10 Things You Must Do When You SINGLE

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HOw to easily overcome sadness during single and prepare yourself for the next relationship


<p>10 Things You Must Do When Youre SingleCommunication Relationships by Kyle Robbins So youre single? Whether you just got out of a relationship or have lived the single life for a prolonged period of time, being single has its advantages and disadvantages. But no matter what youre feeling on your single status, one thing remains true: you are free. And if you are like most people, it means that you will, one day, find love again. So while youre on your journey, here are 10 things you must do when youre single.Agan menjomblo? Atau bagi yang rada jaim mungkin nyebutnya single :ngakak. Mungkin agan menjomblo karena baru putus atau memang sudah lama memutuskan untuk hidup sendiri, walau melajang itu punya keuntungan dan kerugiannya tersendiri. Tapi tanpa menghiraukan gimana perasaan agan sesungguhnya saat jomblo ini, ada SATU hal yang pasti bener: KITA BEBAS GANN! Dan jika kita mudah bergaul suatu saat pasti kita akan menemukan cinta lagi kok. Jadi saat di perjalanan menjomblo ini, ada 10 hal yang MESTI kita lakukan saat JOMBLO. </p> <p>Recommend For You 12 Powerful Habits of Happy Relationships 7.7K Shares </p> <p>1. Stay single for three months. Saat baru putus, single dulu 3 bulan.This is mostly for the newly single, but take your time. If you just got out of a relationship, learn to enjoy life on your own. Find the things that make you happy, do things that youve wanted to do, and spend time without a significant other. Date if you want, but do so casually. Learn what you like and dislike and give yourself a hard, firm timeline to stay single. Youll find that when you are content with being single, youll be less likely to jump into a relationship for the wrong reasons. </p> <p>Dikhususkan untuk Agan-agan yang baru putus, harap BERSABAR. Kenapa mesti gan? Supaya agan mempelajari dulu arti hidup jika sendirian. Cari hal-hal yang membuat anda bahagia, lakukan hal yang anda tidak bisa lakukan saat anda sedang berpacaran dulu. </p> <p>2. Take a trip with your best friend.Reconnect with your friends. Take a long weekend trip to visit your hometown, visit a new city with old friends, or hit up the beach with your best friend. Spend time doing the things you love doing with the people who know you best.3. Spend a weekend with a married couple.Find some friends with a great relationship who are around your age and hang out with them. See what they do well and get a view of your struggles. Its easy to romanticize relationships and focus solely on the honeymoon stage, but take time to see what a true, long-term commitment should be based on.4. Travel. Visit a foreign country by yourself.Be bold. Being in a relationship can be great, but the logistics of taking a major trip can be a nightmare. Do it while youre single! Visit Europe, backpack through Central America, explore Australia, or visit the pyramids in Egypt. Youll find it liberating and adventurous: a true, once in a lifetime opportunity. And youll have great, interesting stories to tell on that first date.5. Be picky. Dont fall too fast.Learn to say no. Its much too easy to jump right back into a relationship if youre just out of one, or jump too quickly at the first sign of sparks when youve been single for a long period. Dont do it! Take the opportunity to find someone who truly complements you, whom you have a deep connection with, and whom you find attractive.6. Find yourself.The easiest path to a happy, healthy relationship is understanding what you like and what makes you happy. Take the time to find yourself while youre single. Learn what you love, discover your goals and ambitions, and write down your priorities. Make sure any relationship going forward allows you the opportunity to be yourself and reach your goals. Theres always give and take, but make sure you have a firm understanding of where to draw the line.7. Reconnect with old friends.Relationships, particularly difficult ones, can be very hard on friendships. While youre single, reconnect with old friends and create a meaningful, lasting connection that can continue no matter what the relationship status. Dont use friends as a crutch to fill the void of your lost relationship, rather find ways to ensure that your friends and family can stay part of any new relationship.8. Get in shape.When youre single, you want to look and feel your best. Hit the gym and get in shape! Youll feel better, have more confidence, and get your next relationship off on the right foot. Find unique ways to get in shape. Play tennis, golf, basketball, etc. You may find that you meet someone who has the same interests.9. Actively meet new people.Meet new people every day, or at least learn more about the people you know. Its easy to sulk and feel isolated when you dont have that special someone in your life. Dont be scared of online dating and use all the tools available to you to meet people on your terms. But dont stop there. Talking to people at your office, at the store, at the gym, etc. is a great way to stay social with no pressure. Its not just about finding someone new, rather its a chance to become a more social, engaging person.10. Enjoy it.Being single can be fun. Take it as a challenge. Learn about yourself. Take chances. Go on trips. Being single doesnt have to be lonely or filled with late nights in bars. Its a chance to discover what you like, learn more about others, and take your time to find the person of your dreams. So enjoy it.</p>