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  • Antibiotic resistance: national actions contribute to a global solutionNEPALRam Janam ChaudharyMinister of HealthNepal

  • Timeline of GoN activities on AMR1978: GoN, Drug Act1995: GoN, National Drug Policy, Nepal1998: GoN, Infectious Disease Control Program launchedto develop a sustainable national surveillance of AMR, 1999: GoN, NPHL started Laboratory Based AMR Surveillance Network of 13 laboratories2001: National Drug Policy Amended- prudent use of Antibiotics added2014: GoN, National Antibiotics Treatment Guidelines

  • AMR actorsMinistry: Stewardship roleExisting OrganisationAPUA NepalAwareness activities, NewslettersEngaging DDA, more on rational use of Drugs (Research, Training)NPHLLaboratory surveillance (Research, Training)GARP NepalMultidisciplinary/sectoral, Civil society-Government engagementResearch, Policy advocacy, Civil engagementNational Situation Analysis report 2014

  • Bitter Reality in Nepal Excess antibiotic use is clearly a problem everywhere, including Nepal. Prescription-only laws not effectively implementedIn poor, remote areas of Nepal villagers may be far from clinics and have no choice but to purchase whatever antibiotics they think they need. Self-treatment with antibiotics purchased at a shop is prevalentAntibiotics are freely available for purchase (Over The Counter), at least in some places.

  • AMR as a priority for MOHAMR, is a cross cutting issue relevant for all National Health programsChild HealthDisease Control (TB/HIV/STI/NTDs)Family HealthAddressing AMR benefits all National Health ProgramsRecently we launched National Antibiotic Treatment Guidelines 2014Coordination meetings with Ministries involving Agriculture & Livestock development regarding AMR held this year. Discussing on multisectoral approach.

  • Challenges & Way forward for MoHPrivate sector engagement is a challengeNational Coordination on AMR by MOHImplementation Program at local levelsMonitoring & Evaluation at National levelPlanning for AMR activities keeping in mind the open borderSeeking support from GoI to join hands in strengthening the AMR activities in Bordering areas

  • How GARP Nepal can support GoNPolicy suggestion through Research based Policy briefs (Practice plans based on Research)Implementation Research for National Antibiotic Guidelines 2014 at all levelsPlay key role in Coordinating stakeholders in all sectors/Ministries for AMR (Prepare National Action Plan)

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