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Where can I promote my Ecommerce store - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Where can I promote my Ecommerce store

The 7 ways by which you can promote your online stores for free over the internet are

Social media websites.Discussion Forums.Blog.Coupon sites.Articles.Press Release.Vidoes.Social Bookmarking

Social Media WebsitesThis is one of the most effective ways b which you take your online store across the consumers you want. Some of the best social media websites are;Facebook.Linkedin.Twitter.Instagram.Pinterest.

Discussion forums

Use discussion forums to engage with your target consumers. Ask relevant questions and post answers that help market your store. while there are hundreds of forums on the net, the good ones that also accept your links areQuora.Warriorforum.Buxoff Forum.

BlogBlog is the most effective way of communicating to your target market. It is important and imperative to have a official company blog. It also helps you create quality content and helps you in SEO , as each new blog gets indexed by google as a new page. Some of the free blog platforms areTumblr.Wordpress.Blogger.

Coupons sites One of the best ways to reach out to more consumers is by providing exciting offers and coupons. Even though you can publish these offers on your website, you need to be a part of a bigger platform. Some of the top coupon sites that you could use , but also charge a commission areRetailmenot.Fatwallet.Buxoff.

Artilces The content that you create on your blog, you can use it to rotate around various article sites to get back- links and also brand building. Some of the free and effective article sites are

GoarticlesArticlefactoryEzine articlesWikiHow

Press ReleaseWhile the bigger PR sites charge a bomb, there are hundreds of free PR sites that you can use to submit the latest news and events about your online business

PR Log24-7PressRelease.com

VideosThere is nothing more engaging than creating quality videos. Also its a well known fact that Google ranks videos higher than other type of content. Some of the free video creating platforms are..


Social BookmarkingYou need to be where your target consumers are. In such cases social book marking websites play an important role. Some of the top social bookmarking websites are