28-Art History Sanchi Stupa

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28-Art History Sanchi Stupa


Art from Maurya Period, The great Stupa of Sanchi Instruction: Go to Wikipedia.org and search for text The great Stupa of Sanchi read and paste the information related to Stupa of Sanchi and answer the following questions.

The Stupa is the largest Stupa at Sanchi which is known as Mahastupa made of Sand stone built during the time of Ashoka dated 3rd CBC measuring 36 meters in diameter. It was excavated from Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh. It is believed that a portion of the relics of Sakyamini Buddha was kept inside the Stupa and during the second half of 1st CBC the Satavahanas erected the four beautifully carved toranas or Gateways.

1.The relics of ______________ was kept inside the Stupa2.The largest Stupa of Sanchi is known as ____________ and is made of ______________.3.The four toranas were erected by the ____________ .