1865 FOUCHER the Beginnings of Buddhist Art

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<p>The beginnings</p> <p>of Buddhist art,</p> <p>and other</p> <p>3 1924 009 002 308</p> <p>*....</p> <p>/T/7</p> <p>CORNELL</p> <p>UNIVERSITYLIBRARY</p> <p>THE WASONCHINESE COLLECTION</p> <p>mCornell University Library</p> <p>The</p> <p>original of this boola</p> <p>g</p> <p>r.</p> <p>^</p> <p>no -a CfQ "^</p> <p>r^ -, e-</p> <p>^&gt;U3</p> <p>_ O p 2" g^ eg 5 o a a ft a 3ft</p> <p>nT3</p> <p>cc, r np</p> <p>jii&gt; p&gt;</p> <p>3</p> <p>.</p> <p>P"</p> <p>!i3</p> <p>R ^ gp:ft</p> <p>.</p> <p>p^</p> <p>S f^ 3 G p ^ ft ^ o M r D3 K ft ^-. r .--ft " w '-'</p> <p>a</p> <p>d o</p> <p>O</p> <p>H</p> <p>r-</p> <p>K</p> <p>p</p> <p>:^</p> <p>P</p> <p>ft</p> <p>ON</p> <p>^</p> <p>^Oa n</p> <p>a^ft</p> <p>ft</p> <p>oi-.</p> <p>3fb. ^-</p> <p>O^ 0 ^ rXi " m^?* T3 K^rtft</p> <p>P" aft</p> <p>c</p> <p>p</p> <p>-</p> <p>ft</p> <p>-</p> <p>'^ _^S!</p> <p>Hr"</p> <p>S,</p> <p>S</p> <p>3^</p> <p>CSr^</p> <p>p</p> <p>a" I</p> <p>"a</p> <p>"</p> <p>-^-o b:S CL o a o 7*^ a aI</p> <p>o^ 'ft</p> <p>ON P^</p> <p>Cr"fii</p> <p>(T&gt;</p> <p>p</p> <p>n.</p> <p>o</p> <p>^i-( ET</p> <p>re</p> <p>p D P</p> <p>o</p> <p>p. cr</p> <p>S" O</p> <p>^re</p> <p>OCo d.</p> <p>a</p> <p>::</p> <p>o p</p> <p>2, S.</p> <p>^</p> <p>crre</p> <p>nr^</p> <p>OO</p> <p>ft</p> <p>5l 3"</p> <p>P"</p> <p>sI</p> <p>cr</p> <p>p'</p> <p>_'</p> <p>fi</p> <p>, a 3</p> <p>^</p> <p>s o o</p> <p>;'</p> <p>p.</p> <p>PP-</p> <p>^|.</p> <p>3</p> <p>-a</p> <p>5 ^En'</p> <p>re</p> <p>cr</p> <p>..rere</p> <p>&amp; ^3 3crre</p> <p>O P!</p> <p>^ P'^</p> <p>K^.O)</p> <p>T3</p> <p>wP</p> <p>P</p> <p>3iT.</p> <p>pt^ g-</p> <p>a</p> <p>S^53</p> <p>P re a ^ 3 a re O3 re</p> <p>ON ^O 4^ -</p> <p>re</p> <p>O</p> <p>a</p> <p>w Ocrre</p> <p>re</p> <p>are</p> <p>pr^^</p> <p>cr</p> <p>rt</p> <p>_</p> <p>^</p> <p>crre</p> <p>^</p> <p>?i-</p> <p>-t pa</p> <p>THE GREAT MIRACLE OF CRAVASTI</p> <p>PL.</p> <p>XIX</p> <p>oi</p> <p>AT BENARES</p> <p>PLATE XX^</p> <p>Cf. pp. loO-I.</p> <p>Pl:ue</p> <p>XX wasat</p> <p>made fromin</p> <p>a</p> <p>photograph takenin</p> <p>as well as</p> <p>we couldIt</p> <p>manage</p> <p>Ajand,</p> <p>September 1897,left</p> <p>the</p> <p>gloom of Cave VII.</p> <p>represents a portion of the</p> <p>wall of the vestibule of the sanctuary.</p> <p>We</p> <p>may compare with</p> <p>it</p> <p>a</p> <p>drawing published by Fergusson and Bur-</p> <p>gess, Cave Temples of India , pi.</p> <p>XXXI.a description</p> <p>We</p> <p>limit ourselves to</p> <p>borrowing</p> <p>from Dr. Burgess,:</p> <p>Notes on the Bauddha Rock Temples of Ajanid (Bombay, 1879), p. 45 The sides of the antechamber are entirely covered with small Buddhas, sculptured in rows of five to seven each, sitting or standing</p> <p>on</p> <p>lotuses,</p> <p>with lotus leaves between them.is</p> <p>The</p> <p>stalk of the lowest central lotus</p> <p>the</p> <p>upheld by two kneeling figures wi'h royal head-dresses canopied by many-headed ndga behind each; on the left are a kneeling figurea</p> <p>and two standing Buddhas, and on the rightndga, and behind</p> <p>Buddha</p> <p>is</p> <p>behind theit</p> <p>him</p> <p>are three worshippers with presents...</p> <p>Theis</p> <p>diversity</p> <p>and alternation oft he mudrdsare</p> <p>will be noticed; true,</p> <p>on</p> <p>this wall that the attitudes</p> <p>the most varied,</p> <p>which</p> <p>is</p> <p>not</p> <p>saying much. For the identification of the two Ndga-rdjas with</p> <p>Nanda</p> <p>and Upananda</p> <p>cf.</p> <p>above, p. 161.</p> <p>THE GREAT MIRACLE OF CRAVASTf</p> <p>PL,</p> <p>XX</p> <p>AT AJANTA</p> <p>PLATE XXICf. pp.</p> <p>164-5, 166-7.</p> <p>.</p> <p>CT-I</p> <p>"i;^^4|</p> <p>'5- 3- " 5- p O re g- O E</p> <p>c</p> <p>3 3</p> <p>3 3-'</p> <p>"</p> <p>-3II</p> <p>O3IT!</p> <p>O</p> <p>3 3Bl 3-</p> <p>3-</p> <p> 3 o R O=&gt; ere</p> <p>^-- ^g-"spre re</p> <p>^p CO</p> <p>3-</p> <p>3- t^</p> <p>re</p> <p>re</p> <p>^</p> <p>3- 3-</p> <p>3.</p> <p>p^re</p> <p>CTc -liU</p> <p>n</p> <p>i-i^</p> <p>^re</p> <p>-</p> <p>re</p> <p>:b S ^^ C</p> <p>5TO</p> <p>5- S TO J-</p> <p>^^^</p> <p>C</p> <p>P</p> <p>3</p> <p>a-</p> <p> 33- ;^</p> <p>^</p> <p>M</p> <p>3- 3"</p> <p>S o</p> <p>n</p> <p>o</p> <p>o</p> <p>o:s:</p> <p>2</p> <p>r ^ 3- X ^v ~ 3 2 G 3 -3 -. &lt; ^ ^ct rere</p> <p>c.</p> <p>c3-</p> <p>3</p> <p>bj</p> <p>3- 13</p> <p>.</p> <p>^</p> <p>O^.</p> <p>Hrt</p> <p>3 3iS</p> <p>a,</p> <p>;;;</p> <p>rt</p> <p>3-</p> <p>O P 5^</p> <p>"3</p> <p>^re</p> <p>3C"</p> <p>P3.</p> <p>e- '^ -1 W</p> <p>P 3</p> <p>3" "O "3 "X' 3rrre</p> <p>c</p> <p>cr</p> <p>3- Ort</p> <p>re</p> <p>O</p> <p>p O</p> <p>re</p> <p>o</p> <p>3 &lt; p n ftre</p> <p>_3</p> <p>t-.</p> <p>-3rt</p> <p>03 3-</p> <p>o -3</p> <p>Hrt</p> <p>?r rre</p> <p>^</p> <p>3-</p> <p>1</p> <p>^ 3i_jre</p> <p>,</p> <p>C</p> <p>(yi</p> <p>*-*</p> <p>3CO</p> <p>o 33</p> <p>"</p> <p>O</p> <p>'^</p> <p>CO ",</p> <p>fi</p> <p>J3</p> <p>&gt; ae " &gt;- O j3 VI-</p> <p>S o.s</p> <p>aG</p> <p>M.S3-</p> <p>2 ^ _o- o ^4-1</p> <p>.s</p> <p>s</p> <p>*C</p> <p>o;</p> <p>^ VJ3</p> <p>I</p> <p>(J dj</p> <p>5CO(/J</p> <p>3</p> <p>S</p> <p>(U</p> <p>_(^</p> <p>O S ^</p> <p>S</p> <p>Vh1/1</p> <p>'</p> <p>,a -3</p> <p>-i</p> <p>-art</p> <p>G S</p> <p>.i=!</p> <p>-d</p> <p>to</p> <p>^ c-t3</p> <p>^</p> <p>t</p> <p>00 j2</p> <p>3</p> <p>Ort</p> <p>^ O J3</p> <p>o-5t--*</p> <p>s au4_J</p> <p>Et-</p> <p>&gt;</p> <p>ajl-</p> <p>K^4_,</p> <p>"^</p> <p>-'</p> <p>THE SUCKLING MADONNA</p> <p>PL,</p> <p>XLVI</p> <p>&gt; oOh</p> <p>o o</p> <p>o wID</p> <p>m w</p> <p>a</p> <p>o</p> <p>PLATE XL VIICf. pp. 232-3..</p> <p>c</p> <p>o^</p> <p>St:II</p> <p>T3</p> <p>.</p> <p>.</p> <p>OCQJ3 j3 OO</p> <p>E o w</p> <p>O-</p> <p>oU-C(J</p> <p>E</p> <p>4-</p> <p>oa.</p> <p>o</p> <p>a</p> <p>o</p> <p>o</p> <p>0)</p> <p>4-1</p> <p>^J</p> <p>H</p> <p>2 c -a u s utr.,-1</p> <p>rt</p> <p>J3</p> <p>3</p> <p>-a</p> <p>o-g</p> <p>H</p> <p>E o O J2 ,2</p> <p>o</p> <p>O</p> <p>ax:</p> <p>O-a</p> <p>a o</p> <p>c; U3-T3</p> <p>o</p> <p>3u</p> <p>W</p> <p>3-C</p> <p>a oo 1) 2 -c ^ " s j^ n o ^ &gt;; o </p> <p>O o o o a</p> <p>THE BUDDHIST MADONNA</p> <p>PL. XLVII</p> <p>o</p> <p>2til</p> <p>o</p> <p>K PcC</p> <p>O O Q</p> <p>PLATE</p> <p>XLVIII</p> <p>Cf. pp. 141-3, 261, 283-4.</p> <p>I.</p> <p> Group, consisting of P^ncika and Hiriti,aIt</p> <p>now</p> <p>in the</p> <p>Museum, and reproduced fromVoGEL.</p> <p>photograph kindly lent by Dr.B.</p> <p>comes from the excavations made by Dr. D. Sahri-Bahlol, and has already been publi.-.hed by himIndia,</p> <p>Peshawar J. Ph, Spooner atboth</p> <p>in Arch. Surv.</p> <p>Annual</p> <p>Report,</p> <p>1906-j,</p> <p>pi.</p> <p>XXXII,</p> <p>c.</p> <p>In</p> <p>his</p> <p>hands,</p> <p>broken, the genius of riches must have held (right) his lance and (left)the purse</p> <p>which</p> <p>Hiriii, apparently,(cf.</p> <p>gladdened tyes of the faithfulthe nursling of the goddess</p> <p>we</p> <p>see</p> <p>was helping him to exhibit to the 141-3 and 283). In addition to also around them five other putti,pp.pedestal.</p> <p>whilst sixteen</p> <p>mare</p> <p>play about</p> <p>on the</p> <p>II.</p> <p>This photograph, taken by the author, represents only the with the image of the goddess(cf. pp.</p> <p>central part of the panel,</p> <p>264</p> <p>and 284). For a complete picturetograph published by Dr.1904,p.J.</p> <p>we may</p> <p>have recourse to the pho-</p> <p>Ph. Vogel in the B. E. F. E. O., IV,</p> <p>727.</p> <p>THE BUDDHIST MADONNA</p> <p>PL, XLVIII</p> <p>'IbKl?^</p> <p>1.</p> <p>HARITI AND HER PARTNER IN GANDHARA</p> <p>2.</p> <p>HARITI IN JAVA</p> <p>PLATE XLIXCf. pp. 286-7.</p> <p>o ^ Bo1) E&gt;</p> <p>J3</p> <p>1)</p> <p>&gt;</p> <p>falls</p> <p>to</p> <p>them</p> <p>read </p> <p>falls</p> <p>to</p> <p>them only</p> <p>.</p> <p>For For</p> <p>these</p> <p>read the above .</p> <p>:</p> <p>For " withDele comma.</p> <p>read in .</p> <p>1. 1.1.</p> <p>21 8:</p> <p>:</p> <p> at read </p> <p>from</p> <p>.</p> <p>P. 47,</p> <p>22</p> <p>:</p> <p>Omit:</p> <p>back</p> <p>.</p> <p>1-2 31. 1. 1. 1.</p> <p>For comma read full</p> <p>stop.</p> <p>P. 48,</p> <p>2612</p> <p>:</p> <p>Omit Omit</p> <p> back ..</p> <p>P. 49,P. 52,</p> <p>:</p> <p>Read marriageable:</p> <p>2831: :</p> <p>one</p> <p>.</p> <p>P. 56,</p> <p>For Semiya For</p> <p> read</p> <p>Temiya.</p> <p>. .</p> <p>P. 58, n. P. 66, P. 68,P. 69,1. 1.</p> <p>For:</p> <p>Saddanta read Shaddanta coins read </p> <p>162:</p> <p>coigns</p> <p>ForI</p> <p> confreres read confreres .&gt;&gt;.</p> <p>1.1.</p> <p>25</p> <p>For according to read from For</p> <p>29:</p> <p>:</p> <p>only serve read serve onlyexplicitla</p> <p>.</p> <p>P. 70, n.</p> <p>A</p> <p>more</p> <p>statement of the point here mooted will be found inI,</p> <p>Les Im'iges indien'ies de 1913,p.</p> <p>Fortune (Mimoires concernant I'Asie Orientale,</p> <p>Paris,</p> <p>131-4).1.</p> <p>P. 74,</p> <p>5</p> <p>:</p> <p>After school1.</p> <p> insert in n</p> <p>order</p> <p>.</p> <p>n. 2,</p> <p>3</p> <p>:</p> <p>For</p> <p>Saddanta</p> <p>read</p> <p>Shaddanta</p> <p>.</p> <p>ADDENDA AND CORRIGENDAP. 76,1.1.</p> <p>315</p> <p>262:</p> <p>:</p> <p>Read</p> <p>explain each other by their propinquity ..</p> <p>P. 77,n</p> <p>Read in order to pay:</p> <p>1.1.</p> <p>18 23</p> <p>ForFor</p> <p>this read u the .</p> <p>P. 87,</p> <p>:</p> <p>observe read</p> <p>obverse</p> <p>.&gt;&gt;.</p> <p>P. 97, P. 98,</p> <p>1.1. 1. 1.</p> <p>3025 25</p> <p>:</p> <p>ForFor:</p> <p> buffalos </p> <p>read buffaloes</p> <p>:</p> <p> fagot read faggot .H buffalos </p> <p>P. 107,P. 116,</p> <p>For</p> <p>read buffaloes, read </p> <p>.</p> <p>24:</p> <p>:</p> <p>For south-west</p> <p>south-east .</p> <p>P. 119, n.</p> <p>translated into English</p> <p>These Notes on the ancient Geography of Gandhdra have since been by Mr. H. Hargreaves and published in Calcutta (1915):</p> <p>under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India.P. 129,1.</p> <p>30</p> <p>Theit:</p> <p>casket</p> <p>is</p> <p>not</p> <p>made.</p> <p>of gold but</p> <p>of an alloy in</p> <p>which copper</p> <p>predominatesP. 140,1. 1. 1.</p> <p>:</p> <p>had been simply</p> <p>gilded.</p> <p>5-6</p> <p>Read occurrence Readparaphrase1.</p> <p>P. 143,P. 144,Pi.</p> <p>3215</p> <p>:</p> <p>Instead of or four read for our ..</p> <p>:</p> <p>XVIII1. 1.1.</p> <p>(text opposite),I,1.</p> <p>11</p> <p>:</p> <p>Read Volkerkunde</p> <p>.</p> <p>P. iji, n.P. 153,</p> <p>I</p> <p>:</p> <p>Read</p> <p> ihid. .</p> <p>2123I:</p> <p>P. 154, P. 158,</p> <p>P. 160, n.P. 162, n. </p> <p>I,</p> <p>For besides read indeed . For n they read these . For a eye witness read eye-witness . Read which (unfortunately broken) 1. 3: : :</p> <p>.</p> <p>I,</p> <p>1.1. 1.</p> <p>6</p> <p>:</p> <p>For motifs;</p> <p> read </p> <p>motif .</p> <p>n. 2,</p> <p>II5:</p> <p>For do</p> <p>read to .</p> <p>Read :</p> <p>We</p> <p>.</p> <p>P. 164, n.</p> <p>I,</p> <p>1.1.</p> <p>912I:</p> <p>For rarety:</p> <p> read rarity . ..</p> <p>P. 165, n. 2, P. 167, n. P. 169,1.</p> <p>Read carved</p> <p>2,</p> <p>1.</p> <p>Read.</p> <p>P. 190,</p> <p>13S:</p> <p>:</p> <p>Dele comma. Fausboll read Fausb0ll .1.</p> <p>P. 196, P. 201,PI.</p> <p>Insert elephant's before c teeth n.:</p> <p>1.</p> <p>II</p> <p>For</p> <p>XXX1. 1. 1.</p> <p>(text opposite),</p> <p>12</p> <p>:</p> <p>Read panel .</p> <p>s</p> <p>16 17</p> <p>:</p> <p>Read</p> <p>represented ..</p> <p>19II</p> <p>:</p> <p>Read justBefore</p> <p>P. 205,</p> <p>:</p> <p>Progo</p> <p> insert the .</p> <p>P. 21S, n. 2,P. 216, P. 221,1. 11.</p> <p>1</p> <p>2</p> <p>:</p> <p>For Gronemaan</p> <p>read </p> <p>Groneman.first</p> <p>.</p> <p>4</p> <p>:</p> <p>For:</p> <p>Then:</p> <p> read</p> <p>Then again</p> <p>1-2</p> <p>For5</p> <p>begins by presenting read </p> <p>presents .</p> <p>P. 241,P. 244,P. 351,</p> <p>II.I.</p> <p>4 and813</p> <p>For </p> <p>on</p> <p> read in a.</p> <p>2 -.Read:</p> <p>identification .</p> <p>1.1.</p> <p>For:</p> <p>on</p> <p>read in . read </p> <p>P. 253,</p> <p>For this</p> <p>the .</p> <p>3i6P. 267,P. 271,1.</p> <p>THE BEGINNINGS OF BUDDHIST ART191:</p> <p>For:</p> <p> rarety read rarity d.</p> <p>11. 1.1.</p> <p>1-2:</p> <p>Omit commas. partners read </p> <p>P. 274,P. 275,</p> <p>2</p> <p>For:</p> <p>playmates .</p> <p>1077:</p> <p>For on read in Forc</p> <p>.</p> <p>P. 279, P. 283, P. 284, P. 285,P. 286,</p> <p>1. 1. 1.1.</p> <p>rarety read rarity .</p> <p>:</p> <p>For suckles:</p> <p>read sucics</p> <p>.</p> <p>15</p> <p>For suckle read suck .</p> <p>16II</p> <p>:</p> <p>OmjV comma.For hangs in folds in read descends sinuously Peru consequentially read consequently .&gt;&gt;</p> <p>1.1.</p> <p>:</p> <p>to .</p> <p>P. 287,PI.</p> <p>30</p> <p>:</p> <p>XLIX</p> <p>(text opposite),</p> <p>1.</p> <p>i</p> <p>:</p> <p>For wood-cutspi.</p> <p>read </p> <p>wood -carvingsin her</p> <p>.</p> <p>These two</p> <p>statuettes</p> <p>and the one on</p> <p>L,</p> <p>2,</p> <p>have since been published, with threeAlice</p> <p>others belonging to her father's collection, by Missresting and finely illustrated book</p> <p>Getty</p> <p>very inte-</p> <p>on The Gods;</p> <p>of Northern Buddhism (Oxford, at the;</p> <p>Clarendon Press, 1914),</p> <p>pll.</p> <p>XXVI XXVII</p> <p>a</p> <p>XXIX</p> <p>b and c;</p> <p>XXXII</p> <p>a and</p> <p>b.</p> <p>ANGERS. IMPRIMERIE A. BURDIN.</p> <p>GAULTIER ET THfiSERT S".</p>