.21 Baynes of Tulloch, The, II.i.3, II.ii.17 Baynes of Wester Logie and Delny, The II.ii.17 Bear, Kindred of the XIX.i.14 Beatons of Culnasciach, The III.i.8 Beattie, A.G., correspondent XXXI.i.10 Beattie, Alastair XXXIII.iii.225; correspondent

XXXV.iii.134 Beattie, Alistair G. XXXVII.ii.53 Beattie, Gordon XXXVIII.iv.158 Beattie, Margaret H. XXXVII.ii.53 Beauford, Minnesota L.iv.168 Beaufort, Jane, Ancestry of XIX.i.2 Beeton family, review XXXIX.i.36, XXXIX.ii.62 Beggar's Benison, John Macnaughton, XIV.iii.55 Beggars XXXV.iii.114, XXXIX.iii.124,

XLIII.iii.110 Beith XXXV.iii.122 Belhelvie Churchyard XXXII.i.18, XXXII1128 Bell family of Dumfriesshire, review XXXI.iii.94 Bell family LII.iv.158 Bell, John L. Bruce, correspondent XXXVII.i.36 Bemersyde LII.ii.67 Bertie, Dr. David M. XXXVIII.iv.149 Berwickshire, Chirnside Parish Register XIX.ii.71 Best of Our Owne: Letters of Archibald Pitcairne, Review XXVII.ii.73 Betts family XXX.iii.103 Bible XLIII.ii.62 Bibles LI.iii.122 Bills LI.iii.122 Binning Family XXI.ii.54 Biographer, Genealogy and the XIV.ii.35 Biographical Sources in India Office Library and Records, a Brief Guide To, Review XXVl.iv.130 Biographical Sources, Select, Review XVIII.iv.97 Biological family XXXlV.i.272 Birth Records XXXIX.i.19 Birth-Baptism Intervals XXXV.iv.154 Birthday cards LI.iii.123 Births LI.iii.123 Births, Pre-1855 Registers of XIV.ii.25 Bishopwearmouth XLIII.iv.140 Bisset family XXXVII.iv.144 Black Isle XLIII.iv.125 Black Watch, 7th Battalion LI.i.28 Blair Castle, Notes on Library at X.iii.6 Blair of that ilk XXXIII.i.137 Blair, John of Adomton, Review XXIII.iii.59

Blairs of Drummond, review XXXIII.iii.223 Blythswood XXXIX.i.3 Bogend, Hogs of Harcarse, XIV.i.21 Bogle, George, and his children XXIX.iii.73 Bogles of Daldowie, family trees XXIX.iii.82,83 Bogue Family, Berwickshire XXII.iii.69 Bonar, John XXXIX.ii.71 Bondmen XLVI.iii.100 Bonds LI.iii.123 Bonhill XL.iii.101 Bonnie Prince Charlie XLVIII.iii.83 Bonshaw, Descent of Irving of XIII.i.24 Bonshaw, The Irvings of XVIII.iv.64 Bonthrone family XXXIII.iv.257 Book of Days LI.ii.74 Bookplates LI.iii.124 Books LI.iii.124 Books wanted XXIII.i.22 Booksellers, Scottish Printers, XIV.iv.85 Bookworld, Genealogy and the VIII.ii.6 Booth, Dr. Dorothy Hyslop XL.ii.74 Border Counties, Recording Monumental Inscriptions XX.i.4 Border Families and Houses, review XXXVI.iv.144 Border History, review XXIX.i.26 Border, review XXXIX.ii.62, XL.ii.74 Borders Family History Society XXXII.iv.127, XXXIII.i.161 Borland and variants XL.ii.51-58 Borland, Dr J.C., correspondent XXXVI.ii.72 Borthwick Water, review XXXIX.i.36 Boston, Constitution and Bye-laws of the Scottish Charitable Society of, Vll.iv.12, VIII.ii.9 Boston, Some Sailings To, 1716-66 VII.iv.14 Boswell, James XXXIII.i.142 Botany Bay, The Women of XXXIII.iv.257 Bothkenner XXXVIII.iv.153 Boultbee, Patrick, correspondent XL.i.37 Boyd family XXXVI.iii.92, XL.iii.112 Boyd, Robert, Glover, Kilmarnock Who Was? XX.iv.98 Brackenridge family XL.iv.133-141, XLV.ii.71 Bradford, E.F. XXXIX.i.36 Breadalbane (Lawers Branch) see Campbell Matriculation Breadalbane, Earldom of XXXVI.iv.109, 116 Breingans of Clackmannanshire XXVII.i.5 Bremner/Brymner, Reply XXII.ii.51 Brides in the 18th Century, Marriage of XVIII.ii.21 Brigham Young University XXXVII.ii.33, XXXVII.ii.63,

XXXVIII.iv.159 Bristol and Weston Super Mare XXXI.iy.127 British Family History Conference, First XXVI.iv.131 British Library XLVII.i.26 British Linen Company VI.i.8 British Residents of the Cape 1795-1819, Review XXVIII.iv.176 British Social Science Resources, An American Guide to, Review XXIV.iii.84 Brocklehurst family XXXVII.iv.137 Bronkhurst, Arnold XLV.ii.64 Brooke-Little, J.P.B., correspondent XXIX.ii.44 Brown, James, Coalminer, Identification and life of XIX.iv.113 Brown, Robert, Botanist XXXVI.ii.50 Brown, William Marshall XXXV.iii.135 Bruce family XXXVII.iv.150, XXXIX.iv.145 Bruce of Clackmannan (Reply) XII.i.24

Bruce of Clackmannan IV.i.26, IV.iv.106 Bruce, James XXXIII.i.142 Bruce, Robert the XXXVI.iii.96 Brydie Family XLV.i.7 Buchan family, review XXXVIII.iv.149 Buchanan Society, The I.ii-iii.14 Budge family XXXVI.iii.84, XXXVIII.i.18,19 Budges of Skye, Review XXIII.i.15 Burgess Rolls LI.iii.124 Burgesses, Glasgow XL.iii.109 Burgh Records LI.iii.126 Burgh Records, Edinburgh V.iii.42 Burial – cost of XLV.iii.77 Burial and Cremation Review Group LII.iv.182 Burial Ground at Gourock, Old XVII.iv.1 16 Burial Ground Inscriptions - see Monumental Inscriptions Burial Ground Inscriptions, List of,

IX.iii.7, X.i.10, X.iv.6, XI.i.8, XII.ii.1 Burial Ground Inscriptions XIV.iii.59 Burial Grounds of Glasgow V.i.2 Burial Grounds, Procedure in Closing XVIII.iv.92 Burial Grounds, see Inscriptions Burial Records LI.iii.127 Burials in Church XLVII.i.10 Burials, See also Cemeteries Burness, Lawrence Ruxton - obituary LI.ii.82 Burnet, George, Surveyor General II.ii.25, II.iv.20 Burnet, James, Note On, II.ii.25 II.iv.20 Burns, Robert XXXI.iii.69, XXXIII.i.143 Burns, Robert, Reply XXV.ii.56 Burt, John – descendants LI.i.20 Business Archives Council XXXIII.iv.256 Business Records LI.iii.127 Bute XXXIV.ii.342 C Cabrach XXXVIII.i.20 Cadder disturbances XXX.iv.149, XXXI.i.19 XXXT i 23 Cadell Family in 18th Century, XXIII.iii.69, XXIII.iv.82 Cadell, Patrick XL.i.31 Cairn of Lochwinnoch XXII.iv.101 Cairns, Janet, of Branxholm, descendants XXXI.i.18 Calder, Ronald W., correspondent XXXII.ii.59 Calderwood, Maxwell of, Arms of, XIII.ii.7, XV.i.24, XV.ii.44 Calderwood, The Arms of Maxwell of IV.i.15 Caldwells of that Ilk and Associated Branches XXVIII.iv.185 Caledonia at the Cape of Good Hope XXX.iii.89 Caledonian Canal XLIII.iii.106 Caledonian Mercury XXXIII.ii.194 Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland LII.i.43 Calendar, Christian, see Gregorian Calendar Cameron, Sir Alan XXXV.i.1 Calendar, Perpetual XXXIX.ii.62 Calling cards LI.iv.164 Callums LI.iii.87 Calmans LI.iii.87 Calton Cemetery, Tombstones in the Old III.ii.33 Calton Hill XL.iii.116 Cameron family XXXIX.iv.147 Camerons of Glendessary and Dungallon, Cadets of Lochiel XVIII.iv.74 Camerons, Further Notes On the Frasers, XIX.ii.48 Campbell in Glasgow XLVI.iv.126

Campbell (of Jura), Charles Graham, Matriculation IX.ii.8 Campbell family XXXII.iii.81, XXXIV.iv.396,

XXXVI.iv.109, XXXVII.i.1,2,6,7,10-12,16,23 XXXVII.iii.112 XXXVII.iv.133 XL.iv.133

Campbell Colin of Inverneil – obituary XLVI.iii.116 Campbell in Kinloch XLVI.iv.125 Campbell of Asknish VI.iv.16 Campbell of Barbreck XLVI.iv.125 Campbell of Colgrain XLVI.iv.131 Campbell of Corriecharmick XLVI.iv.125 Campbell of Craignish XXXII.ii.47 Campbell of Craignish XXXV.ii.63 Campbell of Craignish, VI.iii.14, VII.i.7, VIII.i.1, VIII.i.27 Campbell of Dalhanna, Co. Ayr, James Matriculation IX.ii.9 Campbell of Danna VII.iv.21 Campbell of Denoon, Arthur, Matriculation IX.ii.9 Campbell of Denoon, Younger, Lieut. Arthur Eglinton, Matriculation IX.ii.10 Campbell of Dunstaffnage VIII.ii.17 Campbell of Gensadell, Andrew, Matriculation IX.ii.9 Campbell of Glenfeochan VIII.ii.17 Campbell of Hallyards XLVI.iv.128 Campbell of Hundleshope XLVI.iv.130 Campbell of Inverawe, VILi.5, VIII.ii.14 Campbell of Inverneill XXXV.ii.63, XXXV.iii.119 Campbell of Inverneill, VI.iii.14, VI.iii.20, VII.i.11, VIII.i.1 Campbell of Lerags XLIX.iii.76 Campbell of Lix, Note on, X.ii.2, X.iii.1 Campbell of Loudoun, VI.iv.14, VII.i.13 Campbell of Melfort, VI.iv.15, VIII.ii.15 Campbell of Possil XLVI.iv.131 Campbell of Strachur VII.i.12, XVIII.i.1 Campbell Street, Port Glasgow, Graveyard VI.ii.7 Campbell, Archbishop of Glasgow, Donald Alphonsus, Matriculation IX.ii.10 Campbell, Capt. Allan Wilfred Eglinton, Matriculation IX.ii.10 Campbell, clan history XXIX.iv.128 Campbell, Grace, Highland Heritage (Review) IX.iv.16 Campbell, Graham, Matriculation XII.ii.5 Campbell, James Reid XXXVI.iv.109, 116 Campbell, Major John XXXVII.iv.133 Campbell, Matriculations and Grants, Recent IX.ii.5 Campbell, Michael McNeill, of Airds Bay, Matriculation IX.ii.7 Campbell, Sir David, Matriculation IX.ii.11 Campbell, Sir Nigel Leslie, Matriculation IX.ii.8 Campbell-Gray, Angus D. 22nd Lord Gray, Matriculation IX.ii.11 Campbell-Preston, Robert MTC of Ardchattan, Matriculation IX.ii.6 Campbells in Killin and Tuerachan VIII.i.1 Campbells, Heraldry of the, review XXXI.i.26 Campbells, MacKerlick, in the Breadalbane Court Books. 1 XXVII.i.20 Campbells, Recent Matriculations and Grants VI.ii.7 Campbeltown XXXVII.i.1,4,6,10,14-17, XL.iv.132,133 Campsie Marriage Register 1734-1803 XXVIII.i.37 Camus, Juxta Bann, Derry, Churchyard of St Mary XI.ii.6 Canada XXXVIII.i.8, XXXVIII.iv.154,

XXXIX.iv.145, XL.i.3,35 XL.iv.122 review, XL.ii.75

Canada, Emigrants to XVII.iii.89 Canada, Scottish Emigrants to, review XXXIII.ii.198 Canada, Scottish Tradition in, Review XXIV.iv.105 Canada, Voyage to, Review XXVI.i.12

Canada/Ontario, Glengarry County XXIX.ii.47 Canadian Expeditionary Force XLIV.iv.137 Canadian Families, Information on XX.iii.76 Canadian Genealogical Handbook, Review XXVIII.iii.142 Canadian Poets, review XXXVI.iii.108 Canadian Sources, Some VII.iv.14 Canna L.i.35 Cannongate Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.10 Canongate (Edinburgh) Records V.iii.45 Canongate Churchyard, Inscriptions in V.ii.38 Canterbury, Prerogative Court of, review XXXIX.i.35 Caputh XXXVIII.iii.117 Car Registration LI.iv.164 Caraher Family History Society XXX.iv.141, XXXI.iv.121, XXXIII.iv.261 Caraher family XXXVII.iii.112 Cards – Credit, Insurance, Loyalty LI.iv.165 Cargill family, New Zealand XXXI.iii.88 Cargills of Dunkeld, The, IX.i.4, IX.ii.18, X.ii.8 Carlow Country, Ireland XXXII.iii.100, XXXIV.ii.319 Carlyle, J.F., correspondent XXXIV.iii.376 Carmichael family XXXVI.iii.92 Carnwath Parish Records, XX.ii.37 Carolina XXXVII.i.1 Carragher Clan Record, review XXXIII.iv.261 Carrick family XXXIV.iv.385 Carrick, Gravestone Inscriptions XXXVI.iii.93 Carstairs, N.R. and S. XXXIX.iv.125 Carved Stones LII.iv.182 Cassels family XXX.iii.99 Cassoquhie XLIII.i.1 Catalogues LI.iv.165 Catholic Clergy, review XXXIX.ii.64 Catholic Records, XVIII.iv.93, XIX.ii.44, LI.iv.166 Catholics XXXVIII.iii.118, XXXVIII.iv.142

XXXIX.i.1, XL.iii.105, review, XL.iv.160,161

Cawder, Recent Matriculations, House of IX.ii.6 CD-ROM XXXVIII.i.4,6,7, XXXIX.iv.144,

XLVI.iii.121 Celtic Studies, Cambridge Medieval, Notice XXVIII.ii.78 Celts in Central Europe XXVII.iii.118 Cemeteries, Glasgow V.i.2 Cemeteries, In Glasgow and District III.iv.90 Cemeteries, Iron Bridge, Nova Scotia III.iv.95 Cemeteries, North Leith III.iii.58 Cemeteries, Quaker, Glasgow IV.ii.47,IV.iv.106 Cemeteries, Records of Burials IV.i.20 Cemeteries, South Asia XL.i.36, review XXXVIII.i.29 Cemetery Friends, National Federation of XXXIII.iv.258 Cemetery Records LI.iv.167 Cemetery, Florence XL.iv.162 Census 1870, Jefferson Co., Alabama XIX.iv.116 Census Indexes and Indexing XXIX.i.26, XXX.iii.107, XXXIV.iv.394,

LI.iv.167 Census of Ascension Parish, Louisiana, U.S.A. XXXI.i.10 Census of St Augustine, 1786 XV.iii.51 Census Recording Project, 1881 XLI.i.2, iii.93. XLII.ii.85 Census Recording XXXVIII.iv.125, XXXIX.i.1 XXXIX.ii.41

XL.ii.42 Census Records, V.iv.61, V.iv.63, VII.ii.1

Census Records, Canadian XI.iii.8 Census Returns, Forfar ,1851 XLIII.iii.115 Census XXXVIII.i.20, XXXVIII.iii.81

XXXVm.iv.147,151,152, XXXIX.ii.66 XL.i.33

Census, English, Street Indexes XXIX.i.10 Censuses 1841-1881, review XXXIII.i.165 Censuses, Registrations, IX.iv.14 Ceres XXX.iv.113, XXXI110 Certificate in Family History Studies XLIII.iv.148. XLIV.iv.151,160 Certificate in Scottish Family History Studies 1999/2000 Stirling University XLV.iv.119 Certificates LI.iv.167 Chalmers families XXXVIII.iii.93 Chamberlain Russels XXVIII.ii.69 Chambers, Robert XXL.iv.152,154,164, LI.ii.74 Chance in Search for Forebears XXI.ii.54 Channel Islands, Genealogical Research in XXVII.ii.45 Channelkirk, Two Parish Registers of XIX.i.5 Charles, Marc XXXVIII.i.28 Chattan Association, The Clan III.ii.45 Chattan, Tutorship of Clan V.ii.30 Chelsea pensioners XXXVI.iv.122 Cheshire Family Histories, North XX.i.27 Cheshire Family History Society XXI.i.32 Cheyne, S. Life and Identification of XVII.i.20 Chiefs, Highland, In the Cradle, V.i.7, V.ii.30, V.iii.52 China LI.iv.168 Chirnside, Berwickshire, Parish Registers of XIX.ii.71 Chivalry, Court of VIII1 Chopin and Mutchkin Measures XVII.iii.87 Christian Name Patterns of the Men of the Principal Clans in Sutherland 1678-1834 XXV.iii.73 Christmas Cards LI.iv.168 Church of Scotland XXXVII.ii.55, XXXVII.iii.105

XXXVII.iv.141 Church Records LI.iv.168 Churches, Presbyterian, records XXXIX.iii.88 Clackmannanshire, Monumental Inscriptions XV.iii.58 Clan Alpin Federation XLII.i.25 Clan MacKay, Review XXVI.i.5 Clan MacNaughton, Reply XXV.ii.54 Clan MacNaughton, Review XXV.i.21 Clan Society Publications IV.ii.25 Clan Sutherland Society in Scotland XXV.i.19 Clan XLVIII.ii.49, XLVIII.iii.84,

XLVIII.iv.119 Clann Challuim in Lorn LI.iii.87 Clans of the Scottish Highlands, Review XXVIII.i.37 Clans, Home Lands of the, review XXX.iv.144, XXXI.i.25 Clansmen and Clients XII.iii.36 Clear Days On the Bench XXII.i.19 Cleish XXIX.iv.130, XXX.i.1 Clelland, William XXXVII.ii.64 Clergymen XLIX.ii.56 Clock and Watchmakers, Museum of Antiquities Lists XXIV.iv.113 Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Scotland LII.iv.189 Clockmakers XLVI.ii.51 Clockmakers, Scottish, Detailed List XXIV.ii.38 Clothes name tags LI.iv.169 Clova – barony of XLV.iii.83 Cluny, Headstones in the Graveyard at XV.iv.73

Coal Mining, Ayrshire, review XXXI.iii.93 Coalmining Ancestors, review XXXIV.iii.374, XXXV.i.25 Coal-mining XLIII.i.14. XLIV.iii.121 Coalmining XXXVII.i.20, XXXVII.ii.51 Coastguards XXIX.ii.46 Cochrane Family XXV.i.20 Cochranes of Clippens, A Fortune Unfolded, XXIV.i.23, XXIV.iii.57, XXIV.iv.85 Cockburn of that Ilk XLIV.ii.66 Cockpen Parish Midlothian, 1694 XIX.ii.63 Coe, Mrs A.1., correspondent XXXIII.iii.226 Cokburne, Samuel LII.ii.85 Cokk Pedigree XIII.i.centrefold Coldham, Peter W. XXXIX.i.35 Coldstream Bridge, Missing Records of Irregular Marriages 1844-1857 XXVIII.i.38 Colinda, The XXXIV.ii.325 Collins, Ewen K. XXXVIII.i.33 Collyn XXXIX.iii.108 Colmins LI.iii.87 Colmonell XXXVIII.iii.97 Colonsay XXXVII.i.16 Colquhoun family XL.iii.112 Colquhoun of Ardchoirk XLVII.iii.93 Colwell, Stella XXXVII.i.35 Commissioners, Burgh and Shire, review XXXIX.iii.109 Commonwealth War Graves Commission XL.i.16 Communion Rolls XXXV.ii.73, XXXVI.i.36 Communion tokens LI.iv.169 CompuServe XL.iii.83,84 Computer Disks LI.iv.169 Computer system XLIX.ii.65 Computers in Family History Conference XLV.iv.140, XLVI.i.36 Computers in Family History XLV.iii.101, XLV.iv.137 Computers in Genealogy XXXI.iv.105 Computers in Heraldry XXXI.iii.91 Computers XXXIII.iv.258, 262, XXXV.i.36 review,

XXXV.i.32, XXXV.iv.177, XXXVI.iv.144 Computers XXXIX.iv.144,152, XL.i.2,

XL.iii.82,83,84,93,94,102 XL.iv.142,147 Computing with Calidris XLVII.i.26, XLVII.iii.109, XLVIII.i.32 Comrie XXXVII.ii.44 Conall XLIV.i.25 Concressault XXXIV.iii.358 Concressault, Sieur de XXXIV.iii.345 Condy/Candy Family XLII.ii.54 Conference 1974, Preliminary Announcement XX.iv.80 Conference 1974, XXI.iii.59 Conference Tasmania XXXVII.iii.112 Conference U.S.A. XXXVII.i.33, XXXVIII.iii.118 Conference XXXVII.ii.39,56, XXXVII.iv.136

XXXVIII.ii.41,47 XXXVIILiii.81 XXXVIII.iv.125 XXXIX.ii.41,46 XXXIX.iv.126 XL.i.2 XL.ii.42 XL.iii.82

Conference, England XXXVII.iv.136 Conference, English Genealogical 1981 XXVIII.ii.77 Conference, First British Family History XXVI.iv.131 Conference, Second British Family History XXVIII.iv.164 Conference, SGS, 25th Anniversary, 1978, XXV.ii.62, XXV.iv.93, XXV.iv.144 Congress, 14th International of Genealogists and Heraldic Studies XXVII.ii.75 Congress, Second Australian on Genealogy and Heraldry XXVI.iv.131 Consanguinity, degrees of XXX.iii.85

Contemporary Biographies – Edinburgh & the Lothians, 1904 XLIX.iv.116, L.i.29, L.ii.85 Cook, James and David, Engineers XIII.i.1 Copyright Libraries LI.iv.169 Corbett, Margot XXXVIII.iv.158 Correspondence XL.ii.41 Corstorphine Baron Court Revived XVIII.iii.57 Corstorphine Village, Edinburgh XVIII.iii.55 Corstorphine, review XXXIX.iv.157, XL.i.32 XL.iv.157 Cortachy & Clova 1798 voluntary subscriptions XLV.iv.121 Cory, Kathleen B., XXXIV.ii.331, XXXVIII.i.25 Cory, Kathleen Beatrice - Obituary XLIX.iii.96, XLIX.iv.130 Coulthard, family histories XXIX.i.26, XXIX.iii.92, XXX.iii.100,101,

102 Coulthard, Joseph W. correspondent XXX.iii.101 Coulthart family, review XXXIX.iii.108 Count von Moltke and Scotland XXIV.i.19 County Down Gravestone Inscriptions, Review XXII.i.23 Courses XXXVILii.63, XXXVIII.i.40

XXXVIII.iii.82,119 XXXVIII.iv.126 XXXIX.i.1,2 XXXIX.ii.142 XXXIX.iv.125 XL.i.1,36 XL.iv.122

Courses, Family History XXXIII.i.166 Court of Session Productions XXXIX.iii.88 Court of the Lord Lyon XXVIII.iv.181 Cousin-German, Note on the Meaning of II.iv.20 Cousland XLVII.iii.90 Coutts, Bankers VI.i.9 Covenant, Deeds of, for Subscriptions VIII.iv.32 Covenanters, review XXXIX.iv.157 Covenanters. Avrshire. review XXXI.iii.95 Covenants, Scottish II.ii.14 Cowden family XXXIII.iv.237 Cowglen XXXVII.ii.51,52 Cowie Crest XXXV.i.5 Cowper, A.S. XXXIX.iv.157, XL.i.32 XL.iv.157 Cox in Angus and Perthshire, The Family of IX.i.7 Craig, James – baptism XLVII.i.3 Craig, Peter, of Cleish XXIX.iv.130, XXX.i.1 Craigdarroch Castle, B.C. XXXV.i.23 Craigie, and Innernethy, Ross of XIX.i.27 Craigie's Dictionary VIII.iv.4 Craigie-Smith, John XLV.ii.69 Craigmillar Presbyterian Meeting House, Register of X.ii.13 Craignish MS XXXII.ii.47 Craigton, Dundas of Newliston V.iii.47 Crail XXXVIII.iii.124 Cramer, Sidney XXXII.i.15, XXXIX.iv.126 Cramond Families, Some XX.i.12 Cramond XXXVIII.ii.43 Crawford and the "Cairn of Lochwinyoch", Dr Andro XII.ii.9 Cree family XXXVIII.iii.118 Crests LI.iv.170 Crime XXXIX.i.1 Criminal, Australia XXXVIII.i.25,32 Criminals LI.iv.170 Cromarty, Urquharts of, VI.ii.16, Vl.iii.1 Cuba, English and Irish Immigrants to XVII.ii.62 Cuba, Scots in XI.iv.20 Culnaskiach, The Beatons of III.i.8 Culpepper Church, Culpepper County, Virginia XLIV.iii.116

Cumberland Pacquet, Reports From XX.ii.39, XX.iii.53, XX.iv.81 Cumbrae XXXIV.ii.342 Cupar Parish Churchyard XXXIV.iv.414, XXXV.iv.177 Cupar, review XXXIX.iv.158 Currie, Archibald XXXVIII.i.24 Customs and Excise LI.iv.171 Customs and Excise, review XL.iv.158 Customs Department, Englishmen in the Scottish XIII.ii.17 D Daedalus (Scottish Families in Sweden) VIII.iv.20 Dale, David, of Glasgow XXXII.iv.108 Dalgety, review XL.i.30 Dalhanna, Co Ayr, James Campbell of IX.ii.9 Dallachy, John XXX.iv.146 Dalmahoy, Family of XII.ii.13 Dalmany (Dundas) Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.14 Dalrymple Family, Newliston XXV.i.10 Dalrymple, Sir David, Lord Hailes V.iii.60 Darling family XXXVIII.ii.78 Darling, Grace XXXV.iii.125, XXXVI.i.32 Darroch XXXVIII.i.4, XXXVIII.iii.119 Darroch, Rev. William, Correction XXIII.ii.41 Darrochs and MacEacherns in Scotland and Canada, Review XXI.iii.93 Darwin, Charles XXXVIII.ii.74,75 Data Protection Act XLVI.ii.73 Dates for your Diary LI.ii.62, LI.iii.86, LI.iv.173, LII.i.42,

LII.ii.93, LII.iii.141, LII.iv.186 Dates XL.i.37, XL.ii.50, LII.i.20 Davidson, Alexander, (1) Teacher 1768-1845 and (2) 1775-1850, Both Dunfermline VI.i.20 Davidson, David, Born Dunfermline, 1817 VLi.20 Davidson, Dr. Anstruther XLVII.iii.85 Davidson, Miss Jean XXXVII.iv.138 Davidson, William, Merchant, Provost Aberdeen 1744-1815, Daughter Helen Wife of John Ross of

Grenada VIII.iv.32 Daviot XXXVII.iii.80, XXXVIII.ii.67

XXXVIII.iii.85 XXXVIII.iv.129 Dawson, John of Dalkeith LII.i.12 Dawson, Mrs. J., correspondent XXXII.iii.91 De Lanys of that Ilk L.i.18 Deaf Mutism XLVIII.iv151 Death & Burial Index XLIV.ii.56 Death LII.i.21 Deaths Register in Holy Trinity Episcopal Chapel, Dunfermline XIILii.1 Deaths, Pre-1855 Registers of XIV.ii.25 Deeds of Covenant for Subscriptions VIII.iv.32 Deeds LII.i.22 Deeds, Register of XX.iii.64 Deeds, Register of, Indexes XXXIX.iii.88 Deeside, Upper XXXII.iv.127 Defence, Ministry of XL.i.16, XL.iii.112 Delaforce family, review XXXI.i.26 Delny. The Baynes of Wester Logie, II.ii.17 Delvine Papers, MacKenzie of XII.iii.36 Demainbray, Stephen, correspondent XXXVIII.iii.88 Denoon, Arthur Campbell of, Matriculation IX.ii.9 Denoon, Lieut Arthur Eglinton Campbell, Younger of, Matriculation, IX.ii.10 Derry, Churchyard of St Mary, Camus, Juxta Bann in the Diocese of XI.ii.6 Derry City XXXIII.ii.193

Descent of James Gifford of West Linton, Sculptor, from John, the Brother of James Gifford of Sheriffhall XXVI.iv.112

Designations, Territorial XXXI.iii.87 Deuchar Collection LII.i.15 Dewar, Clan, review XL.i.34 Dewar, Peter Beauclerk XL.i.34 Dialect LII.i.22 Diaries LII.i.22 Diary of Alexander MacKenzie — An Extract XXVIII.ii.45 Dickies, A Century of XVII.ii.49 Dickson family XXXVII.ii.48 Dickson or Ronaldson-Dickson, James, 80th Foot, of Martrees Family and of Blairhall VI.ii.19 Dictionary of Older Scottish Tongue, Appeal XXVIII.iii.140 Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants Review XX.iv.93 Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the USA pre-1855, Review XXVIII.iii.140 Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants XXIX.ii.51, XXX.ii.60 XXXI.i.14 Dictionary of the Norman or Old French Language etc., Advertisement XXV.iii.92 Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue VIII.iv.3 Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue, Friends of the XXXI.ii.41 Dictionary, Concise Scots XXIX.iii.93 Dictionary, Craigie's VIII.iv.4 Dictionary, Craigie's, of Emigrant Scots, V.ii.29, V.iv.78, Vl.iv.1, VII.iv.2,

VII.iv.13, VII.iv.24, VIII.iv.32 Dictionary, Oxford VIII.iv.3 Dictionary, Scottish National XXIX.iii.93 Dictionary, The Scottish National IV.ii.35 Dinner, Anniversary XL.i.1, XL.ii.41 XL.iii.81 Dinweedie Family XXVIII.ii.78 Diplomats LII.i.23 Directories XXXVIII.i.37, XLIV.i.1, LII.i.23 Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, review XXXI.iv.122 Discharge Papers LII.i.24 Disease and mortality XLIX.ii.47 Dissenting Congregations XXXIV.ii.328 Diven Family XXVIII.iv.177 Divorce Records LII.i.25 Divorce XXXVIII.ii.56 Divorces, Register of XII.iii.57 Do you know this building? LII.iv.188 Do you owe the Society Money? XLVI.iii.111 Dog family LII.ii.86 Dog of Balengrew LII.ii.89 Dog of Dunrobin LII.ii.88 Dog Tags LII.i.25 Doherty Clan XXXIII.ii.187,193 Doigs of Menteith LII.ii.86 Domestic Annals of Scotland XLVII.ii.76, XLVIII.i.39, XLVIII.iii.109 Don, Charles Jardine XXX.iv.122 Donald Whyte XLVI.iii.110 Donald, Clan XXXVILii.65 Donald, Clan, Magazine Review XVIII.iv.96 Don'alich, Tormond, Historical Note XVIII.iii.48 Donalson, Dr. Islay XL.i.30 Donations XL.iv.122 Donhead Descendants XXXIII.ii.193 Donkin, Bryan XLIII.iii.106 Donside, Upper, Gravestone Inscriptions XXXVI.ii.49 Dorset XXX.ii.62, XXX.iv.148 Double-Icon, History of a XVII.iv.120 Douglas family XXXII.iv.114

Douglas family XXXVII.iii.75,77,79,107 Douglases, Early, and Their Scattered Progeny XXV.i.22 Dow, James of Tilchardie, Wife Catherine Campbell VII.iv.28 Down Co., Gravestone Inscriptions, XVII.iv.128, XIX.iv.107, XX.ii.51,

XX.iv.94 Down, Graveyard Inscriptions in County, Review XIV.ii.42 Downing family XXXVIII.iv.164 Drum, Descent of Irwin of XIII.i.24 Drumblade, The Kirkyard of, review XXXVI.ii.69 Drummond of Hawthorn den XXXV.ii.96, XXXVI.iii.97 Drummond of Megginch, Adam, Surgeon-Apothecary XIX.i.15 Drummond of Quarrel, XVII.iii.65, XVIII.ii.27 Drummond, James of Biddick, Co. Durham, and the Earldom of Perth, XXII.iv.103, XXII.i.12, Reply

XXIII.i.15, XXVIII.i.1 Druse XXXVI.iii.96 Dryden, Andrew, of Branxholm, descendants XXXI.i.18 Duart Castle XLVII.iii.93 Dubh Sith battle XLVI.iv.153 Dublin Ancestors, A Guide to Tracing Your, review XXXV.ii.91 Duddingston XXXVIII.ii.44 Dudhope, Viscountcy of XXXVI.i.1 Duffies LII.i.2 Duffy LII.i.5 Dumbartonshire XXXIII.ii.194 Dumfries & Galloway Family History Society XXXIV.iii.372 Dumfries Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.15 Dumfries XXXIII.ii.195, XXXVII.i.19,

XXXIX.iii.86 XXXIX.iv.126 XL.i.1, XL.ii.57 XL.iv.158

Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society XXV.i.23 Dunardy XXXIX.i.36 Dunbar - shipwreck L.i.28 Dunbar Family Society XLIII.iii.118 Dunbar Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.15 Dunbar XXXVII.ii.44 Dunbartonshire, Monumental Inscriptions XVI.iii.66 Duncan, Ben, correspondent XL.ii.50 Duncanson family XXX.iv.148 Dundas Family, Newliston XXV.i.10 Dundas of Breastmill, VI.ii.14, VIII.i.22 Dundas of Duddingston V.i.16, XLVII.iv.115 Dundas of Kingscavil and Blair VIII.ii.2 Dundas of Morton VI.i.12 Dundas of Newliston and Craigton V.ii.35, V.iii.47 Dundas of Philipstoun V.iv.65 Dundas, Family of X.i.4 Dundee Ships XLVII.i.12 Dundee XXXIII.iii.224, XL.iv.155 Dundee, Earldom of XXXVI.i.1 Dunfermline peerage XXXI.iii.95 Dunfermline Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.16 Dunfermline, Registers of Holy Trinity Episcopal Chapel XIII.ii.1 Dungallon, Cadets of Lochiel, The Camerons of Glendessary XVIII.iv.74 Dunkeld, Cargills of IX.ii.18 Dunkirk XXXVII.ii.48 Dunsmuir, Robert XXXV.i.23 Durham of Largo, Sir Alexander, Lord Lyon XVII.i.1 Durham Ports XLIII.iv.140. XLIV.i.5 Durham, Sheila Blanche - obituary XLIX.i.25 Durness XXXVIII.iv.151

Dutch Marriage Registers of Scotsmen 1574-1865 XX.ii.38 Duthil XXXIV.iv.386 Dymock family XXXV.i.6 E Earliest Known Ancestors, Directory of XIII.iii.47 Early Douglases and Their Scattered Progeny, Review XXV.i.22 Early steam navigation on the Forth XLVIII.iv.136 East India Company L.i.8 East India Registers and Directories LI.ii.63 East Lothian 1851 census index LII.iii.116 East Lothian Antiquarian Society Transactions XIX.ii.43 East Lothian Family History Fair L.iii.140 East Lothian Millennium Family History Fair XLVI.iv.163, XLVII.i.22 East Lothian Monumental Inscriptions LII.iv.177 East Lothian, review XL.i.30 East Riding Strays and Strangers XXVIII.iii.140 Eckford XXXIX.iv.159 Edinburgh Apprentices, Register of, Review XII.ii.16 Edinburgh Contemporary Biography 1900 XLIX.iv.116 Edinburgh County Militia XXXI.iii.90 Edinburgh Directories LII.iv.185 Edinburgh MI L.ii.82 Edinburgh Normal School LII.iii.122 Edinburgh Police Register XXXVIII.iii.82 Edinburgh Recorder XXXVIII.ii.59 Edinburgh University XXXVIII.i.1, XL.i.2 Edinburgh XXXVII.iii.101-104, XXXVIII.i.24,32

XXXVIII.ii.48 XXXVIII.iv.136 XXXIX.ii.66,77 XXXIX.iii.88 XL.iv.123,152,164 review, XXXIX.iv.156, XL.iii.116

Edinburgh, Corstorphine Village XVIII.iii.55, 57 Edinburgh, Glasgow & Leith Shipping Company XLIII.iii.92 Edinburgh, Presbyterian Meeting House, Register of X.ii.9 Edinburgh, The Company of Merchants of the City of VIII.iii.17 Edinburgh, The Parish Registers of XXXI.i.7 Editor’s Notes (See New in Brief) XLII.i.24, ii.86 Editorial (See News in Brief) XLI.iv.142 Editorial LI.ii.42 Editors of "The Scottish Genealogist" Vl.i.1 Education LI.iv.140 e-Genealogy LII.iv.170 Eigg XXXIX.iv.131,141, L.i.35 Elders LII.i.26 Electors LII.i.26 Electrification XXXVIII.iii.88 Elephant hunting LI.i.16 Elgin XXXV.iv.154 Elgin, Earl of XXXVII.ii.40 Elie OPR Deaths & Burials XLV.ii.53, XLV.iii.99 Elie XXXIII.iii.214-216 Elizabeth, Queen, correct style XXIX.ii.44 Ellis Island Immigrants who returned to Scotland XLVIII.ii.73 Elphinstone family XXXVII.iii.67, XXXVIII.ii.62

XXXVHI.iii.83 XXXVIII.iv.127 XXXIX.i.3 XXXIX.ii.53

Elphinstone, Johnstones of Xl.ii.1 Elphinstones - in Tasmania, review XXXV.iv.177 Emblems & Badges LII.i.26

Embryology XXXVI.iii.88 Emigrant Scot, The Letters of An XI.iv.12 Emigrant Scot, The XXI.iv.116, Li. 15 Emigrant Scots, Dictionary of, V.ii.29, V.iv.78, Vl.iv.1, VII.iv.2,13,14,

VIII.iv.1, 32 Emigrant Scots, Dictionary of III.ii.26, 43, IV.i.22,105 Emigrant Scots, Seeking the VII.iv.7 Emigrant Ship, "The Hector" III.ii.27 Emigrants to Nova Scotia, Notes On III.iv.95 Emigrants LII.i.27 Emigrants, a Dictionary of Scottish, review XXXV.i.32 Emigrants, Dictionary of Scottish IX.i.1, XXIX.ii.51, XXX.ii.60 Emigrants, Dictionary of Scottish, Review XX.iv.93 Emigrants, Scottish, to Australia XXX.iii.105,106, XXXIV.i.286,

XXXV.iii.129; review XXXVI.ii.67,69 Emigrants, Scottish, to Canada XXXIII.ii.197, XXXIV.ii.325

XXXIV.iii.373 XXXVI.ii.53; review XXXIII.ii.198, XXXIII.iii.223, 227

Emigrants, Scottish, to Jamaica XXXV.i.22, XXXV.ii.90 XXXVI.iii.97 Emigrants, Scottish, to New World XXXVI.iv.118; review XXXVI.iii.105 Emigrants, Scottish, to New Zealand XXXIV.i.287,297, XXXIV.ii.340

XXXIV.iii.372 Emigrants, Scottish, to North America XXXVI.ii.38 Emigrants, Scottish, to Tasmania XXXV.iv.177 Emigrants, Scottish, to USA XXXIII.ii.177, XXXV.iii.130 Emigration (Bibliography) XXI.iii.65 Emigration from mid-Argyll to Canada – Mackellar L.ii.74 Emigration XLIII.i.17, LII.ii.62 Emigration, Scottish, bibliography, review XXXV.ii.93 Emigration, Scottish, to Baltic Area, review XXXIV.i.298 Emigration-America XXXVII.i.1, XXXVIII.i.35 XXXIX.iv.135

XL.i.33 XL.ii.56,57 XL.iii.101 XL.iv.131 Emigration-Australia XXXVII.ii.64, XXXIX.i.33 XL.ii.56,58,

XL.iii.101, review XXXVIII.iii.117 Emigration-Canada XXXIX.iv.127-143, XL.i.3,33,35, XL.ii.55

XL.iii.101 Natal, review XXXVIII.iv.148, XXXIX.iv.155

Emigration-New Zealand XXXVIII.iii.110-116, XXXVIII.iv.164 XL.i.28 XL.iii.101

Employees of John Key in Kinghorn 1871-1891 XLIX.ii.51 English and Irish Immigrants to Cuba XVII.ii.62 English Registers, Interesting Facts from XIX.iii.92 English Registers, Oddments of Scottish Interest from XIX.i.8 Englishmen in the Scottish Excise Dept. XIII.ii.16 Entailed Estates LII.i.27 Entails as an Aid to the Genealogist XXIV.i.5 Episcopal Records, Some, VIII.ii.9, VIII.iv.18, LII.i.27 Erratum XVI.iv.96 Eryvine — see Irving Eskdale XXXV.ii.45,55 Essex XL.iii.111, review XL.iv.160 Established Church Records, Old, V.iv.68, VII.iii.10 Estate Papers LII.i.28 Ettrick Shepherd, American links with the XII.iv.69, XIII.iii.35 Euphemia and variants XXXIX.iii.113 European Heritage Days XLI.iii.130 Evidence, law of XXXIII.iii.207 Ewan, Elspath XXXVIII.iv.134, XXXIX.ii.63,64

XXXIX.iii.106 XXXIX.iv.159 XL.iii.113,114

Ewart family XL.iii.111 Exam Certificates LII.i.28 Examiner L.iii.142, L.iv.167 Exchequer Rolls LII.i.28 Excise Associates of Burns, VI.i.15, Vl.ii.1, VII.ii.11 Excise Department, Englishmen In the Scottish XIII.ii.16 Excise Officers LII.i.28 Exile of Francis Mowbray LI.iv.139 Eyemouth XXXVIII.iv.154 F Falconer of Balmakellie, Sir John XIV.i.1 Falkirk Parish Churchyard X.ii.7 Families of the Lennox XXII.ii.29 Family and Nation, For XXV.iv.140 Family Histories LII.ii.77 Family History Annual XXXII.ii.57 Family History Courses XXXIII.i.166 Family History Record XXXVI.ii.67 Family History Societies in Scotland XXXVI.iv.141 Family History Societies LII.ii.77 Family History, leaflets XXXVI.ii.38 Family History, Making Readable III.iv.79 Family History, MSS of an Old Scottish, I.ii.6, I.iii.6 Family History, Scottish, review XXXV.iii.104 Family History, see Genealogy Family History, Tracing in New Zealand, review XXXVI.iii.107 Family History, Tracing Your, review XXXIII.iv.262 Family of Gifford in Shetland and Their Descent from the Giffords of Sheriffhall XXVIII.ii.60 Family Origins, Some, Review XVII.iii.82 Family Research, Information Available on Particular XII.iv.86 Family Seats LII.ii.67 Family Tree Magazine XXXI.iv.123, XXXIV.ii.344,

XXXVIII.i.26, XXXVIII.iv.139 Family Tree, Tracing of, Review XII.iii.52 Family, Occupation and Social Stratification XLII.ii.89 Farmers LII.i.31 Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Note XII.iii.52 Fatal Mistake, The, Review XXVI.iii.83 Faxes LII.ii.77 Fearn XXXV.iii.112 Fearn, review XL.ii.74 Fearn, The Calendar of XXXIV.iv.384 Feb 1793 XLIX.i.31 Federation of Family History Societies XXXV.i.36 Fencibles XXXVII.ii.40, XXXVIII.ii.76 Fergusson, Robert, poet LII.ii.65 Ferric, William XXXV.i.12 Ferriers, The (A Fortune Unfolded, Pt.II) XXIV.iv.85 Ferry, Tay XL.iv.155 Fertilisation, Human XXXVI.iii.88 Feudalism LI.iii.98 Fife Council Archive Centre XLVIII.ii.77 Fife Family History Fair – 3rd XLVI.ii.73, XLVI.iii.121 Fife Family History Fair XLIV.i.35, XLV.i.25, XLV.ii.70,

XLV.iii.100, XLVII.ii.75, XLVII.iii.107, XLVIII.i.36, XLVIII.ii.76, L.ii.94

Fife Traders and Shopkeepers, Dictionary of XXXII.iv.131 Fife XXXVIII.iii.101, XXXVIII.iv.159,

XXXIX.ii.66, review, XXXVII.ii.64

Fifeshire, Philip Family of XV.iii.59 Fifty years Endeavour L.ii.77 Film LII.ii.77 Financial Records LII.ii.78 Finlay XXXVIII.iv.153 Fisher, Andrew, 1862-1928 "From Pit Boy to Prime Minister", Review XXVII.ii.73 Fisheries, Scottish, I.i.23, II.i.21 Fishing Fleet’, to India L.i.8 Fishing Licences LII.ii.78 Fitzalan, Walter XXIX.iii.84, XXX.i.8 XXX.ii.62

XXX.iii.103, XXX.iv.149 Flag, Scotland's, Origins: Athelstaneford Parish — and John Knox XXVII.ii.57 Flags, Medieval, review XXXI.iii.92 Flanders, MacLeans in Holland, XIII.i.21 Fleming of Fleming, Ohio XXI.i.1 Fleming, Neil XXXVII.i.12 Fleming, Papers of Sir Sandford XV.iii.52 Fleming, Robert XXXIII.i.139 Florence XL.iv.162 Football XLVI.i.23 For Family and Nation XXV.iv.140 Forbes family XXXII.iv.116 Forbes, George Hay, linguist, traveler and man of God XLVI.iv.138 Forbes, Sir William, Banker VI.i.10 Fordyce Family, I.ii.36, I.iii.36, II.iv.20, III.iii.46 Forestier in Normandy XXX.iii.83 Forfar XXXIX.iii.88 Forfeited Estates LII.ii.79 Forglen Churchyard XXX.ii.65, XXXII.iv.128 Formative Years, The XXVII.ii.52 Formulary of Old Scots Legal Documents XXXIII.iii.212; review XXXIII.i.163 Fornication LII.ii.79 Forrester Clan, review XXXVI.iii.106 Forrester Family Association XVI.iii.68 Forrester family XXXIII.iii.214, XXXVIII.iv.154, LII.ii.72 Forrester Family, Baron Court of XVIII.iii.57 Forrester of Leuchar XLVI.i.1, XLVI.ii.77 Forrester, Joseph, silversmith LI.iii.113 Forrester, William, silversmith LI.iii.113 Forresters and Munros, A Puzzling Link XXI.iii.87 Forresters of Corstorphine XXX.iii.83 Forresters of Strathendry and Gibliston XXX.ii.37 Forret (Forath) family XXXII.iv.1 14,116, 121 Forthcoming publications XLVIII.iii.97, XLVIII.iv.136 Fortune Unfolded, A (Cochrane of Clippens) XXIV.i.23, XXV.i.10 Fortune, The Family Name of XIX.i.10 Foulden Church LII.i.48 France XXXIV.iv.385, XXXVIII.i.12-17,

XXXIX.i.7, XL.iii.82, LII.i.15 Francis, father Robert – baptismal register XLV.i.27 Franklin, Benjamin XL.ii.69 Fraser en Anjou XXX.ii.54, XXXI.ii.54, XXXII.ii.57

XXXI.iv.123 XXXII.iv.131 XXIX.iii.84 XXX.i.8 XXX.ii.62 XXX.iii.103 XXX.iv.149 XXXI.iii.92 XXXII.iv.116 XXX.iii.83 XXX.ii.65 XXXII.iv.128 XXXII.iv.114,116 121, XXX.ii.37 XXX.iii.83, XXX.iii.83 XXX.ii.37 XXX.ii.54 XXXI.ii.54

Fraser, Det. Insp. D.A. – July 1951 L.iii.122

Fraser, John XXXIX.iii.92-95, XL.iii.108 Fraserburgh XXXIV.ii.339, 340 Frasers and Camerons, Further Notes XIX.ii.48 Frasers in Canada VII.iii.11 Frasers of Kiltarlity XVI.ii.21 Frasers of Lovat V.i.11 Free Church LII.ii.79 Freeholders LII.ii.80 French XL.iii.82 Friendly Societies LII.ii.80 Friends, Scottish Records, Society of VII.iii.1 From Scotland to the USA, A Civil War Diary — The McRobbie/Divan Migration and Transition

XXVIII.iv.177 Fry Family, Letter XXIV.i.18 Funeral Customs XLVII.i.8 Funeral Notices LII.ii.80 Fur Trade, Scots In the North American XV.iii.56 Furgol, Edward M. XXXIX.iv.157 Furniture Makers, Edinburgh XXXIX.ii.77 Furstenzandt, Alexandrine de XXXVIII.i.28 Fyvie, The Kirkyard of, review, XXXVI.iii.107 G Gadgirth XXXVIII.iii.93 “Gaelic Gleanings" XXIX.ii.45 Gaelic Summer School XXXVII.ii.63 Gaelic Surnames XXXIII.ii.188, XXXIV.ii.332 XXXV.i.4

XXXVI.i.22,36 Gaelic Surnames, English Adaptations of XVII.iv.109 Galbraiths of Coldstream, review XXXVI.ii.67 Gallaway Ancestors Revisited, Our, Review XXVII.i.19 Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Dumfriesshire, VI.iv.2 Galloway XXXIX.iii.86, XXXIX.iv.126 XL.i.1

XL.ii.41 XL.iv.158, review, XXXIX.iv.155 Galloway, Lords of XLIII.iii.89. XLIII.iv.155 Galloways of Lipnock, Perthshire Review XII.ii.19 Gardner, Alexander, Goldsmith II.iii.20,21 Gargunnock Farmer Club XLVIII.iii.115 Garvock, The Wellwoods of Touch and, XVII.i.7, XX.i.17 Gass Family, Review XXVm.iv.160 Gazetteer, Genealogical, review XL.iii.113 Gellatly family XXXV.iii.97 Gelston XXXIV.i.277,285 Gelston, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright XLIII.i.23 Genealogical and Family Record Book XXXI.i.23 Genealogical Classification, review XXXV.i.31 Genealogical Congress, 11th International XVIII.ii.41 Genealogical Diaries LI.ii.81 Genealogical Directory, International, XVIII.iii.58, XIX.i.24 Genealogical Publications in Scotland VIII.ii.6 Genealogical Queries, Clan Societies, II.i.19 Genealogical Research — Organisation and Methods XXI.iv.102 Genealogical Research Directory 1981 Part 1 (Australasian Edition) Review XXVIII.iv.159 Genealogical Research Directory, review XXXI.iii.96, XXXII.ii.46, XXXIV.iii.375 Genealogical Research in Australia XVIII.iv.91 Genealogical Research in the Channel Islands XXVII.ii.45 Genealogical Research in the Isle of Man XX.iii.73 Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, The XVI.iii.67 Genealogical Society of Utah XXV.ii.63, XXXV.iii.120 Genealogical Sources, V.iv.62, VIII.ii.24, VIILiii.14

Genealogical Tabulation, V.iv.64, VI.iv.71 Genealogical Work in Progress XLII.iv.148, XLIII.i.29 Genealogist, The Scottish IV.iv.82 Genealogists, professional XXXIII.ii.185, XXXV.i.29 Genealogists, Society of Australian XVIII.iii.57 Genealogists, Society of XX.i.12 Genealogy- Australasian XXXVII.iii.112 Genealogy course XXXIX.ii.65 Genealogy and the Book World VIII.ii.6 Genealogy and the Mormons XXVII.ii.59 Genealogy Charts and Reports LII.ii.81 Genealogy Digest, review XXX.i.13 Genealogy for the Biographer XIV.ii.35 Genealogy In Architecture and Decoration II.iv.3 Genealogy in the Isle of Harris, 1750-1900 XIX.ii.29 Genealogy of a Parish, (Tulliallan), Review XII.i.22 Genealogy of John Knox, a New Look XXVII.iv.148 Genealogy of Scottish Families in Holland, Review, XIV.ii.41, XVI.i.20 Genealogy Societies in Scotland XXXVI.iv.141 Genealogy Society, The Scottish, I.i.4, II.iv.8, III.i.3, III.iii.72, III.iv.87,

IV.iv.90 Genealogy Treasure Trove XXVI.ii.48 Genealogy IV.iv.83, XXXVII.ii.63, XL.iii.82, review,

XXXVII.i.35, XXXVIII.i.31 Genealogy, A Simple Guide to Irish, Review XIV.ii.40 Genealogy, Do's and Dont's in XIII.i.16 Genealogy, English, reviews XXIX.ii.42, XXX.iv.151 XXXI.iv.123

XXXII.iii.89 XXXII.iv.129 Genealogy, evening classes XXIX.ii.54, XXXII.i.14 Genealogy, Ontario, review XXXII.ii.59 Genealogy, Proofs of Nobility in European IX.iii.1 Genealogy, Scottish, as a Hobby XIV.iii.50 Genealogy, Scottish, reviews XXXII.i.21, XXXII.iv.128 Genealogy, Shetland, review XXXII.ii.59 Genealogy, Significance of, Conference 1974, Prof. Donaldson's Speech XXI.iii.59 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland XLIX.i.3 General Register Office, Changes in Facilities etc. XXIII.iv.77 General Register Office, Fees Chargeable 1976 XXIII.i.9 General Register Office, fees XXXIII.i.161, XXXIV.ii.341,

XXXVII.iv.139,140, XXXIX.ii.48,49 XL.ii.72,73

Generations, Number to a Century XV.ii.31 Gensadell, Andrew Campbell of, Matriculation IX.ii.9 Genuki XLVII.i.27 Geology XXXVIII.ii.74 George XXXIX.i.32 Georgia XLI.i.7 Gibraltar XXX.iv.142 Gifford Family in Scotland, The Origin of the XXVII.iv.152 Gifford, James, Sculptor, West Lothian, Descent of XXVI.iv.112 Gifford, The Family of, in Shetland and Their Descent from the Giffords of Sheriffhall XXVIII.ii.60 Gift Aid L.iii.142 Gifts and Deposits LII.ii.82 Gigha XXXVILi.1,2,4,7,8,10,12-13 Gilchrist, William XXXV.iii.113 Gilhooley, James XL.iii.113 Gillespie Family XLIII.i.11 Gipsies XL.ii.44

Glack XXXVII.iii.79-81,84,85,92, XXXVIII.ii.62,63,65, 67,68,70, XXXVIII.iii.83-88

Gladsmoor (Gladsmuir), Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.16 Glasgow and West of Scotland F.H.S. XL.iv.122 Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society XXV.i.12 Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society, XXXIII.i.159 XXXIV.i.271 XXXV.ii.85

XXXVI.iv.141 Glasgow Burial Grounds V.i.2 Glasgow Cathedral XXXVI.iv.127,137 Glasgow Normal School LII.iii.127 Glasgow University Archives & Business Record Centre XLII.iv.156 Glasgow University Archives & Business Records Centre XLV.iii.101 Glasgow University XXXVIII.i.2,3 Glasgow XXXVIII.iii.82, XXXIX.i.3 XL.iii.109,120 Glasgow, The Quaker Burial Ground in IV.ii.47, IV.iv.106 Glass LII.ii.82 Glassary XXXVIII.iii.124 Glassmakers XXXVII.iv.118 Glen and the Cherokee Indians, Governor James X.iv.10 Glen family, review XXXVIII.i.33 Glen Shira, part of the Argyll Estates L.i.14 Glen, William and Elizabeth XXXVIII.i.33 Glenalladale XXXIX.iv.127,141,143 Glencairn, McGregors of IX.iii.14 Glendessary and Dungallon, Cadets of Lochiel, The Camerons of XVIII.iv.74 Glenfiddich Award XXXIX.iv.125 Glenfiddich Living Scotland Award XLI.i.45 Glenfruin XLIX.iii.82, XLIX.iv.103 Glengarry and its Settlers, Early History of XVIII.ii.39 Glenkens XL.i.21 Glenlivet XLIII.iv.137 Glennie family, review XL.iii.115 Glenrothes XXXVII.iii.106 Golden Jubilee – SGS XLIX.iv.137, L.i.44, L.ii.93 Golden, see Cowden family Goldie, Douglas B. XXXIX.iv.156 Goldsmiths LII.ii.82 Gome, Siol XV.ii.36 Goodsir family XXIX.iv.110 Goodsir, John, anatomist XXIX.iv.112 Gorbals XXXIX.i.3 Gordon Clan Society XLVII.iv.154 Gordon Family of Galloway, Research into XIII.i.23 Gourock, Old Burial Ground at XVIII.iv.116 Graham Charitable Society, The, I.ii.15, I.iii.15 Graham family XXXVI.iii.92 Grant family XXXVIII.i.8 Grant, History of Clan, review XXX.iv.152 Grave Confusion XXV.i.10 Grave robbing XXXV.iii.111 Gravestone Inscriptions Caithness XXXIX.iv.125 Gravestone Inscriptions Caputh XXXVIII.iii.117 Gravestone Inscriptions Duddingston XXXVIII.ii.44 Gravestone Inscriptions Eskadale XXXVII.ii.45 Gravestone Inscriptions Gravestone Inspection - Asia XXXVIII.i.29 Gravestone Inscriptions in County Down, Review XXII.i.23 Gravestone Inscriptions Kelso XL.iv.161 Gravestone Inscriptions Kirkcudbright XXXVIII.i.23,24 Gravestone Inscriptions Lochaber XXXVII.ii.53

Gravestone Inscriptions Lothian, East XL.i.30 Gravestone Inscriptions recording XXXVIII.i.35 Gravestone Inscriptions Ross, Wester XXXVII.i.24, XXXVII.iv.129 Gravestone Inscriptions Roxburghshire XXXVIII.iv.134, XXXIX.ii.63,64

XXXIX.iii.106 XXXIX.iv.159 XL.iii.113,114

Gravestone Inscriptions Skye XXXVII.ii.53 Gravestone Inscriptions Speyside XL.i.1 Gravestone Inscriptions XVII.iv.128, XVII.iv.126, XXXVII.iv.142,

XXXVin.ii.46 XXXVIII.iv.148 XXXIX.i.25 XXXIX.ii.44 XL.ii.46

Gravestone Inscriptions, Co Down, Reviews, XVII.iv.128, XIX.iv.107, XX.ii.51, XX.iv.94

Gravestone Inscriptions, Scotland, see MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS Gravestone Links (Bathgate, West Lothian, Lanark, Ontario), Transatlantic XX.i.10 Graveyard at Cluny, Headstones in XV.iv.73 Graveyard Inscriptions in County Down, Review XIV.ii.42 Graveyards - conservation XLIX.ii.42 Graveyards and Development XV.iii.53 Graveyards, reviews XXXII.iv.111 Gray family XL.ii.59-70 Gray of Rogart XLI.ii.80 Gray, Angus Diarmid Campbell-Gray, 22nd Lord Gray, Matriculation IX.ii.11 Gray, Captain (Retd.) Erik A. XXXVIII.i.31 Great North Fair L.i.45, L.ii.94, L.iii.140 Great Seal Register LII.ii.85 Greaves, Family Reunion in Australia XI.iii.4 Greenlaw Parish, Some Unusual Statistics from XIV.iii.68 Greenock Harbour Trust Wages LII.iii.120 Gregor Society, The Clan, I.ii.17, I.iii.17 Gregor, Clan Society XXXI.iii.89 GregorClan XXXV.iii.110 Gregorian Calendar XXXV.i.24, XXXV.iii.133, 134 Gregorys, Professors and Physicians V.ii.24 Gretna Marriage Records XXV.i.18 Greyfriars Churchyard XXXVII.iv.143 Greyfriars Inscriptions, Obituary XI.i.10 Grier family, review XL.i.33 Grier, William M. XL.i.33 Grierson Surname XLV.i.26 Griffins in Lauder Heraldry XLIV.i.12 Griffiths Valuation XL.i.36 Griffiths Valuation, Ireland XXXIII.iv.257 GRO index to Births, Marriages & Deaths XLV.i.32 GRO index to births, marriages and deaths, England & Wales 1837-1983 XLV.i.32 GRO XLVIII.iii.114 Grunenberg Roll, Royal Arms in the, XIII.iii.39, XIV.ii.47 Gryfe XXXIX.iii.98 Guelders, Arms of the Duke of XVII.ii.33 Guild Brethren, Glasgow XL.iii.109 Guild of One-Name Studies XXXV.ii.96, LII.ii.85 Guild, I.R. XLI.ii.49 Gullen family XXXVI.ii.53 Gumming, Fenton and Co., Merchants in Riga IX.i.6 Gutterbluid Club, Minutes of Peebles, Review XX.iv.95 H Haig Family in Clackmannanshire LI.i.3 Haig in Alloa LI.i.6 Haig of Bemersyde LI.i.10, LII.ii.67

Haig whisky LI.i.10 Halkett, Lady Anne of Pitfirrane XLVIII.iv.123 Halketts of Pitfirrane, VII.ii.21, VIII.iii.1 Halliburton Family, review XXXV.i.32 Halliburton, Rt Hon George XXXV.iii.113 Hamilton of Finnart LII.ii.51 Hamiltonof Innerwick LII.ii.53 Hamilton XL.ii.42 Hamilton, History of House of, Letter XVII.ii.56 Hamilton, John, of Montendre XVI.iv.90 Hamilton, Pasteur John XVIII.ii.26 Hamiltons of Shawfield and Turnlaw, Descent of XVII.ii.57 Hampshire Genealogical Society XXI.i.32 Handbook for Genealogical Research in South Africa, Review XXIV.iv.105 Handbook of British Family History: A Guide to Methods and Sources, Review XXVI.iii.81 Handwriting LII.iii.133 Hanks, Patrick XXXVIII.i.29 Hanna, Mary Purves – journal of, 1866 L.iv.168 Harcarse and Bogend, Hogs of XIV.i.21 Harden LI.iii.128 Hardie family XXXIV.ii.332 Hardie.Kier XXVII.iv.146 Harkness LII.i.15 Harper, Alexander, Reply IX.iv.17 Harpers XXXVIII.iii.102 Harris 1750-1900, Genealogy in Island of XIX.ii.29 Harris XXXVII.ii.65 Harris, Helen Doxford XXXVIII.i.25 Harrison, John XXXIX.i.35 Hastie/Hasty, James, Farmer, Heads, Reply XXVI.iii.92 Hawick XXXVII.iii.77, XXXVIII.iii.124 XL.ii.58 Hays, at Charles VII of France's Coronation, The IX.ii.13 He Fought With the Americans XXVIII.iv.165 Headstones in the Graveyard at Cluny XV.iv.73 Hearth Tax LII.iii.133 Hearth Tax, other late Stuart Tax Lists, review XXXII.iii.89 Hearth Tax, Poll Tax XI.iii.8 Hebrides, history, review XXIX.ii.43 Hebrides, Outer XXXVI.i.22 Heirlooms and Kinships Movable VII.i.3 Heirs XLII.iii.93, LII.iii.134 Heirs, Scottish-American XIV.iv.81 Heirs, Scottish-Australasian XV.i.14 Henderson family XXXIX.iii.114,116-118,120 Henderson, Dr. Ebenezer XXXIX.i.33 Henderson, Mause XLVIII.iii.91 Hendry, Dr. David W. W. XXXIX.iv.158 Henning, Brigadier O.J. XXXIX.ii.62 Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, Institute of XXXIX.ii.65 Heraldic Ceilings, Pitfirrane House VII.ii.21 Heraldic Court of Chivalry VIII1 Heraldic Society VII.ii.1 Heraldry in Scotland XXV.iv.127 Heraldry Office, Holy See of Antioch XXXVI.iii.104 Heraldry LII.iii.134 Heraldry XXXVII.iii.94, XL.iii.87-93 Heraldry, Budge XXXVI.iii.84 Heraldry, Customs, Rules and Styles, Review XXVIII.iv.170 Heraldry, the Oxford Guide to, review XXXVI.i.34 Hereditary Genius VI.i.2

Heriot family XXXV.iii.127 Heriot, George, Banker VI.i.2 Heritors LII.iii.135 Hewett family XXXIX.iv.146 Highland Communities in Dundee and Perth, review, XXXIII.iii.224 Highland Development Schemes of the 18th Century, SomeIII.iii.64 Highland Diary 1972 XIX.i.25 Highland Emigration to British North America XLI.iii.115 Highland Family History Society XXXIII.i.160 Highland Funerals XLVII.i.11 Highland Genealogy, Local Publications of Xl.i.1 Highland Heritage, Review IX.iv.16 Highland Papers XXXIV.iv.384 Highland Tutorships, V.i.7, V.ii.30, V.iii.52 Highlanders XXXVII.iii.100,101, XL.iv.152 Highlands XXXVII.i.3 Highway robbery XLV.ii.72 Hillingdon Family History Fair XLV.i.25, XLV.ii.70 Historiae Scoticae, Nomenclatura Latino-Vernacula XVIII.iv.73 Historic Heraldic Families, Review XXIII.i.20 History in Stamps XXVII.iii.113 History of Luguen of Strathearn and His Children, Review XXVIII.iv.160 History Repeats Itself XIV.iii.67 History Society, Scottish XIV.iv.86 History, Church, review XL.i.30 History, Scottish, review XXXIX.iii.107 HMS Curacoa XLIX.iv.120 Hodges, Flavia XXXVIII.i.29 Hogg Family XLIII.ii.58 Hogg Family, American Links with Ettrick Shepherd XII.iv.69 Hogs of Harcarse and Bogend XIV.i.21 Hogstoun - SEE OGSTON Holland and Flanders, MacLeans in XIII.i.21 Holland, Genealogy of Scottish Families in, Review, XIV.ii.41, XVI.i.20 Holland, Scottish Families in XII.iii.53 Holyrood: It's Court and it's Port XXVII.ii.66 Holywood Records (Dumfriesshire) XXIII.ii.41 Home, George XXXVIII.i.30 Honorary Member – John Angus Macbeth Mitchell XLVI.iii.120 Honorary Member William Lawson XLVI.ii.70 Honorary Members LI.i.27 Hornings LII.iii.135 Horse Racing XLVI.i.24 Hosack family XXXV.iii.131 Hosack, Elizabeth XXXV.iii.130 Hospital Archives XXV.iii.65 Hospital Records LII.iii.135 Hospital records, review XXXV.ii.93 Hounam XXXVIII.iv.134 House History LII.iii.135 House of John Blair, The, Review XXIII.iii.59 Houston Baronetcy, Reply XI.iii.3 Houston Schoolmasters XI.i.15 Houstons of Houston, XV.iii.66, XV.iv.86, XVI.iii.53, XVI.iv.73,

XXX.iii.104 Houstons of Johnstone, The XIX.iii.78 Houstons of New Zealand XVII.i.31 Houstons, Australia XVII.i.25 How Kirk Sessions Records Brought Life to an Ancestor XXVI.i.7 Hoy Family XLIV.iii.104

Hudson's Bay Company XXXIV.ii.325 Hungary LII.i.12 Hunter Clan Gathering XLVIII.ii.76 Hunter, James, Banker VLi.11 Hunter, William and John, Surgeons V.ii.25 Huwelijken van Militairen, Behorende tot het eerste/tweede/deerde Regiment van de Schotse Brigade

in Nederland XVI.i.20 I I Saved the King - the Story of the Turnbulls, Review XXIV.ii.56, XXVII.ii.73 Iceland Census 1703 X.i.8 Identification XXXIX.iii.91-97, XXXIX.iv.144,145 Identity and Genealogy XXXIV.i.272, XXXV.ii.94 XXXVI.iii.88 Identity Cards LII.iii.136 Illegitimacy XXX.iv.113, XXXI.i.10, XXXVIII.ii.55,57 Illegitimacy, review XXXIII.i.165 Images LII.iii.136 Importance of Witnesses in Locating an Ancestor XXII.i.20 Incest XXXVIII.ii.53 Income Tax LII.iii.136 Indentures LI.iv.139 Index The National Pedigree XXVI.iv.3 Index, Microfiche, deficiencies XXXIX.ii.42, XXXIX.iii.85 Index, update, computer XXXVII.iv.138 Indexes, composite, to birth and marriage records XXXVII.ii.53, XXXIX.i.19 Indexes, Marriage Census and other, review XXXI.iv.120 Indexes, Marriage, review XXX.iv.153 Indexing of Records and Censuses XV.iii.50 Indexing Parish Registers XVII.i.3 India Office Library and Records A Brief Guide to Biographical Sources XXVI.iv.130 India Records of Scots Families in, II.iii.22, III.iii.74, IV.iii.59 India XLVI.i.25, LII.iii.137 India XXXVIII.i.29 Indies 1819-1849, MacLeans in the Former Dutch East XIX.ii.45 Industrial Archaeology Review XXXIII.i.145 Industrial Associates of the Cadell Family, XXIII.iii.69, XXIII.iv.82 Industry on Genealogical Research, The Effect of II.i.16 Infancy of the Scottish Accountancy Profession, The Formative Years XXVII.ii.52 Information Technology in Genealogy XXXI.iv.105 Ingham Family History Society XXXVI.i.31 Inhibitions LII.iii.137 Initials LII.iii.137 Ink XXXIX.ii.52 Inner Hebridean Isles L.i.35 Innernethy Ross of Craigie, XIX.i.27 Innes, Sir Thomas of Learney, KCVO, LL.D, SEE LORD LYON Inquiries, genealogical XXXVIII.ii.45, XXXIX.ii.44 XL.ii.45 Insane People LII.iii.137 Inscriptions Burial Ground XIV.iii.59 Inscriptions County Compilations of Monumental, XVII.iii.80, XVIII.ii.26, XIX.ii.69, XX.i.27 Inscriptions Gravestone, Co. Down, Review XVII.iv.128 Inscriptions Gravestone, in County Down XIV.ii.42 Inscriptions Irish Gravestone, Review XIX.iv.107 Inscriptions Methods of Recording Pre-1855 Tombstone XVIII.iii.50 Inscriptions Monumental Selkirk Ashkirk and Lindean VIII.iii.24 Inscriptions Monumental, Ballingry and Auchterderran V.iv.78 Inscriptions Monumental, Campbell Street, Port Glasgow VI.ii.7 Inscriptions Monumental, County Compilations, XV.iii.58, XVI.ii.40 Inscriptions Monumental, in Clackmannanshire XV.iii.58 Inscriptions Monumental, in Dunbartonshire XVI.iii.66

Inscriptions Monumental, in Kinross-shire, XIV.iv.87, XV.iii.58 Inscriptions Monumental, in West Lothian XVI.ii.40 Inscriptions Monumental, Some Edinburgh VIII.iv.2 Inscriptions of Island of Islay, Monumental XVIII.iii.54 Inscriptions LII.iii.138 Inscriptions, Monumental XXIX.ii.54, XXX.ii.58 XXX.ii.65

XXX.iii.102 XXXI.i.24 XXXII.iv.128; reviews XXXII.iv.111, XXXII.iv.127

Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies XXIX.ii.47, XXXII.iv.112 Insurance (professional negligence) XXXIII.ii.185 Insurance Claims, Fire XXXII.iv.107 Insurance Policies LII.iii.138 Interesting Tombstone, An XXVII.iv.166 Interests, Members' Register of XXXIV.ii.343, XXXIV.iii.365

XXXV.iii.139 Interests, Members', Aberdeen and North-East Scotland FHS, XXXV.ii.92 Interests, Register of Members XXXVIII.iii.81, XXXVm.iv.125 XL.iv.121 International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences XXVII, St Andrews 2006 LII.iv.181 International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences, Programme 1976 XXIII.i.16 International Gathering of the Clans XXXIII.i.159 International Gathering XXIX.ii.50, XXIX.iii.96 XXXI.iv.127 International Genealogical Index XXXIII.iii.227 International Genealogical Institute XXIX.ii.50 International Genealogy Index (I.G.I.) XXXVII.iv.141, XXXIX.i.24

XXXIX.iv.144 XL.ii.42 XL.iii.82 Internet Users Group XLV.i.32, XLV.ii.69, XLV.iii.95,

XLV.iv.132 Internet LII.iii.138 Internet Users Group XLIII.ii.46. XLIV.i.36. ii.77. Introducing Scottish Genealogical Research, 2nd Edition, Review XXVi.iii.82 Introducing Scottish Genealogical Research, 3rd Edition, Review XXVIII.iv.162 Inventions LII.iii.139 Inventories LII.iii.139 Inverary Castle Restoration XXV.iii.89 Inverkeithny Churchyard XXX.iii.102, XXXII.iv.128 Inverleith Rocheids of, 1634-1737 XIV.i.10 Inverness Advertiser XXXVI.iv.143 Inverness Shire Highlanders XXXVII.ii.42, XXXVIII.i.8 Invitations LII.iii.139 Ireland family XXXVIII.iv.159 Ireland XXIX.i.24 Ireland, Catalogue of Sources for Genealogical Research, review, XXXIII.i.164 Ireland, Griffiths Valuation XXXIII.iv.257 Ireland, Northern, Tithe Books XXXIII.iv.257 Irish Ancestor, Review XVI.iv.95 Irish Family History Society XXXI.iv.124 Irish Genealogical Congress, 2nd, 1994 XLI.ii.89, iii.130 Irish Genealogy A Simple Guide to XIV.ii.40 Irish Gravestone Inscriptions, Reviews, XVII.iv.128, XIX.iv.107, XX.ii.51,

XX.iv.94 Irish Immigrants to Cuba, English, XVII.ii.62 Irregular Marriages at Coldstream Bridge 1844-1857 Missing Records of XXVIII.i.38 Irregular Marriages LII.iii.140 Irving (and variants) family XXXII.i.22 Irving American Links with Clan XIV.iv.72 Irving of Drum and Bonshaw, Descent of XIII.i.24 Irvings of Bonshaw, The XVIII.iv.64 XXXI.i.27 Irwin of Drum see IRVING Island in the Current, The XXVI.iii.71 Island in the Current, The, Addenda XXVI.iv.93

Island Scots Reunion XXXV.iii.132 Islay Monumental Inscriptions of the Island of XVIII.iii.54 Isle of Man XLV.i.1 Isle of man, review XXXVIII.iii.117 J Jacobites XXXVIII.i.3,7,22,36, XXXVIII.iii.85

XXXIX.iv.128 Jamaica XXXV.i.22, XXXVI.iii.97, XXXVII.i.23,

XXXVII.iii.112 XXXVII.iv.118 XXXVIII.i.19 XL.ii.60,61,67-70

James I and Jane Beaufort, Ancestry of XIX.i.2 Jameson, Robert, and Shetland XVI.i.1 Jamieson, Lucretia – 1710 XLIX.ii.46 Jardine, Violet, correspondent XXXIV.i.295 Jenkins, Herbert XXXVIII.iii.88 Jewellery LII.iv.152 Jewish records XLIII.ii.57 Jews XL.iv.123 Job Records LII.iv.152 John Knox, Aberdeen, Churchyard XXXII.iv.128 Johnson, Dr. Christine XXXIX.ii.64 Johnstone family XXX.i.25 Johnstone, The Houstons of XIX.iii.83 Johnstones of Elphinstone Xl.ii.1 Jones Press, Reports relating to John Paul, XX.ii.39, XX.iii.53, XX.iv.81 Jones, Thomas – Missionary and Maverick XLVIII.iii.110 Journals on the internet XLVIII.i.32 Journals LII.iv.153 Joy of Effort, The, Biography of R. Tait McKenzie, Review XXVIILiv.160 Jura XXXVm.i.4-6 Jura, Charles Graham Campbell of, Matriculation IX.ii.8 Jura, The Campbells of II.i.16 K Kaim Lochwinnoch, The Orrs of XVII.ii.41 Kansas, Scottish Links with XVII.i.26 Kay, Isobel XXIII.i.10 Kear, Peter XXII.iv.104 Keay, Robert, silversmith LI.iii.113 Keelmen XXXIV.iv.403, XXXV.i.30 XXXV.iii.134 Keir Hardie XXII.iv.146 Keithhall Churchyard XXXI.ii.61, XXXII.iv.128 Kelsall, Helen and Keith XXXVIII.i.30 Kelso Family Magazine XXIII.iii.55 Kelso Family, XXIII.i.12, XXIII.iii.54 Kelso Family, Campbeltown XXV.ii.55 Kelso XL.iii.113, XL.iv.152,161 Kelvin XXXVHI.iv.154 Keppoch, The Macdonalds of (Tormond Don'alich) XVIII.iii.48 Kerr family XXXIII.ii.195 Key, John, in Kinghorn XLIX.ii.50 Kidnapping XIV.iv.87 Kieser, George Eberwein XXXV.iv.170 Kilconquhar XXXIV.ii.340, XXXV.i.12 Killilong Kirkpatricks, The XXVI.iv.103 Killilung Kirkpatricks, The XXVI.iv.103 Kilmadock Kirkyard LII.ii.87 Kilmalcolm Records in Renfrew District Library XXIII.i.23 Kilmarnoch, Who Was Robert Boyd Glover of XX.iv.98

Kilmarnock – map LII.iii.114 Kilmarnock XXXIV.ii.313, 325 Kilmaurs XXXV.i.31 Kilmichael XXXVIII.iii.124 Kiltarlity, Fraser of XVI.ii.21 Kincardineshire, inscriptions XXXIII.iv.259, XXXVI.i.36 King Edward Old Churchyard XXIX.iv.129, XXXII.iv.128 King, John, Roxburghshire XXII.i.24 King's German Legion XXXVIII.iii.89 Kinkell Churchyard XXXI.ii.61, XXXILiv.128 Kinniburgh Family XXIV.ii.33 Kinniburgh, Thomas Currie XXIV.ii.33, XXV.ii.56 Kinniburghs, History of IX.iv.1 Kinross-shire Monumental Inscriptions in, XIV.iv.87, XV.iii.58 Kinross-shire Notes XXIX.iv.130 Kinross-shire XXXIX.i.33 Kinsmen and Clansmen, Review XIX.ii.72 Kintyre Magazine XXXVIII.iii.109 Kintyre XXXIII.ii.188, XXXV.i.4 XXXV.iii.138

XXXVI.i.36, XXXVII.i.1-8,10,14,16,17,34 XXXVIII.iii.102 XL.iv.131

Kirk Session Records XXXV.ii.73; see also Parish Records, Old XXXVI.i.36, LII.iv.153

Kirk Session XXXVII.ii.44, XXXVIII.ii.41,43,49 XXXVIII.iv.153

Kirk, Moses XXIII.iii.53 Kirkcaldy District, Resources XXXVIII.iii.101 Kirkcaldy XXXIII.ii.182 Kirkcaldy, The Whytes of Bennochy XII.ii.26 Kirkcudbright XXXVIII.i.23,24 Kirkcudbright, Marriage Contracts at XX.ii.71 Kirkcudbright, Sheriff Court Records XXII.iv.101 Kirkintilloch XXXIX.ii.58-61 Kirkliston Parish History, Review XXIII120 Kirkliston, Regality of IX.iii.15 Kirkliston, The History of the Parish of III.iv.100 Kirkmahoe Friendly Society 1808-18, Membership List for the XXVI.iv.98 Kirkness Peter, Orkney XXII.i.24 Kirkpatrick family, review XXXVIII.i.32 Kirkpatrick of Closeburn XXI.ii.33 Kirkpatrick, Thomas, 15th Laird of Closeburn XXI.ii.33 Kirkpatricks, The Killilung XXVI.iv.103 Kirkpatricks, The Origin of XX.ii.33 Kissack, Rev. Reginald XXXVIII.iv.158 Kit, Public Records Resource XXXV.iii.129 Kittle sticks XL.iv.161 Kivette, E.M. XXXVII.i.2,6,13 Klieforth, Alexander Leslie XL.iv.158 KLM Collection of Manuscripts at the Society’s Library XLIV.ii.74 Knight, Joseph XXXIX.iii.67,68 Knights Hospitaller L.iii.124 Knights Templar L.iii.124 Knockbain, The Baynes of II.ii.19 Knox Family XXIV.iv.107 Knox, John Origins: Athelstaneford Parish - Scotland's Flag XXVII.ii.57 Knox, John, Genealogy of, a New Look XXVII.iv.148 Knox, William, Links with XX.ii.29 L Lady Mary, Passenger List of the Schooner XI.iv.21

Laggan, MacQuarries of XVI.iv.85 Laing of Wester Keir XXII.iii.66 Lament Clan XXXV.i.4, XXXV.iii.138 Lanark Ontario, Bathgate, West Lothian, Gravestone Link XX.i.10 Lanark Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.17 Lancaster 1715-1716, Scots buried at XX.ii.36 Land Registration LII.iv.153 Land tax assessments, review XXX.iii.112 Land tenure, feudal XXIX.ii.56 Langholm XL.ii.74 Largie, MacDonalds (MacDonnels) of, XIV.iv.76, XV.iii.49 Largo, Sir Alexander Durham of, Lord Lyon XVII.i.1 Largs and District Family History Group XXXV.iii.116, XXXV.iv.177 Larkman XXXV.iii.116 Lasswade Midlothian, The Poll Tax Records of, 1694 XXVIII.iii.122 Lasswade Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.17 Latin Word List for Family Historians, review XXXIII.i.164 Latin, Simple, for Family Historians, review XXXIII.iv.260 Lauder Burgh Records LII.ii.85 Lauder Family XLIV.i.12, XLV.ii.54 Lauder of Belhaven & Westbarns XLII.iii.113 Lauder, Archibald XLII.iii.110 Laurie and Somerville, Reply, IX.i.10, IX.ii.17. Laurie of Maxwelton and other Laurie Families, Review XXI.iii.96 Law of Lauriston, Banker VI.i.3 Law XXXIII.iii.205 Law, Helen XXXIX.iii.91-95 Lawers Campbells of, see CAMPBELL MATRICULATIONS Lawrence, Mrs N, correspondent XXXVI.iv.142 Lawson, Bill XXXVII.iii.107 Leadhills XXXVI.iii.104 Lean, James XXVII.iv.166 Leask, History of XXX.i.23 Leask's Australian Genealogies, Review XXVII.ii.74 Leaves from the Archives LII.iv.191 Legacies XLIX.iv.137, L.iii.142 Legitimacy XXXIII.iii.206 Leith Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.4 Lempitlaw XXXIX.iii.106 Lennies of that Ilk L.i.18 Lennox XXXIII.ii.194 Lennox, Families of the XXII.ii.29 Lenzie, review XXXVII.i.35 Lerwick XXXVIII.iv.147 Leslie Churchyard XXXI.i.24, XXXII.iv.128 Leslie Family XLVIII.i.26, XXXIX.iii.113,117 Leslies of Glasgow XXXIV.ii.301 Lesmahagow Farmers' Club XXXV.iii.105 Lesmahagow Local History Project, review XXXIV.iii.375 Lesmahagow XXXV.iv.178, XXXVI.ii.52,71,

XXXVII.i.20 Leswalt ministers XLIX.iv.105 Lethnot & Navar XXXVII.iii.99 Letterhead LII.iv.153 Letters to the Editor XLI.ii.88, iii.140, iv.184. XLV.i.31,

XLV.ii.71, XLV.iii.102, XLV.iv.132, XLVI.ii.77, XLVI.iv.156, XLVII.i.27, XLVIII.i.33, XLVIII.ii.73, XLVIII.iv.147, XLIX.i.25, L.i.40, L.ii.84, L.iii.139, LII.iv.154

Lewis XXXVII.ii.65 Lewis, Isle of LI.i.13 Liberton parish LI.iv.142 Libraries LII.iv.155 Libraries, Fife XXXVIII.iii.101,102 Library XXXVII.ii.38, XXXVII.iv.143

XXXIX.i.34 XXXIX.ii.43,69 XXXIX.iii.87, XL.i.14 XL.ii.45,49 XL.iii.110 XL.iv.153, XLII.ii.49

Library, additions XXXIV.iv.386, XXXVI.ii.56, XXXVI.iii.83

Library at Austin, Scots and Irish XVIII.iii.54 Library Cards LII.iv.155 Library Catalogue of Additions XXIV.iii.75 Library Catalogue XI.iv.11, XLVIII.i.32 Library Closure XLIX.iv.137, L.iv.178 Library Correspondence XXXIX.iii.86 Library Opening Hours XXXVIII.iii.81, XXXVm.iv.126

XXXIX.ii.42 XXXIX.iii.85 XXXIX.iv.125 Library Premises Fund XXXI.i.15, XXXIII.iii.229, XXXIII.iii.229,

XXXVI.ii.38.40, XXXVI.ii.38,40 Library Premises XXIV.i.9, XXIV.ii.55,

XXXVII.ii.37,39,57, XXXVII.iv.137 XXXVIII.ii.45

Library Sources for Scottish Genealogy XXV.iv.137 Library, Allan Ramsay XXXVI.iii.104 Library, Georgia XXXVII.ii.65 Library: Additions to XLI.i.38, ii.58, iii.131, iv.178. Library: Work on XLI.i.2, ii.49, iii.93, iv.141. Licences LII.iv.156 Lifestyle, Scottish, 300 Years Ago, review XXXIV.iii.373 Lillie, Dr., of Aberdeen, family papers XXXI.i.12 Lillie, link between Setons and McInroys XXVII.iii.85 Lindsay of the Mount, The Armorial Register of Sir David IV.i.12 Lindsay, Lady Catherine XXXVII.i.9 Linton XXXVIII.iv.134 Lipetz family XL.iv.123 Lisbon L.iv.168 List of Graveyards for which Transcriptions exist, XXVIII.i.19, List of Graveyards for which Transcriptions exist, Supplement XXVIII.iv.171 List of Libraries with Scottish Genealogy Society's Published Lists of Monumental Inscriptions

XXVIII.i.16 List of Societies with the Scottish Genealogy Society's Published Lists of Monumental Inscriptions

XXVIII.i.16 List of Universities with the Scottish Genealogy Society's Lists of Monumental Inscriptions

XXVIII.i.16 Little Dunkeld Churchyard, review XXXVI.i.35 Little family XXXV.ii.45 Little, William, Dumfriesshire XXVIILiv.191 Liverpool Marriage Index XXIII.iii.76 Liverpool Record Office XXXVIII.iii.118 Liverpool XXXVIII.iii.118 Livingston family XXXVIII.i.36 Livonia, Scottish and English Families, X.iii.23, XII.i.11 Local History Week XLIX.i.29 Local Studies Resources, Scottish, review XXXIII.iii.224, XXXV.ii.91 Lochaber Bygone, Review XVIII.i.10 Lochaber XXXVII.ii.53 Lochbroom XXXVIII.iv.152 Lochcarron XXXVII.i.25, XXXVII.iv.131

Lochiel, The Camerons of Glendessary and Dungallon, Cadets of XVIII.iv.74 Lochmaben XXXVII.i.36, LI.iv.141 Lochore Family XIX.ii.70 Lochwinnoch XXXIII.i.137 Lochwinyoch, Dr. Andrew Crawford and the Cairn of XII.ii.9 Lodge Records LII.iv.156 Lome, O'Connachers of XVI.iii.65 London Churchyards, Wate's Book of, Review XXVIII.iv.162 London, census returns XXXIII.iii.225 Longitudinal Study of Residential Histories XLI.iii.94. XLII.i.39 Lonmay, Monumental Inscriptions, review XXXIV.iii.374 Lonmay, The People of, review XXXIV.ii.344 Lopness XXXIX.ii.53 Lord Lyon XXXVII.iii.94 Lord Lyon, The Court of the XXVIII.iv.181 Lord Lyon's Address to the Society, Vl.i.1, V.iv.62, VII.i.3 Lords of the Isles, Acts of the, review XXXIV.iv.384 Losing Our Heritage XXIII.iv.78 Lost Orcadian Surname, A (Paplay) XXVIII.iv.163 Lothian & Borders Police, membership records XXXI.iv.126 Lothians (Affeck, Braid, Crawford, Dickson) XXX.i.25 Lothians Thousand Year Anniversary XXII.i.16 Lovat, Simon, Lord XXXVIII.i.22 Love Tokens LII.iv.157 Luggage Labels LII.iv.157 Luguen of Strathearn and His Children, History of, Review XXVIII.iv.160 Lumsden family XXXVIII.iv.145 Lunatics LII.iv.157 Lundin family L.iv.147 XLII.i.39, ii.79, iii.126, iv.158.

XLIII.iv.155, XLII.i.41. ii.87, iii.120, iv.165., XLIII.i.34.ii.72, iii.110,116, XLIIIiv.147,161., XLIV.i.32,33. ii.73,76. iii.123,125. XLIV.iv.171,172, XLIV.i.35. iii.123,126. iv.165, XLIV.ii.72

Luss XL.iii.112 Lyell, Charles XXXVIII.ii.73 Lyon family XXXIII.ii.195 Lyon Office XXXVII.iii.94, XXXIX.i.7 XL.i.2. Lyon, The Court of the Lord XXVIII.iv.181 Lythe. Professor S.G.E. XL.iii.115 M M’Gill family LII.iv.158 Maam family in Argyll XLVIII.iv.121 Mac Andrew in Scotland, the name X.i.17 Mac Gille Chainnich of Dalriada L.iii.99 Mac Gille Chonaills XLIV.i.25 Mac/McDonald family XXXVII.i.4, XXXVIII.i.4-6, XXXIX.i.22-

30, XXXIX.iv.128-143 Mac/Mckay family XXXVII.i.5 Mac/McNeill family XXXVII.i.1,2,4-8,10-14,34, XL.iv.131-

133,141 Macadam, David B., correspondent XXXV.i.25 MacAed, MacAedth, later MacAod; now MacAoidth of Strathnaver, A Clan Family of XXVI.i.18,

Correspondence XXVI.iv.132 MacArthur Clan XXVII.iii.114 Macarthur Family, Research into XIII.i.23 MacArthur, John, piper XXXI.iii.86 Macbeth or MacBeath, Surname, of Perthshire and Southwards VII.iv.28 MacBeth, The Topical, review XXIX.ii.44

MacCalder Family, Research into XIII.i.23 MacCallums LI.iii.87 MacCalmans LI.iii.87 MacColmins LI.iii.87 MacConnells of Largie XIV.iv.76, XV.iii.49 Maccorquodale, of Phantilands and Tromlie XI.i.14 MacDhubhsith-MacDuffie Clan. Review XXI.i.23 MacDiarmid, Angus, in Craigienan in Glenlyon, Marriage Contract, 1688, Margaret Campbell,

Daughter of Duncan Oge C. VII.iv.28 MacDonald, Flora XXIX.i.1, XXXVII.i.14 MacDonalds of Largie, XIV.iv.76, XV.iii.49 Macdonell, Captain “Donnull Gorm” LII.iv.171 Macdonnells of Keppoch (Tormond Don'alich) XVIII.iii.48 MacDuff Clan XXX.i.24 Macduffy LII.i.3 MacEachern Family, XXIII.i.5. Correction XXIII.ii.41 MacEachrans, addenda XXV.ii.55 MacErc, Fergus XXXVII.i.2 MacFarlane Chiefship, Reply XXII.ii.51 Macfarlane Clan Society XLIX.i.30 MacFarlane family XXXIX.ii.59,60 MacFarlane, Walter, review XXXVI.i.33 Macfie family XLVI.iv.142 Macfie LII.i.2 Macfie’s Black Dog XLVI.iv.151 MacGilliecallum of Carskey XXXVII.i.4 MacGregor Connection XXXI.i.1 Macgregor family XXXIII.ii.194, XXXIV.ii.344

XXXVI.ii.70, XLIII.ii.52 MacGregor Pipers, family tree XXIX.iv.109 MacGregor, John, collection in Register House VII.iv.28 MacGregors in Glengairn XXXII.iii.91 MacInnes Clan – International Gathering XLIX.ii.65 MacInnes Clan Society XLVI.i.36 Macintosh, Clan XXXIV.ii.332 Mack, James Smith – Family Bible of XLVIII.ii.77 Mackay Family XXXVII.i.5 Mackay of Borley XLI.i.7 MacKay pipers, family XXX.iii.94, XXXI.iii.87 Mackay Society, The Clan I.(ii-iii).15 Mackay, Clan XXXVIII.ii.75 Mackay, Donald, of Tain, settled in Shelbourne America, after 1789, and Donald M. in Shelbourne,

1810 VIII.ii.23 Mackay, Sergeant Donald, from 76th Regiment, 1783, and son Hugh, in USA VIII.ii.23 Mackay, Sir Donald Forbes, first Lord Reay, Portraits of VII.iv.27 Mackay, The Clan, Review XXVI.i.5 Mackellar – derivation of the name XLIX.ii.48 Mackellar Colonel Neil XLVIII.iv.120 Mackellar connections with Drumfinn & Daill XLIX.i.19 Mackellar emigration to Canada L.iii.114 Mackellar Family L.ii.70 Mackellar in Ardarie L.ii.70 Mackellar in Australia L.i.12 Mackellar in Bute XLIX.iv.110 Mackellar in Cowal XLVIII.iii.84 Mackellar in Glassary parish L.iii.114 Mackellar in Glenshira XLVIII.iii.85 Mackellar in Kencreggan XLVIII.iii.86 Mackellar in Kilblaan XLVIII.iii.85, XLIX.iii.73, XLIX.iv.109 Mackellar in Knockbuy rentals L.ii.71

Mackellar in Maam XLVIII.iii.87 Mackellar in New Zealand XLIX.iii.79 Mackellar in Stuckscarden L.i.11 Mackellar in Tunns L.ii.74 Mackellar Malcolm, descendants of L.ii.72 Mackellar Neil of Dail, descendants of XLIX.ii.35 MacKellar on Knockbuy Estate L.ii.71 Mackellar, Admiral John XLVIII.iv.119 Mackenzie Lt. Roderick XLVIII.iii.83 MacKenzie of Delvine, Papers XII.iii.36 Mackenzie, Captain Roderick LI.i.13 MacKenzie, Alexander, Diary of, an Extract XXVIII.ii.45 Mackenzie, Clan, Society XL.iii.112 Mackenzie, John, Weaver, Inverness to USA late 18th Century VIII.ii.23 Mackenzie, Sir Alexander and Company XV.iii.56 Mackenzie's "Families of Scotland" Sir George. IV.ii.30, 38, IV.iii.76 MacKerlich Campbells in the Breadalbane Court Books 1 XXVII.i.20 MacKillop, Knockbuy XXIX.ii.48 MacLachlan Family XLIV.ii.45, XXXVII.i.2 MacLachlan of MacLachlan XXXVI.ii.70 MacLachlans at sea XV.i.1 Maclachlans, in Medicine XIX.iii.73, XX.i.16 Maclaine, Gillian Family Note XVII.i.14 MacLamrock, Surname in Galloway VIII.i.26 MacLaren Family XXV.i.1 MacLean - Spelling XLIV.i.8 MacLean family, North Uist and Tiree XXXVI.iii.94 MacLean Family, Research into XIII.i.23 MacLean of Lochbuie family XXXIII.iii.217 MacLean, Charles Rawden, review XXXIX.iv.158 MacLeans in Holland and Flanders XIII.i.21 MacLeans in the former Dutch East Indies 1819-1849 XIX.ii.45 MacLeans, Swansboro, Robert Spence X.iv.15 MacLellans in Galloway XLIX.i.9 MacLeod, Gwen, correspondent XXXII.iii.90 MacLeod, Murdoch XXIX.ii.58 Macleods of Prince Edward Island, review XXXIV.iii.373 Maclnroy family, review XXX.ii.64 Maclsaac family, review XXXVIII.iv.158 MacLurkie family XXXVII.iv.144 Macmahon, Origin of the name XIX.i.14 MacMalcolms LI.iii.87 MacMillan in Galloway and the north XLIX.i.9 MacNab, Archibald XXXV.iii.117 Macnab, James, in Killin, died 1715-6 and daughter Ann, wife of Grigor Murray VII.iv.28, VIII.i.27 Macnab, James, in Kinnell, and daughter Jean 1869 wife of Patrick Campbell VII.iv.28, VIII.i.27 MacNabs in Argyllshire IX.iv.18 Macnachton, The Clan III.iv.100 Macnaghton, Who was "Shane Dhu"? XVIII.iv.61 Macnaughton Society, The Clan I.(ii-iii).18 MacNaughton, John and the "Beggar's Benison" XIV.iii.55 MacNeil (any spelling) XXIX.ii.70 MacNeil/McNeill Arms XXXVI.iv.125 MacNeill, clan history XXIX.iv.123 MacNeils (Barra) and MacNeills (Gigha) XXVI.iii.84 MacNeils of Ardnacross and Islay XXVII.iii.115 MacNeils of Ardnacross XXX.i.14 MacPhailO) family XXXVIII.ii.76 MacPhee family XLVI.iv.148 MacPherson Ancestry, James "Ossian" XI.iii.15

MacPherson Family XLIII.iv.137 MacPherson, Governor General XXXII.iv.109 Macpherson, James & Jessie LI.iv.135 MacPherson, John, soldier XLIV.iii.113 MacPherson, Who was Lady Jeanne XI.iii.5 MacQuar XXXV.i.4, XXXV.iii.138 XXXVI.i.36 MacQuarie, Governor Lachlan, and family XXXVI.i.7 MacQuarries of Ballighartan XVI.iv.86 MacQuarries of Laggan XVI.iv.85 MacQuarries of Ormaig XVI.iv.82 MacQuarries of Ulva, XV.ii.25, XVI.iii.41, XVI.iv.81 MacQueen, Margaret, wife of Christopher Irving, widow of J. Radcliffe VIII.i.26 Macquisten, Peter XLI.i.30 MacQuisten, Peter XXXVI.iv.120 Macquisten, Peter XXXVIII.i.12 MacRae, Clan XXXI.i.25 MacRae, Donald, correspondent XXXI.i.25 MacThomas, The Ancient Chief of the Clan XII.iv.87 Mactire, and variants XXXV.ii.96, XXXV.iv.141 MacVean, John, Minister of Glenorchay V.iv.80 Madderty XXXVII.ii.45 Mair, Craig XL.iv.159 Malcolm Canmore and some descendants XLIX.ii.37, L.iv.165 Malcolm III and Queen Margaret, Genealogical Descent from appendix XVII.iv.120 Malcolms LI.iii.87 Malloch, Matthew XXXI.i.1 Man, Genealogical Research in the Isle of XX.iii.73 Manchester after the '45, Scots, XX.i.3 Manchester Genealogist XXXV.i.32 Manitoba Genealogical Society XXXIII.ii.195 Manorial Records, How to Locate and Use, review XXXIII.i.164 Manson, David, silversmith LI.iii.113 Manuel family XXXVIII.iv.151 Manuscripts at the Society Library XLIV.ii.74 Manuscripts XXXIX.i.17 Manvel, Allen, manager railway, USA V.ii.40 Maps & Plans XLV.ii.58 Maps, parish boundaries, review XXXV.i.31 Margaret, Genealogical Descent from Malcolm III and Queen, appendix, XVII.iv.120 Margaret, Queen, review XL.iv.157 Mariners Burials, Aberdour XLIV.iv.152 Marjoribanks, Andrew, Haddington XXVIII.iii.140 Marriage age of Scottish brides in the 18th Century XVIII.ii.21 Marriage Banns XXXVII.iv.131 Marriage Index – Scottish L.ii.83 Marriage Index, Boyd's XXXIX.i.13 Marriage Indexes, review XXX.iv.153 Marriage Licences, review XXXIX.ii.65 Marriage Register of Scotsmen 1574-1685, Dutch XX.ii.38 Marriage XLIV.ii.47 Marriage, Census and Other Indexes for Family Historians, review, XXXIII.ii.197 Marriages Register in Holy Trinity Episcopal Chapel Dunfermline, XIII.ii.1 Marriages, Additions to printed lists of Edinburgh XV.iv.83 Marriages, Catholic XXXVIII.iii.118 Marriages, clandestine XXXIX.ii.71 Marriages, irregular XXXVIII.ii.51-53 Marriages, Patterns of Second XXXVI.iii.73 Marriages, Pre-1855 Registers of XIV.ii.25 Marriages, Scottish irregular XXIX.ii.62 Martin family gathering 2002 XLIX.iii.97

Martin, Don XXXVII.i.35 Martin's Directory XL.iii.113 Massachusets, Monroe Family of Lexington XIV.ii.46 Mauchline XXXVII.ii.44 Maule, James, born Edinburgh 1705, to Sweden 1731; son of John of Glithnoe VIII.i.26 Maxwell of Calderwood, Arms of XIII.ii.7, XV.i.24, XV.ii.44 Maxwell of Calderwood, The Arms of IV.i.15 Mc Vicar, Bailie Patrick, and his issue XXXV.iv.162 Mc/MacLachlans of Auchentroig, Stirlingshire XLIV.iv.141 McAllister family XXXVII.i.1,2,5,8,11,12,17 McAnna, James XXXIX.iii.107,108 McBrair, Robert XXXVII .1.19 McBrair-Koller, Mrs. Ethel B., correspondent XXXVII.i.19 McCaig, Rev. Duncan XXXVI.ii.45 McCall families XXXVI.iv.127, 136 McCall XXXVI.iv.135, 137 McClamroch Legend XXI.i.7 McCleland Family History, Review XXIII.iii.59 McClellan families XL.ii.41 McClellans of Gelston XXXIV.i.277 McComie, Chief of the Clan MacThomas XII.iv.87 McConnel, Ken XXXVII.ii.64 McConnell, John W., correspondent XXIX.iii.92 McCowan, James, Memorial Society XXXVII.iv.143 McCra(i)nie, surname XXXVIII.iv.119 McDaniel family XXXI.ii.60 McDowall Family XLIII.iv.155, XLV.iv.116 McDowall, John XL.i.3, XL.ii.58 McEachern (Darrochs and MacEacherns), Review XXI.iii.93 McFadyen of Coll, and descendants XXX.iv.134 McGeorge family XXXVIII.ii.78 McGill, Makgill or Magill, Surname VII.ii.22 McGill in Holland, The I.(ii-iii).36, I.iv.22 McGilleray, Anna 1720-60, wife of Murdoch Shaw VI.ii.18 McGregor, Alexander, compiler of MS on McGregors, Stewarts and Camerons of Rannoch

VII.iv.27 McGregor, John, of Fortingall XXIX.iv.105, XXX.ii.46 McGregor, Sheila, correspondent XXXV.iii.110 McGregor, The clan I.(ii-iii).17 McGregors of Glencairn IX.iii.14 McGruder-Macgrouther family XXXVI.i.32 McInrays, A Lillie link between Setons, XXVII.iii.85 McIntyre family LI.i.22 McIvor, Family of XVII.i.15 McKay family of Wyndham, review XXXIV.i.297 McKelvie, P.H. XXXIX.iv.155 McKenzie, Robert Tait and his family XV.iii.70 McKerlich or Campbell, Charles, see CAMPBELL VII.iv.27 McKilligan (and variants) family, review XXXII.iii.90 McKinnie or Mackquiney, Micheal, Virginia 17th Century VII.iii.11 McLachlan Family, Kirkgunzeon etc. XXIII.iii.56 McLachlan Family, Notes on the XXVIII.i.10, XXVIII.iv.161 McLachlan of Drumlean/Drumlane XXXV.iv.175 McLachlan, Early Records of XXIII.ii.25 McLachlan, Robert XXXVI.i.32 McLachlans of Over and Wester Culleries XXXV.iv.176 McLauchlan Family XXIII.iii.55 McLauchlans as Officers in the British Army XVIII.ii.15 McLea/McLeay XXXV.ii.95 McLean VC, The only XVII.ii.88

McLean, Lt. Hector, 14th Regiment of Foot XVIII.i.11 McLeans of Sweden, Review XVIII.iv.96 McLeod Chiefship, Address by Lord Lyon XI.iv.3 McLeod, D. XL.ii.75 McLew Family XXVIII.i.35 McLintock, William, of Sanquhar XXXII.iv.101 Mclntosh, Hamersky & Allied Families Gazette XXIX.ii.46 Mclntyre, David J., correspondent XXXVI.ii.41 McMurtries, family history XXIX.iii.96 McNab Township, Upper Canada 1825, The Original Emigrants to XXVIII.iii.109 McNachton, The Chiefs of III.i.10 McNaughton of Glenlyon, Malcolm, Letters of XI.iv.12 McNaughton, Clan, Review XXV.i.21 McNaughton, Duncan, correspondent XXXIX.i.31, XL.i.40 McNaughton, John, Anstruther. I.iv.19, II.iii.21 McNeil XXXVI.iv.125 McNeill Buide, Lachlan, of Tirfergus XXXII.ii.42, XXXII.ii.56 McNeill Buidhe, Lachlan XXXIV.iv.377, 380 McNeill family XXXIV.iv.377, 380 McNeills of Canna XXX.iv.126 McNeills of Bute XXXI.iii.82 McNicol/Nicolson names in Scottish Records, 1770-80 XXII16 McPherson Family LI.i.22 McPherson of Glenlivet LII.iv.165 McQueen family XLVIII.iii.103 McRobbie Family XXVIII.iv.177 McRobert Family, Kirkcudbright, Variations in Spelling XXIII.i.2 McShannon family XXXVIII.iii.102 McTavish family XXXVII.i.2,8-10,12 McTurk family XL.i.21 McVannel, Clan History, review XXIX.iii.94 McVean family XLVIII.iv.126 Medical Remedies XLIV.iv.136 Medicine in old and new Edinburgh, Pharmacy, XII.i.1 Medicine, Maclauchlans in XIX.Iii.73 Meggetland XXIX.ii.61 Megginch, Adam Drummond of XIX.i.15 Mein family XXX.i.24 Melbourne Public Record Office, Note XXVI.ii.57 Meldrum Genealogy IX.iii.6 Meldrum, Rosemary A., correspondent XXXIV.iv.386 Melville Mug XLVII.iii.83 Member’s Interests XLVII.ii.74, XLVII.iii.87, XLVII.iv.155,

XLVIII.iii.90 Member’s Visit XLIX.i.30 Members' Interests-Offers to correspond XXI.iv.114 Members of Council L.i.48 Members of Parliament XLII.iii.109 Membership Cards XLI.ii.50, iii.93 Membership List for the Kirkmahoe Friendly Society 1801-18 XXVI.iv.98 Membership Secretary SGS XXVI.iv.93 Membership Survey Results XLIV.ii.59 Membership XXXVII.ii.37, XXXVIII.id.37

XXXVIII.ii.46, XXXIX.ii.43 Memorial Plaques – for the fallen of WW1 L.i.36 Mennim, Eleanor XXXVIII.iv.149 Menzies family XL.iii.112 Menzies of Menzies, Family of Duncan XIX.iii.83 Menzies, Catherine, married John Campbell of Duneaves 1705 V.iv.80 Menzies, James, silversmith LI.iii.113

Mercantile Engineers Records XLIV.iv.148 Mercer, Hugh 1726-1777 LII.iv.147 Merleswain XXXVII.iii.70 Metcalfe Society XXXI.i.23 Methodist Church Registers, Quaker, XX.iii.68 Methven Parish XLIII.i.1 Microfiche for sale XLV.iv.132 Microfiche readers XLIX.i.29 Microfiche XLV.i.31, XLV.ii.69, XLV.iii.99 Microfilm OPR & Census XLVIII.ii.75 Microfilm XXXVII.iv.143, XXXVIII.i.22

XXXVIII.ii.41 XXXVIII.iii.81 XXXVIII.iv.126 XXXIX.i.2 XXXIX.ii.42 XL.iv.122, XLV.i.31, XLV.iii.99, L.ii.83, LI.i.35

Microfilms - OPR & Census & CDs XLIX.ii.61, XLIX.iii.94 Middle Ages, Ancestors in the, review XXX.iv.150 Midlothian, Cockpen Parish in 1694 XIX.ii.63 Midlothian, The Central Parishes XXXV.ii.92 Migration XXXVII.iv.143, XL.ii.51, XLIII.ii.50 Migrations, Scottish, to Upper Canada XV.iii.56 Military - Rolls of Honour XLIII.i.31 Military Books XLI.i.1 Military Casualties, Notes on Sources (See also Battle Dead) III.i.22 Military Indexes XLIX.i.7 Military records XXXVI.iv.122 Military Uniform XXXIX.i.20 Military XLIV.iii.113.iv.137 Militia Regiments in Southern Ireland during the Napoleonic Wars, Scottish XVIII.iii.43 Militia XLI.i.3 Militia, Edinburgh County XXXI.iii.90 Millbrex Churchyard XXXII.i.18, XXXII.iv.128 Miller, Elizabeth R. XXXIX.ii.63 Millers XXXIX.iii.98 Mindworks XXXIX.iv.126 Miniaturists, Scottish, Note XII.ii.25 Ministers XLIII.ii.58 Minnigaff XXXVIII.ii.43 Minutes of the AGM XLI.ii.51 Mitchell Memorial Fund XXXI.iv.125, XXXII.i.15 Mitchell of Ayrshire, Surname VII.iv.28 Mitchell, Alison XXXVIII.i.23, 24 Mitchell, Angus, reviewer XL.i.31 Mitchell, Ann XL.iii.116 Mitchell, J.Angus M. – honorary member XLVI.iii.119 Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Presentation to XXVI.iv.109 Mitchell, Mrs. Sheila M. honoured XXVII.ii.49 Mitchell, Mrs.Sheila M. XXXVII.ii.40, XL.ii.45 Mitchell, Sir Thomas Livingstone XXXII.i.1 Mitchison, Professor Rosalind XXXVIII.ii.41 Moffat Clan XLVII.iv.154 Moffat family LII.i.29 Moltke, Count von, and Scotland XXIV.i.19 Molyneux family XXXIII.iii.225 Moncreiff, James XXXV.iii.125 Moncreiffe, Sir Iain, of that ilk XXXIII.i.157, XXXVI.iii.104 Moncrieff, Robert Scott XXIX.iv.120 Moncrieffe, Iain, of that Ilk, correspondent XXX.ii.62 Monikie XXXVIII.i.20,21 Monkrigg LI.iv.162

Monkwearmouth Shore XLIII.iv.141 Monroe Family of Lexington Massachusets XIV.ii.46 Montendre, John Hamilton of XVI.iv.90 Montgomery Clan Society XXXIV.iv.385 Montreal, The Early Scots at XXIX.ii.33, XXXIII.ii.197 Monumental Inscriptions - see Gravestone Inscriptions Monumental Inscriptions (pre 1855) in South Perthshire, Addenda XXVI.iv.102 Monumental Inscriptions (pre 1855) in the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire, Review XXVI.iii.81 Monumental Inscriptions (pre 1855) in West Lothian, Addenda XXVIII.iv.164 Monumental Inscriptions of the Island of Islay XVIII.iii.54 Monumental Inscriptions XXV.iv.133 Monumental Inscriptions, County Compilations of XVII.iii.80, XVIII.ii.26, XVIII.iv.95,

XIX.i.24, XIX.ii.69, XX.i.4, XX.i.27, XXI.iii.94, XXII.i.18, XXiii.i.1, XXiii.i.21, XXIII.ii.41, XXIV.ii.30, XXIV.iii.74, XXIV.iv.110, XXV.112, XXV.ii.62, XXVI.iii.83, XXVI.iv.130

Monumental Inscriptions, Single XXXVI.i.6 Monypenny family XXIX.ii.56, XXXI.ii.48, XXXII.iv.124 Monypenny, James, of Dunino XXIX.ii.59 Monypenny, Sir William XXXIV.iii.345, 363 Monypenny, Thomas, of Kinkell XXIX.ii.56, XXXI.ii.53 Monzievaird XXXV.iii.110 Moonlight Romance (Moonlight Surname) XX.i.6 Moray, A "thumb-nail" outline of notes on research of the old royal house of XXVI.i.18,

Correspondence XXVI.iv.132 Moray, The Royal House of XIX.iv.102 Morebattle XXXIX.ii.63 Morgan Family XLII.iii.102 Moriah XXX.ii.63 Morice Family, Information on XIV.ii.46 Mormon Genealogical Library XXXIII.iv.262, XXXIV.ii.313,

XXXV.iii.120 Mormon Temple XXIX.ii.47 Mormons, Genealogy and the XXVII.ii.59 Mortcloths and other Account Records XXVII.i.15 Mortcloths XXXVI.iv.142 Morton family XXXIX.iii.110 Morton, Regent XXXIX.iii.124 Moslum Ibrahim, Notes. I.i.21, II.i.21 Mouat, Betty XLVII.iv.149 Mowbray family XXXIII.iii.229 Mowbray, Francis LI.iv.139 Muck L.i.35 Muir (Myhr) family XXXII.iv.1 14 Muirkirk XXXVII.ii.44 Mull People XLIV.i.15 Munro Tree, a manuscript compiled in 1734. Review XXVII.ii.74 Munro, R.W. reviewer XL.ii.74 Munro, William, from Forres XXIX.iii.86 Murder under Trust, review XXIX.ii.44 Murdoch, William, 1894-1981 XLIII.iii.85 Murray of Cullow XLV.iii.83, XLV.iv.109 Murray family, review XXXVTII.iv.150 Murray of Drumsargard XLV.iii.83 Murray of Ochtertyre XLVIII.iv.124 Murray, Gerald XXXVIII.iv.150 Murray, Grigor, at mill of Blair, married circa 1716 VII.iv.27 Murrays of Rulewater, review XXXIV.i.300 Music Composers, The Genealogy of Early Scottish III.iii.54

Mutchkin measures, Chopin, XVII.iii.87 Muthil XXXVI.i.32 My Ain Folk LII.ii.66, LII.iii.98 N Nairn – disputed burial L.iv.149 Nairnshire Telegraph 15 October 1890 XLVII.i.20 Names, like sounding, see also phonetics XXXVII.iv.141 Names, personal and place XXXVIII.i.23, XXXIX.i.32 XXXIX.ii.67

XXXIX.iii.91,113 XL.iii.108 Names: Giles Shewan XXX.ii.63 Naming Colloquial I.(ii-iii).21 Naming patterns XXXIII.iii.92, XXXIX.i.27 Napier, formation of clan society XLVI.iv.163 Narrative of the Rise and Progress of Emigration from the Counties of Lanark and Renfrew - Canada.

Review XXVI.iii.80 National Committee on the Carved Stones of Scotland LII.iv.182 National Federation of Cemetery Friends XXXIII.iv.258 National Library of Scotland XLIV.i.8, XLV.iii.100, XLVII.i.26,

XXXIX.i.27 National Pedigree Index, The XXVI.iv.3 National Portrait Gallery XXXV.iii.135 National Portrait Gallery, Scottish XXX.i.5 National Register of Archives XLII.ii.85 Naval Records - Engineers XLIV.iv.148 Neaf James, John, Alexander, David, William, of Methie (James to Sweden, 1567) VII.iv.27 Negligence, professional XXXIII.ii.185 Neidpath Castle LII.iii.117 Nesbitt/Nisbet Society XLIV.i.31 Netherlands Marriage Register of the Scottish Regiment in the XII.ii.25 Netherlands, Scots in the XXIX.iv.129 New Brunswick Genealogical Society XXXIII.iii.227 New Englanders, 6000 (Review) XIV.ii.46 New Hampshire L.ii.51 New Register House Evening Visits XLV.iii.104, XLV.iv.139, XLV.iv.140 New Register House XXXI.iv.126, XXXVII.ii.53,55,

XXXVII.iii.95,105 XXXVII.iv.138,141 New Register House, Increase in Fees 1978 XXIV.iv.3 New Register House, Search Fees at XIII.i.19 New SGS Publications XLVIII.iii.102 New Society Web Page XLVII.ii.75, XLVII.iii.107 New South Wales L.i.9 New Year’s Honours List XLV.i.24 New York L.iv.168 New Zealand (Logan) XXXII.iii.87 New Zealand Genealogist, The. Review XVII.iii.82 New Zealand Herald XL.i.28 New Zealand XXXII.ii.33, XXXVII.ii.63,

XXXVIII.iii.110, XXXVIII.iv.164 XL.i.28-29

New Zealand, Family History Research in, review XXXI.iv.122 New Zealand, Research in XXVIII.i.44 New Zealand, review XXVI.iii.107 Newcastle Keelmen XXXIV.iv.403, XXXV.i.30 XXXV.iii.134 Newhampshire XLVI.ii.41, XLVI.iii.81, XLVII.iv.131 Newington Cemetery LII.iv.180 Newman family XXXIX.ii.66 News in Brief XLI.i.1, ii.49, iii.93, iv.141, XLII.i.34,

ii.85, iii.121, iv.155, XLIII.i.36, ii.70, iii.117, iv.159, XLIV.i.36. ii.72, iii.127,

iv.161, XLV.i.24, XLV.ii.70, XLV.iii.100, XLV.iv.139, XLVI.i.35, XLVI.ii.72, XLVI.iii.120, XLVI.iv.162, XLVII.i.21, XLVII.ii.75, XLVII.iii.107, XLVII.iv.153, XLVIII.i.35, XLVIII.ii.76, XLVIII.iii.114, XLVIII.iv.148, XLIX.i.29, XLIX.ii.65, XLIX.iii.97, XLIX.iv.136, L.i.44, L.ii.93, L.iii.140, L.iv.178, LI.i.37

News release – MSP calls for recognition of FHS XLIX.ii.67 Newspaper sites XLVIII.i.32 Newton Parish Kirk Session Records XLIV.iii.121 Nicholson, Carroll and Nancy, Some Relatives of, review, XXXIII.iv.260 Nicholson, Leonard XL.iii.93 Nicolson/McNicol Names in Scottish Records 1770-1780 XXI.i.16 Niddrie Castle XXXIII.ii.174 Nikolic, Margaret XL.i.33 Nobility in European Genealogy, Concepts of Proofs of IX.iii.1 Nobility XL.i.18-20 Noble, James – diarist XLVI.i.8 Nomenclature, Latino-Vernacula, Historiae Scoticae XVII.iv.73 Non-Parochial (non-Established Church) Records, Old VII.iv.2 Norman surnames XXXV.ii.46 North America XXIX.iii.95, XXXI.i.26 XXXI.iv.122

XXXII.i.7,23 XXXII.ii.33,56 XXXII.iii.65 North Carolina XXXII.i.7 North West Family History Societies' Conference 1977 XXIV.i.9 North-East Roots XXXV.ii.93; review; XXXV.i.33 North-East Scotland, Emigration from XXXII.ii.33 Northern Notes and Queries VIII.ii.9 Northmavine Shetland, 18th and 19th Century. Inhabitants of XVII.iii.91 Northton Centre XXXVII.ii.65 Northumbrian History, Early VI.ii.9 Northumberland Record Office 1958-1959. Review XVII.iii.81 North-West Company, The XV.iii.56 Notes about the Whyte Family XXVII.iii.112 Notes on the McLachlan Family XXVIII.i.10 Notes on the Wallace Family of Newton Hall by Kennaway, Fife XXVII.iv.162 Nova Scotia 1771-1818, highlanders from Skye in North Carolina XII.iv.92 Nova Scotia Archives VII.iv.11 Nova Scotia, Who were the Baronets of XXVII.iii.90 Nurses XXXIX.ii.66 O O’Doherty Information Pack XXXIII.ii.187, 193 Obituary - Ashford, Z LI.iii.131 Obituary - Baines, Jean I.M XLIV.iv.163 Obituary - Burness, Lawrence Ruxto LI.ii.82 Obituary - Campbell, Colin of Invernei XLVI.iii.116 Obituary - Carstairs, Neil R XLIII.ii.71, iii.109 Obituary - Cory, Kathleen Beatric XLIX.iii.96, XLIX.iv.130 Obituary - Cramer, Sidne XLIII.i.37 Obituary - Durham, Sheila Blanche XLIX.i.25 Obituary - Fife, Mrs. Arth XLIII.i.29 Obituary - Kinnaird, Joh XLII.iv.154 Obituary - McNaughton, Dunca XLIII.iii.118. iv.157 Obituary - Mitchell, Sheil XLI.i.37 O'Chonnachers of Lorne, The XVII.ii.60 Ochterlony, Rev. David XLIX.ii.57 Ochterlony, Rev. George XLIX.ii.57 Ochterlony, Rev. John XLIX.ii.56, 57

Ochterlony, Rev. Robert XLIX.ii.57 Ochterlony, Rev. Alexander XLIX.ii.56 O'Connachers of Lome XVI.iii.65 Oddities XXX.ii.64, XXX.iii.107 XXX.iv.147

XXXI.i.24 XXXI.ii.61 XXXII.iii.88 XXXII.iii.90 XXXII.iii.91 XXXII.iv.125

Oddities XXXIV.ii.329, XXXIV.iii.372 XXXVI.i.31

Odom, Ellen Payne Library XXXVII.ii.65 O'Dubhda Clan Gathering XXXVII.ii.63 Office Bearers XLIX.i.32, XLIX.ii.68, XLIX.iii.100,

XLIX.iv.140, L.ii.90, L.ii.96, L.iii.144, L.iv.180, LI.i.40, LI.iv.133

Ogilvy of Carcary & Lintrathen XLVII.ii.56 Ogilvy of Clova XLVII.iv.122, XLVIII.i.33 Ogilvy of Inverquharity XLII.iv.133, XLIII.iii.96, XLVII.ii.55 Oglethorpe, General XXXVII.i.1.9,11,12 Ogston Family XLIV.iv.133 Ogstoun-Gordonstoun, Family of I.i.20, I.(ii-iii).37 Ohio Scottish Families in (Note) XII.iii.59 Okanagan Researcher XXXIII.i.167 O'Keefe, Ruth M. XXXVIII.iii.117 Old Machar baptism LII.i.12 Old Mortality XLIX.ii.42 Old Parish Records, see Parish Records, Old Old Parish Registers on Microfilm XLIV.ii.73 Old Parochial Registers-Lectures (and see Parochial Registers) XXI.iv.106 Old Scottish Clockmakers. Review XXIV.ii.38 Oliphant clan XXXVI.iii.96 Oliver family, review XXX.iv.151 Oliver-Beattie family, review XXXVIII.iv.158 Omey family XXX.ii.47 One-Name Studies, Guild of XXXV.ii.96 Ontario Archives XIX.ii.68 Ontario Bi-Centennial Lectures XXXI.ii.41 Ontario Genealogical Society XXIX.ii.47, XXXIII.iii.229, XXXIV.ii.343 Ontario XL.i.36 Oral History LII.iv.171 Oral Tradition - and its use in Genealogy XXVI.i.1 Orcadian Surname, A Lost (Paplay) XXVIII.iv.163 Order of the Thistle XXXIV.ii.321, XXXIV.iv.385 Orders of Knights Templar L.iii.124 Origin of the Gifford Family in Scotland XXVII.iv.152 Original Emigrants to McNab Township, Upper Canada, 1825 XXVIII.iii.109 Origins of an unusual Surname XXVIII.i.35 Origins of self XXXIV.i.272 Orkney XXXV.i.28, XXXIX.ii.53, XXXIX.iii.88 Ormaig MacQuarries of XVI.iv.82 Orrs of Kaim, Lochwinnoch, The XVII.ii.41 Ossian MacPherson Ancestry, James XI.iii.15 Otolaryngology XXXIV.ii.343 Our Galloway Ancestors Revisited. Review XXVII.i.19 Out of Area Index, Letter XXIV.iii.83 Outline of the Genealogical Roll which was founded in East Prussia 1691 by the Scottish Emigrant

William Simpson, a native of Co XXVII.iv.129

Owen, Dolores B. XXXVIII.i.31 Oxford Dictionary VIII.iv.3 Oxnam XL.iii.114

P Painting of the Library L.i.45 Palaeography XXXIX.i.31 Pallet's Marriage Index XXXI.iii.89 Paplay Family Orkney XXVIII.iv.163 Parents, letter to XXXIX.ii.79 Parish boundaries XXXV.i.31 Parish Maps, review XXX.iii.107, XXXI.i.13 Parish Records, Old XXXIII.iii.219, XXXIII.iv.262

XXXIV.ii.331, 339, XXXIV.iii,376 XXXV.i.21 XXXV.ii.74 XXXV.iv.145 XXXVI.i.36 XXXVI.iv.142

Parish registers Oddities from XI.i.13 Parish Registers of Edinburgh XXXI.i.7 Parish Registers, review XXXIII.iv.261 Parishes, English XXXIX.ii.65 Parliamentary papers & family history XLV.iii.89 Parliaments of Scotland, review XXXIX.iii.109 Parochial Registers, Preservation and Public Access XXIII.iv.77 Parochial Registers, Withdrawal of XXIV.i.13 Passenger and Immigration Lists Bibliography, review XXIX.iii.95 Passenger List of the Schooner Lady Mary XI.iv.21 Passports XXXVI.iv.120 Paternity XXXV.ii.94, XXXVI.iii.88 Patillo, Alan XL.iii.115 Paton Catherine wife of David Straiton VIII.i.27 Patronymic system XXXII.ii.41 Pattison, Lt. J.B. LI.i.28 Peacock Decendants of Richard and Maria. Review XXII.ii.54 Pearn, Professor J.H. XXXVII.ii.45-47 Peathill (Old Pitsligo) Churchyard XXXII.iv.128 Pedigree Index The National XXVI.iv.3 Pedigree, proof of XXXIII.iii.207 Pedigrees and Ancestors. Lecture XXII.i.4 Peerage cases XXXIII.iii.205, XXXVI.i.1 Peerage XLII.iii.93 Percy-Piercy Family History Society XXXII.iv.129 Periodicals Articles in exchange XVI.iii.61 Perth 1861 census – School of Industry XLVIII.ii.60 Perth Earldom of, James Drummond of Biddick, Co. Durham and the XXVIII.i.1 Perth silversmiths LI.iii.113 Perth XXXIII.iii.224 Perthshire Marriage Contracts 1687-1809. Review XXV.ii.53 Peru XLVI.iii.97 Peter the Great, review XXXI.iii.92 Peterculter, The Kirkyard of XXXV.ii.92 Peters William, Family of XIX.i.27 Phantilands and Tromlie, Maccorquodale of XI.i.14 Pharmacy and Medicine in old and new Edinburgh XII.i.1 PhD study – e-Genealogy LII.iv.170 Philadelphia XXXII.ii.56 Philip Family of Fifeshire XV.iii.59 Philip II of Spain XX.iv.120 Philip, Adam XXXIX.ii.67 Phillips family XL.iii.82 Phonetics XXXVIII.i.26, XXXVIII.iv.139

XXXIX.i.12,13 Photographs XLIII.ii.71 XLIV.ii.83, iii.119 Pirie John born 1805, Aberdeen Area VI.ii.19 Pitcairlie The Baynes of II.ii.22

Pitcairne Archibald, The best of our owne; Letters of. Review XXVII.ii.73 Pittendreich XXXVIII.ii.62 Place names, review XXXVI.iii.105 Plague XXXIX.iii.88, XL.iv.152 Poetry XLIII.iv.128 Poison family XXXVIII.ii.75 Poland XXXIX.iii.85 Polish Genealogical-Heraldry Society XXXVI.ii.70 Polish heraldry XXXIII.ii.192 Polish XXXIII.ii.192 Poll Tax Records of Lasswade Midlothian 1694, The XXVIII.iii.122 Poll Tax Rolls of 1695 X.iv.4 Poll Tax XXXVIII.ii.44, XXXVIII.iv.136

XXXIX.ii.44 XL.iii.81 Poll Tax, Hearth Tax, XI.iii.8 Polston of Navidale XLI.ii.81 Poor Law Amendment Act of 1845 XLVI.i.17 Poor Law Records XLVI.i.18 Poor Law Relief Records XLVI.i.19 Poor relief XLIX.ii.44 Poor, Annals of the, review XXXIII.ii.198 Porteous Story, The. Review XXVIII.iv.161 Portraits XXX.i.5 Portugal XXXIII.ii.196, XXXVIII.iv.135 Postal charges XLIX.iv.133 Pratt Jean XVIII.ii.24 Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions in Angus Vol 1 Strathmore. Review XXVII.ii.75 Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions on Speyside. Review XXVI.iii.82 Precious metals XLV.iv.120 Prerogative Court of Canterbury XXX.iii.73, XXX.iv.145 Prerogative Court of York XXIX.ii.62 Presbyterian Meeting House Registers XV.ii.32 Presbyterian Meeting Houses and their Registers X.ii.8 Presbyterians, English, review XL.iv.159 Presentation to Mr and Mrs J F Mitchell XXVI.iv.109 Presland, Gay XXXVIII.i.25 Preston Robert XX.i.20 Prestonpans (Saltpreston) Presbyterian Meeting House, Registers of X.ii.17 Prichard, Dr M.F. Lloyd, correspondent XXXIII.iv.257, XXXIV.ii.340 Prides of Scotland XXXI.i.20, XXXI.ii.61 Primrose Surname VII.iv.28 Princeton LII.iv.147 Printers and booksellers, Scottish XIV.iv.85 Private Soldier in a Scottish Fencible Regiment of the Napoleonic Wars, A XXVI.iii.61 Problems Some in Twelfth and Thirteenth Century Scottish History - a Genealogical Approach

XXV.iv.97 Professions, Scottish XXXIX.i.1 Professor Gordon Ramsay Nicoll LI.iii.130 Property Rights XXXVII.i.19 Provan Andrew bookbinder, Glasgow XXVI.iv.141 Pryde Family Tree XLV.iii.103 Psychology of Names XXV.iii.84 Public Record Office XXXIX.i.7, XXXIX.ii.42 XL.i.16

XL.iv.150 Public Record Office, reconstruction XXXI.i.21; guide XXXI.iv.124 Publications XXXIV.ii.342, XXXVI.ii.38, 43,44,

XXXVII.ii.38, XXXVII.iv.142 XXXVIII.i.35 XXXVIII.ii.41,47 XXXVIII,iii.82 XXXIX.i.1

XXXIX.ii.41,45 XXXIX.iv.125 XL.i.1 XL.ii.41,46 XL.iii.81 XL.iv.121

Pugilism XLVI.i.26 Purse John, Merchant in Quebec XIII.iii.33 Purves, Thomas – journal 1819 L.iii.106 Q Quaker and Methodist Church Registers XX.iii.68 Quaker Family History Society XL.iv.161 Quakers Records Scottish VII.iii.1 Quarrel John Drummond of XVII.iii.65, XVIII.ii.27 Queen Victoria - Diamond Jubilee XLIV.iii.93 Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders – 5th Battalion XLVII.ii.49 Queen’s Scholars LII.iii.122 Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders XXXV.i.1 Queries Section in Scottish Genealogist XXV.ii.56 Query, Reply XXXV.i.25 Quinci, de, family XXXVII.iii.72,74 R Race, The Proud (Cherokees) XIX.iv.109 RAF L.i.17 Ragman Roll XL.iii.87 Rails to Ayr, review XXXI.iii.97 Railways in Scotland Historical Development of XII.iii.60 Ralston family XXXIV.ii.343 Ramsay Family tree of Allan XVII.i.4 Ramsay, Allan, Library XXXVI.iii.104 Ramsay, Major General Sir James XXXI.ii.44, XXXII.iv.124 Ramshorn Burying Ground XXXII.i.18 Read Alexander XXVI.i.13 Correction XXVILiv.165 Record and MSS Sources. Lecture XXI.iv.1 10 Record Office Northumberland 1958.1959 XVII.iii.81 Record Offices in Great Britain and Ireland, review, XXXIV.iii.376 Record Offices, Directory XXIX.i.26 Record Service National Archive, XIX.ii.47 Record sources XXXIII.ii.187, XXXIV.i.294 Record Text Publications XXV.i.23 Records Catholic XVIII.iv.93, XIX.ii.44 Records Church II.iii.14, II.iv.11 Records Legal II.iv.18, III. .92 Records of Kirkliston Parish Mss II.i.8, II.iii.20 Records Protection in an Uncertain World XVI.iii.67 Records Scottish An Approach to IV.iii.69, IV. iv.96 Records Service USA National Archives, XX.i.13 Records, Catholic XXXVIII.iv.142, XXXIX.i.1 Records, Federal Census, U.S.A. XXIX.ii.40 Records, Quarter Session, review XXX.iv.152 Records, Scottish Clerical XXXI.ii.59 References in Other Journals 1973-76 XXV.i.29 Regiment The 71st. XXVII.iii.119 Correspondence

XXVIII.i.38 Regiment, 71st (Highland), of Foot XXXVIII.i.18,19 Regimental Magazines XLVII.ii.54 Regiments in S. Ireland during the Napoleonic Wars, Scottish Militia XVIII.iii.43 Regiments, Covenanting, review XXXIX.iv.157 Register House evening visits XLV.i.25 Register of Burials, Lethnot & Navar XXXVII.iii.99 Register of Corrected Entries L.i.37 Register of Deeds XXXIX.iii.88

Register of Genealogy Work Suggested XXIII.i.23, XXIV.iii.82 Register of Members' Interests, see Interests, Members' Register of Research Lists (1) XXIII.ii.42 (2) XXIII.iii.60, XXIII.iv.94 Register of Scotsmen 1574-1685 Dutch Marriage XX.ii.38 Register, Edinburgh Police XXXVIII.iii.82 Register, Privy Council XXXVIII.ii.71 Registers - Losing our Heritage XXIII.iv.78 Registers in Holy Trinity Episcopal Chapel Dunfermline XIII.ii.1 Registers in the New Register House, Parish III.ii.35 Registers Items of Scottish Interest from English XIX.i.8, XIX.iii.92 Registers National Index of Parish. Review XVIII.ii.22 Registers of Births Deaths and Marriages in Scotland VIII.iv.15 Registers of Births Marriages and Deaths XIV.ii.25 Registers of Members' Interests/Research XXV.ii.62, XXV.iii.72, XXVI.iv.133,

XXVII.i.33, XXVIII.iii.85, XXVIII.iii.96, XXVIII.iv.164

Registers of Sasines XXXIII.iii.211 Registers Presbyterian Meeting House XV.ii.32 Registers, Land XXXIII.iii.211 Registers, Parish XXXVII.ii.55, XXXVII.iii.99,105

XXXVII.iv.141 XXXVIII.ii.41 XXXVIII.iii.81,82,124, XXXIX.i.19 XXXIX.ii.42 XL.i.33

Registers, Parish, Essex XL.iv.160 Registration and Censuses IX.iv.14 Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages XXXIV.ii.331, XXXVI.iii.89.91; Fees

XXXV.i.26 Registration, problems of, review XXXV.ii.94 Reid Alexander Kirkliston XXV.i.10 Reid, John XXXIII.ii.173, 174, XXXIII.iii.227 Reid-Robertson, The Last Baron IX.i.11, IX.ii.2 Replies to Queries XLII.i.44, iii.132 Report of Council 1973-74 XXII.i.1 Report of Council 1974-75 XXIII.i.1 Report of Council 1975-76 XXIV.ii.29 Report of Council 1976-77 XXV.i.13 Report of Council 1977-78 XXVI.ii.29 Report of Council 1978-79 XXVII.i.1 Report of Council 1979-80 XXVIII.ii.66 Reports of Council XVII.iv.105, XVIII.iv.59, XIX.iv.97,

XX.iv.77 Reports, Annual XXXVII.ii.37, XXXVIII.ii.45

XXXIX.ii.43 XL.ii.45 Rescobie XXXVIII.iv.151 Research Methodology XLIV.iii.104 Research offers, Locations: Berwickshire, Coldstream (Allan, Dalglish, Mein) XXX.i.24 Research Society, The Scots Ancestry III.iii.51 Restenneth Priory XXXIV.i.294 Retours and Scottish-Australasian Heirs XV.i.14 Retours and Transatlantic Links XIII.i.7, XIV.iv.81 Retours of Services of Heirs CD-Roms XLVI.iv.164 Review of Scottish Culture, review XXXI.iii.96 Review XXXII.i.18, XXXIX.i.36, XXXIX.ii.65,

XXXVII.ii.64, XXXVII.iii.107, XXXVIII.i.28, XXXVIII.i.29, XL.iv.158, XLV.i.27, XLV.ii.72, XLV.iii.101, XLV.iv.133, XLVI.i.34, XLVI.ii.76, XLVI.iii.112, XLVI.iv.165, XLVII.i.28, XLVII.ii.73, XLVII.iii.110, XLVIII.ii.74, XLVIII.iv.142

Reviews English Genealogy by Anthony Richard Wagner, Richmond Herald VII.iii.14 Reviews map of Scotland of Old by Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk Bart. Ph.D. and Don Pottinger M.A.

D.A. VII.iii.13 Reviews Scottish Family Histories held in Scottish Libraries compiled by Joan P. S. Ferguson VII.i.1,

VII.ii.20 Reviews Searching for your Ancestors (Third Edition) by Gilbert H. Doane VIII.iii.24 Reviews Tales from Barra, Told by the Coddy VII.iii.13 Reviews The Armorial (quarterly journal) VII.i.16 Reviews The High Court of Chivalry by G. D. Squibb Q.C. VII.i.1 Reviews The Whytes, A Family Memorial by Donald Whyte F. S. A. Sc. VIII.ii.23 Revised Postal Charges XLVII.ii.72 Rhu XL.iii.101 Richmond-Tweed F.H.S. XLII.ii.86 Ridings family XXXIX.ii.67 Ridings, Rev. Christophe N., correspondent XXXIX.ii.67 Rising of 1820, The XX.i.1 Ritchie Mary. Note on II.ii.25, II.iii.21 Ritchie, William – Canadian emigrant XLVIII.ii.71 Rix family XXIX.ii.47 Rob Roy XXXI.i.1 Robert the Bruce, descendants LI.ii.49 Robert William Munro LI.i.17 Roberton XXXIX.i.36 Robertson – printers & booksellers in Edinburgh L.iv.151 Robertson family XXXIV.i.296, XXXIV.iv.386 Robertson, James of Stornoway L.ii.80 Robertson, William Stewart, M.C., Black Watch XLVII.iii.88 Rocheids of Inverleith XIV.i.10 Rodger William XII.ii.9, X.iv.4 Rolls of Honour XLIII.i.31 Romanes family XXXII.iii.65 Ronald family XXXIII.i.144 Ronald family, review XXXVII.iv.150 Ronald, Heather B. XXXVII.iv.150 Roots '93 XXXIX.iii.86, XXXIX.iv.126 XL.i.1 Roots American TV Film XXVI.iv.108 Rose, D. Murray XL.ii.61-63 Ross Family in Shetland XVI.i.11 Ross family of Priesthill XX.i.25, XX.iii.69 Ross in Elginshire LII.i.13 Ross John Inverness-shire XXVIII.iv.165 Ross of Craigie and Innernethy XIX.i.27 Ross of Mull Historical Centre XLVIII.iii.114 Ross Robert of Oakbank I.iv.20 Ross, I. XXXIX.iv.125 Ross, Wester XXXVII.i.24, XXXVII.iv.129-131 Rosses of Innernethy I.iv.20 Ross-shire Families, Old II.i.3, II.ii.17, III.i.8 Ross-shire Sept Families XIX.i.24 Rothiemurchus XXXIV.iv.386 Rotterdam, Scots Church XXIX.iv.129, XXX.iii.99 XXXII.iii.87 Roughead, William XXXIX.i.1 Roxburghshire, review XXXVIII.iv.134, XXXIX.ii.63,64

XXXIX.iii.106 XXXIX.iv.159 XL.iii.113,114

Royal Bank of Scotland VI.i.8 Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland XLV.iv.140,

XLVI.i.36 Royal Family, review XXX.iii.107 Rum L.i.35

Russell family XXXVII.i.18, XXXVII.iv.119 Russell, Andrew – Family letters XLVII.ii.41 Russell, John, and family XXXIII.i.154 Russell, Mrs Valerie, correspondent XXXIII.ii.196 Russels, the Chamberlain XXVIII.ii.69 Russian Connections XLIX.iv.137 Russian family name XLIX.iii.84 Russian Genealogical Society XL.i.35 Ruston, Alan XL.iv.159 Ruthven-Murray, Peter XXXVIII.iii.82 Rynie Churchyard XXXI.ii.61 S S.A.F.H.S. Conference XLI.iv.181. XLII.iv.156. XLIII.ii.71.

XLIII.iv.158. XLIV.i.36. ii.57,80 S.A.F.H.S.9th annual conference XLV.i.25 S.A.F.H.S.10th Annual conference XLV.iv.140, XLVI.i.35 S.A.F.H.S.11th annual conference XLVI.iii.121, XLVI.iv.163, XLVII.i.22 S.A.F.H.S.12th Annual Conference XLVII.iv.154, XLVIII.i.36 S.A.F.H.S.13th Annual Conference XLIX.i.29 S.A.F.H.S.14th annual conference L.i.45 S.A.F.H.S.17th Annual Conference LII.iv.164 SAFHS XLV.iv.137 Sale of the 1881 Scottish census index XLVI.ii.74 Sales department XLIX.iii.97 Sales List – additions to XLV.iv.131, XLVI.ii.71, XLVI.iv.161,

XLVII.ii.70, XLVII.iv.158, XLVIII.ii.61, XLIX.ii.59, XLIX.iv.131

Sales Secretaries L.i.45 Sales XLVIII.iv.149 Salt industry, review XXXI.iii.93 Saltoun, Abernethy of XVII.iv.127 Sandison, A., correspondent XXXII.ii.41 Sanquhar XXXVI.iii.73, XXXVI.iv.127 Sasines LII.iv.153 Scarborough XXXIII.iv.259 Schetkys, the Scottish XXVI.iv.94, VII.iii.114 Scholars LI.iv.148 School Admission Registers XXXIV.iv.402 Schoolmasters of Abercorn Dalmeny and Kirkliston V.i.20 Schoolmasters of Abercorn Parish XV.i.7 Scotish Records Association XXIV.iv.112 Scotland and the Scots 1974. Review XXII.ii.53 Scotland and the Scots 1975-6. Review XXIII.i.21 Scotland’s People LII.ii.65 Scotland's Flag Origins; Athelstaneford Parish - and John Knox XXVII.ii.57 Scotlandspeople.gov.uk LI.ii.59 Scots and Manchester after the '45 XX.i.3 Scots buried at Lancaster 1715-1716 XX.ii.36 Scots Gard'ner, The XXXIII.ii.173 Scots in a Thirteenth Century Roll of Arms XXVIII.i.13 Scots in England, Register of XXIV.iv.113 Scots in New Zealand before 1852 XXV.iii.81 Scots in Wigan XXI.iii.89 Scots lady in Alghult XXXI.ii.44 Scots Mag 1783 – Changing Edinburgh XLIX.iv.129 Scots Magazine 1774 XLIX.i.8, 30 Scots Magazine XXXVIII.i.3,7,21,22,24,34,36

XXXVIII.ii.48 XXXVIII.iii.88 Scots Magazine, The XXXIV.ii.339, 340, XXXV.iii.111

Scots Origins XLIX.ii.55, XLIX.iv.122 Scots Overseas. Review XIV.ii.43 Scots Peerage XLVII.iii.108 Scots Roll (15-16C heraldic source) XIII.ii.8 Scots Year Book. Reviews XVII.iii.83, XVIII.i.28 Scotsmen 1574-1685 Dutch Marriage Register of XX.ii.38 Scott and Dunbar Prize XXXII.iii.92 Scott family XXXVII.ii.45-47 Scott Moncrieff family XXIX.iv.120 Scott of Harden LI.iii.128 Scott, Captain James, of the "Ballindalloch" XXXI.iv.111 Scott, Hew XXXII.iii.92 Scottish American Journal XL.ii.58, XL.iii.101,120 Scottish Antiquary VIII.ii.9 Scottish Archive Network LI.ii.43 Scottish Arms in the Bellenville Roll XXV.ii.33, XXIX.iii.84 Scottish Association of Family History Societies XXXV.iv.174, XXXVI.ii.39 Scottish Association of Family History Societies XXXVII.ii.39, XXXVIII.ii.47

XXXIX.ii.41,46 XXXIX.iv.126 XL.i.2 XL.ii.42,47 XL.iii.82

Scottish Capital on the American Credit Frontiers. Review XXIV.i.28 Scottish Clock and Watchmakers L.ii.94 Scottish Daily Mail XLIX.iv.137 Scottish Education LI.iv.140 Scottish Emigration, A Bibliography XXI.iii.65 Scottish Episcopal Church XXXVII.iv.131 Scottish Family Histories, review XXXIII.iv.260 Scottish Family History: A guide to Works of Reference on the History and Genealogy of Scottish

families. Review XXV.ii.53 Scottish Genealogist, Back Numbers XXI.i.32, XXIV.iii.70, XXIV.iv.110 Scottish Genealogist, past numbers XIV.iv.88 Scottish Genealogy Society – Annual Accounts of SGS XXII.i.3, 1975, XII.iii.35, XXIII.i.3,1976,

XXIV.ii.32, 1977 XXV.i.16,1978 XXVI.ii.44,1979, XXVII.i.22,1980, XXVIII.ii.64, XXXIX.ii.47, XL.ii.47,48, XLV.i.28, XLVI.i.32, XLVII.i.24, XLVIII.i.30, XLIX.i.26, L.i.42, LI.i.32, LII.i.38

Scottish Genealogy Society – Annual General Meeting VIII.iv.32, XLIX.iv.137, L.iv.178, LI.i.36, LI.iii.97.1I.iv.133

Scottish Genealogy Society – Annual Report of Council & Accounts XXIX.ii.49, XXX.i.16 XXX.ii.57 XXXIi.11 XXXII.i.14, XLI.ii.53. XLII.i.35, 40. iv.150.

Scottish Genealogy Society – Annual Report of Council XLV.iv.134, XLVI.iv.157, XLVII.iv.150, XLVIII.iv.140, XLIX.iv.126, L.iv.174, LI.iv.174, LII.iv.178

Scottish Genealogy Society – Annual Report XXXIII.i. 157, XXXIV.i.269 XXXV.i.34 XXXVI.ii.37

Scottish Genealogy Society – 50 years L.i.3 Scottish Genealogy Society - Foundation XXXIX.ii.50 Scottish Genealogy Society - Sales XXXVII.iv.142 Scottish Genealogy Society catalogue of books XIII.ii.28 Scottish Genealogy Society- Constitution XL.ii.44 Scottish Genealogy Society Library Catalogue XIV.ii.45 Scottish Genealogy Society Report of the Council XIII.iii.29, XIV.iv.69, XV.iv.81, XVI.iv.69 Scottish Genealogy Society, accounts XXXIII.iii.220, XXXVI.ii.42 Scottish Genealogy Society, Anniversary Conference. Report XXI.iv.97 Scottish Genealogy Society, Constitution XXXII.iv.126 Scottish Genealogy Society, contd. XXXIX.iv.126, XL.i.40 XL.ii.71 Scottish Genealogy Society, History of, 1953-74 XXI.iii.57

Scottish Genealogy Society, The I.i.4, II.iv.8, III.i.3, III.iii.72, III.iv.87, III.iv.111, IV.iv.90

Scottish Genealogy Work in Progress XLV.i.32, XLV.iv.133, 137, XLVI.i.31, XLVI.ii.73, XLVI.iv.163, XLVII.i.28

Scottish Genealogy Society, Council, Changes in Office Bearers, VII.iv.1, VIII.iv.2, VIII.iv.32 Scottish Genealogy Society, Council, Report of V.iv.78, Vl.iv.1, VII.iv.1, VIII.iv.1, X.i.1,

X.iv.1, Xl.iv.1, XII.iii.33, XVII.iv.105, XVIII.iv.59, XIX.iv.97, XX.iv.77

Scottish Genealogy Society, Meetings, Annual General XXXVII.ii.37, XXXVII.iv.115 XXXVm.iv.125 XXXIX.ii.85 XXXIX.iv.125 XL.ii.43 XL.iv.121

Scottish Highlanders and the American Revolution. Review XXIII.iv.92 Scottish Historical Review XL.ii.44 Scottish History Society XXV.i.12, XXXIV.iv.384 Scottish Marriages XXVI.iv.121 Scottish Nabobs XXVI.i.26 Scottish National Archives LII.i.37 Scottish OPR Addenda Indexes XLI.i.39 Scottish Radicals. Review XXIV.ii.56 Scottish Record Office – change of Title XLVI.ii.73 Scottish Record Office XXXIX.iii.88, XLI.iii.94 Scottish Record Society V.iii.1 Scottish Schetkys, the XXVI.iv.94 XXVII.iii.114 Scottish ships XLVII.iv.120 Scottish Strays L.ii.83 Scottish Tradition in Canada. Review XXIV.iv.105 Scottish University Libraries XLVII.i.26 Scottish Vessels in Northumbrian Ports 1881 XLII.iii.114 Scottish XXXIV.iv.385, XXXVII.iii.106,

XXXVIII.i.25,35 XXXVIII.iii.101 XL.i.22 review XXXVII.iii.107, XXXVIII.i.30,33,34, XXXIX.iii.107 XXXIX.iv.156, XXXVIII.iv.137

Scottish, review XL.i.33 Scottish-American Heirs XIV.iv.81 Scotts Coinage Reply IX.ii.17 Scrimgeours and their Chiefs, Scotland's Royal Banner Bearers. Review XXVIII.iii.142 Scrymgeour of Ballinshoe & Torbins XLVIII.i.17 Scrymgeour of Glaswell XLVIII.i.3 Scrymgeour, Henry, 1506-1572 XLIV.ii.52 Seaham XLIII.iv.142 Seals XL.iii.87-93 Search Fees at New Register House XIII.i.19 Search for an Ancestor XXII.ii.55, XXII.iii.57 Searchers List III.i.21, III.ii.46 Searchers, Accredited XXXV.i.29, XXXVI.ii.39 Searchers, Accredited XXXVII.ii.38,56, XXXVIII.iv.148

XXXIX.iii.89,90 Seceding Churches, Pre-1855 Records of VIII.iv.18 Selkirkshire Antiquarian Society VIII.iii.24 Selmes XXXVII.iii.79-85, XXXVIII.ii.62,63

XXXVIII.iv.127 Semi-Jubilee conference 1978 XXV.ii.62 Sempel family XXXIII.i.137 Sennachie, reviewer XXXVIII.i.31, XXXIX.iv.159 Setons, A Lillie link between McInroys, XXVII.iii.85 Sex, antenuptial XXXVIII.ii.41,55 SGS - Office Bearers 1953-2003 L.ii.90 SGS 50th Anniversary Celebration L.iii.129, 140 SGS L.ii.77

Shannons of Lephenstrath XXV.iii.77 Shareware XL.iii.94-97,102 Shaw, History of Clan, review XXX.iv.150 Shaw, Hugh XXXIII.iii.226 Shawfield and Turnlaw, Decent of Hamiltons of XVII.ii.57, XVIII.ii.26 Shelbourne Loyalists Nova Scotia VII.iv.11 Shetland in the 18th and 19th Centuries, Inhabitants of Northmavine in XVII.iii.91 Shetland Patronymics. Letter XXiy.iv.112 Shetland Robert Jameson, XVI.i.1 Shetland Ross Family in XVI.i.11 Shetland Tracing Ancestors in. Review XIX.iv.107 Shetland Tracing Ancestors in. Review XXVI.i.6 Shetland XXXII.ii.41, XXXII.ii.59 Shetland XXXIX.iii.88 Shetland, The Family of Gifford in, and their descent from The Giffords of Sheriffhall XXVIII.ii.60 Shipping XLIII.iv.140. XLIV.i.5 Ships from Dundee XLVII.i.12 Shooting XLVI.i.23 Shotts XXXIX.iii.107 Sievewright, Thomas XXIX.i.16 Sigillography XL.iii.87 Significance of Genealogy to the Scottish Historian. Lecture XXI.iii.59 Silver War Badge L.i.17 Silversmiths LI.iii.113, LII.ii.82 Sim(p)son family XXXVII.i.1,7, XL.iv.131 Sim, James Fairlie XLIV.iii.110 Simplified Guide to Probate Jurisdiction, A Review XXVIII.i.36 Sinclair family XXXV.ii.90 Sinclair, Cecil XXXVIII.i.34 Sinclair, Wendy J. XL.iv.157 Sinclair, William XXXV.i.28 Sinclar George scientist XXIII.iv.81 (Corrections XXIII.1.8),

XXIV.iv.104 Single Eagle Supporter in Scottish Armoury XXI.i.24 Siol Gorrie XV.ii.36 Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Company XV.iii.56 Siva, Eyes of XXIX.i.16 Sivright family XXIX.ii.61 Skibo XL.ii.59 Skye XXXVII.ii.53, XLI.i.3 Skye, Highlanders from, in North Carolina and Nova Scotia 1771-1818 XII.iv.92 Skye, The Macphersons of I.(ii-iii).26 Slater Family, Letter XVII.i.14 Slave Traders XLVII.i.5 Smith, John – clockmaker XLVI.ii.51 Smith, John XXXIX.iii.92,94,95, XL.iii.108 Smoith, Jean XXXK.ii.71 Smugglers XXXI.ii.33 Smuggling in the Stirling District XLVIII.iii.113 Snedden family XXXI.ii.60 Societies ' Periodicals, Index to Scottish I.i.17 Societies, Genealogical and Family History XXXVI.iv.141 Society for propagating Christian Knowledge XXXV.iii.1 14 Society for reformation of manners XXXV.iii.1 12 Society of Archivists Conference LI.ii.84 Society of Genealogists Fair XL.iv.122,162, XLI.i.2. XLII.iii.128 Society of Genealogists Family History Fair 2000 XLVI.iv.163, XLVII.i.22, XLIX.iii.98 Society of Genealogists XXXI.ii.43, XXXIV.i.295, XXXIX.ii.65,

XL.iii.82 Society of West Highland and Island Historical Research XXVIII.iii.139

Soldiers' Discharge Certificates XXXIX.ii.42 Soldiers' Records XXXVIII.i.31, XL.i.16, XXXVIII.iv.139

XXXIX.i.13 XL.iii.87 Soldiers XXXVIII.i.31, XL.i.16 Soldiers, 18th C. XXXVI.iv.122 Solway, Smugglers on the XXXI.ii.33 Some inhabitants in Shetland in 1872. Review. XXVIII.i.36 Some Problems in Twelfth and Thirteenth Century Scottish History - A Genealogical Approach

XXV.iv.97 Some Steeles in Lesmahagow and their Decendants XXVI.ii.33 Somerville Laurie and Reply IX.i.10, IX.ii.17 Somervilles, The Memorials of the I.(ii-iii).6 Somner, Richard, letter of, 1807 XLIV.iii.112 Source Book, review XXXIV.iii.376 South Africa, Genealogical Research in. Review XXIV.iv.105 South Africa, Genealogical Research, review XXXI.iv.121 South Africa, Scots in XIV.ii.39 South Africa, St George's Park Cemetery XXXIII.iii.229 South Ayrshire Family History Fair XLVI.i.36, XLVI.iii.110, XLVIII.i.36,

XLIX.ii.65 South East Hampshire Genealogical Society XXI.i.32 South Shields XLIII.iv.143 Soutra Aisle – visit L.i.45 Span of Spouses, A XXVII.ii.50 Speir family XXXIX.iii.98,100-104 Spencer, Shelagh Byrne XXXVIII.iv.148 Spens Sir James of Wormiston 1571-1632: A Scoto-Swedish Genealogy XXVIII.iv.149 Spens, Patrick XXXIII.ii.184 Speyside Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions on. Review XXVI.iii.82 Spokane Review XXXVI.ii.70 Sprouston XXXIX.iii.106 Srymgeour of Glasswell XLIV.ii.52 St Clement's, Aberdeen, The Kirkyard of, review XXXVI.i.35 St Lawrence Co., New York L.iii.106 St Martin’s Parish, Perthshire LII.ii.62 St. Andrew Society Philadelphia XXI.i.21 St. Andrews Church, Toronto XXX.i.18 St. Augustine Census of 1786, Scots in XV.iii.51 St. Fillan XXXII.iii.90 St. Mary's Churchyard, Camus Juxta Bann Derry XI.ii.6 Stafford, Capt. John XXXVIII.i.22 Staffordshire Research XXXIX.iii.106 Stair, Earl of, funeral XXXVIII.i.21 Stammers, Vera XXXVII.iii.107 Stamps History in XXVII.iii.113 Statistical Account, Third, review XL.i.31 Statistical Accounts on the internet XLVIII.i.35 Statutory Fees Charged at the GRO XLI.ii.84. XLIV.ii.75, XLV.ii.66 Steel, Donald, reviewer XXXIX.i.36 Steele family XXXV.iv.178, XXXVI.ii.52,71 Steeles in Lesmahagow and their Decendants, Some XXVI.ii.33 Steuart of Steuart Hall XXIV.i.18 Stewart Family XXV.i.1, XXXVII.i.6 Stewart Fergusson Stapylton-Smith Award for Genealogy XLVI.iii.118 Stewart of Minto LII.ii.52 Stewart Society XLVII.ii.76 Stewart, A.I.B., correspondent XXXVII.i.34 Stewart, James, of Blackball XXXI.iv.116 Stewart, Kathleen W. XXXVIII.i.32, XXXVIII.iii.117


Stewart, Rev. Charles and family XXXII.i.23 Stewart, Sir Archibald, of Blackball XXXIII.i.137 Stewart, The Royal House of. Review XVI.iv.94 Stewarts in East Anglia LI.iv.151 Stewarts in Logierait XXXIII.ii.196 Stewarts of Campbeltown XLI.iii.113 Stewarts, early, family tree XXIX.iii.85 Stirling and the S.P.C.K. XLIX.ii.36 Stirling XXXVII.i.18 review XXXIX.i.35 Stirling Family XXIX.iii.94, XLIII.iv.126 Stirling University – certificate in Family History Studies XLV.iv.116, 119 Stirling University XL.i.36 Stirling, Colonel Sir A. David, DSO, OBE (1915-1990) L.iv.154 Stirling, Genealogical Information in Local Publications II.iii.11 Stirling, Robert, of Methven & Galston XLIII.ii.41 Stirlingshire (Arnott, Gourlay, Henderson, Watson) XXX.i.25 Stockholm XXXI.iv.124 Stolen Children XXIX.i.11 Stone-masons Scottish, in Texas XIII.ii.4 Stop Press XLVIII.ii.59 Storm 1655 XL.iv.164 Stormonth family XXXVII.iv.120-129, XXXVIII.i.36 Stornoway LI.i.13 Strachan Churchyard XXXII.i.18, XXXII.iv.128 Strachur, review XXX.iv.153 Strachur, The Campbells of XVIII.i.1 Straiten XXXVIII.iii.97-99 Stranton XLIII.iv.146 Strathblane XXXVI.i.31 Strathdee, Robert M. XXXVIII.iv.126 Strathdee, Robert M., Memorial Fund XXXIX.i.2, XXXIX.ii.41 Strathearn XXXVII.iv.131 Strathmore, Earl of XXXVIII.ii.61 Strays file XXVI.iii.83 Strays XXXIII.ii.195, XXXIV.ii.326

XXXVI.iv.124 Strays, Edinburgh XXXVIII.i.32 Stuart, John XXXVIII.i.8-10 Stuart, Peter XXXVII.ii.42, XXXVII.iv.115

XXXVIILiii.89 Sturrock in Monikie XLVIII.iv.129 Subscription Rates SGS XXVI.ii.32, XXVIII.ii.140 Subscriptions Delayed Payment of XX.iv.80 Subscriptions XL.iii.81, XLV.iii.100 Succession XXXIII.iii.205 Summer School XLI.i.2, ii.89, XLII.i.44, iv.157 Sunderland XLIII.iv.146, XLIV.i.5 Surname Index XXXIII.iii.227 Surnames English Adaptations of Gaelic XVII.iv.109 Surnames English in 1601-2. Review XVI.iv.94 Surnames in Kilmalcolm Records XXIII.i.24 Surnames Lists of Scottish - Baronets of Nova Scotia XXVII.iii.90 Surnames Lists of Scottish - Genealogical Roll in Eastern Prussia XXVII.iv.129 Surnames Lists of Scottish - Kirkmahoe Friendly Society 1801-18 XXVI.iv.98 Surnames Lists of Scottish - MacKerlich Campbells in the Breadalbane Court Books 1 XXVII.i.20 Surnames Lists of Scottish - Original Emigrants to McNab Township Upper Canada 1825

XXVIII.iii.109 Surnames Lists of Scottish - Poll Tax Records of Lasswade Midlothian 1694 XXVIII.iii.122

Surnames Lists of Scottish - Register of Members Interests/ Research XXV.ii.62, XXV.iii.72, XXVI.iv.133, XXVII.i.33, XXVIII.iii.8, XXVIII.iv.164

Surnames Lists of Scottish - Scots in a Thirteenth Century Roll of Arms XXVIII.i.13 Surnames Lists of Scottish - South Perthshire Monumental Inscriptions, Amendments of XXVI.iv.102 Surnames Origin and Signification of Scottish. Review XVI.iv.95 Surnames, A Dictionary of, review XXXVI.ii.68 Surnames, Ancient Scottish LI.iv.173 Surnames, Inheritance of English, review XXXIV.iii.374 Surrey East, census index XXXII.iv.129 Sutherland XLI.i.7 Sutherland – sources in XLV.ii.41 Sutherland Burial Grounds XXXVI.ii.49 Sutherland Family XLI.ii.76 Sutherland Society in Scotland, Clan XXV.i.19, XXVI.iv.97 Sutherland, James – elephant hunter LI.i.16 Sutherland, James XXXIII.ii.179 Swanboro's First Hotel-Keeper X.iv.15 Swankies of Arbroath and Auchmithie XXIX.i.18, XXIX.iv.127 Swayne, Henry in Peru XLVI.iii.97 Sweden, Thomason Family in VII.iv.22 Sweden Scottish families in XXXII.iv.114 Swedish Industry, Scottish Families in XIII.iv.20 Swinn, and variants XXXVI.i.31 Swinton charters XXXVII.iii.74,89 Swinton family XXXVII.iii.68,69,72-74,89-90 Sydney, Australia LI.i.13 Syllabus Secretary XLVI.iii.120 Syllabus XXXIII.iii.210, XXXIV.iii.364,

XXXV.ii.62 XXXVI.iii.83 Syllabus, 1980-81 XXVII.iii.89 Syllabus, 1990-1991 XXXVII.ii.65 Syllabus, 1991-1992 XXXVIII.iii.82 Syllabus, 1992-1993 XXXIX.iii.86 Syllabus, 1993 XL.i.1 Syllabus, 1993-1994 XL.ii.41, XL.iii.81 XL.iv.121 T Tabert, Benjamin, review XXXVIII.iii.117 Tacksmen XXXVIII.iii.102 Tainsh family XXXIV.ii.332, XXXV.iii.110 Tangier, Church of St Andrew's XXXVI.ii.41 Tarradale, The Baynes of II.ii.21 Tartans Information Centre, Scottish XI.iii.3 Tasmania, Genealogical Society of XXXII.iii.92 Taxes XLIII.iii.103 Tay Valley emigrants, review XXXVI.ii.67 Tay Valley Family History Society XXVII.iii.117, XXXIII.i.160,

XXXIX.ii.42, XXXIX.iii.85 Taylor-Sinclair Families. Note XIX.i.25 Teachers – list of , 1858-1862 LII.iii.122 Teachers and Schoolmasters LI.iv.147 Tearlach (Tiarlich) Clan XXXV.ii.63 Teletext, Channel 4 XXXIX.iv.152, XL.i.40 Telford, Thomas XXXIII.i.146 Temple Church L.iii.125 Temple Meeting House Registers of X.ii.18 Tenancy XLIII.i.1 Testaments Note on III.i.20 Testaments, see wills

Texas Scottish stonemasons in XIII.ii.4 The Cape of Good Hope XXX.iii.89 The East Cape XXX.i.32 They came to North Tama. Review XXII.ii.54 Thomaeus Thomee, Thome family in Sweden VII.iv.22 Thomson family XXXIV.i.286 Thomson Family, Black Isle XLIII.iv.125 Thomson family, review XXXVIII.iv.158 Thomson, David founder of New Hampshire XLVI.ii.41, XLVI.iii.81, XLVII.iv.131,

L.ii.51 Thorburn, W.A., XXX.ii.60 Thousand Years Anniversary Lothians 973.1973 XXII.i.16 Thumbnail outline of notes on research of the old Royal House of Moray, A XXVI.i.18 Thurburn, John XXXIX.iv.150 Thurston House LI.ii.65 Tinkers XXXVIII.i.20,21, XL.ii.42 Tiree XXXVI.iii.94 Titles of Honour Hereditary. Review XVII.iii.81 Tod(d), and variants, family XXXIII.i.167, XXXV.i.30 Tombstone An Interesting XXVII.iv.166 Tombstone Inscriptions Recording of pre-1855 XVIII.iii.50 Tombstones - See Cemeteries Tombstones destruction of XVII.ii.61 Topham, Edward XXXVII.iii.100 Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, review XXXVI.iii.105 Torirns near Glasswell, Kirriemuir, location of XLVIII.iv.147 Toronto XXX.i.18 Torphichen The Templars of. Note II.i.22, II.ii.24 Tos(s)ach family XXXIV.ii.332, XXXV.iii.110 Touch [or Tulch] of Portertown XLI.i.25 Touch and Garvock, The Wellwoods of XVII.i.7, XX.i.17 Tough, The Kirkyard of XXXVI.i.35 Tracing Ancestors in Shetland. Review XXVI.i.6 Trades & Crafts in the National Archives of Scotland LI.ii.60 Trades, Scottish XXXIX.i.1, XL.iii.109, XL.iv.152 Trafalgar L.ii.80 Traigh battle XLVI.iv.153 Tranent XXXVII.iii.71,72,76,81, XXXVIII.ii.62,

XXXVIII.iv.132 Transatlantic Links, Retours and XIII.i.7, XIV.iv.81 Traquair, Earl of XXXVIII.i.22 Travel XL.iv.154 Treasurer’s notes L.iii.142, L.iv.167 Trent, Maurice and James XXIX.i.1 1 Tristan da Cunha XLI.iii.95 Tromlie Maccorquodale of Phantilands, XI.i.14 Tron parish XL.iii.81 Troon & District F.H.S. NIScot Symposium XLIV.i.37 Troon and District Family History Society XXXVII.iv.56 Troqueer XXXVIII.ii.43 Tudors and Tudor Mysteries XXX.ii.33, XXX.iii.82 Tulch Family XLI.i.25 Tulliallan Genealogy of a Parish. Review XII.i.22 Tulloch in Aberdeen XLI.i.24 Tulloch of Bonnyton XLI.i.22 Tulloch of Craigneston XLI.i.25 Tulloch of Hilcarny & Pitkennedie XLI.i.24 Tulloch of Montcoffer XLI.i.26 Tullochs in Moray & Nairn XLI.i.26 Tullochs in Orkney & Shetland XLI.i.25

Turnbull Family (I Saved the King). Review XXIV.ii.56 Turnbulls, I Saved the King - The Story of the. Review XXVII.ii.73 Turnlaw Hamiltons of Shawfield and XVII.ii.56, XVIII.ii.26 Tutors to Highland Chiefs VI.i.7, V.ii.30, V.iii.52 Twins XXX.ii.64 Tyrie, The Kirkyard of, review XXXV.ii.92 Tyrrell Family History Society, Proposed XXV.i.19 U U.S.A., National Archives and Record Service XXIX.ii.40 Uist XXXVII.ii.65, XXXIX.iv.128-131, 137,

139-141 Uist, North XXXVI.iii.94 UK Public Libraries XLVII.i.26 Ulster Historical Foundation XXXV.ii.95 Ulster Historical Foundation, Family History Conference 1999 XLVI.ii.72 Ulster XXXV.ii.54 Ulster-Scot Historical Society VII.iv.3 Ulva families, review XXXIX.iii.107 Ulva, MacQuarries of XV.ii.25, XVI.iii.41, XVI.iv.81 Unitarians, review XL.iv.159 USA Some Sources of Scottish Emigration to VII.iv.14 USA LII.ii.63 Utah The Genealogical Society of. Lecture XXV.ii.63 V Vallance Surname of West Scotland VII.iv.28 Valuation Rolls XXXIII.iii.211 Van Diemen's Land XXXVI.ii.45 Van Vlodorp Family, Genealogy of. Review XIV.ii.40 Vatican Archives, The XXVII.ii.62 Vessels XLIII.iv.140. XLIV.i.5 Vice-President Honoured (D. Whyte) XLVI.iii.110 Victoria Terrace – restoration XLV.ii.70, XLV.iii.100 Virginia sailing from the Clyde 24 December 1794 XLV.i.26 Virginia XXXVII.i.15 Visiting Cards XV.i.6 Volunteers Required XLVI.iii.109 Volunteers, Midlothian Rifle XXXVII.iv.144 Volunteers, Scottish Genealogy Society XXXVIII.ii.45,48, XXXIX.iv.125 Voyage of the ‘Annabella’ XLI.iii.118 Voyage to Canada. Review XXVI.i.12 W Waipu New Zealand Cemetery at XXVI.iv.97 Walkington, review XL. hi. 115 Wallace Family of Newton Hall, by Kennoway, Fife. Notes on XXVII.iv.162 Wallace, William – birth place of XLV.ii.37 Wallace, William, from Howtel, review XXXVI.ii.67 Wallace, William, of Johnstone XXXIII.i.137 Wanted XLVII.i.23 War Crime in 1746 XXII.iii.78 War Office records XXXVI.iv.122 Wardroper XXIX.iii.93 Watermills and their Conservation XVIII.i.14 Wate's Book of London Churchyards. Review XXVIII.iv.162 Watlen XXXVIII.iv.154 Watson George bank accountant VI.i.7 Watson, Adam, of Dunbar XXXII.iv.107 Watt Collection in Watt Monument Library Greenock XXII.iii.62

Watt Memorial Library Greenock XVI.ii.40 Web Page Update XLIX.i.30 Web page XLVI.iii.120 Webb family XXXII.i.22 Wedderburn Halketts VII.ii.52, VIII.iii.25 Wedderburn, John XXXIX.ii.67,68 Wedding, Ivory XXXVIII.iv.154 Wellwoods of Touch and Garvock, the XVII.i.7, XX.i.17 Welsh Marches XXXV.ii.47 Wemyss family XL.iv.161 West India Regiment XXXVII.iv.115,118 West Linton Meeting House Registers of X.ii.18 West Lothian XL.i.31 West Lothian, Monumental Inscriptions in XVI.ii.40 West of Scotland Census Returns and Old Parochial Registers, XXXI.iii.97 Wester Ross, Gravestone Inscriptions XXXIV.ii.342 Wexford XL.i.36 Whisky, book review XXIX.ii.42 White family XXXIII.iii.228, XXXIV.iv.415 White, John, of Biggar, descendants XXXII.ii.58 Whitlocke, Miss M. XLIII.iv.128 Who was the born innovator XXVIII.i.9 Who was Who in Edwardian Scotland, review XXXIII.iii.223 Who were the Baronets of Nova Scotia XXVII.iii.90 Who's Who in Genealogy and Heraldry, review XXIX.iii.95 Whyte Family, Notes about the XXVII.iii.112 Whyte, Donald XXXIII.i.161, XXXIII.ii.198;

correspondent XXXIX.iv.126, XL.ii.71, XL.iii.111 reviewer XL.i.32, XL.iii.114

Whytes in Kilmun XLVIII.ii.43 Whytes of Bennochy Kirkcaldy XII.ii.26 Wick, Parish of, Census Index, review XXXIV.ii.344 Wilcox, Anthony XL.iv.160 Wilkins, Frances XL.iv.158 William Lawson, Honorary Member XLVI.ii.70 Wills before 1858, review XXXIII.i.163 Wills XXXVIII.i.35, XXXIX.i.35 Wills, English, review XXIX.ii.43 Wills, Prerogative Court of Canterbury XXX.iii.73, XXX.iv.145 Wills, Prerogative Court of York XXIX.ii.62 Wilson coalminer Indentification and Life of Thomas XVIII.iii.51 Wilson family XXXI.i.24, XXXIII.ii.194 Wilson, Elaine Mary XXXIX.iv.156 Wilson, James Simms, review XXXVIII.iv.149 Wilson, John, and family XXXIII.i.146 Wilson, Robert, of Mauchline XXXI.iii.69 Wilsons of Bannockburn XXXIV.ii.315, 320 Wimberley family XXIX.iv.128 Windows XL.iii.102, XL.iv.147 Wingate, Walter XXXVII.ii.51 Witch pricking XLVI.iv.137 Witchcraft XXXm.iii.226 With Sword and Harp. Review XXV.i.22 Withdrawal of Parochial Registers XXIV.i.13 Witherspoon, John 1723-1794 LII.iv.148 Witnesses, Importance in Locating an Ancestor XXII.i.20 Women Ancestors, Australia XXXIII.iii.226 Woodford, Hilda M. (Mrs.Fife) XL.iii.111 Woodhead of Fyvie Churchyard XXXII.i.18, XXXII.iv.128 Woodrow family, review XXXVIII.iii.117

Woodside XXXIX.i.3 World Conference on Records XXVI.iv.111 Wrights' Benefit Society of Kirkcaldy XXXIII.ii.182 Wrights, Edinburgh XXXIX.ii.77 XLIII.iv.149. XLIV.iv.154 XLIV.iii.103.iv.159 X XY Company XV.iii.56 Y Yetholm XXXIX.ii.64 Yorkshire – 6th annual family history fair XLVIII.i.36, XLVIII.ii.76 Yorkshire Families XXXIII.iv.257 Yorkshire Family History Fair XLV.i.25, XLV.ii.70, XLVI.iv.163,

XLVII.i.22, XLVII.ii.76 Young James of Stranness XXVIII.iv.191 Young John Peterhead XXVIII.ii.84 Young Thomas Ross-shire XXVIII.ii.82 Young, Elizabeth M.B., correspondent XXXIV.iv.415 Young, Margaret D. XXXIX.iii.109 Z Zulu War Medal XLVII.iii.100

ILLUSTRATIONS 27th International Congress of Genealogical & Heraldic Sciences advert, cover

LII.iv. 50th Anniversary of the Scottish Genealogy Society L.iii.130-136 52nd Division Cyclists Corps Despatch Riders XLIII.iii.88 A Aberdeen, Countess of Aberdeen – letter from LII.iv.154 Adam & Eve descendants XXII.i.9 Alexander of Abernethy chart XXI.i.26-27 Alice with Dugald XLIV.ii.85 Allan, J & R – various views of interior & exterior L.iv.160-164 Allan, Sir William as naval engineer XLIV.iv.148 Annandale & Eskdale XXXV.ii.55 Annandale, James Earl of and descendants XXIV.iv.116 Anne, Princes ancestors XXII.i.13 Ashaig Cemetery, Skye and HMS Curacoa war graves XLIX.iv.121 ‘At Home’ card LI.iv.164 Auchentroig House XLIV.iv.143 Auchinvole or McG. Family photograph XLIV.ii.84 Australian Imperial Force Attestation Documents XLIV.iii.115 B Badge - Clan Chief XXV.iv.130 Bankhead chart XXXIV.ii.331 Baptism – mean interval in days before, XXXV.iii.156 Baptism by group in each 7 day period XXXV.iii.158 Baptisms by day of the week, Elgin, graph XXXV.iii.159 Barclay, Andrew, FRAS, 1814-1900 LII.iii.113 Baronet of Nova Scotia badge XXVII.iii.110 Baronets of Nova Scotia relationship charts XXVII.iii.96-108 Barry, Helen – advertising photograph LII.i.21 Bejant Students of University College Dundee L.ii.95 Bell, Isabella tombstone LII.iv.161 Belward chart XXXV.ii.58 Bemersyde House, near Dryburgh, Berwickshire LII.ii.68 Birthday card LI.iii.123 Bishop of Guildford arms VII.i.9 Bogle chart XXIX.ii.84 Bogle of Daldowie XXIX.ii.83 Bonshaw Tower XVIII.iv.71 Book inscription LII.iii.138 Breingan, Henry descent from XXVII.i.8-14 British Columbia map XXXVIII.i.11 Budge Arms XXXVI.iii.84 Building – unknown, query about LII.iv.188 Burns, D.G.C antecedents XXVI.iii.78-79 Burt family tree LI.i.20-21

C Cadency XXV.iv.129 Caerlaverock Castle, Dumfriesshire, cover LII.i. Caithness, John 3rd Earl descendants XXII.iv.101 Campbell 2nd Earl of Argyll some descendants XXXII.iii.86 Campbell baronies and their succession XVIII.i.9 Campbell in Tuerachan chart VIII.i.7 Campbell of Corvorranmore XXXV.ii.72 Campbell of Craignish arms VII.i.7 Campbell of Craignish descent from XXXV.ii.71 Campbell of Craignish standard VII.i.8 Campbell of Glenorchy chart XXXVI.iv.116-117 Campbell of Strachur arms XVIII.i.frontispiece Campbell, Angus John of Dunstaffnage arms VIII.ii.18 Campbell, Donald Alphonsus, Archbishop of Glasgow arms IX.ii.10 Campbell, Graham IX.ii.5 Campbell, Lt. Col. John of Strachur XVIII.i.frontispiece Campbell, Major Duncan A. - arms VIII.ii.17 Campbell, Sgt. Henry and Family XXXIV.iv.401 Campbell, Sir David IX.ii.11 Campbells of Lix chart X.ii.5 Canadian Expeditionary Force Discharge Certificate XLIV.iv.139-140 Canadian Stamp XXVII.iii.113 Carfrae, John - mourning jewel LII.iv.152 Carmichael, Sir James chart XXII.iv.91 Certificate of Employment during the war LII.i.25 Chalmers in Straiton parish XXXVIII.iii.99 Chalmers of Gadgirth location map XXXVIII.iii.96 Charles, Prince ancestors XXII.i.12 Chart showing descent from Iain Borb died 1442 XI.iv.9 Christian names of men in eleven most numerous clans in Sutherland XXV.iii.76 Christmas Card 1917 LI.iv.168 Classroom plans, 1851 LI.iv.144 Clerke, Thomas schoolmaster at Abercorn - discharge XV.i.13 Cochrane of Auchinleck pedigree XXIV.iv.100-101 Cochrane of Clippen tree XXIV.iii.68 Commercial Union letterhead LI.iv.167 Communion tokens LI.iv.169 Concressault Castle XXXIV.iii.359-61 Concressault, Stone sculpture XXXIV.iii.362 Cook in Kirkcaldy tree XIII.i.centrefold Coronation of Edward VII - invitation LII.iii.140 Currie family computer printouts XL.iv.148-9 Curtis, Edwin certificate present to by relations XXX.iii.106 D Dalzell, Rev Dr. James XLVII.iii.103 Dantzig map XXXII.iv.121 Davidson, Dr Anstruther XLVII.iii.85 De Lany - old family tree L.i.18 Death notice LII.ii.81

Dog Licence LII.iv.156 Doigs of Menteith Coats of arms LII.ii.86-91 Donald 'Ban' chart XIX.ii.41 Duddingston House XLVII.iv.119 Duncan family tree I.iv.8 Duncan pedigree chart XL.iii.99 Dundas chart explaining succession to Duddingston & Newhalls V.i.18 Dundas of Duddingston coat of arms XLVII.iv.115 Dundas of Newliston & Craigton panel V.iii.47 E Edinburgh University - laying the foundation stone L.iv.158 Elizabeth II ancestors XXII.i.10-11 Emigrant List for the ship Jane 1790 XLII.i.13 European girls in Japanese dress XLIV.ii.83 F Family Group Sheet XL.iii.98 Family History Fair - Society helpers XLIX.iv.125 Ferriers and Cochrane claimants chart XXIV.iv.90-91 Firline, Robert boatman Cladoch, Arran part of testament 1769 LI.ii.48 Fleming, John 6th Lord chart XXII.iv.94 Forestier du Boisson-Sainte-Marguerite, Le, coat of arms LII.ii.75 Forrester of Corstorphine coat of arms LII.ii.75 Forrester of Corstorphine XXX.iii.88 Fortune Crests XIX.i.13 Foulden Church, Berwickshire LII.i.48 Foulis of Colinton XXII.iv.100 Fraser of Lovat chart V.i.11 Fraser, Detective Inspector tombstone L.iii.123 Freeholders of Kirkcudbright advert LII.ii.80 G Gallant Weaver's gravestone XXXI.ii.80 Gamelin, Bishop of St Andrews -suggested family relationships XXV.iv.112 Gartclach sale notice from Glasgow Herald XLIV.iv.145 Geneva Bible - 1st page of the book of Ester XLIII.ii.65 Gifford antecedents XXVII.iv.159-161 Gifford of Corston heraldic tree XXVI.iv.118-119 Gifford stone XXVI.iv.117 Gillespie, John Douglas arms XXII.ii.56 Gray of Skibo chart XL.ii.61 Great Barn XXXIV.iii.362 Greenlaw Fishing Club Licence LII.ii.78 Grunenberg Armorial folio 22v. XIII.iii/iv.40 Guelders, Adolf Duke of arms XVII.ii.37 Guelders, Duke of arms XVII.ii.33

H Halidon Hill, battle of, marker - on cover LI.iii. Hamilton of Shawfield and Turnlaw chart XVII.ii.58-59 Harden House LI.iii.129 Hardie Family XXXIV.ii.332 Historiae Scoticae Nomenclatura (between) XVIII.iv.64-65 Hogg, Thomas, MA c1620 XLIII.ii.58 Hutchison, Alexander XLI.iv.173 I Iain Mhoir Clan chart VII.iv.21 Initialled handkerchief LI.iv.169 Innes, Sir Thomas XIX.i.frontispiece Iona ferry with passengers XLIV.i.23 Irving Burials in Dumfriesshire XVIII.iv.67 Irving descent from Abbot of Dunkeld XIII.i.24 Irving of Bonshaw tree XVIII.iv.69 J Java sketch plan XXIX.ii.86 Jervy, Charles minister Scots congregation, Campveere, page from testament 1740

LII.ii.47 Johnson of Benholm chart XXII.iv.97 Johnstone Castle XIX.ii.80 Johnstone of Ballincrief chart XXII.iv.95 Jones, John Paul XX.ii.39 K Kantara March 1916 XLIII.iii.88 Keay, Robert - Perth hallmarks LII.ii.82 Keil Churchyard XXV.iii.80 Kells Parish Church XXI.i.7 Kilmarnock - plan of LII.iii.114 Kinniburgh, Mr & Mrs T.C. XXIV.ii.34 Kirk interior LI.i.19 Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court House XX.iii.71 Kirkintilloch Church XXXIX.ii.61 L Ladykirk School 1913 LI.iv.146 Laing, John Thomas LII.iii.137 Lamington Kirkyard XLVII.iii.97 Lennox sketch map XXII.ii.30 Leslie family in Fife and the name Euphemia XXXIX.iii.117 Letter by Henry Lee, 1871 (part) XLV.i.16 Liberton Kirkyard, carved grave stone LII.i.37 Lipetz - Yoffee family tree XL.iv.130 Little chart XXXV.ii.50 Little of Langhom chart XXXV.ii.57 Lochend Woods, Dunbar, cover LII.iv.

Love tokens LII.iv.157 M Mackay, Captain William of Borley descendants XLI.i.11 Mackenzie in Seilibost chart XIX.ii.39 Mackenzie, Lydia E. antecedents XXVI.ii.53, 54 Mackenzie, Roderick, memorial plaque XLVIII.iii.83 MacPhail, Catherine XLIV.i.23 Macpherson James, 1794-1839, cover LI.iv. Macpherson, James Ossian chart XI.ii18 Maltese Cross, Canongate, Edinburgh L.iii.127 Maverick, Samuel - signature and seal L.ii.53 Maxwell of Calderwood arms IV.i.16 McAndrew families in Montrose XL.iv.146-7 McCall in Dumfriesshire chart XXXVI.iv.136-7 McCall of Daldowie arms XXXVI.iv.135 McClellan of Barmagachan armorial tablet LII.iii.134 McDonald in Perthshire family tree XXXIX.i.23 McGregor of Fortingall chart XXIX.iv.109 McLennan outline tree XIX.ii.37 McLennan, Angus chart XIX.ii.42 McTurk in the Glenkens location map XL.i.27 McTurk in the Glenkens tree XL.i.26 Menstrie Castle XXVII.iii.111 Mercer, Hugh 1726-1777, commemorative plaque LII.iv.148 Mere-Dieu XXXIV.iii.362 Methods of Indexing Ancestors V.iv.71-76 Monkrigg House, Haddington LI.iv.163 Monypenny, 1st Lord XXXIV.iii.363 Motherwell or McG. Family photograph XLIV.ii.84 Munro of Foulis tree V.ii.33 Murdoch, Willie and Murdoch XLIII.iii.88 Murray of Drumsargard XLV.iv.115 Murray of Ochtertyre tree XLVIII.iv.124 N Nairn Newspapers - extracts from, XLVII.i.18-19 Neidpath Castle LII.iii.117 Niddry Castle, Winchburgh XXXIII.ii.175 Nisbet family photograph XLVIII.iv.138 O Oakwood Tower, Ettrick Forest, Selkirkshire LI.iii.129 Ogilvy of Clova tree XLVII.iv.130,

XLVIII.i.33 Ogilvy of Inverquharity in the 16th century XLII.iv.139 Ogilvy, Sir John of Inverquharity - family of XLIII.iii.99 Oliver, William of Dinlabyre, cover LII.ii.

P Parker R.H. - ancestor’s homes XXII.i.15 Parker R.H. ancestors XXII.i.14 Passenger List of the Edinburgh bound for North Carolina XLIII.i.21-2 Paterson & Sons pianoforte vendor, bill head LII.iv.154 Pattison, John Buchanan tombstone LI.i.28 Petrie, Mary XLVIII.iv.131 Plaque in Edinburgh Castle XXVII.iii.111 Portable gramophone LI.iv.165 Principles of Astronomy & Navigation - frontispiece XXII.iv.87 Pryde family tree XLV.iii.103 Queen Margaret and Malcolm III Escurial portrait XVII.iv.120 R Radio Receiver LI.iv.166 Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 1854 - a page XXXVI.iii.91 Resignation of lands (part) LII.iii.133 Robertson, Alexander, printer in Edinburgh L.iv.153 Robson & Son, Newcastle upon Tyne billhead LI.iii.122 Russell, James in Earls Miln, descent from XXVIII.ii.75 Russell, John XXXIII.i.153 Russells, J.N. L.i.47 S School children photographed by D & W Prophet, Dundee LI.iv.146 Scots Gard'ner frontispiece XXXIII.ii.173 Scots Guards - documents XLVI.iii.106-108 Scots Guards - recruiting poster LII.iv.192 Scottish & English Families in Livonia frontispiece XII.i.10 Scottish Arms in the Bellenville Roll XXV.ii.48-49 Scottish Genealogy Society Coat of Arms XXV.iv.120-121 Scottish Union & National Insurance Company vignette LII.iii.138 Scrymgeour of Glassary and Glasswell tree XLVIII.i.18-19 Scrymgeour of Glassary and of Glasswell chart XLIV.ii.55 Sheila & John Mitchell with Joan Ferguson XXVI.iv.110 Sim, James Fairlie XLIV.iii.110 Sinclair of Longformacus chart XXII.iv.89 Sinclair, Rev John family connections XXII.iv.102 Sinclair, William Free Church minister Plockton XLIII.iv.125 Skye car ferry LII.iii.119 Smith, John, clockmaker, Pittenweem XLVI.ii.55 Smiths Falls, Old Kirk XXXII.iii.67 South Bridge, Edinburgh map 1860 L.iv.159 Spitalhaugh fireplace XXVI.iv.120 St Mary's church, Rye XXXV.iii.127 St. Pierre chapel XXXIV.iii.362 Steele family tree XXVI.ii.40-43 & 46-47 Stirling, Sir A. David, DSO, OBE L.iv.154 Stobo, Helen antecedents XXVI.ii.53, 55

Stone of Destiny XLII.ii.54 Stoneypath Tower, East Lothian, back cover LI.ii. Stroma on OS map XXVI.iii.76 Stroma XXVI.iii.77 Sturrock, David - letters to XLVIII.iv.132-135 Sturrock, William XLVIII.iv.131 Swayne, Henry 1800-1877 XLVI.iii.97 T Teaspoons LII.ii.83 Temple Church L.iii.125 Thomson, David, to Earl Arundel - letter 1625 XLVII.iv.148 Thurston House, East Lothian LI.ii.66-67 Traquair Church, Peeblesshire LI.ii.83 Tree of links between Malcolm III & Philip II of Spain XVII.iv.tailpiece Trout LII.ii.79 W Walter High Steward ancestors XXIX.ii.85 Watson, Henry Adam LII.i.27 Watt, Thomas descendents XXVI.iv.143 Wellwood of Touch chart XVII.i.11 Wellwood, William descendant chart XX.i.2 Welsh Marches plan XXXV.ii.47 Whyte, John tombstone at Corarsk XLVIII.ii.45 William of Nuide chart of descendants XI.ii.17 Wilson chart XXXIV.ii.320 Wilson, Edward XXXIII.i.152 Wilson, James XXXIII.i.146 Wilson, Jane mourning jewel LII.iv.152 Wilson, John XXXIII.i.152 Witherspoon, John, 1723-1794 statue LII.iv.149 Wolseley car 1927 LI.iv.164 Y Young, Jessy, 1807-1839, cover LI.iv. Z Zulu War Medal XLVII.iii.100


Adam-Even, Dr. Paul, XI.iv.19 Ashford, Zella LI.iii.131 Baines, Jean I.M. XLIV.iv.163 Baxendine, Patricia M, XXV.ii.63 Bowditch, Dr. Harold XI.iv.19 Brack, Mrs Betty XXXI.iii.81 Burness, Lawrence Ruxton LI.ii.82 Campbell, Colin of Inverneil XLVI.iii.116 Cargill, David Clement XXIX.ii.41 Carstairs, Neil R. XLIII.ii.71, iii.109 Cory, Kathleen Beatrice XLIX.iii.96, XLIX.iv.130 Cramer, Sidney XLIII.i.37 Dundee, Earl of XXX.iii.99 Durham, Sheila Blanche XLIX.i.25 Fife, Mrs. Arthur XLIII.i.29 Gillespie, John Douglas, Amendment XXIII.ii.34 Gillespie, John Douglas, XXII.ii.56 Gorrie, Dr. Robert M., XVIII.i.14 Grant, Miss I.F. XXX.iv.124 Hamilton-Edwards. Gerald K. S. XXXIV.iii.371 Innes of Learney, Sir Thomas, XIX.i.1 Kinnaird, John XLII.iv.154 Kinniburgh, Mrs. Emily XXXI.iv.125 Latto, William XXIX.ii.49 Mac Lean, Dr. I.R. Johnannes XXX.iv.121 Mackie, Alexander XXXIV.iv.415 MacLysacht, Edward A. XXXIII.iii.222 MacNeil, Archie Angus XXXIII.ii.192 McNaughton, Duncan XLIII.iii.118. iv.157 Mein, Miss Elizabeth, XVIII.iii.55 Mitchell, John F. XXXI.ii.42 Mitchell, Sheila XLI.i.37 Munro, Rolland J.B. XXXIII.iii.222, XXXIV.i.269 Moncreiffe, Sir Iain of that Ilk XXXII.iii.87 Oliver, Col. Winston H. XXXIV.iii.371 Prichard, Dr. Muriel F. Lloyd XXXIX.i.16 Shiels Mrs Rita E. XXVIII.iii.108, XXIX.ii.49 Stirling, Matthew XXIX.i.25, XXIX.ii.49 Strathdee, Robert M. XXXIX.i.15, XXXIX.ii.43 Taylor Dr Alexander B. late Registrar-General. XIX.i.26 Whitley, Dr. J. Theo XXXII.i.14

QUERIES A Abbot, James. III.i.22 Abel XXX.i.29 Abel, Margaret, Peter Culter XXVIII.iii.146 Aberdeen Surname XXIV.iii.71 Aberdeen XLIV.ii.87 Abernethy XXXI.iv.131, XLIV.ii.89 Ad(d)ie XXXVII.i.31, XXXVIII.iv.160 Adam XXXIV.iv.387, XXXVI.i.28, XXXIX.iv.163, XL.i.38, XLII.i.45,

XLII.iv.171 Adam(s) XXXI.iii.104 Adams/Adamson, Shetland XXII.ii.50 Adamson Family XXVII.ii.78 Adamson, John, Innkeeper, Annan XXVIII.i.40 Affleck XXXIV.i.293, XXXIV.iii.370 Agnew XXXI.iv.135 Ai(t)ken XXX.iv.156, 159, XXXI.iv.133, XXXII.iii.98 Aikman, James XXV.ii.61 Aimers, Robert Kelse XXVIII.i.43 Ainslie XLI.iii.139 Ainslie, W.S. Robert and Reply, XVII.iii.85, XIX.i.28, XIX.ii.62 Air, Alexander XXVII.iii.127 Aitcheson-Grieve family XX.iii.75 Aitchison XLII.iv.169 Aitchison, William, Annan XXVII.ii.76 Aitken XLIV.iv.175 Aitken, Dr. William, Ayr XXVII.ii.77 Akin XLIV.ii.92 Alexander XXX.iii.109, XXXIII.ii.201, XXXV.iv.172, XXXVI.iii.100,

XLII.i.46, XLII.iv.46 Alexander, John XXII.ii.49 Aliases III.i.22 All(a,e)n XXXIII.i.168, XXXIII.ii.203, XXXIV.iii.370,XXXVI.iii.101 Allan Family, Aberdeen XXIV.i.12 Allan XXXII.iii.100, XXXVIII.iv.163, XL.ii.77, XLIV.iv.271 Allan, Richard, Shepherd, Berwickshire XXVIII.iii.145 Allardice XXXIV.ii.335 Allison XXXVII.ii.60 Alpine XXXIX.iii.122 Alton XXXIII.i.168, Alves XXXVIII.iv.163, XXXVIII.iv.163, XLIII.ii.78 Ambrose, James, Gardener XXVIII.i.40 Amos XLIII.iii.122 Anderson Family, Edinburgh XXIV.iv.109 Anderson XXIX.iii.103,104, XXX.i.29, 30, XXX.iii.110, XXX.iv.157,

XXX.iv.160, XXXI.ii.64, 67, XXXII.i.30, XXXIII.i.170, XXXIV.i.293, XXXIV.iii.367,XXXV.i.42, XXXV.ii.86,XXXVI.iii.102,XXXVI.iii.138,XXXVI.iii.140, XXXVII.i.30, XXXVII.iv.145, XXXVII.iv.147, XXXVIII.iii.122, XXXIX.iii.121, XXXIX.iii.121, XLII.iii.129, XLIII.iii.122, XLIV.i.44, XLIV.iv.176

Anderson, Alexander XXVI.iv.144 Anderson, Isabella XXVIII.i.40 Andrew XXXI.iv.134 Andrews XXXVII.iii.110 Aneda, Rev. Henry Cotton, D.D. Li.20 Angus Family, Dunfermline XXIV.iv.107

Angus, Episcopal Church Records XXXIV.iv.390 Angus, John XXVIII.ii.83 Arbuckle XXXV.iii.136 Arbuckle, James XXIV.iv.1 09 Archibald XXXVI.ii.63, XXXVII.iv.147, XXXVII.iv.147, XLI.i.47, Ard, James XXVIII.i.39 Argyll Family, Early Records XXVI.ii.58 Armit XXXVI.ii.60 Armstrong XXIX.ii.67,94, XXXI.ii.64, XXXII.iii.97, XXXIII.iii.230,

XLIII.iv.165, XLIV.ii.86, XLIV.iii.130 Armstrong, Jean, Greenholm XXVIII.iv.191 Arnold XXXIV.ii.338 Arnot XXIX.i.29, XXX.iv.157, XXXII.i.27 Arnott XXXIX.ii.80 Arthur XXXIII.iii.231, XXXV.i.43, XXXV.iv.173 Ashley XXXIII.iii.234, Ashton XXXI.ii.67 Associate Congregation, Selkirk XXIV.i.10 Atchison XXIX.ii.70 Atkinson XXIX.ii.70, XXXI.iv.134 Auchinellan XXXVI.i.27 Auchleish XXXIV.iv.387 Auchterlonie XLII.iii.131 Auden XXIX.i.27 Lauder XLIII.iii.120 Auld XXXVII.i.32, XXXVIII.i.78, XXXVIII.ii.79 B Baikie XLIII.iii.124 Bailey XLII.i.48, XLII.iii.130, XLIV.ii.87, XLIV.ii.87 Baillie XL.i.38 Baillie XXX.ii.67, XXXIII.iii.236, XXXVI.ii.64, XLIII.iv.164 Bain XXXIV.iii.366, XLIV.i.41 Bain, William, Forres XX.i.26 Bain/Bayne XXXIX.iv.164 Baird (Beard), Robert, Isle of Man XVII.iii.86 Baird Family, Glasgow XXII.ii.47 Baird XXXVII.ii.61, XXXIX.i.40, XLI.iv.183 Bairnsfather XXXIII.iv.263 Balfour XXX.ii.69, XXX.iii.110, XXXII.i.30, XXXIII.iv.266 Balfour, James XXIII.iii.52 Ballantyne XXXI.ii.64 Ballentine XLII.ii.91 Balleny XXXIX.ii.83 Balmer, Janet, Hawick/Jedburgh XXVIII.iv.191 Balmerino XLI.i.48 Baln(e)aves XL.ii.78 Bankhead John XII.iii.51 Banks XXIX.ii.64 Banks XXXVII.i.27 Bannatyne XXIX.iii.102 Bannerman XXIX.i.27 Barbados XXXI.i.31 Barclay Family, Montrose XXIV.iii.71 Barclay XLIV.iii.129 Barker XL.i.38 Barley, John, Blacksmith, Glasgow XXVII.ii.83 Barr XXIX.i.32, XXX.i.30, XXXI.ii.67 Barr(ie,y) XXXIV.iv.389,XXXV.i.40,XXXV.i.40,XXXV.iv.172,

XXXV.iv.172,XXXVI.iii.138,XXXVI.iii.138, XXXVI.iii.138

Barren XXX.iii.112 Barrie XXXII.i.31 Barrowman XXXIII.ii.203, Bartlett, Fanney XXV.iii.87 Barton XXIX.i.29, XLI.ii.92 Bath Roscuis, John Henderson II.ii.25 Baxter XXXVII.ii.58, XXXIX.iii.123, XLIII.i.38 Baxter, John, Tealing XXII.i.26 Baxter, Robert, Dennistoun XXV.i.27 Baylis Family, London XXVII.iv.170 Bayly XXXIX.iv.163, XLIII.ii.83 Bayne XLIV.i.44 Beall/Bell, Ninian, Largo XXVIII.iv.189 Beaton XXXVII.i.29 Beaton, Alexander, Glenelg XXVI.i.22 Beaton, Cardinal III. .22 Beatson XLIV.iv.176 Beattie and McDonald, Aberdeenshire XXIV.ii.53 Beattie XXX.iv.159, XXXIII.ii.202, XXXIII.iii.230, XXXVII.ii.60 Beaumont (Beamond, Boamond) XXXII.iv.135 Beckett XII.iii.51 Begg XLIII.iii.119 Bell XXIX.iii.101, XXXI.iv.135, XXXIII.i.171, XXXIII.iii.230,

XXXVI.i.24, XXXVI.ii.64, XXXVII.i.31, XXXVIII.ii.79, XXXVIII.iii.121, XXXIX.i.37, XXXIX.i.40, XLII.ii.92

Bell, Helen, Dalmellington XXVIII.ii.81 Bell, Samuel XXV.i.25 Bengough — see Bingay Berry XXXII.i.29 Bethune XXXVII.i.29, XXIX.iii.102 Bethune/Beaton, David, Cardinal of St Andrews XXII.i.27 Bett XXXIII.iii.233, Beveridge XXXVII.i.31, XLIII.ii.79 Bible, family XXXVII.i.26 Bickerstaff XLIII.i.40 Bidie XL.ii.80 Big(g,h)am XXX.i.30 Biggam/Bigham, John and James XXVI.iv.144 Bigley Family V.i.20 Biker Bar XXXVII.ii.61 Bilsland XXXVI.ii.62 Bingay XXIX.iv.140 Binnie, Janet XXVIII.iv.192 Birkmyre XL.ii.76 Birnie, Margaret, Edinburgh XXVIII.i.40 Birrell XXXVII.i.27, XXXVII.iii.109, XXXVII.iv.149, XXXVIII.i.38 Bishop XXXIX.ii.82 Bisset Family, Fife XX.iv.97 Bisset of Echt, Alex. II.ii.26 Black XXXII.ii.63, XXXV.ii.88, XXXV.ii.89, XXXVI.i.26, XXXVI.iii.139,

XXXVII.i.29, XLII.iv.169 Black, John, Glasgow XXVIII.ii.81 Black, John, Tiree XVIII.ii.24 Blackball XXXIV.i.293 Blacketer/Blackader, Thomas, XXV.i.27, XXVI.iv.140 Blackie XXXVIII.i.39, XXXVIII.i.39, XLIV.iv.175 Blackie, James, Coachmaker XXVIII iv.190 Blackstock XLI.iii.136 Blackwood, George, Silk Weaver, Edinburgh XXVII.ii.77 Blackwood, Jacob, Billposter XXVIII.iii.143

Blaen Family, Minigaff XX.i.25 Blaikie XLIII.ii.80, Blair XXXI.ii.62, 64, XXXIII.i.171, XXXIII.iii.235, XXXVIII.iii.120,

XLIV.iii.131 Blake XXX.iv.156 Blaney XXXIX.iv.164, XLIII.ii.80 Blue XXXII.i.27 Blue, Dougald, Arran, Ayreshire or Greenock XXVIII.i.42 Blyth, James, Logie XX.ii.51 Bo(o,w)mer XXIX.ii.71 Bo(w)a(c)k XXXI.iv.133 Bogue Family, Stirlingshire, XXV.i.26, XXVI.iv.141 Bogue XL.ii.78 Boij XXIX.ii.64 Bone, George Robert William XXVIII.ii.82 Bonn(e)y XXXVI.iii.138 Bonney Family, Ross and Cromarty XXII.ii.51 Bonthrone XXXII.iii.95 Bookless, Thomas XXVII.iv.168 Booth XXXII.ii.64 Borland XXIX.i.32, XLIV.i.40 Bothuick XLII.iv.167 Bott XXX.ii.68 Boucher XLI.i.48 Boucher XXXI.ii.62, XXXII.ii.63 Bowden XXIX.ii.66 Bowes XL.i.39 Bowie(Bowe/Boey/Bowdey) XXXIV.ii.334, XXXII.i.31, XXXII.iii.99 Bowman XXXIII.i.169, XXXVI.ii.60 Bowman, Alexander XXVIII.iv.189 Boyd XXIX.ii.64, XXXII.i.29, XXXII.iv.134, XXXIII.iv.264, XLII.ii.90 Boydstun XLI.iii.139 Boyle XLIII.iii.119 Boyle, Archibald, Renfrewshire XXIV.ii.54 Br(e)adbury XXXII.iv.135 Bradbury, Thomas XXIII.iv.90 Braid XLIII.ii.74, Brankston, Robert XXVI.iii.91 Brankstone/Branxton Family or Place Name XXIV.ii.53 Branstone XLIV.iii.131 Brayall XXIX.i.27 Brayall, Mary Ann XXVII.iv.170 Brazier, John, Glasgow XXIII.ii.31 Brebner Family, Peterhead XIX.ii.69, XlX.iv.105 Breck(e,i)nridge XXXII.ii.63 Breckinridge XLII.iii.130, XLI.i.48 Bremner XXXIII.iii.232, XXXIV.ii.337, XLIII.ii.80 Bremner/Brymer Family XX.iv.97 Bridges XXXVI.i.29 Bro(n,w)ning XXX.ii.68 Brockett, Robert XXVI.i.23 Brodie Family, Blairgowrie XXIV.iii.73 Brodie XLIII.ii.84 Bronstring XXXVII.iii.111 Brook XXXI.iv.132 Brookman XLIII.i.40, Brough XXXVIII.iii.120 Brown Family, Montrose XXIV.iii.71 Brown of Gladstone IV.ii.50

Brown XXIX.ii.69, XXIX.iii.103, XXIX.iii.104, XXX.i.28, XXXI.i.29, XXXII.iii.94, XXXIV.ii.334, XXXIV.ii.334, XXXIV.ii.338, XXXIV.iii.367, XXXV.i.25, XXXVI.ii.63, XXXVI.iii.103, XXXIX.i.37, XXXIX.i.38, XXXIX.ii.82, XXXIX.iii.123, XLIV.i.43, XLIV.ii.87, XLIV.ii.91, XLIV.iv.173

Brown, Andrew and Samuel XXII.i.28 Brown, Janet Rankin Shields, Lanark XXVIII.iii.146 Brown, John, Dunfermline XXIII.iii.52 Browning XLIV.ii.91 Brownl(e,i)e XXX.iii.112 Brownlee XXXIV.ii.337 Brownlow XXXIV.iv.392, XXXIV.iv.392 Bruce Family in Leeds XXIII.i.10 Bruce Family, Edinburgh XXIII.iii.49 Bruce of Brechin Cathedral, Rev. Andrew II.iv.19 Bruce XXX.i.30, XXXI.ii.62, XXXI.iv.126, XXXII.i.31, XXXII.iv.133,

XXXIII.iii.234, XXXIII.iv.265, XXXVII.ii.61, XXXVIII.iv.160, XLII.i.45, XLIV.ii.90, XLIV.iv.175

Bruce, James Fawthrop, Ayreshire XXVIII.ii.80 Bruce, James of Garlet XXV.iii.86 Bruce, Josiah, Caithness XXVIII.iii.143 Brunton XXXI.ii.64, XLIII.i.39 Bryce XLIII.iii.122 Bryden XXXV.i.43, XXIX.iii.101 Bryden, James, Dalmellington XXVIII.ii.81 Brydon XLII.ii.92, XLII.ii.92, XLII.iii.130 Brymner/Bremner Family XX.iv.97 Bryson XXXI.iv.128 Buchanan XXXIV.i.290, XXX.iv.154, XLI.ii.91, XLIII.i.40, XLIV.iv.175, Buchanan, John, Calico Printer, Glasgow XXV.i.24 Buchanan, Samuel XXVI.iii.91 Buchanans of Argyll XIX.iii.94 Buckham/Buchan XXXVI.i.24 Budge XXXI.iv.130 Budge/Bugge XXXVII.i.32, XXXVII.iv.145 Buglass XLIV.iii.131 Buie XXXVIII.i.38 Bulmer XXIX.ii.71 Buncle Family XX.i.23 Burgess XXX.ii.67, XXXI.iv.130, XXXIV.iv.391, XLI.iii.136 Burghley, and variants XXXVI.i.24 Burn(s) XXXVII.i.28, XL.iv.163 Burnet XXXI.iv.134 Burnet(t) XXXIV.iv.389,XXXV.iv.174 Burnet, John, Engraver II.ii.25 Burnett XLII.ii.91, XLIII.ii.74 Burnie, Mary XXVI.iv.144 Burns - McVeigh Connection XXIV.ii.52 Burns of Yelwall VI.i.20 Burns XXXII.iii.94, XXXIII.iii.231, XLIV.iii.132, Burns, David A., Dumfriesshire XXVII.ii.79 Burns, James Easton, Kilmarnock XXVII.ii.78 Burns, James, Ayr XXVII.ii.79 Burns, James, Tarbolton XXVII.ii.79 Burns/Burness, Francis XXIV.iii.74 Burt(t) XXXIII.i.172, XXXIII.i.172, XXXIII.iii.231, Butchart XLIV.iii.131 Butler XL.i.38, XLIII.iii.120 Byers XXXII.ii.64 Byrom XXXII.iv.135

C Caddell + variants XLIV.iv.173 Caddies XLIII.i.40 Cadenhead Family XXIII.iv.90 Caird XLI.i.48 Cairns, Elizabeth, Gorebridge XXVIII.ii.80 Cairny, John XII.ii.24 Caithness XXXIX.i.39, XXXIX.i.39, XXXIX.i.39 Calder XXXIV.iii.369, XXXVII.ii.61, XXIX.iii.102, XL.ii.79, XL.iii.119,

XLIII.ii.75, XLIII.iii.122 Calder, Martha, Greenock XXVIII.ii.83 Caldie, Thomas, Ayreshire XXIII.i.14 Caldwell XXX.iv.155 Callaghan XLII.ii.92 Callender XXXIX.ii.82 Calvert Family, Dumfriesshire XXIV.ii.54 Cameron Family, Stratherrick XXIV.i.11 Cameron XXXIII.i.170, XXXIII.iv.266, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXVIII.iii.124,

XXIX.i.29, XXIX.ii.68, XXXI.ii.65 XXXVIII.iv.162, XLI.iii.138, XLII.iii.130, XLII.iv.172, XLIV.i.43, XLIV.iv.174, XXXVIII.iv.162

Cameron, Angus, Skye XXVIII.ii.79 Cameron, Donald IV. .78 Cameron, Donald, Surgeons Mate, Kilmarnock XXVI.i.23 Cameron, John Xl.iii.1 Cameron, Lindsay Dan XXV.i.28 Cameron, Neil, Islay XXVIII.i.40 Cameron, Robert XXVIII.iv.190 Campbell in Skye or Daviot XXIV.ii.55 Campbell of Dunderave, James II.iv.18 Campbell of Duneaves, Susanna V.iii.80 Campbell of Duntroon XXIII.iii.49 Campbell XXIX.i.29, XXIX.ii.71, XXX.i.30, XXX.ii.66, XXX.iv.154,

XXXI.ii.66, XXXI.iii.99, XXXII.i.29, XXXII.iii.93,97, XXXII.iv.132,135, XXXIII.ii.199, XXXIII.ii.201, XXXIII.iv.263, XXXIII.iv.264, XXXIII.iv.266, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXIV.iii.366, XXXV.ii.86, XXXV.ii.90,XXXV.iii.136, 137, XXXVI.i.25, XXXVI.i.27, XXXVI.i.28,XXXVII.i.29, XXXVII.ii.59, XXXVII.ii.59, XXXVII.iii.111, XXXIX.iv.164, XLI.ii.92,92, XLII.ii.91, XLII.ii.92, XLII.iv.168, XLIII.ii.76, XLIII.iii.119,120, XLIV.iii.132, XLIV.iv.174,

Campbell, Alexander, Stronmilochan XVIII.ii.25 Campbell, Andrew, Shettleston XXIV.iv.106 Campbell, Donald, Assynt XXVIII.ii.83 Campbell, Duncan, Officer Black Watch XXIII.iv.92 Campbell, Hugh XVIII.ii.25 Campbell, Hugh, Knapdale XXIII.iv.91 Campbell, James, Kilfinan XXIII.ii.32 Campbell, John, Coleraine XXV.i.25 Campbell, John, N. Ireland XXII.i.25 Campbell, John, Perthshire XXVII.iii.125 Campbell, Lt. Col. George V.iii.80 Caraher Family XXVIII.ii.82 Cardean Family XXVI.iv.144, Cardie XXXII.i.28, XXXIII.iv.265, XXXVII.i.29, XXXVII.i.29 Cardle XXX.iv.266 Cardno Family, Fraserburgh XXII.i.28 Cargill XXXII.iv.136 Cargill, David, Arbroath IV.iv.106 Cargill, David, St. Vigeans I.iv.20

Carlaw XXX.iv.159 Carlile Family, Glasgow XXII.ii.47 Carlyle XXIX.ii.72 Carmichael XLIII.i.39, XLIV.i.38, XLIV.i.44 Carmichael, Duncan, Shoemaker, Islay XXVIII.i.40 Carmichael, John, Lanarkshire XXVIII.iii.147 Carnochan XXXVII.iv.149 Carrach XXXIV.ii.334, XXXVIII.iv.164 Carruthers XXXIII.i.169, XXXVII.i.31, XXXIX.i.37 Carslaw XXXIV.iv.393 Carson XXX.i.31, XXXI.iii.99, XXXIV.ii.336, XLIV.iii.130 Carswell XXXII.iv.132 Carter XXXII.iv.135, XLI.iii.138 Cartwright XXXV.ii.88 Carver XXX.iii.110 Cassel XXXVI.ii.60 Cassie XXXI.ii.63 Cassie, Alexander, Aberdeenshire XXVI.iii.92 Catanach XXXIII.i.170, Cathcart XLIII.ii.84 Catto XLIV.i.38 Caudill XLII.iv.169 Cavers XXXII.iii.95, XLIII.ii.79 Cawden, Thomas, Co Donegal XXVIII.ii.84 Cearr Clan XXVIII.iii.147 Chalk XLIV.iii.130 Chalmers XXXI.iii.103 Chalmers, Elizabeth, Peterhead XXVIII.ii.84 Chalmers, James, Dundee XXVII.iii.128 Chalmers, Robert C., Hamilton XXVII.ii.83 Chambers XXXVII.ii.61, XXXVII.iii.108 Chapman XXXVI.iii.98, XXXVII.i.30, XXXVII.ii.58 Chapman, George X.i.2 Chapman, Harriet Lilian, Ayr XXV.ii.58 Charters of Torphichen, II.i.22, II.ii.24 Charters, Witnesses to Li.23 Chep XXXV.iii.136 Cherrie XXXIII.i.172, Cheyne XXIX.i.28 Cheyne, Jane XXVII.iv.170 Chiselm, James, Skye XXVIII.iv.189 Chisholm XXXVII.i.28, XXXVIII.iii.120, XXXVIII.iii.120 Christie XXXII.i.27, XXXII.iii.93, XXXV.iv.173, XXXVI.i.29 Clark XXIX.ii.64, XXIX.ii.67, XXIX.ii.66, XXIX.iii.103, XXIX.iv.134,

XXX.ii.69, XXXI.iv.130, XXXVI.i.28, XXXVI.iii.101, XLI.ii.92, XLIV.i.38, XLIV.iii.129,

Clark(e) XXXVIII.ii.79, 80, XXXIX.iv.160, XL.iii.119 Clark, George, Auchinleck XXVIII.iv.192 Clark, James Thomas XVIII.ii.25 Clark, Margaret, Stirlingshire XXVIII.ii.83 Clarke, Barbara XXV.i.25 Clarkson XXXII.ii.60 Cleat/Cleet Family. Orknev. Querv XXIII.ii.31 Cleghorn XXX.i.32, XXXVII.iii.108 Clel(l)and XXXVI.ii.66 Cleland XLIII.iv.167 Clelland XLI.i.46 Clerk or Clark, Sir Alexander X.i.2 Cleugh XXXII.iii.96 Clindening — see Glendinning

Clithno, Maule of IX.ii.12 Cloudslie, James, Kincardineshire XXVII.iv.169 Clunes, Alexander XVIII.iv.98 Co(u)ltart XXXVI.ii.65,XXXVI.ii.65,XXXVI.iii.102 Coburn/Cockburn XLIII.iii.124 Cochrane XXXII.iii.95, XLIV.ii.87 Cochrane, John, Stonemason, Haddington XXVII.iv.168 Cock/Coke XXXIII.ii.202, Cockburn Cockburn XXXVIII.ii.80, XXIX.iv.136, XL.ii.77, XL.ii.80, XLII.iii.130 Coll, Isle of, Men and Military Service XXIII.i.10 Collier XXXIII.iv.265 Collins XXXIX.ii.81 Collision, Charles, Dundee XVII.i.18 Coltart XXXVII.i.32, XXXVIII.i.39 Comee/Comey XLIV.ii.89 Comrie XXXIV.ii.335, XLIII.ii.80 Comyn XXXIII.iv.268, XXXV.i.40 Comyn, Timothy X.i.3 Con(e,o)boy XXXI.i.29 Concert, SouthQueensferry, XXXVII.iii.111 Concha(r)/Conchie/Connochie/McConnochie XXXVIII.iii.123, XXXVIII.iii.123 Condie XXXVIII.iii.122 Conlin XXXI.ii.66 Connell XLIV.ii.92, XLIV.iv.174 Conquer XXXIII.iv.268 Constable XXXVI.iii.98, XXXVI.iii.98, XXXVI.iii.98, XXXVI.iii.98 Constant XXXIX.ii.80 Conway XXXVII.ii.61 Conyngham XXXII.iii.99 Cook Family XX.iii.76 Cook XXXIII.iii.234, XXXIII.iii.234, XXXIII.iii.234, Cook, Captain XIX.iii.95 Cooper XXXII.i.27, XXXIX.iv.160 Corbett XXXIII.iii.234, Cork XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133 Cormack, Margaret XXVII.iii.126 Cormick, Isabel, Orkneys XXVIII.iii.144 Corrigal XLIII.iii.124 Corsan, James, Kilmarnock XXVIII.iv.192 Corson XXIX.iv.136, 138 Cossar XXXII.iv.132, XXXVIII.ii.80 Cotton. "Aneda", Rev. Henry I.i.20 Couper, Rev. John XVII.iv.126 Courts XXX.iv.154, XXXII.i.35 Cousin XXXI.i.28 Couttie XXXIV.iv.387 Coutts, George, Fife XXIII.iii.52 Coventry XXXIII.iv.263 Cowan XXIX.iii.102 Cowan, John, Edinburgh XVII.iii.84 Cowan, Laurence, Roxburgh XVII.iii.85 Cowan, Wellwood, Lochrutton XXII.iv.103 Cowbrough XXXVI.i.28 Cowie XXIX.ii.66, XXXIII.i.170, XXXIX.iv.160, XXXIX.iv.164 Cox XLIII.ii.81 Cr(oo/u)me XXXVIII.iv.163 Crabb XXXIX.iv.162 Crae XLIII.ii.74, XLIII.iv.74 Craig Family, Glasgow XXII.ii.22

Craig XXIX.ii.64, XXX.i.27, XXXVII.iv.147, XL.iii.118 Craig, William, Shepherd, Glencairn XXVIII.ii.81 Craigdallie XXIX.iv.135 Craigie XLIII.ii.78 Craik XXXI.i.30, XXXVI.ii.60 Cramb XXX.iii.110 Cramond, Braehead, Cramond Bridge Legend XXXIV.iii.368 Crawford Crawford and variants XXXIII.iv.263, XXXIII.iv.264, XXXV.i.44, XXXVI.i.31,

XXXVI.ii.63, XXXVI.iii.101, XXXIX.i.38, XXXIX.ii.82, XXXIX.iv.163, XLII.i.48, XLIII.ii.78

Crawford, Geo. MS of II.i.22 Crawford, John, Paisley XVIII.ii.25, XXI.ii.56 Creason XXXIV.i.292 Creichton, John, Tinwald XXVIII.ii.80 Crerar/Creer Family, Loch Tay XX.iv.97 Cresswell, Families of XII.iii.51 Crichton, John, Paisley XXIV.ii.55 Crighton XXXVI.iii.103, XLIII.iii.123 Crighton, John Stafford, Inverness XXIV.ii.54 Crocket XLI.i.46 Crockett, John XIX.iii.95 Crofts XXXIII.ii.204, Crombie XXXVII.i.27 Crosbie XLI.ii.92 Crosbie, David, Dumfriesshire XXIII.iv.92 Croucher XXXVI.ii.59 Crow XLIII.i.38 Cruickshank XL.iv.163 Cruikshank(s) XXXIV.i.290, 291 Crymble, Charles, of Antrim II.iii.20, 21 Crystal XXXVI.i.30 Culbertson XLI.iv.184 Cullen XL.ii.77 Cumbernauld XXXVII.iv.147 Cumming XXIX.iii.101, XLIII.iii.122, XLIV.iii.130 Cumming, William, Paisley XXI.i.28 Cumming/Cuming Families XVIII.iii.56 Cummings XXXIII.iv.267 Cunningham XXIX.i.32 Cunningham, Isabella, East Lothian XXVII.iii.128 Cunningham, Rev. William, Kirkintilloch IV.i.25 Cunninghame Family XXVIII.iv.189 Curr(y,ie) XXXIII.i.172, XXXIII.ii.202, XXXIV.ii.338, XXXIV.iv.388,

XXXV.i.40 Currie Family, Stirlingshire XXIV.iv.108 Currie XXXVIII.iv.162 Currie, Alexander, Dalserf XXVIII.iv.191 Currie, John, Selkirk XXVIII.ii.79 Currie/Curry, John, Dalserf XXVIII.iv.190 Curry XLII.iv.169 Cushnie Family XXII.i.27 Cuthbert XLIV.ii.92 Cuthbertson XLIV.iv.174 Cuthbertson, James, Lanark XXVII.ii.80 Cuthbertson, John, Shoemaker, Paisley XXVIII.iii.143 Cuthill XLIV.i.41 D Dale XXIX.iii.101

Dalgety + variants XLIII.ii.82 Dalgleish Family, Langholm XIV.iv.105 Dalgleish XXXIV.iv.388, XXXVIII.i.39, XLIV.iii.130 Dalgleish, Andrew, Ettrick XXVIII.ii.82 Dalgleish, Ann XXVIII.ii.83 Dalrymple XXXII.iii.98 Dalrymple XXXIII.iii.232, XXXVI.iii.98 Dalserf XXXVI.iii.102 Daly XXXVI.ii.61 Dalziel Family XXII.ii.50 D'Arces, Antoine IV.iii.78 Darling XXXI.i.32 Darroch XXXVI.i.29, XLIV.iv.174 Davi(d)son XXIX.ii.70, XXX.iii.108, XXX.iv.158, XXXI.i.29, XXXII.iii.98 Davidson Family, Glasgow XXVIII.ii.80 Davidson XXXIV.iii.367, XXXVI.ii.59, XXXVI.ii.66, XXXIX.i.40,

XXXIX.iv.160, XXXIX.iv.160XLIII.i.40, XLIII.ii.74, XLIII.ii.79, XLIII.iv.166, XLIV.i.39

Davidson, Charles, Aberdeen XXVII.iv.172 Davidson, Joseph Charles X.ii.19 Davidson, Margaret, Caithness XXVIII.iii.143 Davidson, Rev. Thomas XXV.ii.61 Dawson XXXIV.i.290, XXXV.i.41, XXIX.i.27, XXXI.iv.132 Daye XLIV.i.43 Deans XXXIV.i.292 Dear XXXIII.ii.200, Dees/Dee's/Deas/Dis XXXIX.ii.80, XXXIX.ii.80, XXXIX.iii.121, XL.i.38 DeesideHouse XXXIX.iii.121 Delvinside, Minnie, (McGregor) XXIV.iii.72 Dempster Family, Tongland XXII.ii.50 Dempster XXXII.i.28, XXXIII.iv.266, XL.iv.163 Dempster, James, Slater, Greenock XXVIII.iv.192 Denham, John XXIV.iv.109 Denholm XXXVI.i.25 Deportations V.i.20 Detmore Family XXVI.iv.141 Deuchrass, James, Mariner, Glasgow XXVIII.ii.83 Dewar XXX.ii.70, XXXIX.iv.163, XLI.iii.136 Dey XXXVII.iv.146 Dhai Society, Clan X.ii.19 Di(cks,x)on XXIX.ii.70, XXXI.ii.63 Dick XLIV.i.38 Dickson Clan XX.ii.51 Dickson XXXIV.iv.393, XLII.ii.91, XLIII.ii.75, XLIII.iv.163 Dimma/Dummo Family XXII.ii.51 Dingwall-Fordyce, Name of I.ii.36, I.iii.36 Dingwell Family XXVII.iv.172 Dingwell, William Andrew XXVII.iv.172 Dinwiddie (Dinwoodey), James XVII.iii.85 Dixon XXXIII.i.171, Dobbie XXXII.ii.61 Dobson XLI.i.45 Dodd XLI.i.47 Dodds XXXIII.i.171, XLIII.ii.74 Dods, Thomas, Alloa XXVII.ii.80 Dods/Dodds, John XXI.ii.56 Dolan XLIII.iii.120 Don XXXIX.iv.163 Donald Family, Aberdeen XIX.ii.69 Donald XXXI.ii.67, XXXIV.iii.369, XL.iii.120

Donald, Alexander, Begtown XXVII.iv.167 Donald, Alexander, Merchant, Glasgow XXVII.ii.82 Donald, Andrew, Weaver, Pictonhill XXVIII.iv.191 Donald, George XXV.i.25. Donaldson XXXIII.iv.263, XL.iii.118 Donaldson, David, Forgandenny, Perthshire XXVII.iv.167 Donaldson, James XXVIII.ii.83 Donnelly XLIV.i.38 Dorman, William, Wigtownshire XXVII.ii.77 Dorrance/Dorrans Family XXVI.iv.140 Dougall Family XXVIII.ii.84 Doughty XXX.iii.110 Douglas XXIX.ii.70, XXXI.iv.131, 132, XXXVII.iv.147, XXXVIII.ii.80,

XXXIX.ii.81, XL.ii.78, XL.iv.163, XLI.iii.137,137,138, XLII.i.46, XLII.ii.90,91, XLII.iv.172, XLIII.ii.76, XLIII.iv.165, XLIII.iv.167, XLIV.ii.88, XLIV.ii.91, XLIV.iii.130, XLIV.iv.173, XLIV.iv.175,

Douglas, Elizabeth XXVII.ii.65 Douglas, William, Greenholm XXVIII.iv.191 Douglass, Thomas XXVIII.iii.148 Doul(l), Dowell XXIX.ii.68 Doull XXXVII.i.30 Dove XXXII.iii.96 Dow (a,e)ll XXXVII.i.30 Dow XXXII.ii.61, XXXVI.i.28, XXXVIII.iii.122, XLIII.iii.123 Dowie, James, Sailor, Kirkcaldy XXVI.iv.141 Downs XXIX.i.28 Downs, Thomas, Glasgow XXVII.iv.170 Doyle, Mary Elizabeth I.i.22 Dreghorn, Ann XXVIII.iv.190 Drummond XXXI.iv.131, XXXIII.ii.202, XXXIII.iv.265, XXXIV.i.293,

XXXIV.iv.388, XXXVI.i.27, XL.iv.163, XLI.iii.139, XLIV.i.38, XLIV.i.41, XLIV.i.44

Drummond, Capt. Robert, Muthill XXVm.ii.82 Drummond, James Mor, Son of Rob Roy XXIII.ii.33 Drummond, Ninian, Logie XXVIII.i.41 Drysdale of Dollar X.iv.3 Duff XXIX.iv.139, XXXI.iv.130, XXXII.ii.60, XXXII.ii.64, XXXIII.i.170,

XXXIV.ii.336, XXXV.ii.89, XXXVI.i.28, XXXVI.i.28 Duff(ie,y) XXXII.i.27 Duffotherary XXXIII.iii.232, Duffus XL.i.39 Duffus, Isabella, Arbroath IV.iv.106 Duffy XLIV.ii.88 Duguid XXXVII.ii.61 Dun(n) XXXIX.iv.163 Dun, William, Army Officer, India XXVII.ii.76 Dunaverty, Massacre at I.i.22 Dunbar XXX.i.25 Dunbar, Wiliam, Invernesshire XXVIII.ii.81 Duncan XLI.i.46, Duncan XXX.iii.109,112, XXX.iv.154, XXXII.ii.62, XXXIII.iv.263,

XXXIV.i.290, XXXIV.i.293, XXXIV.iii.368, XXXV.i.43,XXXVI.ii.63,XXXVI.ii.64, XXXIX.ii.80

Duncan, James XXIV.iv.107 Duncanson XXX.iv.158 Duncanson, Thomas XXI.i.30 Dundas of Magdalens I.iv.19 Dundas XXXVIII.iii.122 Dunderave, James Campbell of II.iv.18 Dunlop XXX.ii.69, XXXIV.i.291, XXXIV.iv.390

Dunlop, James, of Househill XXV.iii.86 Dunn XLII.i.45 Dunnet XXXII.ii.60 Dunning XXX.i.28 Dunsire, David, Lochgelly XXIII.i.14 Dunsmore XXXVII.iii.109 Dunsmore/Dunsmuir XXXIV.i.291 Durham, Thomas, Bathgate XVII.i.30 Durrant XXXV.ii.86 Duthie XLI.ii.92 E Eadie XLII.iii.132 Eadie, Robert, Dunblane XXVIII.i.41 Eadie, Robert, Glasgow XXVI.iv.142 Easton XXIX.ii.66, XL.i.39, XLIII.ii.77, XLIII.ii.81, XLIV.ii.86,

XLIV.iii.131 Eaton XXXI.ii.64 Eckford XLIV.ii.92 Edaburn XXX.iv.155 Edderts/Edwards, Lieut. Alexander XXIII.ii.31 Edmond XLI.iv.183, XLII.iv.171 Edmoston XLIV.ii.87 Edward(s) XXX.ii.67, XXXII.i.27 Edwards, Douglas, Merchant, Aberdeen XXVIII.iii.146 Egan/Eagan XLIII.ii.77 Elder XXXVII.i.27, XLIII.ii.74, XLIII.iv.74, Elder, Jane, (nee Smith), Calcutta XXV.iii.87 Elgin, George XXVIII.i.42 Elliott Family XIX.iv.104 Elliott XXX.ii.67, XXXVII.iv.149 Elliott, Adam of Mickledale XXI.i.28 Elliott, Rev. Frederick XXII.ii.49 Elliott, Robert, Weaver, Renfrewshire XXVII.iii.128 Elphinstone XXXIII.i.170, XXXV.iii.137, XXXV.iii.137 Erskine of Kirkbuddo, Family of IV.i.26 Erskine XXIX.ii.66, XXIX.iii.102, XLII.iv.172, XLIV.iii.130 Esplin XLIV.ii.86, XLIV.iv.176 Espline, George, Dundee XVII.iii.90 Etter(y,ie) XXXIV.i.291 Eunson XLI.iii.139 Ewart XXXVI.i.25, XXXVI.ii.59, XXXVI.ii.60, XXXVI.iii.102,

XXXVIII.iii.121, XXXVIII.iii.121 Ewell XXX.iv.154 Ewing XXXI.iv.129 Excisemen, Scottish I.iv.19 F Fa(u)lcon(a,e)r/Faulkner XXXVII.i.31, XXXVIII.iii.120 Fairbairn XXXIII.iii.230, XXXV.ii.87, XXXV.ii.87, XLI.i.45 Fairbairn, John, Greenlaw XXVIII.i.42 Fairbairn, William, Girvan XXVIII.i.43 Fairburn, Moses XXIII.iii.54 Fairl(ey,ie) XXX.ii.70, XXXI.iv.131 Fairlie XXXIV.iv.388, XXXVI.ii.59 Falconer XXXI.iv.134, XXXII.iii.100, XLIV.ii.90 Falla XXIX.i.27 Family History XXVII.ii.61 Family Tradition I.i.23 Fanner XXXIV.iii.369

Farquhar XXX.i.31 Farquharson Family, XXV.ii.58, XXVII.iv.172 Farquharson XXIX.i.27, XXX.iii.110, XLIII.ii.80 Faulkner XXIX.iii.104 Feathers XXXIV.iii.368 Feeney XLII.iv.167 Fender Family, East Lothian XXV.iii.88 Fenton XXXVII.iii.108 Fenwick/Finnik/Fyniox/Phoenix Family XXV.ii.55 Fergus(s)on XXXII.ii.62, XXXII.iv.135 Ferguson Family XXIV.iii.71 Ferguson XXXIII.iii.234, XXXVI.ii.59, XXXVI.iii.100, XXXIX.iv.161,

XXXIX.iv.162, XL.iii.117, XLIII.i.39, XLIV.iv.174 Fernie XXXVIII.iii.121, XXIX.i.29 Ferrier XXXIII.iii.234, XXXV.i.42, XXXVI.i.26 Fetteresso Accident XXXI.iii.99 Fiddes XLIV.iv.175 Fife Militia XX.iii.76 Fin(d)lay XXXIII.iii.232,XXXVI.i.29,XXXVI.iii.140 Findlators of Cullen XXI.i.28 Findlay XXXIX.iv.163 Finlay XXIX.iv.140, XLII.iii.131 Finlayson XXXI.iv.131, XXXIX.iii.121, XLIV.iii.130 Finnie/Finney Family XXIII.i.12 Fisher XXX.ii.71, XXXIII.iii.234, XLIII.ii.81, XLIV.iii.130 Fisher, Archibald, Inverary I.iv.21 Fisher, Dacre XI.iii.3 Fisher, James, In Kames, Kilchrennan I.iv.21 Fisher, Lindsay, Scrimgeour, McKenzie XXI.i.30 Fleckfield XXIX.iv.137 Fleming Family XXIII.i.13 Fleming XXXII.i.32, XXXIII.i.169, XXXIV.i.292, XLII.i.48, XLII.iv.172,

XLIII.iv.163 Fleming, Adam, Lanarkshire XXVIII.iii.145 Fletcher XLIII.ii.78 Flint XXXIX.i.40, XXXIX.i.40 Flockhart, Jane XXVI.iv.140 Flodden, The Fallen of XXXVIII.iii.123 Fogg XXIX.ii.64 Foot Infantry, 11th XXXVII.ii.62 For(e)man XLIV.ii.86 Forbes XXIX.ii.68, XXXI.ii.63, XXXIV.iv.390, XXXIV.iv.390,XXXV.i.39,

XXXVII.i.30, XXXVII.iv.145, XXXVII.iv.145, XLIII.iv.163, XLIV.i.42

Forbes, Ann, Fordyce, Banffshire XXVII.iv.167 Ford XXIX.ii.70, XXXI.iii.102 Ford, Adam XII.ii.24 Fordyce, Alexander, China Merchant IV.iii.77 Forfar, St John's Episcopal Church XXXIV.iv.390 Forgie XXXV.iv.173, XXXVI.i.30, XXXVI.iii.103 Forman XXXII.iii.96 Forrest XXXI.iii.103, XXXVI.i.25 Forrest, Marion XXVIII.ii.80 Forrester XXIX.i.30, XXXIII.iv.268, XXXV.i.39, XXXV.i.39, XXXV.i.39,

XLI.iii.137 Forsyth XXXIII.iii.231, XXXIII.iii.231, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXVII.iv.147,

XLIII.ii.81, Forsyth, Alexander XXVII.ii.84 Forsyth, Gilbert XII.iii.51 Fortune XXIX.i.30

Fotheringham of Powrie II.i.22 Fotheringham XXX.i.29, XLI.iv.184 Fowlds, Allan, Kilmarnock XXVIII.iv.191 Fowler XXIX.ii.69 Fra(s,z)er XXXVII.iv.149, XXXVIII.i.38, XXXVIII.i.38, XXXIX.i.39 France, Margaret XXVI.iv.142 Fraser Family XX.i.26 Fraser Family, Skye XXII.ii.47 Fraser XXX.i.27, XXX.iv.158, XXXI.ii.65, XXXII.i.31, XXXIII.iv.267,

XXXIV.i.290, XXXIV.i.293, XXXIV.iii.370, XXXVI.ii.61, XXXVI.ii.61, XXXVI.ii.65, XXXVI.iii.138, XLIII.ii.75, XLIII.ii.84, XLIII.iv.167

Fraser, Charles IX.ii.4 Fraser, Col. Alexander I.i.22 Fraser, William IX.ii.4 Fraser, William, Bookbinder, Dumfries XXVII.iii.126 French XXXVIII.iv.162 Frew XLIV.i.43 Fri(d,g)ge XXX.i.27, XXXIII.iii.236 Fullerton XXIX.iv.135 Furbish XXXIV.iv.390 Fyfe XXXI.ii.66, XL.iii.117 G Gadie — see Galdie Gagie/Geggie XXXIX.iv.162 Gain XXIX.i.32 Gair/Gait XXXVI.ii.61 Galdie XXXI.iv.133 Gall XXXIV.iii.367 Gallagher XLII.ii.92 Galloway XXIX.iv.137, XXXV.iv.172, XXXVI.i.25, XXXVI.i.26, XXXVI.i.26,

XXXVII.ii.58, XXXVII.ii.58 Galloway, David, Fife XXVIII.ii.79 Galloway, William XVII.iii.86 Gambie, William, Glasgow XXVII.iii.127 Gammack XXXVI.ii.65, XXXVI.ii.65 Gammie XXXI.iv.128 Gard(i)ner XXXV.i.40,XXXV.iv.172, XXXVIII.iv.163, XXXIX.iii.122 Gardiner XLI.i.46, XLII.iii.131 Gardner XLII.iii.132, XLIV.ii.86, XLIV.iv.176 Gardner XXXI.iv.131 Gardner, Arthur XIX.i.27 Gartshore XLIII.i.38, Gavin XLIII.iii.121 Geddes XXXIII.iii.233, XXXVI.i.29, XXXIX.ii.84, XL.iii.119 Geddie XXIX.ii.69 Geggie/Gagie, George XXI.ii.56 Gellatly, Patrick in Muckerse II.iii.20 Gemmel XLIII.i.38 Gemmell XXXVI.iii.99 Gemmill, James, Ayrshire XXVIII.ii.79 Gerard XXX.i.30 Gerrie XLIV.iii.130 Gerrie, Alexander XXIV.i.11 Gibb XXX.iv.159, XXXII.iii.93, XXXIII.ii.199, XL.iii.119 Gibb, William XXV.iii.144 Gibson XXIX.iv.140, XXX.iv.154, XXXII.i.32, XXXVI.iii.102, XLIII.ii.82 Gibson, Janet, Wigtownshire XXVII.ii.77 Gibson, Sarah XXVI.i.22

Giffen XXX.ii.68, XXXII.ii.64 Gifford, John Gilbertson, XXIII.iv.91, XXIV.i.10 Gil(l)ipie XLIV.ii.86 Gilbert XXXII.iv.132 Gilchrist XXIX.i.30, XXX.ii.69, XXXI.iii.104, XXXIII.iii.231, Gilispie XLIII.iii.124 Gill XXXI.i.32 Gill, James XXV.ii.61 Gillanders XLIII.iv.163 Gillender XLII.i.46 Gilles, Thomas, Lanark XXVIII.iv.191 Gillespie Family XXII.ii.48 Gillespie Portraits XXIII.ii.31 Gillespie XXXI.i.30, XXXIV.i.293, XXXV.i.43, XXXV.i.43, XXXVI.ii.64 Gilli(e)s XXIX.i.29, XXXII.ii.61, XXXIII.ii.200, XXXIII.ii.201,

XXXIII.iii.233, XXXIV.i.291, XXXIV.iv.388, XLII.ii.90 Gillock XXXIII.i.170, Gilmour XXXIX.i.38 Gilmour, James, Montreal XXVII.ii.77 Gilray XXXVIII.iv.160 Gin XXXIII.i.172, Given XXXIV.i.292 Gladstone XLII.iii.130 Glas(s) XXXIII.i.170, XXXIII.iv.266 Glasgow Census, 1785,1791 XXIV.ii.54 Glasgow Ragmerchants XXXVII.ii.58 Glasgow XLIII.ii.81 Glassite Movement XXII.i.26 Glen XXX.iii.110, XXXIV.iv.389, XXXIV.iv.389, XXXIV.iv.389, Glen(n) XLIV.i.43 Glend(e,i)nning XXIX.ii.65, XXX.ii.71, XXXI.i.31, XXXI.iii.102 Glendinning, Blanch, Dumfriesshire XXVIII.iv.191 Glenmoriston XLII.iv.168 Glennie XXXVII.iv.148 Go(r,u)die XXXI.iv.133 Goard/Gourd XXXIV.iii.367 Goff XXXI.iv.129 Gogar XLIV.i.42 Gold XXXII.ii.60 Gollogly XXXI.iii.104 Goodall XXXIX.ii.82 Gorbley XLIII.iii.120 Gordon XXIX.iv.137,138, XXXI.iii.103, XXXI.iv.131, XXXIV.ii.338,

XXXVI.iii.100, XXXVII.iii.110, XXXVII.iii.110, XXXVII.iii.111, XXXIX.i.38, XL.i.40, XL.ii.76, XL.ii.76, XLIII.iii.121, XLIV.i.41

Gordon, Henry, Aberdeenshire XXVII.ii.82 Gordon, James, Shettleston XXIV.iv.106 Gordon, Jean de XXVII.iv.170 Gordon, Thomas, Ayreshire XXV.ii.60 Gordon, William IV.ii.50, IV.iv.106 Gotterson XXXII.iii.94 Goudie XLII.ii.92 Goudie, Gilbert, Ayrshire XXIII.iii.51 Gourl(a,e)y XXXIV.ii.335, XXXIV.iii.369, XXXIV.iv.393 Gourlay, John, Ballykeel XXII.i.28 Gow XXXI.iii.100 Gowery XXXII.i.29 Gowie, Alexander, Carpenter, XXVI.i.22, XXVII.ii.81 Gr(e,i)er XXXIX.iv.162, (seeXL.i.40), XL.ii.80 Graham

Graham XXIX.i.32, XXX.ii.71, XXXI.i.32, XXXII.ii.61, XXXII.iii.96, XXXIII.ii.202, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXV.ii.86, XXXV.ii.86, XXXVI.i.29, XXXVII.i.26, XXXVII.i.31, XXXVII.i.32, XXXVII.iv.149, XLI.iv.183, XLIII.iii.121,

Graham, Grizel II.i.22 Graham, Isabella, Gretna XXVII.ii.81 Graham, John of Kailyards I.i.21 Graham, Kate XXVI.iii.92 Graham, Mary, Paisley XXV.i.24 Graham, Samuel, Paisley XXVII.ii.78 Grant XXIX.i.29, XXIX.ii.66, XXX.iii.112, XXXI.ii.65, XXXI.iv.128, 129,

XXXII.iii.94, XXXIII.iii.232, XXXIII.iv.267, XXXVI.i.24, XXXVI.ii.62, XXXVI.iii.103, XXXVII.i.28, XXXVII.iii.109, XXXVII.iv.150

Grant, Dinah XXVII.iv.169 Grant, James, Author I.i.20 Grant, Malcolm, Farmer XXVIII.ii.81 Grant, Peter X.i.3 Grant, William, Morayshire XXVIII.ii.81 Granville, Rev. Augustus Kerr Bozzi. XXVI.iii.90 Graves XXXIII.iii.231, Gray XXIX.iii.103, XXXI.iv.128,135, XXXII.ii.64, XXXVI.i.25,

XXXVII.i.32, XXXIX.iv.164, XLII.ii.92, XLIV.i.41 Gray, Margaret XXVII.iv.171 Green XXIX.iii.101, XXIX.iv.138 Greenlaw XXX.ii.66 Gregor XL.iv.163 Greig Family XVII.iv.126 Greig XXX.iv.156 Grey XLIII.ii.76 Grierson XXXV.i.41, XXXIX.i.37 Grieve Family, XIX.iv.108, XX.i.23,, XX.iv.97 Grieve XXIX.ii.69, XXIX.iv.135, XXXIII.iii.235, XLIII.iv.165 Grieve, Isobel, Selkirk XXVIII.ii.79 Guild XXXI.ii.67, XXXI.iii.102 Gullen XXXIII.iv.265 Gun. John XVIII.iv.98 Gunn Family XXVI.iv.129 Gunn XXXIII.ii.199, Gunn, George XII.ii.20 Gunns of Morayshire XIX.ii.70 Guthrie XXXIII.ii.202, XXXVI.ii.61, XXXVI.iii.140, XLI.ii.91, H H(a,o)lliday XXXVII.ii.58, XXXIX.ii.82 Hackston XXXI.ii.67 Haddow XXIX.ii.67, XXXIV.i.293 Hagart XXX.iii.111 Haig Family, Clackmannan XXIII.i.9 Haig XXXIV.iii.366 Haig, John, Berwickshire XXVI.iii.91 Haig, John, Mariner, Edinburgh XXVIII.i.40 Haig, Thomas B., Berwickshire XXVI.iii.91 Haig, Thomas, Berwickshire XXIII.iii.53 Haighle XXIX.iv.138 Halcrow XXX.iv.159, XXXI.iv.133 Haldane XXXV.i.39 Haliburton XXXVII.i.31 Halkerston XXXI.ii.67 Hall XLIV.ii.86

Halley XXXIV.iii.369 Halley, Ebenezer Harries, Leith XXIII.iii.52 Halley, Ebenezer Harris, Hand Loom Weaver, Perth XXVII.ii.81 Halliburton XXXII.iii.94 Halliday, Matthew IV.i.26, IV.iv.105 Hally XLIV.i.43 Hambleton, Charles, Mariner XXV.ii.57 Hamilton XXX.ii.70, XXXI.ii.65, XXXI.iv.132, XXXII.i.27,28, XXXII.iii.100,

XXXII.iv.132, XXXIV.i.290, XXXV.i.39,XXXVI.ii.62, XXXVII.i.27, XL.iii.118, XL.iii.118, XLI.iii.138, XLIII.iv.164, XLIV.ii.87, XLIV.ii.89, XLIV.ii.92, XLIV.iv.173, XLIV.iv.174

Hamilton, Jan. Jacq. X.iv.3 Hamilton, Susan, Levenseat XXVII.ii.84 Hamilton, Thomas, Kilmarnock XXVIII.i.41 Hamilton, William, 22nd Foot Regt XXI.i.28 Hamilton, William, Wine Merchant Glasgow XXVI.i.25 Hammond XXXVIII.iii.122 Hampton/Hamptoun Family, Edinburgh XXVI.i.24 Hannah XXX.ii.67, XXXV.iv.173, XXXVI.i.27 Hannay, Gilbert, Wigtownshire XXIII.i.14 Hargan/McKiargan XXIII.i.13 Harkin(s) XXXIV.iv.389 Harkness Family XVIII.iv.98 Harley XXXIII.i.169, XXXIV.iv.391 Harper Family, Caithness XXIII.iii.53 Harper XXXIV.ii.338, XLIII.iii.124 Harrington Family, Glasgow XXII.ii.49 Harriott XXXII.iv.133 Harris, Elizabeth XXVI.iv.142 Harris, Frederick XXV.iii.87 Harrison XXXIV.i.291, XXXIV.iv.390, XLIII.i.40 Harrow XLIV.i.39 Harrower XXXVI.iii.100, XXXVII.iv.146 Hart-Semple XX.iii.76 Hartwood Hospital XXXVI.iii.101 Harv(ey,ie) XXXVII.ii.58, XXXIX.ii.80 Hastie, John, Heads, Lanarkshire XXIII.i.11 Hastie/Hasty, James, Farmer, Heads XXVI.i.24 Hat(a,e)l(ie)y XXIX.ii.65, XXX.i.25, XXX.iv.159, XXXI.iii.99, XXXI.iv.133,

XXXII.iv.136 Hatalie XXXIII.iv.268 Hawthorn of Castlerigg II.ii.26 Hawthorne, James, Antrim XXII.i.27 Hay XXX.i.29, XXX.iv.156, XXXIII.i.171, XXXIV.ii.336, XLII.i.47,

XLIV.ii.90 Hay, Alexander, Corn Miller XXV.iii.86 Hay, Thomas, Soldier, Brechin XXVIII.iii.144 Hayes XXXIII.iii.231, XXXIII.iii.231, Haymors XXXII.iii.96 Hays of Naughton, Ury and Leys, II.i.22, II.ii.24 He(e,n)nan XXIX.i.31 Headman XXXV.ii.89 Headrick, John, Glasgow XXIII.i.11 Heatherton XLIV.ii.89 Hellard, Sabina Susannah XXVIII.ii.82 Hen(d)r(ie)y XXX.iii.109 Hen(d)ry XXXV.i.39,XXXVI.ii.63, XXXVIII.iv.164, XXXIX.ii.83 Henderson Family, Merton XXIV.ii.53 Henderson

Henderson XXXII.ii.61, XXXIV.ii.336, XXXIV.iii.366, XXXIV.iii.370, XXXV.i.40, XXXV.iv.172, XXXVI.i.24, XXXVI.iii.101, XXXVII.i.32, XXXVII.ii.59, XXXVII.iii.111, XXXVII.iv.146, XLII.i.48

Henderson, John (and Rebecca Lyle) XXII.i.27 Henderson, John, Bath Roscius II.ii.25 Henderson, Josias L. XVII.iii.86 Henderson, Margaret, Newburgh XXVIII.ii.84 Henderson, Matthew II.ii.25 Henderson, Peter, Berwickshire XXVIII.i.42 Henderson, Rev. Thomas XX.ii.51 Henderson, Robert XIX.i.28 Henderson, Robert, Cuba II.ii.25 Hendry, Christina XXIV.i.11 Hepburn XXXI.ii.68, XXXII.iii.93, XLI.ii.91 Hepburn, Rev. William I.i.23 Her(r)iot(t) — see Harriott Her(r)on XLIII.iii.121 Hercules Street, Edinburgh XXXVI.iii.138 Herdman XXXIII.iv.265 Heriot, James XX.ii.50 Heron XXXII.i.29, XXXV.ii.88 Herriot Family in Fife XI.iv.10 Herron, Anne, Dumfermline XXVIII.iii.144 Hewett XXXIII.ii.204, XXXVIII.iv.163 Hibbert, Charles H. XXVIII.iv.189 Hiddle XXXI.iii.103 Hiddleston XXXVI.iii.102 Highet XXXVI.iii.99 Hill Family, Glasgow XXII.ii.47 Hill XLIV.ii.88 Hill, John, Grange XXVIII.ii.83 Hinds, Thomas XXVI.iv.144 Hislop XXXIV.iii.366 Hislop, John, Pentland XXVII.iii.126 Hodge XXXIV.ii.336, XXIX.ii.69, XXIX.iii.104, XLII.iv.170 Hodgecase XXIX.ii.64 Hog, Walter, I.i.23, 1.ii.38,1.iii.38, II.i.21 Hogan XXXIX.ii.82 Hogg Family, East Lothian XXV.iii.88 Hogg XLI.i.45, XLIII.iii.121, XLIV.i.39, Hogg, Janet, Glasgow XIX.iii.94 Hogg/Hog Family XXVIII.i.41 Hoggan XXXIII.iv.264 Holdsworth XXXIX.iii.122 Holland XXXII.iv.134 Holman XXXII.iv.134 Holmes XXXV.i.41 Home for Incurables, Glasgow XXXVI.ii.63 Honeyman XXXVI.iii.140 Hood XLIV.i.42 Hook XLI.iii.136 Hooke Family XXVII.ii.61 Hooke, John XXVII.iii.127 Hope XXXIII.i.169, XXXVII.ii.58, XXXVII.ii.58 Horsburgh XXXIV.iii.369 Horsburgh, Mary, Jedburgh XXVIII.iv.190 Horsburgh, William, Hawick/Jedburgh XXVIII.iv.191 Hoston XLIV.iii.130 Hoult, Charles Howard, Illinois XXV.ii.59

Houston XXXIV.iv.393. XLII.i.48, XLIV.iii.131 Houston, Janet, Maybole XXVII.ii.80 Houston, Sir Patrick IX.ii.4 Howa(i)tson XXXI.ii.67 Howat, James, Lockerbie XXI.iii.95 Howden XXXVII.iii.108, XXXIX.iv.161, XLI.iv.182 Howell XXXVII.iv.148 Howgate Family XXII.i.26 Howie Family XX.iii.75 Howie Family, Stewarton XXII.iv.103 Howie Family, Stewarton, Reply XXIII.i.15 Howie XXXIII.ii.200, XXXVII.ii.62, XXXIX.ii.84, XLIII.i.40, Hoy XLIII.ii.78, XLIV.iv.174 Hughes XXXIII.iii.230, XXXVI.iii.104 Huguenots XXXIII.ii.200, Hume Family, Leith XXII.i.24 Hume of Whitehaugh XXIII.i.9 Hume XXXI.ii.66, XXXIII.iv.266 Hume, Rev. Patrick, Kirkmichael III.ii.46 Hunt, Sarah Harriet, Norfolk XXVII.iv.168 Hunter XXIX.ii.70, XXX.ii.66, XXX.iv.159, XXXI.iii.104, XXXIV.iii.366,

XXXVI.iii.102, XXXVII.i.31, XXXIX.i.38, XXXIX.i.40, XXXIX.ii.80, XXXIX.iv.161, 2XXXVIII.i.40

Husband XXXVII.iii.108, XLIII.i.38 Huston XXXIX.iv.162 (seeXL.i.40), XL.ii.80 Hutcheson XLIV.i.40 Hutchi(n)son XXXVII.i.30, XL.iv.163 Hutchison, Jane, Ayrshire XXVIII.ii.79 Hutton Family, Fife XXIII.i.11 Hutton XXXVII.ii.62, XXXVII.ii.62, XXXVII.ii.62, XLI.iv.184, XLII.iv.171 Hutton, Peter Wallace XXIII.i.11 Hutton, Peter, Wallace, Dunfermline XXVI.i.24 Hymers — see Haymors Hyndman/Hindman XLIII.ii.76 I Imray XLIII.iii.124 Imrie XLI.iii.139, XLIII.iii.124 In(s)ch XL.ii.79 Inglis XXXIV.iv.388, XXXVIII.i.39 Inglis, Mary XVII.iii.85 Inglis, William, Vintner XXVIII.iv.190 Ingram, Thomas, Banffshire XXVII.iii.126 Ingram, William XXVII.iv.171 Innes Family XIX.iv.105 Innes XXX.iii.111, XXXIII.iii.234, Innes, Jean, Elgin XXVIII.i.39 Innes, William and Ann XXI.i.28 Ireland XXXI.iii.102 Ironside XXXVI.iii.103 Irregular Border Marriages, Registers of XXVIII.i.44 Irvine XXIX.i.28, XXIX.iv.138, XXX.iii.111, XXXII.iv.136, XLII.i.48 Irvine, Alexander XXVII.iv.170 Irvine, John and Family XIX.ii.70 Irvine, John, Edinburgh XXVIII.i.43 Irvine, William, Dingwall XXV.iii.87 Irving XXXII.iii.93, XXXIV.ii.336, XXXIV.iv.389 Irving, Richard, Dumfriesshire XXVIII.ii.84 Isbister, James, Stromness XXVIII.iv.191 Ivison, Francis XXVI.ii.59

J J(a,e)ffery, Jaffray XXIX.i.31 Jack XXXIV.iii.369, XXXVII.iv.147, XLI.iv.182, XLII.iv.171, Jackson XXIX.i.31, XXX.ii.66 Jaffray XXXV.i.44 James XLII.i.45 Jamieson XXIX.iv.139, XXXI.ii.62, XXXII.ii.64, XXXIII.ii.202, XXXIV.i.293,

XLIV.iv.175 Jamieson, Robert Arthur Nisbet, Hamilton XXVII.iv.171 Jamphlar XXXVII.ii.60 Japp XXXVII.ii.58 Jardine XXXIII.i.169, Jarman XXIX.ii.72 Jarvie XXXIII.i.172, Jasper XXXIV.iv.391 Jeffrey, Alexander, Reply to XXVI.ii.58 Jeffries XLII.i.47 Jelly and Allied Families I.i.22 Jelly, William I.i.22 Jenkins, Charles, St. Ninians XIX.iii.95 Jesson XXXII.iii.99 Johns(t)on(e) XXXIII.iii.231, XXXIII.iv.264, XXXIV.i.290,XXXV.i.39,

XXXVI.i.26,XXXVI.iii.101,XXXVI.iii.103 Johnston Family, St. Cyrus XXVI.ii.60 Johnston XLII.ii.91, XLII.ii.92, ii.129, XLII.iv.170, XLIII.i.38 Johnston(e) XXIX.i.27, XXIX.ii.71, XXX.i.29, XXXI.iii.102, XXXII.ii.63 Johnston, Alice, Berwickshire XXVIII.i.42 Johnston, Arthur XXVI.iv.141 Johnston, James XXV.ii.58 Johnston, Jessie, Berwickshire XXVIII.i.42 Johnston, John, Maybole XXVII.ii.80 Johnston, William XXVII.iii.128 Johnstone XLII.ii.92, iii.129 Johnstone, Charles, Tinwald XXVIII.iii.148 Johnstone, Margaret, Dumfriesshire XXVIII.ii.84 Jolly, William, Montrose XXVIII.i.41 Jones XLII.iii.129 Jones, John, Merchant Seaman, Dundee XXVI.i.24 Judge XXIX.iv.136 Judge, Peter Jack, Irvine XXVII.iv.l69 Jura XXXVIII.i.38 Justice, Margaret, Dundee XXVIII.iii.147 K Kae XXX.iv.159 Kay XXIX.i.30, XXIX.iv.136 Kean Family New York XX.iv.96 Kean/Keen XXXVI.iii.102 Keany XXXII.ii.64 Kear Family XXII.iv.104 Keay XXXIII.iv.265 Keiller Family, Dundee XXVII.iv.170 Keith XXXI.iv.132 XXXII.iv.135, XXXIX.iii.123 Keith, James, Officer in Swedish Army XXVII.ii.84 Keller/Keillor XXXVIII.i.38, XXXVIII.i.38 Kellock, David, Engineer XXVI.i.24 Kelly XLIII.iii.119, XLIII.iii.119, XLIII.iv.165 Kelly, Robert, Glasgow XXVII.ii.81 Kelso Family XXIII.iii.54

Kelso Poorhouse XXXV.i.43 Kelso Surname XXIII.i.12 Kelso Thompson, Armagh XXV.i.28 Kelso, Angus XXV.i.24 Kelso, John, Gunner RN, Edinburgh XXVI.ii.60 Kelso, Thomas XXV.ii.59 Kemp XLI.iii.138 Kemp, James, Lanarkshire XXVIII.ii.79 Kempelen XXXIV.ii.335 Kenlis XXXVI.iii.100 Kennedy XXX.i.31, XXXII.i.31, XXXII.iv.136, XXXVIII.iv.164,

XXXVIII.iv.164, XLIII.iv.165, Kennox, James Somerville of XIX.ii.69 Ker/Kerr, Henry of Graden, Teviotdale XXV.iii.87 Kerley XXXIV.iv.389 Kerr XXX.i.27, 30, XXXIII.i.171, XXXV.i.44, XXXV.i.44,

XXXIX.iii.123, XL.ii.79, XLII.ii.90, XLII.ii.92, XLII.iii.130, XLII.iv.170

Kerr, Captain Malcolm, Sloopowner, Arran XXVI.ii.58 Kerr, Hugh, Bannockburn XXV.ii.61 Kerr, Robert, Dairy XXVIII.i.40 Kersal XXXI.ii.63 Kidd, Andrew XI.iii.2 Kiellor, Alexander, Gairdrum XXVIII.i.39 Kieser XXXVI.iii.99 Kilpatrick XLIII.ii.81 Kincaid XXXI.iv.131 King and Warren, Families of IX.i.9 King Family, Roxburghshire XXII.i.24 Kinghorn XXXI.i.30 Kinmo(u)nt XXX.iii.109 Kinnear, John, Merchant Banker, Montrose XXVII.iv.172 Kinnes XXXVIII.iv.164 Kinney XXXVII.i.28 Kinniburgh, Robert IV.ii.49 Kinnison XXXIV.ii.336 Kirk Family XXIII.iii.53 Kirk XXXII.i.30, XXXIII.iii.234, Kirkcaldie XXIX.iv.139 Kirkcaldy, The Burgh Arms of, I.i.10, 21, I.ii.38, I.ii.38 Kirkcudbright, Lowden Family XX.ii.50 Kirker XXXIII.iv.267 Kirkland XXXIII.i.171, XXXIII.iii.233, XXXIII.iv.266, XLIV.iii.132 Kirkness, Peter, Orkney XXII.i.24 Kirkpatrick XXXI.ii.66, XXXIII.ii.202, XXXIII.ii.202, XXXVII.i.29, XLIII.ii.81 Kirkwood XXXVI.iii.103 Knight XXIX.ii.72, XXX.ii.70, XXXIII.i.169, 172, XXXIX.iv.163 Knox XXXIII.i.172, Knox Family XXIV.iv.107 Knox XXXII.iii.94, 96, XLI.ii.90 Knox, David XXVII.iii.128 Kune/Cune XXXV.i.44, XXXV.ii.87, XXXVI.ii.62 Kyd XXXI.ii.62 Kyle XXXVII.ii.58, XXXVII.ii.60, XLII.iv.169 Kyles XXXVI.iii.138 Kynd XXXIV.ii.337 Kynoch XLIV.ii.88 L Lagergren IX.iv.17

Lahore see LOCHORE FAMILIES Laidlaw XLIII.iv.165 Laing Family XXI.iii.95 Laing XXXII.iii.99, XXXV.i.41, XXXVIII.iv.161 Laird XXXIV.i.290 Laird, Elizabeth Margaret, Edinburgh XXVII.ii.76 Lamb XXXII.i.28, XXXIV.ii.338, XLIII.ii.77 Lambert XXXIV.i.291 Lament XXX.iii.110 Lamond XXXVII.ii.60 Lamont/Lamond, John, Bonhill XXV.i.25 Landel(l)s XXXIII.iv.267, XXXIV.i.300 Landells, James XXII.iv.103 Langan XL.iii.119 Langland(s) XXXVII.ii.59, XXXVIII.iii.124, XXXIX.ii.82 Langlands XXXIV.i.292 Lask,de XXXI.i.31 Latta XXXVI.i.26 Latta, Thomas, Alloa XXVI.i.22 Lauder XLII.iii.129, XLII.iii.131 Laurie, Andrew, Dumfriesshire XXV.iii.88 Law Family, Montrose XXIV.iii.71 Lawrie XXXII.ii.60, XXXIII.iv.264 Lawson Angus, Angus XXVIII.i.39 Lawson XXXII.iii.97 Lawson, Dr. George, Selkirk XXIV.i.10 Lawson, James, Angus XXVIII.iv.189 Leaper, Janet XXII.i.26 Learmonth XXXVII.iv.147, XLIII.ii.74 Learmonth, Adam, Nenthorn XXVIII.iii.143 Leask Family, Aberdeenshire XXIII.ii.31 Leask XXXI.i.31, XXXVI.ii.64 Leask, Leisk, Lisk Family XXV.ii.58 Lee and McKeon Families XXII.i.27 Leek XXXV.i.41 Leek, Henry, Morebattle XXVIII.iii.148 Lefler, Charles Birk, Indiana XXV.ii.59 Legerwood XL.i.39 Leighton, Archibald XXIII.iii.50 Leighton, James, Stirling XXVII.iii.126 Leil, William, Aberdeenshire XXVIII.i.39 Leitch XXXIII.iv.264, XXXVII.i.31 Leitch/Leach, Thomas, Farm Servant XXVI.ii.59 Lennie XXXI.iv.130 Lennox XLIV.i.43 Lenox XXXVIII.iii.122 Leslie and Swanny Families, Orkney XXII.i.24 Leslie XXXVII.ii.62 Leslie, John Hope XXVIII.ii.80 Lessels XXXVI.i.25 Letham XLII.i.47 Lever XXXI.iii.103 Lewis XXXIX.iv.160 Leyden XXIX.iii.102, XLIII.iv.165 Lillie Family XXI.i.29 Lillie/Lilley Family XXI.ii.56 Lilly XXIX.i.31 Lindsay of Balcarres I.iv.19 Lindsay XXX.iv.154, XXXVII.i.27 Lindsay, Edwin John, Aberdeen XXIV.iv.107

Lindsay, John, Farm Steward, Dunbar XXV.i.24 Lindsay, Lutit, Ironmoulder, Fife XXVI.iv.142 Lindsay, Margaret, Dundee XXVIII.iii.147 Linlithgow History of II.i.22 Linn, Barnet I.i.21 Linning Family, Glasgow XXII.ii.47 Linton XXXI.i.30, 31 Lippert XL.i.38 Lisk Family XXI.i.30 Lisk XXXVIII.i.38 Lithgow XXXIX.ii.81 Little XXXV.iv.172, XXXVIII.i.39, XLIV.iii.130 Littlejohn XXIX.i.30, XLIV.ii.86 Liverpool Shipping XXXIII.ii.200, Livingston XXXIII.ii.199, XXXV.ii.88, XXXVI.i.30, XLIII.ii.83 Livingston(e) XXX.i.27, XXX.ii.68, XXXII.iii.95 Livingston, John, New Jersey XXV.ii.58 Livingston, Rev. Alexander, William and George XXIII.i.14 Livingston, William Todd XXVI.i.23 Livingstone XLIV.ii.90 Livingstone, Catherine, Argyllshire XXVI.iii.92 Llewelyn-Jones XXXIV.iv.392 Lochhead Family, Glasgow XXII.ii.47 Lochore Families XIX.i.28 Lockhart XXXI.i.28, XLIV.ii.89 Log(g)ie XXXIII.i.171, XXXIV.i.290,XXXV.iv.174 Logan XXIX.i.30, XXIX.ii.69, XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133, XXXIV.iii.369 Loggie XLIII.iii.121, XLIV.iii.130, XL.iii.118 Lorimer XXXI.iii.100 Lothian, Walter X.i.2 Loudon XXXIV.ii.337 Loutet XLIII.iv.165 Louttit XLIII.ii.81 Love XXXI.iv.135 Love, John, Farm Servant, Paisley XXVIII.i.42 Love, Robert, Ayrshire XXIII.i.11 Low Family, Glasgow XXIV.iii.71 Low XXX.iv.154 Low, James, Kincardineshire XXVII.iv.169 Lowdon Family, Kirkcudbright XX.ii.50 Lowis XLII.i.45 Lowrie XXXII.ii.61 Lowson XXIX.iii.104 Lucas XLII.ii.90 Ludgate XXIX.ii.66 Lugton XXXII.ii.61 Luke XXXVI.i.28 Lumsden XXXIII.i.168, XXXVIII.iii.120, XXXVIII.iii.121, XXXVIII.iii.121,

XXXVIII.iii.121 Lumsden, Margaret XXIV.iv.107 Lunn XXXVIII.iv.163, XLIV.ii.92, XLIV.iii.130 Lyell XXXIX.iii.121 Lyell, Stewart, Newburgh, Fife XXVII.iv.171 Lynd XXXIX.ii.82 Lyon Family, Kinfauns XXII.i.26 Lyon XXXII.i.29, XXXII.iii.95, XXXIII.iii.233, Lyon, Joseph Emmanuel XXIV.iii.71 Lyons Family of Easter Ogil XXII.i.26

M M(a)cManes XLIV.iv.174 Maban/Maben/Mabin, William, Galashiels XXVII.iv.170 Mac/McAdam XXXVII.i.27, XXXVII.i.32, XXXVII.iii.111 Mac/McBe(a)th XXXVII.iii.108, XXXVII.iv.149 Mac/McCallum XXXIX.iii.122 Mac/McCandlish XXXVII.i.27, XXXVII.iii.111 Mac/McCaughtrie XXXVIII.iv.164 Mac/McConnochie XXXVIII.iii.123 Mac/McCorkhill XXXVII.i.30 Mac/McCrae XXXIX.iv.164 Mac/McCubbin/Mak Mac/McCubyn XXXVII.ii.59 Mac/McCulloch XXXVII.i.28, XXXVII.i.28, XXXIX.iv.162 Mac/McCurr(a,o)ch and variants XXXVIII.iii.120 Mac/McDaniel XXIX.iv.136, XXXI.ii.67 Mac/McDonald XXXVII.i.30, XXXVII.iii.108, XXXVII.iv.149, XXXVIII.iii.123,

XXXIX.i.37, XXXIX.i.38, XXXIX.i.39, XL.ii.80 Mac/McDougal(l) XXXVII.i.33, XXXIX.iv.161 Mac/McDougall of Makerstain XXXIX.iv.160 Mac/McDowell XXXVII.iv.149 Mac/McEwan XL.ii.79 Mac/McFadye(a)n/Fadzean/Fadgon XL.ii.76, XL.iii.118 Mac/McGeorge XXXVIII.i.39 Mac/McGill XXXVII.iv.148, XXXVII.iv.149 Mac/McGillander XXXVII.iv.150 Mac/McGregor XXXIX.ii.84, XXXIX.iii.123 Mac/McGuffey XL.iii.117 Mac/McIl(w)raith XXXVII.iv.148 Mac/McIlwrick XXXVII.ii.61 Mac/McInn(e,i)s, XXXVII.i.27, XXXVII.i.27, XXXVII.ii.62, XXXVIII.ii.80 Mac/McIntyre XL.iii.119 Mac/McKay XXXIX.ii.80, XL.ii.78 Mac/McKean XL.i.39 Mac/McKechnie XL.ii.78 Mac/McKellar XXXIX.i.38 Mac/McKenzie XXXVII.i.26, XXXVIII.i.40, XXXIX.i.39, XXXIX.iii.122, XL.i.39,

XL.ii.79 Mac/McKercher XXXVIII.i.39 Mac/McKinlay XXXVII.i.26 Mac/McKinnon XXXVII.i.30, XXXIX.iv.161 Mac/McLagan XL.iii.117 Mac/McLaine XXXVII.i.29 Mac/McLean XXXIX.iv.160 Mac/McLehnan XXXVIII.iii.123, XXXVIII.iii.123, XXXIX.iv.163 Mac/McLeod XXXVII.ii.62, 1621 Mac/McLucas XXXVIII.i.39 Mac/McMaster XXXVII.ii.60 Mac/McNab XXXVII.ii.60, XXXVII.iv.148, XXXIX.ii.80, XL.iii.117 Mac/McNair XXXVIII.iii.121 Mac/McNaught XXXIX.i.40 Mac/McNaughton XXXIX.ii.80 Mac/McNee XXXIX.ii.80 Mac/McNeil XXXVII.ii.60 Mac/McRobie XL.ii.76 MacAdam XXXVI.i.28 Macalister of Skirmish, Ranald IV.i.26 MacAlpine Family in Argyll before 1650 XXVI.ii.58 MacAlpine XXXI.iv.135 MacArthur Family, Nairn XIX.iii.95 MacArthur, John, Chief of Clan MacArthur XXVII.ii.78

MacAusland (MacCausland, MacAuslane) XIX.iii.95 Macavoy XLIV.ii.90 MacBeath XXXVI.iii.139, XXXVI.iii.139 MacBrair/Briar XXXVI.iii.138 MacCaig XXXVI.iii.139 MacCalder XI.iv.10 MacCauchtrie XXXIV.ii.334 MacCawden, Thomas, Co. Donegal XXVIII.ii.84 MacClymont XXXIV.iv.391 MacCol(e)man XXXV.ii.89 MacColl XXXIV.iv.387 MacConechy XXXVI.ii.64 MacCraw XXXVI.ii.65 MacCrindle XXXVI.iii.103 MacCrone XXXV.iii.136 MacCualsky XLIII.iii.123 MacCully XXXV.ii.89 MacCune, see Kune MacCutcheon XXXV.ii.86 MacDonald XXXIII.ii.199, XXXIII.ii.199, XXXIV.iv.387, XXXIV.iv.388,

XXXV.i.43, XXXV.iv.173, XXXVI.iii.99, XXXVI.iii.102, XLI.ii.90, XLII.iv.168, XLIII.ii.80,

MacDonald, Alexander, Factor, North Uist XXVII.ii.82 MacDonald, John XXVI.iv.143 Macdonald, Ranald, III.iv.101, IV.i.26 MacDonnell XLIII.ii.83 MacDougall XXXIII.iii.235, XXXIII.iv.259, XXXV.ii.87, XXXV.ii.90 MacEachern XXXV.ii.89 MacEachern, Families of XII.iii.51 MacElroy XXXIII.iii.231, MacEwan/Ewen XXXIII.ii.204, XXXIII.iv.267, XXXV.ii.86, XXXV.ii.87 MacFarlane Clan, XXI.i.28, XXIV.U3 MacFarlane XXXIII.ii.199, XXXIII.ii.201, XXXIV.iii.370, XXXVI.i.26,

XXXVI.i.27 MacGilandrus XXXVI.iii.103 Macgill Society I.(ii-iii).36 MacGill XXXIII.i.171, MacGillivray, James Pittendrigh, Edinburgh XXVI.iii.91 MacGillivray, William R., Kiltearn XXVI.iii.90 MacGlashan XXXVI.i.27 MacGregor Family XXVIII.ii.84 MacGregor Family, Thornliebank XXIV.iii.72 MacGregor XXXIII.iii.232, XXXIII.iii.236, XXXVI.i.29, XXXVI.ii.60,

XXXVI.iii.138, XLII.iv.168 MacGregor, John XII.i.23 MacHillicuddy family XI.iv.11 MacIlroy XXXIII.iii.231, MacIntosh XXXIII.i.169, XXXIII.iv.267, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXIV.ii.335,

XXXV.ii.88, XXXVI.i.25 Macintosh, Isabella Ann, Burghead XXVII.iy.167 MacIntyre XXXIII.iv.266, XXXIV.iii.368, XLII.iv.168 MacIver XXXV.ii.86, XXXVI.i.29 MacKay, Alexander Murdoch, missionary, Uganda XXVIII.iii.145 Mackay, Alexander IV.iii.78 Mackay, Rev. Angus XII.ii.20 MacKay/K XXXIV.iii.367, XXXV.iv.172, XXXVI.iii.101 MacKean XXXVI.iii.102 MacKechnie XXXIV.iii.370 MacKellar XXXV.iii.136 MacKelvie XXXV.ii.88

MacKenzie Family, History of II.iv.20 Mackenzie of Strond I.(ii-iii).35 Mackenzie MacKenzie XXXIII.iv.267, XXXIV.iii.369, XXXIV.iv.391, XXXIV.iv.392,

XXXV.iii.136, XXXV.iii.136, XXXV.iii.136, XXXV.iii.136, XXXV.iv.172, XXXVI.i.28,XXXVI.ii.60, XLI.i.47, XLII.iv.170, XLII.iv.172, XLIII.iv.163, XLIV.iii.131

Mackenzie, Dr. George. I.(ii-iii).35, II.iv.20 MacKenzie, James, Dumfries XXIII.iii.49 Mackenzie, Peter XXIV.iii.71 MacKenzie, William, innkeeper, Barbaraville XXVII.iii.125 MacKie XXXIV.iii.370, XXXVI.iii.99, XLIV.ii.86 MacKillican/McKilligin/McKilligan Family XXVI.i.25 MacKinlay XXXIV.iv.388, XXXVI.iii.99 MacKinney XXXV.iii.136 MacKinnon XXXV.iii.136, XXXVI.ii.60, XXXVI.iii.101 MacKinven XLI.iii.137 Macklam XXX.i.31 Mackleyn, Johannes XVII.i.17 MacKnight/Night XXXIV.iv.388, XXXV.i.43 MacLachlan XXXV.i.41, XXXV.i.42 MacLandel(l)s XXXIII.iv.267, XXXIV.i.300 MacLawrie XXXIII.iv.264 MacLay/Lea(y) XXXIV.iv.387, XXXIV.iv.388XXXV.ii.95, XXXIV.iv.388,

XXXIV.iv.388 MacLean Family, Brittany XXVIII.iii.145 MacLean XXXIII.iii.234, XXXIV.iii.366 MacLean, John X.iv.3 MacLean, Norman XII.ii.20 MacLean, Roderick XXII.i.26 MacLean, Roderick, Inverness XVII.ii.55 MacLean/McLean, Hugh, North or South Uist XXV.ii.62 MacLeans in Fife XI.iv.11 MacLennan XXXIII.ii.202, XXXIV.iii.368, XXXIV.iv.392 MacLeod XXXIII.ii.200, XXXIV.iii.367, XXXV.i.42 MacLeod, Angus Ruadh, miller, Skye XXVII.iii.125 MacLeod, Mary, Knoicknack XXVIII.ii.83 MacLeod, William, farmer XXVIII.iv.190 Maclin XXX.iii.108 MacLintock XXXIV.iv.388 Maclnnes Family, Jura XIX.iii.95, XIX.iii.96 MacMillan XXXIV.iii.370, XXXVI.iii.139 MacNair/Nare XXXIV.iv.393, XXXVI.ii.65 MacNeil Family XXVII.iv.172 MacNeish XXXIV.iv.389 MacNicol XXXVI.ii.61 MacNight, see MacKnight MacNiven XXXIII.ii.199, Maconochie XXXII.i.28 MacPhail XXXVI.ii.66 Macphee, Angus I.i.22 Macpherson XLII.iii.129 MacQuarie XXXII.ii.63 MacQuarrie XXXIII.iv.265 MacQueen Family, Lochwinnoch XXIII.i.13 MacQueen XXXIV.i.290, XXXIV.ii.337 MacRae Arms, Matriculation of I.i.23 MacSeveny XXXV.ii.86 MacTavish Family, Stratherrick XXIV.i.11 MacTyre XXXIV.i.290

MacWilliam XXXV.ii.87 Magdeleine XLI.ii.90 Magnus, Ernest XXVIII.iii.46 Mahan XXXI.iii.100 Main XLIV.i.39 Main, John XIX.i.27 Maitland XXXVII.i.29, XXXVIII.iv.161, XXXVIII.iv.161, XLI.iii.139 Maitland, Capt. James Family XVII.ii.41 Maitland, James Family XX.ii.50 Maitland, James II.iv.19 Maitland, Pelham, copper plate printer XXV.i.28 Malcolm XXXII.i.31, XXXIV.iii.366 Malcolmson XXXII.iv.134 Malloch XXX.ii.65 Maltman XXXVII.iii.109 Manaw Gododdin XXTV.iv.109 Manderston XXXIV.iv.387 Mann XXXII.iv.136 Manross Family XXVII.ii.84 Manson XXXI.iv.133 Manson, Donald, Thurso XXVIII.iii.143 Manson, Margaret XIX.iii.95 Manvel R. IV.iv.106 Marchbanks, Elizabeth XXVII.iv.172 Marjoram, William, Norfolk XXVII.iv.168 Marlow XLIII.iii.120 Marquis XLII.iv.169 Marr Family XXVIII.i.38 Marr XII.iii.51 Marshall XXXVI.ii.66, XXXVI.iii.100, XXIX.iv.140, XXX.ii.70, XLI.ii.92,

XLIV.ii.86, Marshall, Thomas, Bathgate XXVII.ii.80 Martin XXIX.i.30, XXIX.i.31, XXX.i.29, XXXI.i.31, XXXI.iv.134,

XXXII.iii.93, XXXIV.iv.392 Martin, David, blacksmith, Scone XXVIII.iv.192 Mason XXIX.i.31, XXXVII.ii.60 Masson XXIX.iv.140 Masterton Family XXIV.iii.71 Masterton XXXIII.iv.267, XLIV.ii.89 Mathe(w)son XXXVIII.i.40, XXXVIII.i.40 Matheson XXXVI.i.28 Matheson, Charles XXV.iii.86 Matheson, Jacob XI.iii.2 Mathie XXXV.iii.137, XXXV.iii.137, XLII.ii.92 Mathison XXXII.ii.64, XXXII.iii.94, XLII.iii.129 Matson XLIII.i.38 Maule of Clithno IX.ii.12 Mavor Family XXIII.ii.31 Maxton XXXI.iii.104 Maxwell XXX.i.26, XXXII.ii.61,62, XXXVI.ii.62 Maxwell, Henrietta II.ii.25 McAdam Family XXVII.ii.78 McAlder, Cathrine, Colonsay XXVIII.iv.191 McAlister XLIII.iii.120 McAlister, Archibald, Islay XXVIII.i.40 McAllister XLIII.iii.119 McAlpin, Alexander XXIII.i.9 McArthrae Family XXVI.ii.60 McArthur XXXI.ii.63, XLIV.iv.174 McArthur, Duncan, Stationer, Glasgow XXVIII.iv.192

McAulay XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133 McBain, Fordyce XXIV.i.12 McBarnet XLII.ii.90 McBee, Ninian XXIV.ii.52 McBratney XLII.i.47 McBride, Samuel XXII.i.27 McBurney XLIV.ii.89 McBurnie XXX.iii.109 McCaa XLII.i.47,47 McCail XLI.iv.183 McCall XXXII.ii.62, XLI.iv.183 McCallum Family, Carnwath XXII.ii.50 McCallum, Robert Aitken XXIII.iii.51, XXIV.i.11 McCarter, John, Stenton XXIII.iii.53 McCaul XLI.iv.183 McClellan XLIV.iv.174 McClintock Family XXVII.ii.78 McClymont, Thomas, Penninghame XXVIII.i.39 McComie XLIV.ii.89 McConnell XLI.iii.137, XLIV.ii.90 McCormack Family, New Galloway XX.i.24 McCormick XXXI.iii.104 McCowan XXXI.iv.134 McCoy XXXI.ii.68 McCracken XLIV.iv.176 McCrae XLIII.ii.75 McCraine XLIV.iv.174 McCrimmon, Ann, Skye XXVI.i.22 McCulloch, Alexander, boot closer XXVI.iv.141 McCulloch, Elizabeth XXVI.iv.144 McCurdy, Robert, Antrim/Kilbirnie XXVIII.i.39 McD(e,ia)rmid XXX.i.28, XXXII.i.30 McDiarmid, Archibald, Islay XXVIII.i.40 McDiarmid, John (Baron) XI.iii.2 McDonald XXIX.ii.65, XXIX.ii.72, XXIX.iv.137, XXX.iii.110, XXXI.iii.103,

XXXII.i.30, XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133, XLIII.ii.75, McDonald, Hector, Ross and Cromarty XXVII.iv.167 McDonald, Hugh, Appin XVII.i.30 McDonald, Jane, Montrpse XXVII.iv.169 McDonald, North Carolina Highlanders, Capt. Angus XII.ii.21 McDonell, Margaret, Inverness XXIII.ii.32 McDoual Family XXIV.iv.108 McDougal Family, Argyll XXVI.iii.90 McDougal Family, Isle of Coll XXV.i.26 McDougall XLIV.i.38, XLIV.iii.129 McDowell, James Alfonso, Glasgow XXV.i.27 McDowell, James Alfonzo XXIV.iv.109 McEwen Family XXV.ii.57 McEwen XLII.ii.92 McFadyen, Isle of Coll XXIII.i.10 McFarlane XXIX.ii.65, XXX.iv.160, XXXI.iv.131, XXXII.iv.133, XLIII.iii.120 McFetridge XXIX.iv.136 McGain XXIX.i.32 McGallan, David, tailor, Greenock XXVIII.iii.143 McGaw XXXI.iii.99 McGeorge XXIX.iv.138 McGeorge, David, Penpoint XXIII.ii.32 McGh(e,i)e XXXII.i.27, XXXII.iv.134 McGillen XXXII.ii.64 McGilvray, Daniel, Aberdeen XXVIII.iv.190

McGinty Origin of the name I.i.21 McGinty XLII.ii.92 McGlasson, Wm. XX.iii.76 McGowan XXXII.ii.63, XLIV.ii.90 McGregor Family IX.i.8 McGregor Family, Ireland XXVI.iv.140 McGregor XXIX.i.32, XXX.i.26, 28, XXX.ii.70, XXX.iv.156, XLI.ii.90,

XLII.iv.169, XLIII.iv.164, XLIV.i.39,39, XLIV.ii.86, XLIV.ii.86, XLIV.iv.176,

McGregor, Alexander, schoolmaster, Dull XXVIII.iv.192 McGregor, Donald, doctor, Crieff XXVII.ii.80 McGregor, John XIX.i.27 McGregor, Patrick, Dundee XVII.i.18 McGregor, Peter, Dundee XVII.iii.90 McGregor, Rob Roy XXII.iv.103, XXIII.i.12, Reply XXIII.i.15, XXIII.ii.33 McGregor, Robert Scrimgeour XVII.iii.86 McGregor, Thomas, Dundee XVIII.iii.56 McInnis Family XXVII.iii.128 McInnis XLIV.i.44 McInnis, Maurice, Prince Edward Island XXVII.ii.79 McInroy of Lude XXI.i.31 McIntosh XLIII.ii.83 McIntosh, Charles. II.i.21, I.i.20 McIntosh, Quinton, Inverness I.i.20 McIntyre XXX.iii.110, XXXII.iv.135, XLII.iii.131, XLIII.iv.164, XLIII.iv.168 McIntyre, Alexander, Alexandria XXIV.iii.73 McIntyre, Isabella, Bonhill XXVI.iv.144 McIsaac XLIV.iv.174 McIver XXX.iv.159 McJannet, William, Ayrshire XIX.ii.69 McKay XXIX.ii.71, XXX.iv.157,160, XXXII.iii.96, XXXII.iv.132, XLII.ii.91,

XLIII.i.39 McKay, George XX.i.24 McKay, Robert Stewart, Glasgow XXVIII.iii.143 McKeand, Peter, Wigtownshire XXVII.iv.168 McKechnie XXXII.ii.60 McKee XXX.ii.67 McKeen XXIX.iii.104 McKeithan Family XIX.iv.103, XXVI.iv.141 McKellar XXIX.iv.138, XLIII.iv.168 McKelvie XXXII.i.30 McKelvie, John, wood and coal merchant XXVI.iv.140 McKenzie XXIX.ii.67, XXIX.ii.68, XXIX.ii.72, XXIX.iii.102, XXX.iii.109,

XXX.iv.154, XXXI.ii.66, XXXI.iii.103, XXXII.iii.93, XLI.iii.139. XLI.iv.182,

McKenzie, James XXV.i.28 McKenzie, Murdoch, Ross-shire XIX.iii.95 McKillop XLIV.i.39 McKillop, Finaly, farmer, Upper Carran XXVIII.iv.192 McKinlay, George XXV.i.26, XXVI.iv.141 McKinlay, James, Stirlingshire XXII.iv.103, XXIII.i.14 McKinna Family, Galloway XXIII.iii.52 McKinney Genealogy XI.i.10 McKinney XXX.iv.155 McKinnon Family, Isle of Coll XXV.i.26 McKinnon XXX.ii.68, XXXII.i.30 McKinstry XXX.iv.156 McKune XLII.ii.92 McLachlan XXX.ii.67, 68 McLachlans IX.iv.21

McLallan Family, Ayr XVII.ii.55 McLaren XXX.i.28, XXX.iii.109, 110, XXX.iv.156 McLatchie XLII.i.48 McLea XXX.ii.68 McLeament, Marion, Edinburgh XXVIII.ii.81 McLean XXIX.iv.137, XXX.i.26, XXX.iii.111, XXXI.ii.68, XLIII.iii.119,120,

XLIII.iv.165 McLean, John, Antrim XXII.i.27 McLean, Lieut Donald, XXIII.i. 11, Reply XXIII.ii.33 McLeay, John, Kiltarlity XX.i.25 McLeish Family, Little Dunkeld, Queries XX.i.24 McLellan XXXI.iii.100 McLennan XXX.ii.70, XXXI.i.29 McLeod of Ulinish, Alex. I.i.21 McLeod XXIX.ii.65, XXIX.iv.134, XXXI.ii.65, XXXI.iv.130, XXXII.iii.98 McLeod, Hugh XXV.ii.59 McLeod, James, Drainie XXVIII.ii.83 McLintoch, John Robert, doctor, Dumbarton/Perth XXVIII.iv.190 McLintock XXXII.iii.97 McLuggish XLIV.iv.175 McMahon XXXI.i.30 McMahon, Philip, Dundee XVIII.iii.57 McManemy XLIII.ii.77 McManus XXXI.iv.129 McMichael, Archibald, Glasgow XXVIII.i.41 McMichin XXX.ii.69 McMillan XXIX.i.29 McMillan, Alexander, Aberdeen XXVIII.i.41 McMillan, Donald, Arran XXVII.iii.127 McMillan, John XXVII.ii.80 McMillan, John, Edinburgh XXVIII.ii.81 McMillan, Malcolm, Colonsay XXVIII.iv.191 McMillan, Robert, Kirkconnel XXVII.ii.80 McMurdo XXIX.iv.138 McNab XXIX.ii.58, XXXI.ii.68, XXXI.iii.101, XLIII.iv.164 McNabs in Perthsire XI.iii.2 McNair XLIII.iii.120 McNair, Nathaniel, Kintyre XXXII.iii.127 McNaught XXXI.i.31, 32, XLIII.iii.123 McNaught(e,o)n XXXI.iii.104 McNeil(l) XXIX.ii.70, XXX.iii.108, XXX.iv.156 McNeill, Daniel XI.iv.10 McNeill, Dr. Daniel Xl.iii.1 McNeill, James XXVII.iv.168, XXVIII.i.41 McNicol XXXII.ii.63, XXXII.iii.95, XLIII.iv.165 McNicoll XLI.i.47 McNiv(e,i)n XXX.i.26, XXX.ii.68 McPhail, Alexander Alfred, shipowner, Ardrossan XXVIII.i.43 McPhee XXXI.i.31 McPherson XXIX.i.30, XXX.ii.67, XXX.iii.108, XXXI.i.28, 30, XXXII.iii.95,

XLIII.iv.168, XLIV.i.44 McPherson, James, Nairn XXVII.iii.126 McQueen XXIX.i.30, XXIX.i.32 McTurk XLIV.iii.129 McVannel, Duncan, Kintyre XXVIII.i.43 McVay/McVeigh Family XXIV.ii.52 McVean XLI.ii.91 McVinnie, John, Gatehouse of Fleet XXVIII.iv.192 McWhannel XLIV.i.38 McWilliam XLI.ii.89, XLIII.iii.120

Meek XXXII.iv.132, XXXIX.ii.82 Meffan XXXI.iii.99 Meikle XXXIV.ii.336 Meiklem — see Macklam Meldrum Squire I.i.20 Meldrum XXXVIII.i.39 Meldrum. George Murray, Crail XXVII.iv.167 Melin, Charles Raymond, Illinois XXV.ii.59 Melville Family St. Andrews XXTV112 Melville XXXVIII.i.40, XXXVIII.i.40, XLII.i.48, XLIV.ii.88 Melvin XXXIV.iv.387 Menelaws/Menelaus/Manelaus, James, master mariner, Greenock XXVII.ii.76 Menes XXXIII.ii.200, Mennesson XXXIII.ii.200, Menteith of Randiford, James IV.ii.49 Menteith of Randifurd, Reply XII.i.24 Menteith, Jean de, of Kerse XXVII.iv.170 Menzies Family, Comrie XXVI.iv.144 Menzies XXXV.ii.89, XXXVI.i.30, XLIII.ii.83,84, XLIV.ii.86 Mercer XLI.iii.136 Mess XII.iii.51 Meure XLIII.iv.164 Michinson XXX.ii.69 Mickin XXIX.iii.104 Middleston XXXII.i.30 Middleton XXXIX.ii.83 Miekel XLIV.ii.87 Mill of Prony XLIII.iv.164 Mill XLII.i.48, XLIII.iv.165 Mill(a,e)r XXIX.i.27, XXXI.i.30, XXXI.ii.63, 68, XXXII.ii.61, XXXII.ii.62,

XXXII.iii.98, XXXII.iv.136 Mill(a,e)r XXXIII.ii.200, XXXIII.iii.231, XXXIII.iii.231, XXXVI.iii.140,

XL.ii.77 Millar XLIII.i.39, XLIII.iii.121 Millar, David, Stirlingshire XXVIII.ii.79 Miller Families, Queries XIX.iv.104, XX.iv.97 Miller XLII.ii.92, XLIII.i.40, XLIII.ii.80, XLIII.ii.84, XLIII.iii.121,

XLIV.i.41 Miller, Barbara, Edinburgh XXVIII.i.41 Milligan XXXVI.ii.63, XLII.iii.129, XLIII.iv.166 Milligan, Wallace, Stranraer XXVII.ii.77 Millrine Family XXIV.i.12 Mills XLII.iii.129 Milne XXXII.iii.98, XXXIII.iv.268, XXXIV.iv.390, XXXVI.i.27,

XXXVII.i.32, XL.ii.79, XLI.ii.92, 92, Milne, Susan, Lunan XXIV.i.10 Milne/Millen, Forfarshire XXI.i.28, XXIII.iv.91 Milne/Miln XLIII.iv.165 Milroy XXXVII.iv.149 Miners Lodge XII.i.23 Minto XXIX.ii.71 Minto, Elizabeth, Moffat XXVII.iv.172 Minty XXXVII.iv.146 Mitchell and Kay, Fife XXIII.i.10 Mitchell Family, Inverurie XXIII.iii.53 Mitchell XXIX.i.28, XXIX.ii.65, XXXII.iii.94, XXXVI.i.24, XXXVI.iii.99,

XXXIX.iv.163, XLI.i.48, XLI.iv.184, XLII.i.45, XLIII.ii.83, XLIII.iii.121, XLIII.iv.163, XLIII.iv.167,

Mitchell, James S. Edinburgh XXVII.iii.126 Mitchell, Peter, New Deer XXVIII.i.39

Mitchell, William, Perthshire XIX.iii.96 Mitchelll, Isobel (Isabella) XVIII.iii.56 Mitchelson XXX.i.29 Mitchie XLIII.iii.124 Mo(i)r XXXVII.iii.108, XXXVII.iii.108, XL.iii.120 Moffat XXXVII.i.28, XXXVII.i.31, XXXVIII.iii.120, XLIV.iv.175 Moffat, Betty XXVII.iv.172 Moir XXXI.ii.68, XXXV.i.39, XLI.ii.92 Moncreiffe of Monypenny, John III.iii.74 Moncrieff XXXI.iv.131 Monilaws XXXIV.iii.367 Montgomery, Robert, schoolmaster, Kilmarnock XXVIII.iv.191 Mood(ie,y) XXXVIII.iv.160, XXXIX.iii.123 Mooney XXXI.iii.99 Moor XLIV.iii.131 Moore and Lillie XXI.i.29 Moore XXXVI.iii.103 Mor(r)ison XXXI.i.28, XXXI.iv.129, XXXI.iv.133, XXXVIII.ii.79,

XXXIX.iv.162 (see XL.i.40), XL.ii.80 More — see Moir More XLII.iv.172 Mores, Morice XXXI.i.28 Morgan XLIII.iii.121 Morgan, David, mariner, Dundee XXVI.i.22 Morison XLII.iii.131 Morison, Alexander, shipmaster XXVIII.ii.84 Morison, Isabella, Moffat XXVIII.iii.148 Morison, Neil, Greenock XXVIII.ii.83 Morris(h) XXXV.iv.172,XXXVI.iii.103 Morris, Thomas, Leven XXVII.iv.171 Morrison XXXIII.i.170, XXXIII.iv.264, XXXIV.ii.337, XLI.iii.136,

XLIII.iii.120, XLIV.i.38, XLIV.iii.129 Morrison, Christie XXVII.ii.83 Morrison, Jane, Jedburgh XXVII.ii.77 Morton XXXVI.iii.99, XXXVII.i.26, XXXVII.iv.147, XXXIX.ii.84,

XXXIX.ii.84, XLIII.iii.124, XLIV.i.43, XLIV.ii.86, XLIV.ii.89 Morton, Jessie, Edinburgh XXVIII.i.43 Morton, Robert, Ayreshire XXII.iv.103, XXIII.i.14 Morton, Walter Walker, Moniave XXIV.iii.73 Morven Parish XXIV.iv.113 Mossman Family, Edinburgh XX.iv.96 Mossman, Adam, Jeweller and Watchmaker XXIV.iv.109 Mossman, Edinburgh Goldsmith XXIV.ii.54 Mouat XXXIII.iii.235, Mouncey, Lancelot XXVI.iv.142 Mowat XXXI.iii.100 Mowat, Shetland Family of XVII.iii.84 Mowat, William, fish curer, Wick XVIII.iv.191 Mowbray XXXII.i.29 Mowbray, James, Brewer II.i.22 Moxham Family XXVIII.i.38 Moyes XXXVII.iii.108, XXXIX.ii.80, XXXIX.iv.164 Mt Alma XXXV.ii.87 Mudie XXXVII.ii.58 Muil XLII.i.45 Muir XXIX.ii.65, XXXVII.iii.108, XL.iv.164, XLIII.ii.81 Muirhead XXXII.ii.63, XXXIII.ii.204, XXXIII.ii.204, XXXVII.iii.108, XLI.i.48 Muirhead, James, powdermaker, Gorebridge XXVIII.ii.80 Mulholland XLIV.ii.90 Mundell XXXIX.ii.82

Mungall XXXVI.ii.61 Munn XXX.ii.68 Munnock XXXII.iii.93 Munro XXXIII.ii.204, XXXVI.i.24, XXXVI.iii.103, XXXVI.iii.138,

XXXVI.iii.139, XXXVII.i.29, XL.ii.78, XLIV.iv.175 Munro(e) XXX.ii.66, XXX.iv.158, XXXII.i.29 Munro, Colin, Newspaper Owner Li.20 Munro, Colonel Andrew XXIV.iv.107 Munro, George, Clockmaker XXIV.iv.108 Munro, Helen, Ross-shire XXVIII.ii.82, Reply XXVIII.iii.141 Munro, Hugh XXII.ii.49 Munro, Isabella XVII.iii.85, XIX.i.25, XIX.i.28 Munro, James XII.ii.20 Murdoch XXXI.iv.136, XXXII.i.30, XLIII.ii.79 Murray Family, Galloway XXII.ii.48 Murray of Stanhope IV.iv.106 Murray XXIX.iii.104, XXX.iv.155, XXXI.iii.100, XXXIII.iii.234,

XXXIV.ii.334, XXXIV.ii.337, XXXVI.i.30, XXXVI.ii.59, XXXVII.i.26, XXXVIII.iv.161, XXXIX.iii.122, XLI.iii.138, XLII.i.45, XLII.ii.90, XLIV.ii.86, XLIV.ii.88,

Murray, Alexander, mariner XXVII.ii.78 Murray, David XXVII.iv.171 Murray, Janet XXVIII.iv.190 Murray, John, Bowhill XXV.i.25 Murray, Sybilla, Lochlane XVII.i.30 Murray, Thomas, Muirkirk XXIV.iii.72 Murray, William, Smith, Moffat XXVII.iv.172 Mutch Family, Aberdeen XX.i.26 Mutrie, John, Lanarkshire XXIV.ii.53 Myles XXXIV.iv.387 N Na(e)sm(i,y)th XXXIII.iii.236 Nairn Family, Berwickshire and Fife XXVIII.Iv.190 Nairn James, farm labourer, Berwickshire XXVII.iv.172 Nairn XXXVI.iii.99, XXXVI.iii.100 Naismith XXXII.i.32 Napier Robert, blacksmith XXII.ii.49 Reply XXIII.i.15 Ne(i)lson XXXV.iv.173,XXXVI.i.27,XXXVI.iii.102, XXXVI.iii.102,

XXXVI.iii.102 Ne(th,v)ery XXXI.iv.130 Neathery Family XXIII.i.13 Neave XXXV.iv.174, XLI.iii.140 Neil XXX.i.29, XXXVII.i.26, XLIV.ii.92 Neilands John Hay McKenzie, engineer, Dunbar XXV.i.24 Neill XXXV.ii.86 Neilson XXXVIII.iv.162, XLII.i.47 Nesbit Janet, domestic servant, Paisley XXVIII.i.42 Nesbit XXXI.iv.135 Ness XII.iii.51 Newall Homer, Dalbeattie XXIII.iii.49 Newlands XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133 Newton in Sutherland? XXXII.iv.132 Newton Sir Isaac, XXV.ii.58, Reply XXVI.ii.57 Nic(h)olson XXIX.ii.67, XXIX.ii.68, XXX.i.26, XXXIII.iv.267,

XXXIV.i.292,XXXVI.i.27 Nic(k)ol(l) XXIX.ii.70, XXIX.iv.136, XXX.ii.66, XXXI.iii.102 Nicholson Duncan XIX.iii.96 Nicholson XLIV.ii.91 Nicol and Other Families, Fife and Dundee XXII.i.25

Nicol XXXIV.ii.337, XXXVI.ii.64 Niddrie XXXI.iv.134 Nielands Alexander, moulder, Haddington XXV.i.24 Niesbeth XXXI.iv.132 Nimmo of Westbank II.i.22 Nimmo XLI.iii.139 Nisbet Matthew, Fife XXVII.iv.171 Nish XLIII.iii.121 Nithery — see Nethery Niven XXXIV.iii.367 Nixon XXXV.i.40 Noble XXIX.ii.71, XXXI.iii.103, XLIII.ii.79 Nome XXXVI.i.28 Norgna Janet XXVIII.ii.81 Norie XXXVII.iv.147 Norris XXXVII.ii.61 Notman XXXI.ii.64 Nundy Family XXVIII.iii.145 O Oag/Ogg Family XXII.ii.51 Officer Surname XXVI.ii.58 Officer XXXVI.ii.65 Ogilv(ie,y) XXXIII.i.169, Ogilvie of that Ilk, Marriages XXII.iv.104 Ogilvie XXIX.i.28, XXIX.iv.135 Ogilvy XXXIX.iv.160 O'Hara XXXI.iv.129 Old John B. Dundee XXVII.ii.81 Olifent XXXIV.i.291 Oliphant XXIX.ii.69 Oliver XXXII.ii.60, XXXVII.iii.108, XLIV.iii.130 Oram XXXVI.i.30 O'Rourke John, Dundee XVII.i.18 Orr XXXIII.iv.264, XXXIV.i.291, XXXIV.iv.390, XXXV.iii.137,

XLIV.iv.174, Orrock XXXVI.i.24 Oswald XLII.iii.131 Outlaw Family XXHI.i.12 P P(e,i)ck XXXVIII.iv.160 P(i)ercy XXXVII.ii.59 Pagan XXXVII.i.32 Paisley XXXVII.iii.110, XXXVII.iii.110 Paisley, and variants XXXV.i.41, XXXV.i.41 Paris XLII.iv.170 Park XXXIII.iii.231, Parker XXXIII.iii.236, XXXVI.iii.138 Pat(i,u)llo XXX.i.26 Pat(t)(e,o)n XXXII.ii.63, XXXII.iii.98 Pat(t)erson XXXVII.i.29, XL.iii.118, XLIV.i.44 Patchett Robert glassmaker, Allog XXVI.iii.91 Paterson Alexander and Samuel XXII.iv.103 Paterson Rev. Adam II.i.22 Paterson Robert stonecutter XXVII.iv.169 Paterson Thomas railway worker, Hamilton XXVIII.iii.146 Paterson XXIX.i.30, XXX.iii.108, XXXI.iii.104, XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133,

XXXIII.i.168, XXXIII.i.168, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXVI.i.25, XLII.i.47, XLII.ii.90

Paton Ayreshire Families of XII.iii.51 Paton XLIV.ii.91, XLIV.iii.132 Patrick XXXIV.i.293 Pattison John miner/agricultural labourer Kirkconnel XXVI.iii.90 Paul XXIX.iv.137, XXX.iv.157 Pauley XXXII.iv.134 Paulin XLIV.iv.176 Pauling John A. tailor XXV.iii.87 Payne XXIX.i.28 Peacock XXIX.iii.104 Pearson XXX.ii.66, XXXI.ii.65 Pearston John, Glasgow XXVII.iv.171 Peden XXXVI.ii.63 Peebles XXXIII.ii.200, XXXIII.iii.230, Pender James mason, Old Monkland XXVIII.ii.83 Pendrith Alexander miller, Golspie XXVIII.i.43 Penman XXXII.i.30, XLI.i.46 Penn XLI.iii.138 Penny XXXVI.i.25 Penuel XXXVII.iii.109 Perry XXXV.ii.89 Petch XLI.ii.91 Peter XLIII.iii.123 Peter XXXIV.iv.390 Pethshire XXXI.iv.130 Petrie XXX.i.27 Petrie XXXVII.iv.147, XXXIX.iv.164 Phee XXXVII.iii.110 Pherson XXXVI.iii.98 Phesdo XXXI.iv.134 Philp XXXVI.iii.140 Phin XXXII.iii.97 Physicians Early Scottish I.i.23 Pinkerton XXXIII.iii.230, XXXIV.iii.369 Pirie John Reply to XXV.i.24 Pirie John, Rosehearty XXIII.ii.31 Pirie XXXI.ii.64, XXXVII.ii.58, XL.iii.117 Pitblado XXX.iv.157 Pitcaithly XXXVII.iii.109 Pitkethly XLII.i.47 Pitt XXX.ii.68, XXXII.ii.64 Pittendrigh Family XXVI.iii.91 Pollo(c)k XXXVIII.iv.162, XXXIX.iii.121 Pollock XXX.iv.155, XXXI.ii.63, XXXI.iv.129, XXXIII.iii.231, Pomeroy Louise, Canada XXV.ii.59 Poole XXXII.ii.62 Porteous Captain John, Edinburgh City Guard XXVII.iii.125 Porteous XXXVI.i.25, XXXVII.i.31, XLIII.iii.122, XLIV.i.41 Porter XXXI.ii.66, XXXV.iv.173, XXXVI.i.27 Potter XLIV.ii.92 Pottinger James Orkney XXVIII.iii.144 Pratt XXXVI.ii.64, XXXVI.ii.64, XXVI.ii.64 Prentice XXXIII.iii.232, Preston XXXVII.i.32, XXXVII.i.33 Pretsell XLII.iii.131 Primrose Family XX.iv.103 Reply XXIII.ii.33 Pringle XXXIII.ii.201, XXXIII.ii.201, XXXIII.ii.203, XXXIV.iv.389,

XXXV.i.39, XXXVII.i.32, XXXVII.i.33, XLIV.ii.90, Proctor XXXI.i.30, XXXIV.iv.387 Prophet XXXIX.iv.160, XXXIX.iv.164, XL.ii.77, XL.ii.78

Proudfoot Bettie XXVII.iv.172 Proudfoot XXIX.ii.70, XXX.i.25, XXXVI.iii.139 Provan XXXII.iii.99 Prow XXXIV.iii.370 Pryde/Pride XLII.iv.167 Purdie Alexander mason/agricultural labourer Thankerton XXVII.ii.83 Purdie XXXII.i.29, XXXVI.ii.62 Purdon XXXIV.i.293, XXXVI.ii.59 Purves Thomas forester, Chirnside XXVII.iii.125 Purves XXIX.i.30, XXIX.ii.67, XXXII.iii.94, XXXV.ii.87 Q Quakers XXXV.ii.88 Query Genealogical letters of the Duke of Argyll XV.iv.80 Query Ships carrying Lewis emigrants XIV.iii.49. Answered XV.ii.48 R Rae Alexander schoolmaster, Peter Culter XXVIII.iii.146 Rae XXXI.iii.100, XXXII.iii.98, XXXVI.i.26 Raeburn John coalminer Fife XXVI.iv.141 Raeburn XXXIII.iii.230, Ramage XXXI.iv.130 Ramsay James Austin shipping clerk XXVI.i.23 Reply XXVII.ii.84 Ramsay John Argyll XXVII.iii.128 Ramsay XXIX.iii.104, XXX.iv.158, XXXI.iv.129,

XXXIX.i.37, XL.iii.118, XLIII.iii.121 Rankin(e) XXXIII.i.168, XXXIII.iv.267, XXXIV.iii.368 Rankine XXIX.iii.104, XXX.iii.109, XXXVII.iii.111 Rann XLIV.i.44 Rannie, see Rennie Rarisch XXXIX.ii.80, XL.i.38 Rattray XXXIII.i.171, XXXVIII.ii.80 Ravelton XXXII.ii.63 Read Katherine portrait painter XXVI.iii.90 Readdie XLIII.iii.123 Reah XXXII.iv.134 Redden, and variants XXXVI.iii.102 Redpath XXXI.ii.64, XXXIII.iv.268, XLII.iv.171,

XLIII.iii.121, XLIV.i.42 Registers of Irregular Border Marriages XXVIII.i.44, XXVIII.iv.167 Registration I.i.21,1.iv.2, II.i.21 Reid Agnes XXVI.ii.59 Reid Family Campsie XXV.ii.59 Reid James builder XXV.iii.87 Reid Margaret Old Monkland XXVIII.ii.83 Reid Robert XXVII.iii.126 Reid XXX.ii.66, 69, XXXI.iii.99, XXXI.iv.132,

XXXII.ii.64, XXXVIII.iv.161, XL.iii.120 Reid/Reed XXXIII.iv.266, XXXIV.i.291, XXXIV.ii.336,

XXXIV.iv.390, XXXIV.iv.392, XXXVI.ii.63. Reith Family XXVII.ii.83 Renfrew XXIX.i.31, XXXIII.iii.235, Renn(ie,y) XXXVII.ii.58, XXXVII.iv.147 Rennie/Rannie XXXV.ii.88, XXXVI.i.29, XXXVI.ii.63 Renton XXXII.i.27 Renwick James William Maitland IX.i.8 Revie XXXIV.iv.393 Rhynd of Carse, Family of IV.iii.77 Rich XLIII.i.38 Richards John Elgin XIX.ii.70 Richardson XXX.i.27, XXXI.ii.63, XXXIII.i.168, Rickard XXIX.iv.135 Rid(d)el(l) XXIX.iv.140, XXX.i.26

Riddell Family XXII.ii.47 Riddell/Riddle XXXVIII.ii.79, XLII.iv.170 Riddle XXXIV.iv.388 Rigasche Biographion, Extract from IX.i.6 Rintool Peter XXVI.i.22 Rintoul XXXIII.i.172, Risk XXXVI.ii.59 Ritchie William XII.iii.51 Ritchie XXXII.i.27 Ro(d)ger XXIX.ii.69, XXXI.ii.63, Roach Edward XXVII.iv.171 Robb XXXIII.iv.265, XXXIV.iii.367, XXXVII.i.30, XXXVIII.ii.79,

XLI.ii.92 Robb William, Moffat XXVII.iy.172 Robbie XXXIV.iv.387, XXXIV.iv.387 Robert XXX.i.30, XLI.iii.136 Robertson Alexander, Edinburgh XXVII.iii.127 Robertson Anne Elizabeth Aberdeen XXVIII.iii.146 Robertson Catherine Fife XXVII.iv.171 Robertson Douglas Edwards Aberdeen XXVIII.iii.146 Robertson Isabella Little Dunkeld XX.i.24 Robertson Jeffrey XXV.ii.61, XXV.iii.87 Robertson John Wightman XXI.i.28 Robertson Robert Angus XXVIII.iii.147 Robertson Society XLI.ii.92 Robertson William XXV.ii.61, XXV.iii.87 Robertson William coppersmith Carstairs XXVII.ii.84 Robertson XXIX.i.28, XXIX.ii.69, XXIX.ii.70, XXX.i.28, XXX.iv.157,

XXXI.i.30, XXXI.iv.132, XXXII.i.31,32, XXXII.iii.95, XXXIII.iii.230, XXXIII.iv.263, XXXIV.i.293, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXV.i.41,XXXV.ii.89, XXXVI.iii.102, XXXVII.iii.109, XLI.ii.90, XLII.i.45, XLII.iv.169, XLIV.i.38, XLIV.i.40, XLIV.ii.87,

Robinson XXXII.iv.135 Robson Family XXVI.i.24 Robson John Charles XXVI.iii.90 Robson XXXIII.ii.203, XXXVII.ii.58, XXXVII.ii.60 Roddick XXIX.i.31, XXX.i.29 Roe XXXVII.i.28, XXXVII.i.28, XXXVII.i.28 Romanes XXXIII.i.171, XLI.i.45 Ronald Manuscript XXXVII.iii.110 Ronald, Robert, Provost of Montrose III.iii.74 Ronaldson of Blairhall Andrew II.iii.20 Roney XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133 Rookes Olaf Gothenburg Sweden XXVII.ii.80 Rorison XXXIX.iv.161 Rorke/Rorque etc XLIV.iii.131 Rose XXXII.iii.98, XXXIV.ii.338, XXXV.i.42, XXXVI.iii.101,

XXXIX.ii.80, XLII.iv.168 Rose, Amelia, Nova Scotia XXVIII.ii.81 Roseberg Estate Temple XXVI.iv.141 Rosie XXXVI.ii.62 Ross Charles and Duke of Gordon's daughter XXIII.i.11 Ross Christina, Ross and Cromerty XXVII.iv.167 Ross Donald crofter Sutherland XXVI.iv.143 Ross Families of Stewart and IX.i.8 Ross James LL. D. III.iv.102 Ross John sea captain XXIV.ii.53 Ross John tenant Ross-shire XXVIII.ii.82 Reply XXVIII.iii.141 Ross of Oakbank XIX.i.28

Ross XXIX.i.28, XXXII.i.30, XXXIV.i.291, XXXIV.i.291, XXXV.i.39, XXXV.i.40, XXXVI.iii.103, XXXVII.iv.150, XXXIX.ii.81, XXXIX.iii.121, XXXIX.iii.122, XLII.iv.168, XLII.iv.172, XLIII.ii.78, XLIII.iii.120, 122

Rosses of Craigie I.iv.20 Rosyth Laird of XXIII.i.13 Roxburgh James ploughman Fife XXVI.iv.144 Roxburgh XLII.i.46, XLIII.i.38, XLIII.ii.76, XLIII.ii.82 Roy XXX.ii.67, XXXI.iii.102, XXXII.iv.134, XLIV.ii.88, XLIV.iv.175 Rule XXIX.iv.139, XXXIII.iii.235, Rumble XXXIII.i.172, Rusk Family XXIV.ii.53 Russell Andrew XXVII.ii.80 Russell Families of XII.iii.51 Russell George and Family XVII.ii.41 Russell Janet Cumbernauld XXVIII.iii.146 Russell XXIX.ii.65, XXX.ii.70, XXXI.iii.104, XXXII.i.29, XXXIII.iv.267,

XXXIV.iv.387, XXXIV.iv.388, XXXV.i.40, XXXVI.iii.100, XLII.i.47, XLIII.i.40, XLIII.iv.164

Rust XXIX.iv.135 Rutherford John (Jethart Jock) XXII.ii.49 Rutherford William James MD XXVIII.ii.81 Rutherford XLI.i.47 Ryrie XXIX.ii.66 S Sa(l)ter XXIX.ii.69, XXIX.iii.104 Samplers, Family History in XXIII.iii.53 Sampson XXXIII.i.168, Sanburn XXXVII.ii.62 Sanderson XXXVI.ii.59, XXXIX.i.40 Sandilands XXXI.iii.103 Sandy James, Aylth XXVII.ii.82 Saul XXXV.ii.89 Saunders XXIX.i.31 Sayers XLI.iii.136 Schampers XLI.i.47 Schiefer XL.i.38 Schlaberg XXX.ii.69 Scob(b)ie XXX.iv.157, XXXI.ii.63 Scobie XXXV.ii.86 Scolin XXXIV.iv.393 Scott Angus XXII.ii.50 Scott Anthony XXII.ii.51 Scott John Hawick XXV.i.26 Scott Joseph XII.iv.86 Scott Thomas, Robertson and Family XIX.i.28 Scott Walter Hawick XXiii.iv.91 Scott William John IV.ii.50 Scott XXIX.iii.104, XXIX.iv.137,XXX.ii.67, XXX.iii.110, XXX.iv.160,

XXXI.iv.128,132, XXXII.i.30, XXXII.ii.61, XXXII.iii.95, XXXIV.i.292, XXXIV.ii.335, XXXIV.iii.368, XXXIV.iv.392, XXXV.i.42,XXXV.iv.174,XXXVI.ii.59, XXXVII.i.32, XXXIX.i.40, XLIII.i.39, XLIII.ii.74, XLIII.ii.79, XLIV.ii.89, XLIV.iv.176,

Scottish Stocking Makers, Minute book XXII.iv.104 Scougall XLI.i.47 Scoular XXXII.i.28 Scrimgeour XLIV.ii.86 Scrymgeour James, Blair Atholl/Dunkeld XXVI.i.25 Scrymgeour XXXVI.i.26

Seath XLI.iv.183 Seaton XLI.ii.91 Selby XXIX.ii.67 Selkirk XXXVII.iv.148 Selkirk, Associate Congregation and U. P. Church Records XXIV.i.10 Sellar XXIX.iii.103 Sellars XLIII.iii.119, 120 Service Family XI.iii.2 Service XXXI.i.32, XLIV.ii.88 Seton of Blackball XXI.i.30 Seton XLIII.iv.166 Shackleton Anna XXVII.ii.84 Shand XXXVI.iii.139, XXXVI.iii.139, XXXVI.iii.139 Shannon John XXVII.iv.169 Sharp David Gorbals XXVIII.ii.148 Sharp XXXI.iv.128 Shaw XXXVII.i.28, XXIX.iv.136, XXXI.i.28, XLII.iii.129, XLIII.ii.78,

XLIV.iii.129, XLIV.iv.174 Shearer XLI.iii.139, XLIII.i.39 Shedden XXXV.i.42, XXXV.i.42 Shennan XXX.i.31 Shepherd XXXVI.i.24 Sherar XXIX.ii.64 Shetland Family of Mowat XVII.iii.84 Shewan XXIX.iv.139 Shiel XLIV.i.42 Shiel(d)s XXXVIII.iv.160 Shiels Family East Lothian XXV.iii.88 Shiels XXXVI.ii.61 Shillinglaw XL.iii.118, XLIII.i.38 Shurrie XLIII.iii.124 Sibbald XL.ii.79, XLI.i.47 Sibbald David Edinburgh XXVII.iv.171 Sill(e,a)rs XXXIII.iii.233, Sillers XLIV.iv.173 Sim + variants XLIII.iii.119 Sim Family Moray XIX.iii.95 Sim XXIX.iv.135, XXXI.iii.101, XXXVIII.iii.122 Simpson XXX.iii.108, XXXI.ii.63, XXXI.iv.128, XL.iv.164, XLII.iv.172,

XLIII.ii.77, XLIII.ii.80, XLIII.iv.163, XLIV.i.44, XLIV.iii.131 Sinclair George joiner Glasgow XXVIII.ii.79 Sinclair John farmer Kilmacolm XXVIII.iv.192 Sinclair Lady Helen Teviotdale XXV.iii.87 Sinclair XXX.i.27, XXXI.i.29, XXXIII.ii.199, XXXIII.ii.203, XXXVII.i.26,

XXXVIII.iv.161 Sinton William gardener XXVI.ii.60 Sinton XXIX.iii.102, XXX.iv.160 Skeats Family XXVIII.i.38 Skeoch XXX.i.27 Skillin XXXII.ii.61 Skinner Robert Perthshire XXVIII.i.42 Skinner XXXI.iii.99 Slorach XXXIII.iv.268 Sm(i,y)th XXIX.i.27, XXIX.ii.68, XXIX.ii.69, XXIX.ii.71, XXX.ii.66,

XXXII.ii.67, XXXII.iii.96 Smeaton XXXI.ii.64 Smellie James stone quarry foreman Gorbals XXVIII.iii.146 Smellie XXXII.ii.63, XXXII.iii.99, XXXVII.iv.149 Smith Andrew XXII.i.24 Smith Jane Calcutta XXV.iii.87

Smith Rev. Alexander Orkney XXII.i.27 Smith XXXIV.i.291, XXXIV.i.292, XXXIV.iii.366, XXXIV.iii.369,

XXXVI.i.27, XXXVI.ii.61, XXXVII.i.26, XXXVII.ii.61, XL.ii.78, XLIII.iv.167, XLIV.iii.130

Smollett XXIX.ii.64 Smyth XLIV.ii.88 Sn(a,e)dd(a,e,o)n XXX.iv.157, XXXI.i.28, XXXII.iii.99 Snodgrass John XXII.i.18 Somerv(e,i)ll(e) XXXVII.i.27, XXXVII.iii.111 Somerville of Kennox, James XIX.ii.69 Somerville Robert M.D., Haddington and Family XIX.iv.103 Somerville XXX.iii.112 Souter XXXIV.iii.366 Sowersby XLI.iii.137 Spalding Willaim exise officer Dumfries XXVII.ii.83 Spalding XLII.iv.167 Speedie XXIX.ii.66 Speir(s), see Spiers Speirs XXXI.ii.63 Spence XXXIV.iv.391, XLIV.iii.132 Spencer XXIX.ii.72, XXXIII.i.172, Spiers/Speir(s) XXXIV.i.291 Spindie XXIX.ii.69 Spittal Name of XII.iv.86 Spottiswood XXXI.ii.63 Sprunt XL.ii.77 Spy or Spey XI.iii.2 Squy(a,e)rs XXXIV.ii.334 St(e,a)nhouse XXXIII.iv.263,XXXVI.ii.63 St(ew,u)art XXXVII.i.29, XXXVII.ii.60, XXXVII.ii.61, XXXIX.iv.161,

XXXIX.iv.163, XXXIX.iv.163, XL.iii.119 St. Catan XLI.iv.182 St. Clair, see Sinclair St. Margaret Society of XII.i.23 St. Vigeans, David Cargill in I.iv.20 Stage XXXI.iv.135 Stair XXXVI.iii.98 Stanfield XXXV.i.43 Stapleton XLIII.iii.120 Statistics Vital I.i.21, II.i.21 Steedsman XXXII.iii.99 Steel XLI.iii.138, Steel(e) XXXI.iv.129, XXXIII.iii.233, XXXVI.iii.102,XXXVI.iii.102 Stenhouse, Family of IV.ii.50 Stephen Mary Brechin XXVIII.iii.144 Stephen XXIX.iv.140, XXXIII.iv.268, XLI.iii.136, XLIV.iii.130 Sterling Hugh XI.iii.3 Stevens XXXVI.ii.66 Stevenson XXX.iv.155, XXXI.i.28, XXXI.iii.99, XXXII.i.28, XXXVII.i.26,

XLIV.ii.87 Stewart Alexander Kinross I.(ii-iii).36 Stewart and Ross Families of IX.i.8 Stewart Captain John XXVIII.iii.144 Stewart Charles Aberfeldy XXIII.iv.91 Stewart Christian Rosyth XXIII.i.13 Stewart Elspeth I.(ii-iii).35 Stewart Family Kinnedar XX.i.24 Stewart Helen XIX.iii.95 Stewart James XXVII.iv.168 Stewart of Raiss David XI.iii.2

Stewart Robert Perthshire XXVII.iii.126 Stewart William T Kentucky XXVIII.i.42 Stewart, Mitchell and McFarlane Dundee XXIII.iii.50 Stewart, Stuart XXIX.iii.101, XXIX.iv.134, XXX.i.26, XXX.ii.68, 70, XXX.iv.154,

XXXI.i.28, 29, XXXI.ii.64, 66, 67, XXXI.iii.104, XXXI.iv.130, XXXIII.i.168, XXXIII.ii.199, XXXIII.ii.199, XXXIII.iii.232, XXXIII.iii.235, XXXIV.iv.387, XXXIV.iv.389, XXXIV.iv.393, XXXV.iv.173, XXXVI.i.27,XXXVI.i.27, XLI.ii.92, XLII.i.45, XLII.iv.170, XLIII.iii.119,120, XLIII.iv.165, XLIV.i.40, XLIV.iv.175,

Stirling George Dunblane XXV.i.26 Stirling XXXIII.i.170, XXXIII.iii.231, XLII.iv.167 Stobo XXXVII.ii.58 Stocks XLIII.i.38 Stoddart's Manuscript XII.iv.86 Storie XLII.ii.91 Stormont(h) XLII.iii.131,132 Storrie XXXIV.iii.368 Story Family XXIV.iii.74 Stothert George Engineer XXIV.iv.108 Stott Family Aberdeen XXII.ii.49 Stowarton XLII.iv.171 Strachan XXX.iii.110 Strachan XXXIII.iv.263 Strang XXXV.ii.89 Strathe(a)rn XXXVII.i.32, XXXVIII.ii.78 Straton XXXIV.iv.387 Stronach XXXI.ii.66 Strong John Shetland XXVIII.iii.148 Stuart XLI.i.45, XLIII.ii.84, XLIII.iv.165, XLIV.ii.87, Stuart Alexander, Leslie XXIV.iv.107 Stuart Joseph Samuel XII.i.23 Stuart, see Stewart Sturgeon XLI.i.48 Sturrock XXXV.ii.88 Sullivan XLIII.iv.163 Sutherland Ann XXVII.ii.81 Sutherland Ellen Gorebridge XXVIII.ii.80 Sutherland XXXII.i.28, XXXVII.iv.145, XXXIX.iv.162, XLIII.iii.122 Sutherlands of Torbo or Pronzie XII.ii.20 Swanny and Leslie Orkney XXII.i.24 Swinbank Family XXVIII.i.38 Sylvan Debating Society XXXVI.iii.101 Sym — see Sim Symington Family Paisley XXIII.ii.32 Symmers XLIV.i.39 Syne XXXI.i.28 T Tafts XXXVI.ii.59 Tain XXXI.iv.134 Tainsh XXX.iii.110 Tait XXX.iv.160, XXXII.iii.94, XXXV.ii.88, XLII.ii.91, XLIV.i.42 Tait Andrew Lockerbie XXIV.iv.106 Tait Mary XXV.iii.88 Tannahill XLII.iv.167 Tasker XXXIV.iv.392 Taws Family Aberdeen XX.iv.97 Taylor Alexander Aberdeenshire XXVIII.ii.82 Taylor Margaret Wigtownshire XXVI.iv.144 Taylor Richard Kirkpartick Durham XXIII.ii.32

Taylor Robert Elgin XXVIII.i.39 Taylor XXX.i.28, XXX.iii.110, XXXI.iv.135, XXXIII.i.169, XXXV.ii.89,

XXXVI.i.28, XXXVII.i.31, XXXVII.ii.58, XXXIX.ii.81, XXXIX.ii.81, XXXIX.ii.81

Telfer XXXVI.ii.62 Telford XXXII.ii.64 Temple-Fogo XLIV.iv.173 Tenant Adam XII.i.23 Tennant XXIX.ii.64, XXX.iv.160, XXXI.iv.129, XXXVI.i.24, XXXVI.iii.100,

XXXVI.iii.100, XXXVII.iv.146, XXXIX.ii.82, XL.iv.163 Thain XXXVI.ii.62 Thom XLI.i.46, XLIII.iii.124, XLIII.iv.166, XLIV.i.38, Thomas Michael Muirkirk XXVII.ii.79 Thomas Patrick Ireland XXVII.ii.79 Thomas XXIX.ii.72, XXXI.iii.101 Thomasen Capt. I.i.20, I.(ii-iii).37 Thomlinson XXXV.ii.88 Thompson Family Aberdeen XX.iv.96 Thompson James XXII.ii.49 Thompson XLIII.iii.119,120 Thoms(o,e)n XXXIII.iv.263, XXXIII.iv.265, XXXIII.iv.265, XXXIV.iv.390,

XXXV.i.40, XXXV.iv.172, XXXVI.i.26, XXXVI.iii.102, XXXVI.iii.102,XXXVI.iii.138

Thomson Isabella XXVII.iv.171 Thomson James at Brechin III.iv.101 Thomson Robert Limekilns XXV.iii.88 Thomson XXIX.i.27, XXIX.ii.69, XXX.i.27, XXX.iii.108, XXX.iv.156,

XXXI.ii.62, XXXI.ii.67, XXXI.iii.103, XXXVII.iv.145, XXXVII.iv.145, XXXVII.iv.147, XLI.ii.90, XLII.iii.131, XLII.iii.132, XLIII.ii.78,78, XLIII.ii.78-78, XLIII.iii.119,120, XLIV.ii.88, XLIV.iii.132, XLIV.iv.175,

Thorburn XXIX.i.31, XLIII.ii.79 Thorn Family XXVIII.i.43 Thorn William XII.iii.51 Thorn XXXI.iv.134, XXXVII.iv.149 Thorogood XXXVII.iii.108 Tidman XXIX.iv.139 Tillery XXXIV.iv.390 Tindale XXXI.iii.102 Tinline XXXI.ii.63 Tinning XXX.iv.159 Tinto XXXIV.iv.393 Todd XXX.iv.158 Tolmie Andrew XXV.iii.88 Tomkinson XXXVI.iii.101 Tong(u)e XXXIX.i.39 Tordaff XXXIII.ii.201, Torrance Samuel Co. Londonderry XXVIII.iv.190 Tosh XL.ii.76 Tough Family Kildrummy XXIV.i.10 Tough XXXIV.iii.366, XLI.ii.92 Trail XL.i.38 Trail(l), Treel XXIX.i.30, XXX.iv.159, XXXI.iii.101 Trail(lXs) XXXIV.i.290, XXXIV.iii.368 Traill Family, Elie XIX.iv.106 Traill XLIV.ii.91 Treels XXXIV.i.290 Tremain XXIX.iv.136 Trotter Mr XXVIII.iii.145 Trotter XXXVII.i.26, XLIV.iii.129

Tulloch Thomas Inverness XXVIII.iii.144 Turnbull XXXII.ii.62, XXXIII.ii.204, XXXIV.i.293, XXXIV.ii.336,

XXXVII.iv.145, XL.iii.119, XLIV.ii.92 Turner XXIX.i.30, XXX.iv.156, XXXI.iii.10, XLI.ii.91, XLII.i.46,

XLIII.iv.163 Turrif James XXVII.ii.80 Twatt XXXI.i.29 Tweed XXXII.ii.64 Tweedie XXXV.i.42 Twinem XXIX.iii.103 U Uda(e)l(l), see Uvendale Un(n)s XXXVI.iii.98 Underwood XXXV.i.41 Urquhart XXX.ii.71, XXXIX.ii.81 Usedom, von XXXI.iv.132 Uvendale XXXIII.ii.204, V Vallance XLIII.iv.163 Vance XLIII.iii.122 Veitch Nathaniel Moffat XXVII.iv.172 Veitch Willian I.(ii-iii).35 Veitch XLIII.ii.74 Vernal XXXIII.iii.235, Vernor XXXVII.i.31 Vincent XXXIII.iii.230, Visiting Cards I.(ii-iii).36 W W(e)ighton XXXIV.iii.367 Waddell XXXV.iv.172, XXXVII.i.27 Waddell, Waddle XXIX.ii.65, XXX.i.28, XXXI.ii.63 Wain XXXIII.ii.203, Waldie Dr David I.iv.19 Waldie XXXI.ii.63, XXXVI.i.25 Walker Gavin and Family Kilmarnock XIX.iv.105 Walker James X.i.3 Walker Margaret Dumfries XXVIII.iv.192 Walker Robert Glasgow XXVII.ii.77 Walker William Bonhill XXVI.iv.144 Walker XXX.iii.109, XXX.iv.159, XXXII.ii.64, XXXIII.ii.204,

XXXIII.iv.264, XXXIII.iv.266, XXXIV.iv.387, XXXVI.iii.101, XXXVII.i.33, XLIII.ii.83, XLIII.ii.84

Wallace Family Fyvie XX.iv.96 Wallace James Speedie Newtongrange XXV.i.26 Wallace James tobacconist Bathgate XXVIII.iv.192 Wallace John and Family Edinburgh XIX.iii.96 Wallace XXX.iv.157, XXXII.ii.60, XXXII.iii.98, XXXV.iii.137,

XXXV.iii.137, XXXVII.i.26, XLIV.i.40, Walls James Stirlingshire XXVIII.ii.83 Walls XXXI.iii.101 Walnutt XXXII.iv.136 Walsh XXXI.i.29, XXXI.ii.64, XXXII.i.32 Walton XXXVIII.iv.160 Wanstall XXXVII.ii.61, XXXVII.iv.148 Ward XXXIV.iv.389 Wardlaw XXXVI.ii.66 Wardrobe Michael XXVIII.iii.147

Ware Sarah XXVI.i.23 Wares XXXVI.i.29 Warnock XXXV.i.41, XXXVII.iii.110 Warren, Families of King and IX.i.9 Was John and Family XIX.iii.96 Wassell XXXI.ii.68 Waterstone XXXV.iv.174 Watson Elijah XXV.iii.86 Watson XXIX.ii.70, XXX.iv.158, XXXII.i.27, XXXII.iv.132, XXXIII.i.172,

XXXIII.iii.231, XLIII.i.39, XLIII.ii.74, XLIII.iii.121, XLIII.iv.167, XLIV.i.39, XLIV.iii.129

Watt George XXIII.i.14 Watt James engineer XXVI.iv.142 Watt Mill XLIII.iv.164 Watt XXIX.i.29, XXXVII.ii.58, XLIII.iii.124, XLIV.i.42 Watt(s) XXXIII.iii.235, XXXIII.iii.236 , XXXV.ii.86, XXXVI.ii.62 Wayman XXXI.i.32 Weatherly XXXI.ii.68 Webb XXXVIII.i.38 Webster John Glen Roy XXVII.ii.76 Webster Lt Col James XXVII.ii.82 Webster XXX.ii.71, XXXIII.i.169, XXXVI.iii.140 Wedderburn XXXIV.iv.389 Weir XXX.iii.109, XXXII.i.30 Wellwood XXXVI.ii.65 Welsh — see Walsh Welsh James Glasgow XXV.i.27 Welsh John W. S. Edinburgh XXV.i.27 Welsh John XXVIII.i.42 Welsh XXXVI.i.28, XXXVIII.iii.122, XXXVIII.iii.122 West Indies XXXV.i.41 West XLII.i.48, XLIII.ii.78 Wh(i,y)te XXIX.ii.67, XXX.iv.154, 157, XXXI.i.29 Wheelaghan XLII.ii.92 Wheeler XLIV.iii.132 Wheildon XLII.ii.90 Whigham XXXVII.ii.58 White Mary Neuthorn XXVIII.iii.143 White XXXIV.ii.334, XXXIV.iii.366, XXXVIII.ii.80 Whitecross XXXIII.i.169, XXXVI.i.24 Whiteford XXXIX.iii.122 Whitehaugh home of the Humes XXIII.i.9 Whitelaw David ploughman Gorebridge XXVIII.ii.80 Whitelaw Family Merton XXIV.ii.53 Whitelaw XXXIV.i.293, XXXIV.iii.366, XLIV.i.40 Whiteside XXXVI.i.28 Whitson Thomas East Lothian XXV.iii.88 Whitton XXXI.iii.101 Whytford XXIX.ii.68 Wiegand Friedrich Bernhard Leipzig XXVIII.iii.143 Wight XXXIV.i.292 Wilkie XXIX.i.27,29, XXXIII.i.169, Williams XXXV.iii.136 Williamson XXX.iii.112, XXXI.iii.99, XXXIII.ii.203, XXXVIII.ii.79,

XLIII.iii.121, Willison XXXVIII.iv.164 Wilson Family East Lothian XXV.iii.88 Wilson Jane Hawick XXV.i.26 Wilson John Edinburgh and Leith XXIII.ii.32

Wilson XXIX.ii.64, XXIX.ii.69, XXIX.ii.70, XXIX.iv.135, XXX.i.30, XXX.ii.66, 67, 69, 71, XXX.iii.109, XXXII.ii.62, XXXII.iii.96, XXXII.iv.134, XXXIV.i.292, XXXIV.ii.334, XXXVI.i.24, XXXVI.ii.62, XXXVI.iii.99, XXXVI.iii.140, XXXVII.iii.109, XXXVIII.iii.123, XXXIX.ii.81, XL.i.38, XLI.iii.137, XLII.iii.131, XLII.iii.132, XLII.iv.169, XLIII.i.39, XLIV.i.44, XLIV.iv.176,

Wingate XXXIX.i.40, XXXVI.i.27 Winter XXX.i.25, XLI.iv.182 Wise James Aberdeen XXVIII.i.44 Wiseman Agnes XXVII.iii.128 Wiseman Marion Strathavon XXVIII.iv.191 Wish(e)art XXIX.ii.69 Witham Richard XXIII.ii.32 Withnell XLII.ii.90 Wodrow XXXII.iii.97, XXXII.iv.133 Wood XXX.iii.109, XXXI.iv.128, XXXII.iii.94, XLII.iii.129, XLIII.i.39,

XLIII.ii.76, XLIII.iv.166, XLIII.iv.166 Woodcock XXIX.iii.104 Woodhouse XLIII.ii.75 Woodrow XXXIII.iii.235, Woosham XXIX.iii.102 Wren XLIV.i.44 Wright John Stirlingshire XXVII.ii.76 Wright XXX.i.27, XXXI.iv.132, XL.i.39, XLI.iii.137, XLIII.i.38, XLIII.ii.78,

XLIV.ii.88 Wyllie XXX.iv.159, XXXVI.ii.65, XXXVI.iii.99, XLII.iii.132, XLIV.i.40,

XLIV.ii.88 Y Yates XXXI.i.31 Ye(a,o)man XXXIII.iii.235, Yeats John XII.i.23 Yonge XLII.iv.172, XLIII.iv.163, XLIV.iii.131 Youl John Stirling XXII.i.25 Young XXIX.iii.104, XXXI.iv.135, XXXII.ii.62, XXXII.iii.99,

XXXVIII.iv.163, XLIII.ii.76, XLIII.iii.121, XLIV.i.43 Yu(i)le XXXVII.ii.60 Yule XXIX.iv.139 Z Zuille XXXVI.iii.140

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XLVII.iii.105 S Scotland's Penultimate Duel, J.M. Leggett XLV.ii.72 Scottish Clock & Watchmakers XLIII.iii.112 Scottish Congregational Ministry 1794-1993 XLI.iii.135 Scottish Emigration to Colonial America XLI.iv.180 Scottish Epitaphs & Images from Scottish Graveyards XLIV.ii.78 Scottish Surnames & Families XLIII.ii.67 Seaman’s Crewlists, 1851, PRO: BT98 - CD Roms XLIX.iv.123 Silent Tower XLI.iii.133 Silver Chief: Lord Selkirk and the Scottish Pioneers of Belfast, Baldoon and Red River, Lucille H.

Campey LII.i.44 Smailholm Monumental Inscriptions XLI.iii.134 Smuggling Story of the Northern Shores XLII.ii.83 St Mary's Episcopal Church, Birnam - M.I. XLII.ii.82 St. Combs, My Buchan XLI.iv.180 Stitchill & Hume Monumental Inscriptions XLI.iv.181 T Tartans of the Clan Chattan, James D. Scarlett LI.ii.78 The Archives of Fife XLIV.iv.153 The Border or Riding Clans; and the Clan Dixon XLIV.ii.78 The Monks of War, The Military Religious Orders XLII.iv.164 The Scots Overseas: A Selected Bibliography XLII.iii.123 The Second Fleet XLI.i.43 The Smuggling Story of the Two Firths XLI.iv.179 Tracing Scottish Ancestors, R. Bigwood XLVI.iii.113 Tracing Your Donegal Ancestors XLIII.ii.66 Tracing Your Orkney Ancestors, James M. Irvine LII.i.46 Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry, K.B. Cory and Leslie Hodgson LI.iii.132 V Victorian & Edwardian Perthshire XLI.ii.86 W Who Were the Celts? XLIV.i.34

WORK IN PROGRESS This list was maintained by Karl Ransome for six years. Aberdour Deaths 1790-1854 XLIII.i.29 Aberdour Port Book XLIII.i.29 Aberdour Proclamations & Marriages 1749-1854 XLIII.i.29 Argyll Monumental Inscriptions XLIII.i.29 Balmerino Cemetery, Fife XLIII.ii.69 Balmerino Lair Books XLIV.iii.128 Brodie in Moray and Nairnshire XLVI.i.31 Burial Records in Edinburgh & Scotland - Location of XLIII.i.29 Caithness, B.M.D. transcripts,1855-1875,1881, 1891 XLIV.ii.57 Cavers - one name study, all periods, worldwide XLV.iv.133 Cockburn - one name study World Wide XLIII.ii.69 Coldingham mortcloth index, 1694-1759 XLIII.ii.69 Cumbrae Families 18thC & 19thC include. Finnie & Paterson XLIV.ii.57 Donald Carmichael & his descendants, 1924 - updating it. XLIV.ii.57 Dryburgh Family in Newhaven XLIII.ii.69 Dunbartonshire Heath Tax 1691-1692 XLIII.i.29 Flood/Floyd - one name study World Wide XLIII.ii.69 Glasgow Family XLIII.i.29 Grier - one name study, all periods, worldwide XLVI.i.31 Hearth Tax, 1690s, Perthshire XLII.iv.149 Humbie Kirk session Records XLIII.ii.69 Humbie Monumental Inscriptions XLIII.ii.69 Hutton Family in CLK.FIF.MLN.STI. XLIII.i.29 Jewish Gravestones in Edinburgh XLIII.iii.114 Keillar and variants one name study, all periods, worldwide XLVI.i.31 Kinnaird families in Scotland XLIV.ii.57 Lauder Families XLIV.iv.159 Lumsden, all variants, all periods, worldwide XLVI.ii.73 Macbeth, Norman, RA XLIII.i.29 Maryculter, Kincardineshire - full edition of OPR XLIV.iii.128 McGregor-Stirling Engineers & their Genealogy XLIII.iii.114 McTurk/MacTurk - Galloway surname XLIV.ii.57 Menzies Clan XLIII.iii.114 Midlothian 1851 Census XLIII.i.29 Musselburgh Burgess Roll, 1742-1850 XLIII.i.29 Notman - one name study World Wide XLIII.ii.69 Orr and variants, database of 100000+ names XLVII.i.28 Pitkethly - one name study World Wide XLIII.ii.69 Porteous Families of west Lothian XLIII.i.29 Recording Scottish Graveyards Project XLIII.i.29 Reid family of Cousland, Dalkeith, Newbattle, Midlothian XLIII.ii.69 Rutherford Families of Perthshire XLII.iv.149 Rutherglen Burgh Sasines index volumes 1-12 XLVII.i.28 Scotsman Death Index 1817-1854 XLIII.ii.69 Sloan(e) families of Wigtownshire XLIII.i.29 Smalls of Perth, particularly the family of General John Small XLV.i.32

Stirling, Michael & Elizabeth Monteith of Methven - descendants XLIII.iii.114 Stroma & Aukingill, Canisbay 1841-1891 census XLIV.ii.57 Stroma, Canisbay, death & burial certificate transcripts XLIV.ii.57 Swanson/Swanston B.M.D. transcripts,1855 to date XLIV.ii.57 Tannahill, John of Ardrossan & Family XLIV.iii.128 Torrance - in Midlothian, descendants worldwide XLVII.i.28 Watten - Compiling history of this parish in Caithness XLVI.iv.163 Wood Johnstone. McLure. Milligan. Mathieson. Muir. Campbell XLIII.ii.69