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  • 2018 Retiree

    Open Enrollment

    Open Enrollment is your opportunity

    to make changes to your benefit

    elections for the upcoming year.

    Your current benefits coverage will

    carry forward into 2018 unless you

    make a change during Open


    2018 Open Enrollment Checklist

    Read the enclosed 2018 Retiree Open Enrollment Guide. It includes an overview of changes to coverage and open enrollment information.

    Visit the Aerospace Retirees Portal at retirees.aerospace.org for a detailed 2018 Retiree Medical Plan Comparison Chart for each Pre-65

    and Post-65 medical plan.

    Check the enclosed 2018 Retiree Monthly Cost-Sharing Sheet for updated medical rates for Pre-65 and Post-65 medical plans. Rates are

    also available at the Aerospace Retirees Portal (retirees.aerospace.org).

    Decide if you want to make coverage changes for 2018:

    TO MAKE CHANGES FOR 2018 (change medical plan or

    add/delete eligible dependents):

    Complete the appropriate medical enrollment form posted on the

    Aerospace Retirees Portal (retirees.aerospace.org) and submit the form to

    Employee Benefits no later than November 16, 2017. See page 14 of the

    enclosed Guide for the Aerospace Employee Benefits mailing address.

    IF YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANY CHANGES to your medical plan

    and not adding or deleting eligible dependents, you do NOT need to

    complete any forms. Do not send forms if you are not making any


    Questions? Call Aerospace Employee Benefits at

    310.336.5107 or 800.458.3892

    Important Updates for 2018

    Non-Medicare (Pre-65): Medical Plans

    Copay and Prescription changes have been updated for the Non-

    Medicare (Pre-65) retiree medical plans. Please refer to the Retiree

    Open Enrollment Guide for more details.


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