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©2015 albert-learning.com Travelling By Train Saturday the 3rd of March. One-way or return?

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One-way or return?
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Travelling By Train
That’s fine
Okay, that will be £52. How would you like to pay, cash or credit card?
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Yaa sure
Thank you very much. Here is your one-way ticket to London on the 3rd of March at 11:15am.
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Role play
Paul Ryefield : What time does the next train to London leave?
Railway Station Clerk : At 16:35, from platform 8.
Paul Ryefield : Is it a direct train to London?
Railway Station Clerk : No, you have to change trains at Birmingham.
Paul Ryefield : I see. One ticket to London, please.
Railway Station Clerk : Single or return, sir?
Paul Ryefield : Single, please.
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Railway Station Clerk : Here´s your ticket and change, sir.
Paul Ryefield : Thanks for your help.
Railway Station Clerk : My pleasure. Have a good day
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Travelling By Train
Read through the dialogue and see if you can unscramble the pink words, all of them are words related to train stations and journeys.
Jenny: Hello, could you help me please. I need to get a train to Barnham but I can't see it on the pratderues board.
Andrew: To get to Barnham you need to take the train to Bognor Regis.
Jenny: Ok, what time does that leave?
Andrew: It should leave at midday but I'm afraid it's ten minutes yedelda.
Jenny: Oh dear I'm already so elat!
Andrew: These things happen I'm afraid.
Jenny: I suppose so. Which fromptla does it leave from?
Andrew: Fifteen.
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Andrew: Certainly. Would you like a sngile or a return?
Jenny: A day return please, I need to come back this evening.
Andrew: No problems. That will be £10.50 please.
Jenny: Don't I get a sidcuont for the train being delayed?
Andrew: Sorry no.
Andrew: Thank you, here's 50p enchag.
Jenny: Thanks for your pleh.
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1.'pratderues' is  departures 2.'yedelda' is delayed 3.'elat' is late 4.'fromptla' is platform 5.'tcikte' is ticket 6.'sngile' is single 7.'sidcuont' is discount
8.'enchag' is change 9.'pleh' is help
a) Ticket b) Train c) Change