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Valdosta's 55+ Lifestyle Magazine, a publication of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce

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  • Metro Valdostas 55+ Lifestyle Magazine

    Make sure youvedone it all in the

    Metro Valdosta Area!

    A publication of the Valdosta-Lowndes Chamber of Commerce



    Bucket ListAdventure

  • OUR MISSION is to provide the highest quality health care services avail-able in order to rehabilitate our patients to their optimal level of function-ing or to assist them in coping with disability or terminal illness.

    Public Health Home Health Inc. was organized in 1966 to meet the needs of people throughout our ten county area. We are a Medicare and Medicaid certified, not-for-profit, home health agency committed to the concept of community service.

    Public Health Home Health Inc. offers patients personal, professional Health Care servicesAT HOME!

    Services Including: Skilled In-Home Nursing Care Home Health Aides Physical Therapy

    Speech Language Pathology Occupational Therapy Medical Social Services IV Therapy

    Chemotherapy Enteral Feedings Pain Management

    WHO QUALIFIES FOR HOME HEALTH CARE? Patients discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility,

    needing additional care at home. Patients requiring short-term assistance at home because of

    outpatient surgery. Patients requiring medication assistance and teaching.

    Patients diagnosed with acute conditions such as congestive heart disease, diabetes or respiratory disorders that require assessment and instruction.

    Patients requiring wound care or dressing changes.

    Patients requiring IV administration or enteral nutrition therapy

    VALDOSTA3169 Inner Perimeter Road (229) 253-1242 or (800) 822-4590Serving Brooks, Echols, Lanier andLowndes Counties TIFTON (229) 382-3916 or (800) 658-1165Serving Berrien, Cook and Tift Counties

    FITZGERALD (229) 423-5425 or(800) 611-7299 Serving Ben Hill, Irwin,and Turner Counties

    Public Health Home Health, Inc.:VALDOSTA (229) 253-1164 or (800) 323-7966Serving Brooks, Echols, Lanier & Lowndes

    WAYCROSS(912) 285-1728 or (800) 837-6066Serving Appling, Atkinson, Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Clinch, Coffee, Jeff Davis, Pierce, Ware, and Wayne Counties

    FITZGERALD (229) 423-8578 or (800) 288-3876 Serving Berrien, Cook, Tift, Ben Hill, Irwin, Turner, Bleckley Dodge, Laurens, Pulaski, Telfair, Wheeler, and Wilcox Counties(Coffee and Jeff Davis Counties are also served from this office

    Public Health Personal Support Services, Inc.:

    We are here for you!CuraCare Inc., is a private, non-profit health care management company, providing administrative

    support and management oversight toPublic Health Home Health Inc., and

    Public Health Personal Support Services Inc.

    Public Health Personal Support Services, Inc., was formed in 1994 to provide private duty nursing, aides and sitter services. We are a licensed, private non-profit organization.

    Public Health Personal SupportServices Inc. provides: Private duty nursing care

    Personal support aides Respite Homemaking

    Companion/Sitter services Community Care SOURCE

  • CONNECTION 2013 3

    features:Join Our Silver Star Community ....4

    Are Your Mornings Ho-Hum? .........5

    Senior Discounts -It Pays to Age! ......................................6

    Using Your GREEN Thumbin Metro Valdosta................................7

    Dont Let Low Rates SINK Your Retirement Plans ......................8

    Getting Involved In MetroValdostas Art Scene ...........................9

    Your Aging Loved Ones ................. 11

    Helpful Tips to EatingHEaltHy as you Age .................... 14

    Paint and Pour .................................. 16

    ExERcISE Unique Optionsfor Getting Active! ........................... 19

    Your Community SupportedHospice of South Georgia ............ 20

    Langdale Place -The Good Life .................................... 21

    Getting the BEStHearing Improvement ................... 23

    100 FUN Things to doin Metro Valdosta............................. 24

    Rejuvenate Your Legs ..................... 26About the Cover: This special moment of Dr. Louis and JeriAnn Levy was captured bySteven Heddon of Fusion Creative Marketing. See page 27 for information about Dr. Levy and how he became tech savvy.

    ConnectionMetro Valdostas 55+ Lifestyle Magazine

    Are You Keeping Up withTodays Tech-Savvy Society? ........ 27

    Celebrate the ValdostasTheatre Guild 25th Season ........... 30

    Should I Sign MyHouse Over to My KIDS? .............. 31

    Restaurant & Dining Guide .......... 32

    Learning In Retirement ................. 34

    Assisted Living - Choosing The BESt Fit ...................................... 36

    Major RetirementPlanning Mistakes ........................... 38

    Metro Valdostas 55+ Lifestyle Magazine

    Make sure youve donethese things in the

    Metro-Valdosta Area!

    A publication of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce


    Bucket ListAdventure





  • Wi ith its southern charm, friendly people and small-town feel, it is easy to see why Metro Valdosta is known as an ideal place for seniors and retirees to settle down. When my husband and I first moved here in 1964 by way of the Air Force, we found a welcoming community that offers a variety of outlets and entertain-ment to keep seniors active and in-volved. We were stationed around the world, until we finally decided to retire here in Valdosta in 1985.

    Our local Chamber helped me start my own business at the ripe age of 63 (or thereabouts). As I became more active in our Chamber, I saw the great things our community had to offer and jumped at the chance to get more involved. I currently sit on the Chambers Board of Directors and this year I have the opportunity to oversee its Member Services Divi-sion, which has a special focus on active retirees.

    While the Chamber strives to be a unifying force in the economic, social and cultural well-being of the community and its businesses, we realize that active retirees are often a communitys greatest asset. We want to extend a special invitation for you to join our Chamber as a Silver Star Member- where forming friend-ships, networking and staying in touch with everything the area has to offer, and having fun along the way, is all part of the package.

    Designed for active seniors and retirees, membership in our group gives you access to events, luncheons, the benefits of Chamber membership and more! Please consider the Silver Stars membership and contact us if its something that interests you. As always, feel free to visit your Chamber and take a tour of the beautiful Barber-Pittman house, which will be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2015.

    We hope you enjoy this magazine, which serves to keep you connected to the great things happening in Valdosta-Lowndes County! Sincerely,

    Megan Smith

    CONNECTIONPublisher: Myrna BallardExecutive Editor: Erika BennettCreative Director: Wanda StanleyContributing Writers: Danielle Reynolds, Amy Wisenbaker (Valdosta State University Interns)

    Cover Photo: Fusion Creative MarketingAdvertising: Betty Morgan

    Advertising for the 2014 edition of Connection magazine will be available in the fall. For information please call 229-247-8100.


    Copyright by Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved. Connection Magazine is produced and published an-nually by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce. Re-production in whole or in part of this publication without the expressed written consent of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce is prohibited. All claims, materials, photos appearing herein are believed by the editors to be accurate. However, no responsibility or liability is assumed, and is expressly disclaimed, by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Ad-vertisements, articles, photos, editorial information, and other materials submitted for publication herein are subject to the unrestricted right to the edit of and by our editors and publisher.

    POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Connection Magazine,416 N. Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia 31601.


    APRIL 2013 / Volume 1

    416 North Ashley StreetValdosta, Georgia 31601

    (229) 247-8100Fax: (229) 245-0071

    Invitation to Join ourSilver Star Community

    Megan SmithChamber Board Member

    4 CONNECTION 2013

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    through socialmedia.

    Metro Valdostas 55+ Lifestyle Magazine

  • Hi, my name is Mike cun-ningham, the President of Bedr Mattress! Com-fort (how a mat-tress feels) and support (your nat-ural spinal align-

    ment) are instrumental in attaining a Bedr nights sleep. Before opening my first mattress store in Valdosta, Georgia, I too, was having issues with my lower back. I injured my back when I was nineteen. I had been diagnosed with a bulging disc at the age of twenty-five. Instead of taking my orthopedic doctors recommended back surgery, I opted instead, to seek relief through chiro-practors. Whenever my back would stiffen up to a point of unbearable weakness, soreness, tenderness and pain (couldnt pick up and hold my children when they were very

    young) I would seek a chiropractor (four or five times a year on average). This continued for about twenty-six years. Today, twelve years later and only one visit to a chiropractor, I have finally realized the importance of proper cOMFORt and SUPPORt that a quality mattress gives. Bedr Mattress is the answer to most restless and sleepless nights. When you put your Bedr Mattress on our new Rejuvenatr Power Base, you get the best of both worlds. Com-fort and support in customized and pre-programmed sleep positions. Relax and unwind in Zero-gravity, or elevate your head and legs for otherhealth benefits. Would you like to

    Relax by elevating yourself for reading comfort? You need the Rejuvenatr! Do you have acid reflux? Poor circulation? Difficulty when breathing? Back discomfort or other health issues? Then I rec-ommend the Rejuvenatr Power Base combined with one of Bedr Mattresss customized @LAST mat-tresses, the LAST word in sleep.

    Stop by tODayand begin the pro-cess to relax and Rejuvenate your life again! Bedr Mattress is at the top of its class when offering new technology and innovation to your sleep environment.

    Are your mornings just ho-hum?A r re you tired of restless and sleepless nights, only to wake up sore, stiff, achy and worn out? Would you like to truly RElax again? The sleep experts at Bedr Mattress are offering a Bedr way to get your next six to eight hours of pure comfort and rest.

    3268B Inner Perimeter Rd.Valdosta, GA 31602229.671.9266

    www.bedrmattressonline.comYou will find these name brands:

    We offer 0 $ Down, 0 % Financing! (Up to 36 months. Ask for details.)

    1602 Norman DriveValdosta, GA 31602229.469.6946

    CONNECTION 2013 5

    By Mike Cunningham

    *It is my recommendation that each person, according to their own specific health issues, seek the professional opinions and services from doctors of Orthopedic and/or Chiropractic practices.

  • It Pays to Age!Do business with these Chamber members that offer a Senior Discount!

    Best Western Plus ................................................................................10% Discount for Seniors4025 Northlake Drive .........................................................................................229-241-9221

    Hilton Garden Inn ...............................................................................10% Discount for Seniors1702 Gornton Road ...........................................................................................229-219-1011

    Repeat BoutiqueThrift Store285 Norman DriveValdosta, GA 31602229-333-0063

    Woodlawn ForrestChurch of Christ1515 North Forrest StreetValdosta, GA 31601229-242-7628

    Elks Aidmore, Inc.300 N. St. Augustine RoadValdosta, GA 31601229-244-3020

    Brighter Day InternationalMinistries, Inc.512 S. Troup StreetValdosta, GA 31601229-219-7662

    Support Your Local Non-Profits & Churches

    6 CONNECTION 2013

  • CONNECTION 2013 7

    Valdosta offers various ways to grow your gardening skills, which include partici-pating in the Garden Center and community gardening events and the Lowndes County Extension Office. The Valdosta Garden Center, located at the historic Crescent home, offers local residents the opportunity to get involved with one of many gardening clubs. Garden club members help give tours of the Crescent, maintain the public gardens and get together once a month. Every garden club offers programs on planting and design for home and show, land-scaping, birds, special gardens, pruning, herbs, decorations for holidays, table-scapes and more, states Madlyn Hightower, Garden Center president. With the variety of garden clubs, theres bound to be one suited for your interest.

    If joining a club isnt for you, but you are still inter-ested in learning more, dont miss

    the Garden Centers annual Flower Show, which is FREE and open to the public. National Flower Show judges present awards and visitors get to learn more about how to display, identify and grow plants in the area. For event details, call 229-244-6747. Need information on gardening and agriculture tips? Stop by the Lowndes

    County Extension office or visit their website, The Extension Office offers information and tips on issues your garden may be facing, such as insects, weeds and some of the most desirable plants to grow in this area, such as crepe myrtles. If youre looking to put your gardening skills to good use, the Lowndes County Extension Office is always looking for volunteers to share their knowledge with the 4-H Youth Development program.

    Using Your GREEN Thumb in Metro Valdosta

    One of the best thingsabout living in the Metro

    Valdosta area is the warm,inviting climate whichprovides a year-round

    hobby to residents-


    Call the Chamber to get a list of the best businesses to meet your gardening needs in Valdosta-Lowndes County at 229-247-8100 or visit our directory at

  • Dont Let Low Rates SINK Your Retirement Plans

    Over the past few years, if youve taken out a mort-gage or another consumer loan, youve probably welcomed the low interest rates you may have received. But as an investor, if youve kept any retirement savings in fixed-rate investment vehicles, you may have seen low rates in a less favor-able light. And thats why it may be time for you take a closer look at your financial strategy for work-ing toward the retirement lifestyle youve envisioned. Of course, you can always hope that interest rates will rise, and perhaps they will. As you may know, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at record lows in recent years to stimulate lending and thereby boost the economy. But rates cant get much lower, and if inflation were to heat up, the Fed could reverse course by starting to raise rates. However, if youre going to do a good job of building financial assets for retirement, you really cant afford to play wait-and-see with interest rates. Instead, consider the following moves:

    w Rebalance your portfolio. No matter what your situation, its a good idea to periodically rebal-ance your investment portfolio to help ensure it still reflects your risk tolerance, time horizon and long-term goals. If youre con-cerned about low rates harming your future investment income, you have more reason than ever to review your portfolio and make adjustments as needed, relative to your objectives. For example, if it seems that your

    portfolio has become over-weighted in any one vehicle, you may need to change your investment mix, keeping in mind your individual risk tolerance.

    w Redefine retirement. Retiring from one career doesnt have to mean retiring from work alto-gether. If you decide to work part time, do some consulting or even open your own small business. You may be able to earn enough income to take some of the pressure off your investment portfolio in terms of providing you with the money you need to live on dur-ing retirement. Also, by working during your nominal retirement years, you may be able to delay taking Social Security until youre a little older, when your monthly checks can be larger.

    w Review your withdrawal strategy. During your retire-ment, the amount you choose to withdraw from your invest-ments each year will depend on several factors, including the size of your portfolio and the amount of income it is providing. As you chart your retirement strategy, youll need to factor in a realistic

    withdrawal rate.

    w Re-examine sources of investment income. You may want part of your retirement income to come from investments that offer protection of principal. If so, you dont have to settle for the lowest-rate vehicles. By looking at the various alter-natives and blending them with your overall portfolio, you may be able to boost your income without sig-

    nificantly increasing your invest-ment risk.

    In short, just because interest rates are low, you dont have to lower your retirement expectations as long as you plan ahead and explore your options.

    This article was written by Edward Jones.

    113 West Brookwood Drive, Suite CValdosta, GA 31601

    Member SIPcGreg Reid

    Financial Advisor

    8 CONNECTION 2013

  • CONNECTION 2013 9

    Y o ou may not be the next Picasso, but dont let that keep you from visiting the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts. Whether youre looking to buy, create or ad-mire, something is sure to strike your fancy! The Turner Center for the Arts is EVERYBODYS art center, exclaims cheryl Oliver, Executive Director. We love to welcome kids of all ages, and that certainly includes retirees. Our volunteer network and guest log abound with people whove found the secret to happy living in retire-ment. If you have time to nurture your spirit, you have time to visit the art center for a gallery opening re-ception, a class activity, a shift at our reception desk as an art ambassador, a special event, or a stroll through our galleries and gift shop. Its a place where you can learn, relax, enjoy, savor and be appreciated! Come visit us soon!! The Center continually updates its galleries with an array of exhibits

    from local and national artists. If visiting the gallery inspires your creative side, discover one of their classes which range from

    pottery, painting or writing work-shops, and develop skills you didnt know you had! And in the event your masterpieces dont turn out as planned, dont worry! Several pieces from the galleries are for sale, but many students find the classes easy and fun. lyn Vallotton, master floral designer, offers a Creative Greenery class, which focuses on creating works of art from local plant life. I would highly recommend this class, says Bev-erly langdale, a local Valdosta resident. It was a large, but easy, class. Lyn showed us a lot of great things we could do. I love to use the simplicity of greenery, espe-

    cially yard greenery as I call it, for arrangements, Jane Stanaland, a local resident, said. Lyn is so creative, and we were so fortunate to have her share her talents. I came home in-spired and impressed my family with a simple table decoration. This is just one of the many classes offered at the Center. To receive more information, call 229-247-aRtS (2787) or visit

    Getting Involved in Metro ValdostasArt Scene

    2704 N. Oak Street, Bldg. A-2 Valdosta, GA 31602Office (229) 245-1480 Fax (229) 245-1483E-mail: [email protected]

    2704 N. Oak Street, Bldg. A-2

    Valdosta, GA 31602



    Dr. Jarod F. Bailey, D.O.

    Dealing with theprevention, diagnosis

    and treatmentof adult diseases.

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Behavioral Health Services of South GeorgiaMental Health Center Valdosta3120 N. Oak Street Ext., Suite CValdosta, GA 31602Contact: 229-671-6170

    Mental Health Center Adel1905 S. Hutchinson StAdel, GA 31620Contact: 229-896-4559

    Mental Health Center Tifton334 Tift Eldorado RdTifton, GA 31794Contact: 229-391-2300

    Developmental Disability Day Centers:Lowndes, Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Turner

    229-671-6100Visit our


    We oer 80 - 100 classes 3 times a year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Call us to be put on the mailing list.

    Proudly serving South Georgia

    for over 33 years!

    We provide: Skilled Nursing Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Medical Social Workers Home Health Aides

    Medicare Medicaid BC/BS of GA United Health Care

    Commercial Insurance Veterans Administration Private Pay

    We serve ten counties in South Georgia: Ben Hill, Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Echols, Irwin, Lanier, Lowndes, Tift & Turner

    Our services are covered by:




    10 CONNECTION 2013

  • CONNECTION 2013 11

    Caregiving can be complicated. Finding resources and mak-ing decisions for an aging loved one is not an easy task. Owners of the local Comfort Keepers in Valdosta, Scott and lisa Register, understand the daily dilemma that families are faced with when looking to provide the best possible care for their aging loved ones. I am constantly amazed at how many families I encounter on a daily basis are dealing with these stressful issues, Scott Register said. Once we place our Comfort Keepers in the home to lend a hand, the families often say that they didnt realize just how stressed they really were. But with Comfor Keepers, adult children can come and just enjoy a visit, spending quality time with their parent rather than feeling like they have to work. Caregiving can often be a 24-hour-a-day responsibility. When family caregivers do not take a much needed break, they run the risk of emotional burnout and a decline in their own health. Comfort Keepers Client Care Manager, lisa Register, works everyday with families who find themselves feeling desperate. We understand that in the case of illness, injury and even natural aging, families find themselves hurled into unfa-miliar territory. The situation can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing, she said. Comfort Keepers can be in the home, assisting with personal care tasks, such as bathing, dressing and toileting. They also provide companion tasks, such as meal

    preparation, light housekeeping and transportation. Often, adult children are try-ing to provide adult care for one or both parents from a distance. Comfort Keepers can be the eyes and ears of the son or daughter who lives on the other side of the country and give them peace of mind. Our services coordinate perfectly with those of medical and health care providers like home health care, physical therapy and hospice that your loved on may be getting, Register said. In-home care from Comfort Keepers compliments those medical services and helps pre-serve their dignity and provide a quality of life that can only be achieved at home. Every Comfort Keepers engagement begins with a free in-home assessment and then develops an individu-alized plan of care to meet each clients needs. Services range from four hours per visit up to 24-hour care. We take great pride in helping seniors maintain their independent lifestyle within the comfort and privacy of their own homes, while relieving the stress felt by families, Register continued. By providing the appropriate care, Comfort Keepers gives peace of mind in uncertain times.

    Your Aging Loved Ones:They Took Good Care of You, Now You Can Take Good Care of ThemWith Comfort Keepers. The Very Best in In-Home Care Services.

  • 1601 Baytree Rd. (by Valdosta Mall)Valdosta, GA 31602 229-244-1143 Fax

    Carla M. PennyOwner

    Service Provider Chamber Members

    12 CONNECTION 2013

    Need a service or looking for reputable businesses in Valdosta? Our Chamber is here to help you out. Chamber members are the BEST of the BEST!

  • Pool Supplies & Equipment, Patio Furniture, Above Ground Pools,Saunas, Water Sport Equipment, Primo Grills & Accessories,

    Free Water Analysis & monthly or weekly pool service.

    CONNECTION 2013 13

    Need to know whats

    happening inVAldostA?

    Check out the Chambers Com-munity Calendar for local events and activities. You will find events such as:

    Major Community Events (Dinner Dances, Banquets, An-nual Meetings, Carnivals, etc.)

    Significant Entertainment Events (Community Arts Concerts, College/University Theatrical Productions, etc.)

    Significant Activities (Kiwanis Pancake Festival, Lakeland Derby, etc.)

    Scan thecode or visit

    look for the little Green Man!

  • Everyone knows staying active and eating healthy is important. Of course this is easier said than done, because doesnt everyone wish they could live like a teenager and not see or feel the consequences? As you grow older, your body starts to need a different lifestyle, and this lifestyle sadly doesnt include a daily candy bar anymore. A healthy diet for seniors is about far more than just managing weight, states chef Buddy Boswell, a certified dietary manager with Daily Dinners. As we age, our bodies go through many changes, including a change in the type of calories we need. When first adjusting your diet, dont do anything drastic advises Boswell. Gradual changes are key and not as difficult as peopleoriginally think. People often cut back on food intake and calories, which leaves their bodies with less energy and vital nutrients. Our bodies dont change overnight, and neither should our diet. The amount of meals you eat

    each day may be more important than calorie intake. The traditional three big meals a day doesnt cut it anymore, but instead its helpful to eat more, smaller meals. Eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day can actually boost your metabolism and give your body more energy. Keep in mind, the food you consume should be enriched with protein, minerals, vitamins and healthy carbohydrates.

    While having a healthy weight is very important, the foods you eat as you get older also play a significant role in keeping

    your body running smoothly, says Boswell. Boswell suggests ensuring your diet is full of fruits, vegetables and fiber. A common mistake consum-ers make is drinking fruit juice as a substitute for eating fresh fruit which can actually lead to sugar spikes. Boswell recommends tak-ing advantage of Valdostas pleth-ora of fresh produce markets such as Farmer Browns and carters Fresh Produce. Also, Downtown

    Valdosta Farm Days offer even more options for local produce and food items. Chef Boswell has been prepar-ing daily, healthy meals for families and individuals for decades now, and specializes in meal preparation for various health issues such as coronary artery disease, hyperten-sion, COPD, lactose intolerance, gastro esophageal reflux disease, celiac disease, cancer, and diabetes. Remember, healthy eating is an evolution, not a revolution. You not only become healthier physi-cally, but also spiritually and emo-tionally. These changes take time, in order to last, says Boswell.

    For more information on where to find fresh produce, visit

    Helpful tips toEATING healthy

    as you AGEOur bodies dont

    change overnight, andneither should our diet.

    anyone interested in learning more from chef Boswell can visit

    14 CONNECTION 2013

  • Where Southern Hospitality Meets Championship Golf

    Great rates year round 18 Hole Championship Golf Course covering

    over 600 acres of hardwoods and lakes Clubhouse with fully stocked Pro Shop

    and Restaurant Driving range and practice facility PGA Professionals on staff Golf packages available

    (229) 247-25274553 Greenway Dr. Valdosta, GA

    CONNECTION 2013 15

  • 16 CONNECTION 2013

    Fruits of the Garden Winery, located in Down-town Valdosta, now offers a unique art class for those with an interest in painting and a palette for delicious wine!

    Paint and Pour is an art class that teaches you how to paint with the unique option of taste-testing delicious, Georgia-made wines. amy Wisenbaker, a Valdosta local, recently participated in the Paint and Pour class. My group of friends and I really enjoyed this unique chance to relax, be cre-ative, and enjoy some tasty wine. Even if you arent an experienced artist, you get to take home a pretty canvas to keep forever. The Paint and Pour class is instructed by Stefanie Huguet, a

    South Georgia resident who has a bachelors degree in art from Valdosta State University. Huguet has been painting since she was 12 and gained her interest in art from her grandmother growing up. Huguet teaches you how to paint at the beginner level and will offer step-by-step instructions on how to complete your one of a kind canvas. It is more of a party than a

    class, says Hu-guet. We hope that everyone who attends has a good time and gets to learn more about art. Classes are typically held Friday evening and require a reservation ahead of time. Other class times and

    reservations can be made for groups 10 or fewer people. The class can be tailored to your groups interests. Previous class themes include Valentines couple night and classes focused on famous hotspots such as the Eiffel Tower. Groups may choose their artwork topic ahead of time. With a payment of $30, you receive a complimentary glass of wine and completed canvas to take home and share with friends and family. Additional glasses and bottles of wine are available for purchase throughout the class. Fruits of the Garden offers a large selection of local made wines for your tasting pleasure.

    To register for a Paint and Pour class, or to schedule a group party, contact Mrs. Huguet at 229-589-1388 or Ms. Blanche from the Fruits of the Garden Winery at 229-242-0578 or visit

    A Unique Way to Express Your Artistic Side

  • CONNECTION 2013 17

  • Rewarding your success.When you achieve success, its nice when someone notices. We do, and we created the Preferred Account to show our appreciation. is account rewards you by combining balances on multiple accounts to lower or eliminate your overall banking costs. We reward your trust in us with exclusive features like:

    Free wallet-style checks and unlimited check writing 50% discount on designer checks and safe deposit box rentals Free ocial checks and notary service And so much more

    Experience the many benets of relationship banking with the Preferred Account at First State Bank and Trust.


    First State Bank and Trust is a division of Synovus Bank. Synovus Bank, Member FDIC, is chartered in the state of Georgia and operates under multiple trade names across the southeast. Divisions of Synovus Bank are not separately FDIC-insured banks. The FDIC coverage extended to deposit customers is that of one insured bank.

    All accounts subject to approval.

    18 CONNECTION 2013

  • CONNECTION 2013 19

    ExERcISE (dunt, dunt, duh), Uniqueoptions for gettingactive!

    Most people have heard Newtons First Law of Mo-tion, a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion. Yes, it is clich, but it cer-tainly remains true, especially when pertaining to the subject of staying active as you get older. Tension relief, increased muscle strength, improved mobility, stress release and better sleep! Hey, we all know the benefits of exercise, but for those who have made it their lifelong goal to avoid the gym, where do you start? Luckily, Metro Valdosta offers numerous avenues to get your body

    moving! For a workout that is low impact, yet highly beneficial, head down to the Turner Center for the Arts. Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. Roberta George leads a free yoga class which may have anywhere from 15-30 participants. All you need to bring is your body and your mat, and well make sure you get a great workout thats proven to help lower blood pressure, increase concentration and memory, and im-prove flexibility, states George. Its fun, relaxing and you get to enjoy beautiful art, all the while. If you find yourself needing the many benefits of a gym member-ship, the Valdosta-Lake Park YMCA offers various classes, such as yoga, pilates and water aerobics. Most importantly, you can enjoy these classes, and more, at little or no cost to you through the Silver Sneakers Program. Seniors can apply to join the Sil-ver Sneakers for free through their health plan. Silver Sneakers mem-bers have access to all the perks of

    YMCA membership including exercise equipment, group classes, sauna, steam room and even personal trainers. We understand that figuring out how to approach exercise can be a bit tricky, and our staff is here to help, says cheryl Marshall, Senior Programs Director. We encourage seniors to try things like strength training and with one of our person-al trainers, you can figure out what method of exercise is best for you, while developing a personalized exercise to focus on your individual health needs.

    To get more information about the YMCA, the Turner Center for the Arts or for a full list of fitness facilities associated with the Chamber, call 229-247-8100 or visit

  • Hospice of South Georgia Your Community-Supported Hospice

    Hospice of South Georgia really helped my family during a di cult time. Not only did they provide loving, attentive care for my mom, they showed compassion and concern for me, as a daughter and primary caregiver. In fact, eight months have now passed and Connie, the bereavement coordinator, still calls to check on me. Thats exemplary service that I will never forget.

    Sue S., daughter of renal failure patient

    For more than 25 years, Hospice of South Georgia has provided physical, emotional, social and spiritual support during the end-of-life journey for more than 5,000 patients. We are a not-for-pro t hospice with services available in Lowndes, Brooks, Lanier, Echols, Berrien, Cook, Atkinson and Clinch counties. Hospice care is provided in the patients home, or in the regions only inpatient hospice facility, the Langdale Hospice House. Hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.

    Hospice clinicians are specially trained to provide:

    Regularly scheduled sta visits with 24-hour, on-call services

    Training of family in patients care

    Coordination of care with patients physician

    Emotional and spiritual support by our social workers, counselors and chaplain

    Supportive care by trained volunteers

    Assistance with medications, equipment and supplies that relate to the life-limiting illness

    Grief support with comprehensive services for all ages

    Access to the Langdale Hospice House

    You can nd information about Hospice of South Georgias services at, calling 1.800.HOSPICE from any local telephone number within our eight county service area, or by calling 229.249.4100.

    counselors and chaplain

    relate to the life-limiting illness

    You can nd information about Hospice of South Georgias

    Langdale Place The Good Life

    The one quality I love most about Langdale Place is the family-like atmosphere, said Jan Brice, executive director. Langdale Place is not a nursing home or an old folks home but a premier retirement community consisting of 65 independent apartments and 42 assisted living suites. Residents of Langdale Place dont move in because of any one particular need; they move in for the lifestyle and freedom to enjoy everyday living!

    Owned and operated by the South Georgia Health Alliance, LLC, Langdale Place is a beautiful, 3-story 107-unit senior living facility located on six wooded acres in the heart of Valdosta. With options that include independent living suites, standard and deluxe personal care suites as well as a secured unit, Langdale Place strives to o er choices for many of the various needs that come with senior living.

    No more housework, cooking or lawn maintenance

    No more homeowners insurance, taxes, maintenance costs or security worries

    Independent residents may come and go as they please (with guest access)

    Full social activities, from symphonies to in-house activities such as bridge & bingo

    Complimentary bus service to doctors o ces

    On-site movie theatre, tness center and walking trails

    We endeavor to nourish the human spirit and preserve personal dignity by addressing the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of each resident. At Langdale Place, residents are more than just a number, each individual is a valuable member of our family.

    Jan Brice, Langdale Place Executive Director

    For active seniors who want to experience the good life,look no further than Langdale Place! If this is a change or decision you are considering, contact us at 229.247.4300 or visit us at

    20 CONNECTION 2013

  • Langdale Place The Good Life

    The one quality I love most about Langdale Place is the family-like atmosphere, said Jan Brice, executive director. Langdale Place is not a nursing home or an old folks home but a premier retirement community consisting of 65 independent apartments and 42 assisted living suites. Residents of Langdale Place dont move in because of any one particular need; they move in for the lifestyle and freedom to enjoy everyday living!

    Owned and operated by the South Georgia Health Alliance, LLC, Langdale Place is a beautiful, 3-story 107-unit senior living facility located on six wooded acres in the heart of Valdosta. With options that include independent living suites, standard and deluxe personal care suites as well as a secured unit, Langdale Place strives to o er choices for many of the various needs that come with senior living.

    No more housework, cooking or lawn maintenance

    No more homeowners insurance, taxes, maintenance costs or security worries

    Independent residents may come and go as they please (with guest access)

    Full social activities, from symphonies to in-house activities such as bridge & bingo

    Complimentary bus service to doctors o ces

    On-site movie theatre, tness center and walking trails

    We endeavor to nourish the human spirit and preserve personal dignity by addressing the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of each resident. At Langdale Place, residents are more than just a number, each individual is a valuable member of our family.

    Jan Brice, Langdale Place Executive Director

    For active seniors who want to experience the good life,look no further than Langdale Place! If this is a change or decision you are considering, contact us at 229.247.4300 or visit us at

    CONNECTION 2013 21

  • Real Living isassociated with


    229-333-46221817 Green Circle Valdosta, GA 31602

    *Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a new franchise brand built upon the financial strength and leadership of Brookfield and HomeServices, said Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO ofBerkshire Hathawy Inc. I am confident that these partners will deliver value to the residential real estate industry, and I am pleased to have Berkshire Hathaway be a part of the new brand.

    Ron Borders560-2079

    Terry DeCoudres560-0956

    Bill Sineath560-8250

    Morris Cook947-0006

    Shari Hunt507-6725

    Melinda Thomas563-6556

    Andy Deal292-2021

    Chasity Luke251-4032

    Monet Coles412-7545

    Abigail Davis300-6980

    Corey Davis300-0639

    Aija Shrader269-3803


    Jennifer Stracener548-1877

    Belinda Davis977-1380

    Linda Adle560-8880

    Tammy Borders560-5889


    Elizabeth Norman560-7856

    Clay Browning834-7486

    Sherri Askew460-3880

    Laura Keller251-8008

    Thomas Peacock263-2700

    Allison Stokes269-3629

    Lincy Hurtado561-4622

    Jerry Buchanan561-3436

    Jamie Harris560-5024

    United Hospice has been providing palliative care both in the home and/or a care center setting since 1993. Services be-gin and end with compassion and the preservation of dignity and comfort. Resources are available to patients 7 days a week and include certified professional consulting on pain management, wound care, pharmaceutical care and advanced clinical nursing. Quality of life treatments such as palliative radiation and chemo, blood transfusions and IV Therapy are covered services. United Hospice also has an on-call policy that allows patients and family to call for a visit from an RN to provide a hands-on assess-ment when conditions change. This on-call process is part of the proprietary Uni-Guard Program as a way to prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations for our patients.

    More about United Hospice: Weeknight, weekend and holiday admissions. New referral response time of less than two hours. Language interpretation services available for all nationalities. Bereavement support services for the patients loved ones as

    well as the Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Hospital staff. A non-profit affiliate, United Hospice Foundation, which pro-

    vides scholarships, hardship grants and bereavement support initiatives to community members and staff.

    Acceptance of all hospice eligible patients regardless of ability to pay.

    Customized full continuum of care programs to meet the transitional needs of the patient and family.

    There are several hospice providers, but it is yoUr right to chose a hospice provider of yoUr choice.

    What makes

    United Hospice Different?


    22 CONNECTION 2013

  • Very few people want hearing aids, even though 10% of our population needs them

    and only 2% really ever get hearing help.

    Everyone has a story of a friend who purchased hear-ing aids and according to the friend, it was the worst mistake I ever made. Maybe the hearing aids never fit right, never worked or never helped the friend hear any-thing. Well you know John got a hearing aid and he could not hear with it and he spent $10,000 for one hearing aid! I have heard the stories and I am always interested in separating the fact from fiction. (I have not known anyone to ever pay $10,000 for one hearing aid.) Very few people want hearing aids, even though 10% of our popula-tion needs them and only 2% really ever get hearing help. Id like to talk to you about being successful with hearing aids and what you need to know to achieve the benefit you re-ally want and need. Being successful with just about everything is dependent first on at-titude. Attitude can make or break a persons success. Combine a positive attitude with admitting you have

    a problem and the hardest part is over. When people come to see me I can tell if they are going to hear bet-ter or not just by how they act. Mr. Grumpy will never be happy, but he also cannot find a decent restaurant in Valdosta to eat at either. Mrs. Hap-py just seems to have everything fall right into place, and ends up doing well hearing her girlfriends while having lunch downtown because of her positive attitude. The second key to hearing suc-cess is to research where to go for hearing aids in Valdosta. No one of-fice can please 100% of the people 100% of the time, but also keep in mind you want to make sure the business you choose can promise success. Ask friends and acquain-tances about their experiences. Valdosta is typically a very friendly community and people are willing to share their experiences, good and bad. The last thing you want is to buy hearing aids and hate to go back to the same place for service. Third, commit to success. The

    typical person loses their hear-ing over a period of 7 to 10 years and then expects a hearing aid to restore their hearing as soon as it is put on and hear perfectly. I have seen very few cases where this has happened. I have clients who can put a hearing aid on and instantly hear the way they want to, but I have some who I have worked with over 6 months to slowly acquire moderate improvement. Not every-one wears the same size shoes and not everyone experiences the same hearing improvement.

    In a final note, Consumer Reports in 2009 conducted a study of hearing aids and hearing aid users and came up with some interesting facts. We have copies at my office and you can search online for the article. It could be very helpful in making sure you experience the best hearing improvement.

    call or visit advanced Hearing Solutions tODay!

    Getting the BEST Hearing


    Advanced Hearing Solutions

    Advanced Hearing Solutions

    111 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Ste. A


    all hearing aids may be created equal, but not all hear-ing aid fittings will help you hear your best. At Advanced Hearing Solutions we use the most advanced diagnostic and fitting systems in the South to make sure our clients hear better than anyone else. Want to check it out? Google GN Otometrics and check out the worlds most advanced fitting systems and then come see it live at our office.

    CONNECTION 2013 23

    By Danny Jones

    Danny Jones

  • has so much to offer seniors andwe wanted to make sure you dont miss anything!

    Check out the list below and enjoy...


    1. View local and regional artwork at Spring Into Art or the Draw Project at the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts.

    2. Print out a copy of Valdostas Historic Driving Tour and dis-cover over 50 historic buildings as you drive through Valdostas four National Registered Historic Districts.

    3. Art After Dark - Experience fabulous artwork, bands & shop-ping discounts in downtown Valdosta on the third Friday of every month.

    4. Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY! Visit the petting zoo or take an excursion tour at Tiger Stripes Exotic Animal Sanctuary.

    5. Born to be Wild! Join a local riding club.6. Sneak a peek at some of the most beautiful and well-appointed

    homes at Valdostas Home and Garden Tour every spring. 7. Give your time to one of many local service clubs to make the

    community a better place. 8. Polish your public speaking skills with the Valdosta Toastmas-

    ters.9. Get festive! Be a part of a tradition by attending a local festival.10. Tune up your musical

    skills by taking piano, guitar or voice lessons.

    11. Enroll in a cooking seminar or learn new computer skills in a Continuing Education Class.

    12. Fish at the Withla-coochee River.

    13. Shop for old and new merchandise, collectibles, antiques, jewelry, clothing and much more at a local flea market or consignment shop.

    14. Go wild at Wild Adventures Water and Theme Park!15. Experience a glimpse of life in the 1920s by viewing the

    Milltown Murals in Lakeland. 16. Gaze at the night sky and learn about constellations and

    visible planets at VSUs Planetarium Show. 17. Attend one of three musicals put on every summer by Peach

    State Summer Theatre, the Official Musical Theater of the State of GA.

    18. Practice your putting and more at Jungle Jyms Family Fun Center!19. Hang out at a local coffee shop.20. Whats for dinner? Head to the local farmers market for

    fresh produce and meats.

    21. Take a guided tour of The Crescent House and gar-dens, an 1898 neoclassical mansion.

    22. Ride your bike down the Azalea Trail or join the Azalea Bicyclists.

    23. Fish, canoe, hike or camp at Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area.

    24. Shop discount prices at the Preferred Outlets at Lake Park or visit the Valdosta Mall for the latest fashion.

    25. Play a round or two at one of Valdostas best golf courses.26. Sample and learn about a variety of different wines at wine

    tastings sponsored by local wineries and establishments.27. Go quail hunting at the Quail Creek Shooting Preserve.28. Kick off the holiday season by attending Merry Marketplace,

    an art and craft show in which all proceeds go to local charities. 29. Train your dog to tackle the dog obstacle-course at the dog

    park.30. Learn about our local area by visiting one of our local

    museums. 31. Enjoy beautiful music performed by the Valdosta Choral Guild

    at their annual Christmas or Spring Concert.32. Thrifty? Spend your Saturday finding treasures at local yard

    sales.33. Investigate paranormal activity in Valdosta with the Vapir

    Paranormal club, the closest thing towards becoming a Ghost buster in Valdosta, Ga.

    34. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day.35. Visit the VSU Fine Arts Gallery to see exhibitions showcasing

    both student, faculty and regional artwork.36. Check out a book, listen to a story or join a book club at one

    of many public libraries. 37. Tap into your creative side and take an art class.38. Buy a corned beef sandwich from Temple

    Israel.39. Looking for the perfect outfit for a special

    occasion? Check out what the local boutiques offer. 40. Farm Days Shop Local! Head to

    Downtown Valdosta on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from May to September to buy locally-grown produce and locally-produced artisan items.

    41. Practice your shot at one of Valdostas shooting ranges.

    42. Attend a Moody Air Force Base air show.

    24 CONNECTION 2013

  • 43. Enjoy a Valdosta Theatre Guild theatrical production at the Dosta Playhouse.44. Fly your remote control plane with the Valdosta RCA Flyers. 45. TITLETOWN for a Reason!

    Cheer on our local high school athletes.46. Sample international cuisine at a local restaurant.47. Attend the South Georgia Classic, a Nationwide PGA tour

    annual event at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club.48. Lace up your running shoes and participate in one of Valdo-

    stas 5K races. 49. Garden with one of nine gardening clubs with the Valdosta

    Garden Center.50. Bowl a strike at Jacs Lane.51. First Fridays Downtown!

    Gather to eat and socialize in our beautiful, historic down-town area the first Friday of each month.

    52. Unwind from a long day or work week by singing karaoke, playing trivia, shooting pool or throwing darts.

    53. Catch a flick on the big screen.54. Get organic and healthy at an

    organic or natural food store.55. Enjoy a ballet production put on by one of the local dance

    companies.56. Sample a variety of foods while raising money for local chari-

    ties at the annual Taste of Valdosta event. 57. Load up the kids and head to an inflatable playground.58. Vroom! Vroom! Start your engines and head to the South

    Georgia Motor Sports Park, a racing facility consisting of a mile NHRA drag strip and mile paved oval racetrack.

    59. Try out a new look and get a makeover at a local salon. 60. Enjoy a fine dining experience in restaurants offering

    delicious cuisine and intimate atmospheres.61. Its great to be a VSU Blazer! Dress in your red and black

    gear and enjoy VSU Athletics.62. Have a party! Let someone else do the cooking and hire a

    caterer.63. Get it while its hot! Eat a hot, fresh doughnut from

    Daylight Donuts or Dixie Cream.64. Surprise a loved one with flowers from a local florist.65. Have a picnic at one of Lowndes Countys 36 public parks.66. Listen to classical music performed by the Valdosta Symphony

    Orchestra, comprised of the regions finest and musicians.67. Take a leisurely walk or go for a jog on the Camellia Trail at Valdosta State University.68. Indulge in a southern BBQ sandwich. 69. Peruse the works of local artists in local art galleries.70. Grab the girls & head to the annual South Georgia Bridal Expo. 71. Re-fuel your body with a refreshing fresh-squeezed juice, smoothie or wheatgrass shot.72. Its fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. Join the local Y! 73. Head out to the fields and pick seasonal fresh fruits at a local farmer vendor.

    74. Help preserve the art of quilting with fellowship as a member of a local quilters guild. 75. Pitch a tent and go camping at a local campground. 76. Greet newcomers or get to know others new to the area

    with South Georgia Newcomers Club. 77. Decorate your home or find the perfect house-warming gift

    at one of several home interior stores. 78. Enjoy a VSU Theatre production at Whitehead Auditorium.79. Take a guided hunting tour. 80. Play frisbee or work on your tan on the front lawn of

    Valdosta State Universitys campus. 81. Earn a black belt or learn self defense at a martial arts class.82. Looking for some bling? See what local jewelry stores have

    to offer.83. Attend a local place of worship.84. Grab your lawn chair and line the streets to watch a parade

    in Downtown Valdosta.85. Head out to Banks Lake National Wild-

    life Refuge to enjoy South Georgias natural beauty.

    86. Mentor a child or train to be an advocate with children.

    87. Get involved at a City Council meeting at the historic City Hall building or a County Commission meeting at the Lowndes County Judicial Ad-ministrative Complex.

    88. Visit Sunset Hill Cemetery, a Victorian style cemetery es-tablished in 1861, where you can see the graves of many of Valdostas notable and historic persons.

    89. Beat the heat and enjoy an ice cream or fro-yo treat.90. Attend a FREE Lunch and Learn at the City Hall Annex.91. Design on a Dime. Take home improvement classes and do it

    yourself.92. Channel your inner Yogi at a yoga class93. Experience life in a cotton mill town by strolling through the

    mill houses in the City of Remerton, developed after Strick-land Cotton Mills was built in 1899.

    94. Hear a band at a local venue. 95. Broadway comes to Valdosta! Purchase season tickets to

    the Presenter Series and enjoy award-winning musicals and plays performed by traveling companies.

    96. Attend the annual 100 Black Men of Valdosta Top Barbecue Chefs Cook-off on the courthouse lawn in August.

    97. Give back! Donate blood or build a house.98. Join an underground beer and wine club and try new beers

    and wines every month.99. Get in shape and have fun doing it! Take a Zumba, ballroom,

    latin or ballet dance class.100. Join the roller derby with the Valdosta Venom-Roller Derby


    ...and then relax!

    CONNECTION 2013 25

    Visit to print out this list and learn more about fun things to do in Metro Valdosta!

  • Dr. Martin specializes in spider andvaricose veins treatments with outpatient service for women AND men.

    Over the last decade, Dr. Greg Martin has be-come recognized as one of the most respected and influ-ential vein surgeons in the nation, with many relying upon his vast experience to alleviate their pain, discomfort and appearance of their varicose and spider veins. Varicose veins often follow pregnancy and may be caused by prolonged standing or they could be the result of heredity. As we age, small valves inside the vein cease working properly, and allow blood to remain in the leg, or actually fall back into the vein, preventing proper circulation when standing for long periods of time. This reversed blood flow leads to increased blood pres-sure in the veins of the lower legs, which can cause the veins to di-late, or grow larger than normal, and thus become varicose veins. To quickly and painlessly remedy this condition, a small surgical la-ser is inserted into the leg vein in a pain-free, quick procedure done in Dr. Martins private offices, and

    doesnt require the use of general anesthesia. In fact, the procedure requires no healing whatsoever: the patient is treated in the office, and is able to go home or back to work immediately without any after effects of anesthesia or pain. His practices, South Georgia Vein center in Valdosta and coastal Georgia Vein center in Brunswick, have become synonymous with expert care, high-quality out-patient venous surgery and a return to active, healthy lifestyles by his many, many happy patients. Of course, Dr. Martin offers professional cosmetic and beauty treatments, and his well-trained, courteous staff in both locations makes the patient comfortable and happy.

    call or visit Dr. Martins offices soonbegin the process of rejuvenating your legs and your active lifestyle right away.

    Greg Martin M.D., F.a.c.S., a.B.S.Coastal Georgia Vein Center650 Scranton Road, Suite CBrunswick, GA 31520912.267.9550

    Rejuvenate Your Legs

    South Georgia Vein center3338 Country Club Road, Suite MValdosta, GA 31605

    26 CONNECTION 2013

    By G. Robin Gilmore for Gregory Martin, MD.

  • CONNECTION 2013 27

    Theres no denying that technology is everywhere. People can browse the news on their iPads, speak face-to-face while miles apart and access infor-mation instantaneously. While the majority would agree that technology is helpful, many are still skeptical or simply feel overwhelmed. Such feelings are natural, especially for those born before the technology boom. But not to worry, there is hope for the technologically challenged! Be-coming tech-savvy isnt as hard as it seems, and can be greatly beneficial. Several seniors and retirees make use of cell-phones and comput-ers, but many are hesitant to jump on the social media band-wagon.

    However, that is quickly changing. Social media has evolved beyond its juvenile origins and has become useful for people of all ages. Chamber Community Council Member and retired Valdosta State University President Dr. louis levy describes his technological journey. In my younger years, I was usu-ally an early adopter of technol-ogy. In the 1970s and 80s, I taught a course in statistics for the social sciences using computer software before statistical software for mi-crocomputers became widespread. I found that my students enjoyed using microcomputers, especially when they could improve their un-derstanding of the course through using technology. I started using email in the 1980s as a way of communication with colleagues across the U.S. and around the world. I first started us-

    ing Facebook as a means of keeping up with my children. My friends network has expanded over the years, and then came LinkedIn. I havent adopted some of the more recent technologies (Twitter, etc.) as I dont want to become a slave to high tech. On the other hand, I can-not imagine a world without high definition TV and DVRs! And with the more flexible schedule retirees might have, joining a social media site may be your outlet to stay connected and up-to-date! While there arent many classes specializing in the art of social media, your children or grandchildren are often your best teachers.

    learning In Retirement offers a number of computer classes for retirees. Check out the LIR spring catalog

    are youKeeping upwith todays tech-Savvy Society?

    Why should you jump on thesocial media bandwagon? To stay in touch with friends and family. Everyone

    has that long-lost friend or busy grandchild away at college. Social media lets you communicate with the important people in your life with very little effort. Aside from talking, you can view photos and vid-eos as well. Facebook users post pictures of special events, and quite often, their day-to-day lives.

    Connect with your community. Facebook lets you like local businesses and organizations, which then allows you to receive their updates in your newsfeed. Youll always be ready for the next big event and have access to promotions and coupons.

    Dont forget to like the chamber on Facebook!

  • From Oxygen for respiratory issues, CPAP and BIPAP for sleep apnea, Hospital Beds for convalesc-ing at home, Walkers for mobility, Wheelchairs-Power Chairs-or Scoot-ers for your ambulatory needs, and much more, we are here to help you when you need it.

    Our Certified Mastectomy fitter for post-surgical mastectomy needs is rated number one by patients. 1st Americas Certified Pedorthist is available to assist you with stylish shoes designed especially for dia-betics, or for your hurting feet.

    With our Homefill System, you can fill portable tanks in the com-fort and convenience of your home. This allows unlimited portable oxy-gen, and it is safe and easy to use.

    For over 20 years, 1st America Home Medical Equipment has been improving the lives of our patients by providing quality products and superior customer service. This is our focus, our mission, and our number one priority!

    Homefill Oxygen System

    28 CONNECTION 2013

  • 1st America offers a com-plete line of sleep equip-ment to treat multiple diagnoses including: Obstruc-tive and Central Sleep Apnea, Complex Sleep Apnea, COPD, Respiratory Failure, and complications from Lou Gehrigs Disease (ALS). We work with many manufacturers to offer over 50 different styles of masks that are always in stock. Our sleep team will find what works best for you by providing the smallest masks or nasal pillow systems on the market.

    custom Rehab Mike Daniels, our Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), has greatly expanded our scope of medical equipment we pro-vide. From a simple crutch tip, to a complex Sip-and-Puff wheel-chair that patients drive by using their mouth, 1st America meets all your needs!

    Even children with special needs are a primary

    focus for our ATP. Working with occupa-

    tional and physical therapists throughout the state, we pro-vide custom options for patients requiring specialty equipment. Custom seating solutions are an integral part of most specialty wheelchairs. 1st Amer-ica can meet any seating and mobil-ity need a patient may have. Should a patient have orthopedic deformities which prevent using a simple seating system, we provide cus-tom molded seating that positions the patient in the best posture for their condition.

    Visit us at212 Northside Drive

    Valdosta, GAor call


    1st America provides high quality patient care, in the

    comfort of your home.

    Stop by todayand experienceour World Class customer service with that home-town, personal feel!

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  • Hearing Loss or Just Earwax?Find Out Now Using A Tiny Video Camera.

    Video Otoscope exams will be held by appointment!

    Chris YoungbloodHearing Instrument


    the Dosta Playhouse, home of the Theatre Guild Valdosta, brings the excitement of live theater to Valdosta year round. Check out some of this years upcoming shows, and dont forget to enjoy the Theatre Guilds Downtown Dinner and a Show pro-gram! Be seated by 6 p.m. at any of the participating restaurants downtown and receive 10 percent discount off your bill!

    a Revival of Driving Miss Daisy: The show will be playing in late august for a weekend at the Dosta Playhouse. This years stage will be

    graced with the same great cast from years past: Dr. John Gaston, Dean of the College of the Arts at VSU, Robert Hatton, local pharmacist and Joanne Griner as Miss Daisy!

    the Dixie Swim club: Dont miss this humorous and poignant produc-tion, telling the story of female col-lege friends who gather once a year to catch up on each others lives. The story, which is in the genre of Steel Magnolias, will keep you laughing throughout the performance. The show is part of the 2013-14 season and will be coming to the stage January 2014.

    Golden Stagers Performance: The Theatre Guild Valdostas senior players will be choosing a special show to be performed later this year. The show will be a done in the entertaining readers theater style.

    For information on tickets,dates, membership opportunities,

    patron packages anda list of this

    seasons shows,

    or call229-247-8243.

    Come Out and Celebrate the Theatre Guild Valdostas 25th Season, 2013-14!

    30 CONNECTION 2013

  • Many people attempt to engineer their own estate plan by not leav-ing any property in their name when they die. They use tools such as beneficiary designations, pay-able on death provisions or named beneficiaries on retirement accounts to simplify the settlement of their estate. While these techniques can be useful, one area where this approach can do much more harm than good is real property. Adding another name as a joint owner to a piece of property (legally known as Joint tenancy with rights of survivorship) or completely transferring ownership of the proper-ty can open the door to tax and other problems for homeowners and their loved ones. One of the biggest motivators for creating a joint tenancy or transfer-ring property is the desire to prevent the property from having to go through probate. While either tech-nique will avoid probate, they may cause a large capital gains tax liability. Generally, inherited property receives much better tax treatment than property the owner gives away before he or she dies. Inherited property can often be sold with no capital gains tax. Property received as a gift is taxed on gains made above the cost paid by the original owner. This can result in a large tax bill for property held for a long time that has increased in value, such as a home.

    Another pitfall of this type of do-it-yourself estate planning is that property transferred as a gift can be used to satisfy creditor clams. If a fa-ther transfers part or all of the title to his home to his son, the home can be used to satisfy current or future claims against the son resulting from law-suits, divorce, medical bills or some other reason. Anxiety about the costs of long-term care is another common reason for transferring a home. Homeowners may want to spend down wealth in order to qualify for government assistance or out of fear that the state will later take the house to recover the cost of benefits. In addition to other typesof problemsgifts could create, if the transfer is made within the five years prior to

    applying for assistance, the applica-tion will likely be denied. As far as the state recovering against the house later, the most im-portant rule to remember is that the state will not force the sale of a home that is still being used as a residence by the homeowners spouse. Most people want to transfer their wealth as simply as possible. However, it is important to have the right guid-ance to keep good intentions from leading to unanticipated problems for yourself and for those you love the most.

    Should I sign my House over to my

    Kids?By Walt Moody

    Specializing in: Wills, Trusts & EstatesProbate & Trust Settlement Asset ProtectionLong-Term Care Planning Business Planning

    2904G North Patterson Street Valdosta, GA 31602(229) 460-3035

    One of the biggest motivators for creating a joint tenancy or transferring property is the desire to prevent the property fromhaving to go through probate.

    CONNECTION 2013 31

  • Baytree Pizza**607 Baytree Road, Suite C229.253.0634

    C.J.s Pub & Pool1201 Baytree Road229.333.0903

    Jimmy Johns1337 Baytree Road229.333.9747

    Mannys Sub Shop1211 Baytree Road229.249.0050

    306 North310 N. Patterson Street229.249.5333

    bas bleu121 N. Patterson Street229.244.2248

    bleu PUB116 West Hill Avenue229.219.2289

    City Market101 N. Patterson Street229.219.0007

    Covingtons Dining& Catering**310 N. Patterson Street229.242.2261

    Dairy Queen701 N. Ashley Street229.242.4095

    El Cazador1600 N. Ashley Street229.333.0554

    Giulios Greek Italian105 E. Ann Street229.333.092920% from 5 -6 p.m.10% at other times

    Hibachi Express1701 N. Ashley Street229.244.8880

    Jessies Eats and Treats**111 West Central Avenue229.247.4670

    Kentucky Fried Chicken1203 N. Ashley Street229.247.2395

    McDonalds715 S. Patterson Street229.671.9908

    Steel Magnolias132 N. Patterson Street229.259.0010

    Church Street [email protected] Hahira107 S. Church Street229.794.3383

    McDonalds @ Lake Park7207 Lakes Blvd.229.559.9552

    Sonnys Real Pit Bar-B-Q**@ Lake Park1088 Lakes Blvd.229.241.8090

    The Fish Net [email protected] Lake Park3949 Sportsman Cove Rd.229.559.5410

    Applebees1301 N. St. Augustine Road229.241.9933

    Austins Cattle Co.2101 West Hill Avenue229.259.9333

    Azaleas Restaurant& Lounge**1805 West Hill Avenue229.247.950010% Senior Discount off Menu. Does not includealcoholic beverages

    Beijing Cafe1715-C Norman Drive229.253.0808

    Blimpie Subs & Salads414 Northside Drive229.245.1885

    Bojangles1725 West Hill Avenue229.242.4202Senior drinks for .39 cent

    HaHira & LakePark area

    HiLL avenue & MaLL area

    Downtown area

    D i n i n g g u i D e

    Baytree area

    You wont gohungry with this

    dining guide!Restaurants in red offer

    discounts to Seniors.

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  • *Red = Offers Senior Discounts


    SweetS anD treatS,BakerieS & More

    Buffalo Wild Wings1553 Baytree Road229.241.7246

    Cheddars Casual Cafe270 Norman Drive229.247.5551

    Chick-fil-A1100 N. St. Augustine Road229.247.2625

    Chow Town Grill & Buffet1550 Baytree Road229.293.0642

    Cracker Barrel OldCountry Store1195 St. Augustine Road229.244.5258

    Crystal River Seafood958 St. Augustine Road229.249.9515

    Dairy Queen1836 West Hill Avenue229.242.5446

    Dennys Restaurant1328 N. St. Augustine Road229.253.9388

    Fazolis1307 N. St. Augustine Road229.241.7780

    Honey Baked Ham**1601 Baytree Road229.244.6833

    IHOP of Valdosta1821 West Hill Avenue229.249.8444

    Kentucky Fried Chicken1300 N. St. Augustine Road229.242.2145

    Longhorn Steakhouse1110 N. St. Augustine Road229.333.0100

    McDonalds1177 St. Augustine Road229.251.1457

    McDonalds1840 West Hill Avenue229.671.9883

    Mori Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar1709 Norman Drive229.244.5299

    Ole Times Country Buffet1193 N. St. Augustine Road229.253.1600

    Olive Garden1315 St. Augustine Road229.244.9990

    Outback Steak House1824 Clubhouse Drive229.242.4329

    Sonic Drive In1520 West Hill Avenue229.671.9571

    Sonnys Real Pit Bar-B-Q**1701 Norman Drive229.241.8090

    Texas Roadhouse1874 Clubhouse Drive229.242.7700

    Zaxbys**1102 N. St. Augustine Road229.254.0799

    Applebees3254 Inner Perimeter Road229.257.0003

    Burger King4464 Shiloh Road229.247.6593

    Chicken Salad Chick3249 North Oak St. EXT.229.848.3190

    Chick-fil-A @ North Valdosta3147 Inner Perimeter Road229.245.0144

    Dairy Queen & Stuckeys4598 N. Valdosta Road229.219.7772

    Hungry Howies Pizza118A Northside Drive229.242.6936

    Kentucky Fried Chicken1406 N. Ashley Street229.247.0666

    Marcos Pizza4320 Kings Way229.245.9595

    McDonalds4109 Bemiss Road229.671.9940

    McDonalds2102 N. Ashley Street229.671.9833

    McDonalds4185 N. Valdosta Road229.242.8444

    Papa Johns/SARPJ2139 Bemiss Road229.241.1000

    Rodeo Mexican Restaurant2801 N. Ashley Street229.671.1866

    Smokn Pig B-B-Q**4228 N. Valdosta Road229.245.8227

    Southern LandingRestaurant4479 N. Valdosta Road229.247.0366

    Subway4622 Bemiss Road229.245.8090

    SurEste Cantina3209 B. North Oak St. Ext.229.249.0057

    The Egg & I Restaurant4421 Woodhollow Circle229.333.296010% Senior Discount

    Two Friends Cafe& Market3338-B Country Club Drive229.242.3282

    Wooden Nickel Pub 3269 Inner Perimeter Road229.247.7750

    Zaxbys**3250 Inner Perimeter Road229.219.0402

    Brusters Real Ice Cream3100 N. Patterson Street229.333.2346

    Ellianos Coffee Company108 E. Northside Drive229.671.1003

    PammyCakes (Bakery)1900 E. Gornto Road229.249.9866

    Smallcakes (Bakery)3209-A N. Oak St. Ext.662.889-4444

    The Beanery CoffeeRoasters1009 1/2 Williams Street229.242.1979

    Ahh...David! R. S. V. P.**112 West Rogers Street229.242.3425

    Chartwells**1500 N. Patterson Street229.333-7823

    Sparkles Weddings &Special Events**3715 N. Valdosta Road #155229.232.4825

    SuMMit Point & nortH vaLDoSta area

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  • Modern seniors ages 50 to 100 chuckle at the defini-tion of retirement: To withdraw from office, business, or active life, usually because of age. They know that Retirees, they are a-changing, to paraphrase Bob Dylans song. While many seniors do retire, many members of the 50-plus gen-eration are so busy that they wonder how they ever found time to work full-time. Some start second careers; others travel the world; still oth-ers volunteer, and many choose to return to school to earn a degree, sometimes through the 62+ program for eligible Georgians, which allows seniors to take classes without paying most of the normal fees and tuition. While all seniors want to keep learning, most dont want to take tests or to do homework. To fulfill both wishes, many seek out the VSU learning in Retirement (lIR) pro-gram which provides 50-plus seniors of all educational levels both the

    coursework and the camaraderie they desire in a friendly, laid-back setting. Dr. Julie Halter, VSU Director of Continuing Education says, People understand that there is a value in life-long learning. At LIR, learning is going on when taking tours and par-ticipating in dance, yoga, and other physical activities. When you take classes and talk about ideas, you feel better. In 1995 Dr. John Beale, who had seen a similar program elsewhere, and former VSU President Hugh Bailey set up LIR as part of Elder Hos-tel. It offers life-long learning, cultural growth, and recreation. At its incep-tion, volunteers taught basic comput-er, along with a few other courses, like art appreciation. Approximately 30 people participated in that first term. Hubert Hintzen, a charter member of LIR, said, It keeps the brain of an older person active. There are many things Id like to learn and so many places Id like to see. Members who travel bring in their slides and show their trips. They give you their personal approach. Theyve been there; theyve seen places

    like Easter Island, the

    Galapagos, and Antarctica. I know I will never get to the Antarctic, but I get to see it through their eyes, Hintzen added. Approximately 250 people partici-pate during each of the three terms, and many of the newer members are getting younger. Even if they are not fully retired, Third Agers are active adults who are reinventing them-selves. They still have a third of their lives. People are healthier; theyre living longer, and they want to be involved, Dr. Halter explained. Computer courses are still offered every term. Members always brag

    By Alice DeVane

    34 CONNECTION 2013

    Seniors havingfun at a Learning In Retirementyoga class.

    Learning inRetirement

  • CONNECTION 2013 35

    on the computer teacher, Deb-bie Seko, saying, Shes so patient; she talks to us on our level; she is so great with us dum-dums. Seko doesnt mind teaching the same course to the same people for two or more times, and she probably agrees with Halter who says, My heroes are those students 80 to 90 years old who are learning comput-ers with the attitude that I finally have time, so go for it! For $45 a term members can now go for approximately 100 different courses and tours. Courses include: arts and leisure; health and fitness; tours and miscellaneous; history, social studies, science, and nature; computers, and special activities. When members suggest courses and tours, the curriculum commit-tee finds instructors and sets the schedules. Suzanne Ewing, long time LIR Coordinator, said, Members are thrilled to have all the volunteer instructors willing to share their time with them and want them to come back and teach again. In ad-dition, instructors praise the mem-bers. One professor suggested that hed rather teach LIR members than many of his students because they are attentive, want to learn and are happy and excited to be in class. One course members dont want to miss is View of the News, dealing with news and current events of-fered each term; its always full. The instructor, Dr. James la Plant, and the members like to interact, argue, debate and keep their minds alert, necessary to maintaining a healthy mind. Other instructors include VSU professors, local professionals, tal-ented artists and artisans from the area, as well as LIR members who

    share their talents, career choices, interests, and hobbies. anne Gunter, 81, said, I love LIR because I get to share my passion for finding new authors with oth-ers who like to read as much as I do. Giving and getting help for other seniors is what LIR is all about, as well as rekindling old friendships and forging new ones. The growth in classes also hap-pens through the grapevine at the university or in the community. Dr. leslie Jones, Science Education, has offered hands-on, sometimes con-troversial courses about evolution and genetics of race, and members beg her to return. In addition to classes, members take 15 to 20 tours each term, most in Lowndes County and the sur-rounding area. They can see tilapia, herb or olive farms, wineries, a water treatment plant, crime lab, fire and police departments, museums and parks. By carpooling, non-driving members get to visit places like Wakulla Springs, Gainesvilles Butter-fly Rainforest, Albanys Flint River-quarium, and Tiftons Agrirama and to absorb history, art, and science. LIR begins its term with a lun-cheon, general meeting and en-

    tertainment from outside performers or members. Talented songstress and member annette ONeal has performed, and LIR drama members present plays, under the direction of Diane tovar who also directs Little Actors Theater. Tovar, also past president of LIR, explained, Ive had several folks who had seen plays, but never had the op-portunity to be in one until

    LIR. I get a thrill out of watching the actors put it together and pull off their show. All of us truly love to entertain. lynn and Jim Jennings have enjoyed the interaction and sup-port they receive through LIR. Lynn explained, LIR gave us an opportu-nity to meet people, to partake of all the wonderful classes and tours, and to become familiar with the area. We found out just before we got here that Jim has Alzheimers. So many people have been so sup-portive, just allowing us to be a part of LIR, to see people, and to be able to interact. Everybody has been so patient. Im not sure what our situa-tion would be without LIR. The young-at-heart LIR mem-bers, who often have the aches and pains of aging, support each other, befriend each other, share their joys and woes, learn together, and fill each others lives with caring, excite-ment and fun. They accept anyone 50 plus who wishes to join their active family, but warn them that LIR is not for the faint-hearted. It takes work and energy to keep up with its members who are the youngest, most active 50 to 95 year olds in the world; well, maybe Valdosta!

    Mission Statement:Learning in Retirement (LIR) is an organization for individuals 50 years of age and above that provides a unique opportunity for cultural growth, lifelong learning, and recreation.

    For More Information visit or 229.245.6484

  • 1When families and their senior loved ones select an assisted living community, its a life changing decision. The deci-sion involves several sensitive issues such as money, health and unique personal preferences. You want to get it right the first time. It can be such an intimidating choice that many families camp on Hesitation Hill and postpone a decision because of their fear of making the wrong choice. For-tunately, the decision becomes easier as you expand your knowledge. Fellowship Home has been help-ing families in the midst of these tough decisions since 1978. Here are some common mistakes we see families make when searching for as-sisted living and suggestions on how to avoid them:

    Not Facing RealityAbout Current orFuture Needs

    Its important to balance optimism with realistic expectations. Be real-istic about you or your loved ones current care needs as well as their an-ticipated care needs. Ideally, you will choose a community that is equipped to provide care now and in the future as your loved one ages. This is called aging in place. If your loved one has mild dementia symptoms, it may be wise to choose a community where

    specialized memory care is available, even if its not necessary at the pres-ent time. Families often come to us for assistance after initially choosing a facility that was not capable of offer-ing the level of services required. Take a look at the health issues your parent has now, and then consider what sup-port they might need in the future. Moving a loved one from facility to facility can not only be burdensome and costly to your family, it can also negatively impact the senior, particu-larly a loved one who has dementia, which makes adapting to changes especially difficult.

    Judging a Bookby its Cover

    People provide care, not fancy buildings and furniture. An attrac-tive setting can be very important, however, quality of care is not some-thing you can detect just by driving past to see how green the grass is or by walking in the front door to gauge the quality of the atmosphere and whether or not it smells nice. After doing all the comparison and analysis you can, trust your gut instinct about which option is best for your situation. It is also beneficial to take time during your visits, if you have the opportu-

    nity, to speak privately with residents and staff about their level of satisfac-tion. Happy staff are usually more caring staff, and a community full of cheerful residents is a very good sign. Before making a commitment, you might also consider arranging a respite stay or day only stay at a community your family is exploring. Fellowship Home offers short-term accommodations and also provides adult day services which can provide the family caregiver much needed relief, while giving them a chance to test the waters before moving com-pletely in.

    Placing FamilyConvenience Overthe Best Fit

    Another mistake that we have seen families make is overemphasizing the importance of finding the closest community possible. Sometimes the adult child chooses the nearest com-munity based on the intention of visit-ing their parent everyday. Remember your parent will be engaged in many activities at the community and visit-ing every day is usually an unrealistic expectation to put on yourself. Go with the best fit.

    Assisted Living Choosing The BEST Fit and Avoiding The Most Common Mistakes

    2 3

    36 CONNECTION 2013

    By John LaHood

  • Making a DecisionUnder Pressure

    Earlier we noted that some families become so overwhelmed with the choice that they need to make that they dont make a decision at all. They are in such a rush to resolve a difficult crisis that they choose the very first open room they find in the very first facility they visit. We recommend that families visit more than one senior living community before making a decision, so that they can form a clear picture of the options that are avail-able, how communities differ from one another and what makes each community unique. In order to make a good choice you need options.

    Selecting a Community Fit for the Parent of Yesteryear Instead of the Parent of Today

    a Place For Mom is a senior care refer-ral service, which uses a story in the book, Family Caregivers by Joan lun-den, as she described a mistake that she made while searching for care for her mother with advanced dementia. I first moved my mom into a fancy-

    schmancy assisted living facility. In my mind, it was a beautiful place where my mom belonged. I thought she would be able to go downstairs to the dining room and be a social butterfly with other seniors and then retreat to a beautifully decorated apartment where she could entertain friends. The problem with my well-meaning plan was that I was making arrangements for the mom that I used to know, and not who she had become. My mom now couldnt remember who people were, would get frightened when taken downstairs to the dining hall and was afraid of being left alone in an apartment (no matter how pretty it looked). It might be similarly misguid-ed for a family to choose a commu-nity for reasons that may have been important when younger but now is memory impaired or has other special care needs. In conclusion, choosing a commu-nity that is the best fit for your loved ones current and future situation can make the aging process a much better experience and can help you avoid many of the most common mistakes families tend to make when they do not plan appropriately.

    Fellowship Home has been providing local, personalized assistance to families in need of senior living services across South Georgia for 35 years. We can help families evaluate is-sues such as care requirements, finances and amenity prefer-ences. Where else can you find the unique amenities, personal care that allows aging in place, environment and fellowship that is specifically tailored to senior living?

    From our family to yours

    welcome home!

    470 Fellowship Home LaneValdosta, GA 31602



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