13. ian butcher bridging the gap between the institution and industry

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<ul><li> 1. Bridging the gap Education is changing Real world curriculums feed companies with Fresh talent New ideas Competitive advantage </li> <li> 2. Knowledge AgeThe most valuable asset in a 21st century institution will be itsknowledge workers, and their productivityPeter Drucker </li> <li> 3. Leadership Highly Educated Useful PersonHighly EducatedUseless Person </li> <li> 4. An owners solution for owners </li> <li> 5. Who is teaching! Career Opportunities Do they have experience? Does that experience illustrate principles? Are there proven results? </li> <li> 6. How you are teaching! Are real world case studies being used? Is there a process to optimal decision making? Does the student take responsibility? </li> <li> 7. What you are teaching! Is content relevant, significant, applicable? Does it save money? Does it generate income? </li> <li> 8. Where you teach! </li> <li> 9. It should edutain! </li> <li> 10. It should welcome! </li> <li> 11. It should inspire! </li> <li> 12. .. Wisdom &amp; Who! Experience .. Reality &amp; Where! Solution &amp; How!.. Inspiration Application What! Innovation &amp; Efficiency .. </li> <li> 13. Seminar March 21st 2013Making the most of the Olympics! </li> <li> 14. We look forward to working with you! </li> </ul>