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  • 1.2008 Honda Road Race Team

2. Table of Contents 4The 2008 Honda Road Race Team 10 Why We Race 13 2008 Team Honda Facts 16 The Sport 20 The Machines 28 Miguel Duhamel 40 Neil Hodgson 52 The Team Behind the Team 60 2008 Team Sponsors 64 Honda Road-Racing Results 70 2008 AMA Superbike Schedule 71 2008 Honda Road Race Team CD Key 2Honda Road Race Team 3. Honda Road Race Team 3 4. 4 Honda Road Race Team 5. The 2008 Honda Road Race TeamWithin the entire realm of road racing, no other brand personifies success like Team Honda. Bred for competition and seasoned with success, Honda Racing has amassed an enviable record in the USA. Honda riders have won eight AMA Superbike Championships since the team began contesting the series in 1980. While competing in AMA Supersport racing, Honda has gathered the most championships (8), the most race wins (87) and the most consecutive race wins (10). Most recently, Honda riders captured four consecutive championships (2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007) in the AMAs reformulated 600cc Formula Xtreme series.In 2008, Honda is committed to winning the AMA Superbikeclass Supersport titles in 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1997, a Championship. With the exception of the Daytona 200, in Superbike crown in 1995 and two 600-class Formula Xtreme which the factory Honda team will field two 600cc Formula titles in 2004 and 2005. His 86 career AMA wins make him Xtreme machines, the team will focus all of its energies on the winningest road racer in AMA history and include the returning the Superbike championship to the Honda fold. Supersport class record for most race wins (41) and the The Red Riders are led by 14-year Honda veteran Miguellongest winning streak (10). He is second in career AMA Duhamel, whose accomplishments are the stuff of legend. Superbike victories (32) and was the last rider to win titles in He has won the Daytona 200 five times: 1991, 1996, 1999,both the 600 Supersport and the Superbike class in the 2003 and 2005. His eight championships include five 600-same year (1995). Honda Road Race Team 5 6. NeilHODGSON 100 6 Honda Road Race Team 7. MiguelDUHAMEL 17Honda Road Race Team 7 8. 8 Honda Road Race Team 9. Joining Duhamel on the factory squad in 2008 is teammate Neil Hodgson, a 34-year-old Brit, who is well versed in winning. Hodgson has won championships in the British Superbike Series (2000) and World Superbike Series (2003). He also boasts experience in racing MotoGP and is very familiar with American tracks, having raced previously in the AMA series in 2005 and 2006. Honda Racing is led by Chuck Miller, manager of Motorcycle Sports. A multi-time Baja champion and ISDE gold medalist, Miller is a 23-year Honda veteran. Road Racing Team Manager Ron Heben is an industry veteran, who oversees the day-to-day activities of the team and directs an immensely talent- ed team of crew chiefs and technicians. The teams forces are marshaled by Team Coordinator Ray Plumb, who first wrenched on Team Hondas handbuilt 1023cc Superbikes in 1980. Returning for 2008 as Duhamels crew chief is Al Ludington. The pair teamed up to capture four national titles from 1992 to 1999 (including the Superbike and 600 Supersport championships in 1995) and two Formula Xtreme titles in 2004 and 2005. David McGrath serves as Neil Hodgsons crew chief in his eighth year working with the Honda team. McGrath is one of the most knowledgeable technicians in the paddock.Honda Road Race Team 9 10. 10 Honda Road Race Team 11. Why We RaceAt Honda, racing is the very soul of the company, a touchstone reaching back to our founder and the very foundations of the company. Soichiro Honda formed the Honda Motor Company in 1948. One year later, World Championship Motorcycle Grand Prix racing was born, and soon the histories of both entities would become forever intertwined.Ever the visionary, it was in 1954 Mr. Honda issued a chal- when Honda chalks up its 600th GP victory, an achievement lenge to the racing world: My childhood dream was to be afar surpassing that of every other motorcycle manufacturer motorsport world champion with a machine built by myself. in the world. I here avow my definite intention that I will participate in the TT races, and I proclaim with my fellow employees that IImpressive as this heritage of GP victory is, Honda has also will pour in all my energy and creative powers to win. earned 100 AMA national titlesincluding the 2006 East Supercross Lites crown and its fourth consecutive AMA An impossible dream? Hardly. A mere five years later, Formula Xtreme road-racing championship in 2007and Honda entered the prestigious Isle of Man TT for the very has amassed a record-setting 18 Baja 1000 victories. Not to first time. And two years after thata blink of an eye by mention taking both the World Superbike and World racing development standardsHonda captured its first Supersport crowns in 2007. Name the racing discipline and World GP race win on April 23, 1961. Fast-forward to 2005,youll find a collection of Honda championships. Honda Road Race Team 11 12. Again, as lofty as these marks stand, they constitute only one Rookie of the Yearby winning an amazing 14 of 16 races,area of excellence. After expanding from motorcycle to including a first-through-seventh sweep of the legendary Indyautomobile production, Honda once more set its sights on the 500 and 1-2-3 sweeps at the Michigan International Speedwayhighest goalthat of World Grand Prix auto racingand soon and California Speedway rounds.achieved success within that stratospheric level of competi-tion. In 1966, Honda-powered cars won the Formula 1 andHondas unabated passion for motorsports continues to fuelFormula 2 GP Championships. After a 10-year hiatus fromthe companys dreams in the new millennium. As one journal-racing, Honda entered the F1 arena once again in the 1980s,ist said of Mr. Honda, He went racing because he loved it; itand by 1992 had amassed 6 Constructors Championships, 5was in his blood. And what made Honda successful was that itDrivers Championships and 71 Grand Prix victoriesan amaz- was a company led by engineers.ing achievement. This drive to conquer new engineering challenges, whether onHaving made its mark in F1, Honda next took on the Americanthe racetrack or in the creation of consumer products,racing scene at CART and IndyCar events. It quickly earned its continues to forge the soul of Honda Motor Company. Racingfirst CART race win in 1995, then went on to dominate theinspires new heights of creativity at Honda, dismissing tradi-sport with five consecutive Drivers Championships by the tional solutions in the unceasing search for new designs. Thisclose of the 2000 season. And in the 2004 IndyCar Series,long-standing and deep-seated passion for racing and excel-Honda swept all three major championshipsthelence continues to power Honda to create the dreams of today,Manufacturers Championship, Drivers Championship and dreams that will appear as the innovations of tomorrow.12 Honda Road Race Team 13. 2008 Team Honda Facts+ At Daytona, Honda has amassed 11 Superbike wins, 11 600 Supersport wins (Honda did not compete in the Supersport class from 2003-2006) and 2 Formula Xtreme wins, more than all other manufacturers combined. + In AMA Supersport racing, Honda has won the most championships (8), the most races (87) and the most consecutive race wins (10). Honda has won more than 45 percent (88 of 193) of the races in which it has competed since the series inception in 1987. + In 2004, the inaugural year of the CBR1000RR, Honda riders finished on the podium in every AMA Superbike race, including 8 wins, 12 second places and 11 third-place showings. + In 2007, factory-supported Erion Racing rider Josh Hayes earned Hondas fourth consecutive Formula Xtreme championship in convincing fashion, winning seven of the nine races he entered aboard the all-new Honda CRB600RR. + In addition to winning at the track, Hondas 2007 CBR600RR completely dominated comparison tests in print and online in, going undefeated in shoot-outs in Motorcyclist, Sport Rider, Roadracing World, Cycle News, MotorcycleOnline.com, MotorcycleDaily.com and MotorcycleUSA.com, plus a 2008 comparison victory in Cycle World.Honda Road Race Team 13 14. +Other accolades for the CBR600RR in 2007 were Cycle + In 2005, Miguel Duhamel won his fifth Daytona 200 Worlds Ten Best list as Middleweight; Motorcyclist aboard a CBR600RR. The victory also marked Hondas magazines Motorcycle of the Year winner for Best eighth 200-mile win. Sportbike; Sport Riders Middleweight of the Year; Rider magazines selection as Best Sportbike; and Bikes+ Beginning with the original 1987 Hurricane through the (Englands largest motorcycle magazine) Bike of the Year. CBR600F2, CBR600F3, CBR600F4, CBR600F4i and 2003 CBR600RR models, every year that Honda introduced a+In 2006, Honda Racings Jake Zemke won the Daytonanew CBR600, the bike won at Daytona. 200his first ever and Hondas ninth overall. + At the 2003 Daytona 200, Duhamels victory was the+Erion Racings Josh Hayes won Hondas third consecutive fastest in history, setting a new record of 113.89 mph. Formula Xtreme championship during the 2006 season. Honda swept all three podium spots; this remarkable feat had been achieved only once before in the history of the+In Formula Xtreme competition in 2004 and 2005, Honda 200-miler, when another set of Honda riders ruled in 1985 factory riders won every race.(Freddie Spencer took the win, Wes Cooley placed second and Jeff Haney was third).+Since the inception of the Formula Xtreme class in 1997, Honda has won eight titles. + In AMA Superbike racing, Honda riders have won eight championships since the factory began contesting the series in 1980. Honda has won 114 races and five consecutive championships. 14 Honda Road Race Team 15. + In 2003, Hondas Red Riders finished on the podium in 16 of + After the AMA instituted the big-bore Formula Xtreme the 18 AMA Superbike races on the venera