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30 SECONDS. Take a look at me. Size me up, judge me, make some assumptions about who you think I am based on your very limited exposure to me. DISCUSSION. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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30 SECONDSTake a look at me. Size me up, judge me, make some assumptions about who you think I am based on your very limited exposure to me.DISCUSSIONIn your school team, discuss what is problematic about the student discipline anecdote that I shared with you from my high school experience.5 minutes

*illogical relationship between behavior and consequence*no attempt to understand the behavior*held me accountable for the behavior without addressing the real problem*no sustained support structure discipline as event, not process*discipline code allowed no room for thoughtful decision making4DIAGNOSING THE PROBLEMCut school- consequence was not being allowed to come to schoolWe dont know why he cut school- might be a deeper causeOutcome of discipline policy = loss of learningWhat does Jim learn from the consequence?Principles, not Practices6Learning and growth is the point of student discipline not justiceOrganizing around learning means making every structure you have about learning not just the academic ones7Student discipline has to be directly tied to a positive vision of student behavior and school cultureIt cant just be about the things you dont want to see at some point you have to think about how to build. How can the process of disciplining students be a part of creating a positive school culture?8The consequences assigned to a student should be logically connected to the students behavior Being logically connected means you have to both understand the behavior and its motives. Making a kid cleanup up the classroom after they knock over a bookshelf doesnt equip them with tools to help them better manage their anger.9Shift the responsibility for solving the problem from the adult to the studentThis parallels the shift you make at the instructional level with PBL get comfortable letting students struggle. Deciding on a consequence for the student bails them out you have exempted them from responsibility for fixing what they broke.10Alternative discipline begins with investing in your relationships with studentsThis means that you have to treat discipline as a process, not an eventIs every relationship in your school reflective of Trust, Respect, and Responsibility11Principles, not PracticesFocused on learningLinked to a positive vision of school cultureInvests in and builds relationshipsConsequences are logically connected to behaviorsStudents take responsibility for solving the problem

12DISCUSSIONExamine your schools discipline policy in the context of these principles. In what ways do your policies, practices, and structures reflect those principles?In what ways do they undermine those principles?30 minutes13Next StepTake one policy, practice, or structure in your school that does not reflect those principles and re-fashion it so that it does honor them.A Couple of ResourcesSaferSanerSchools: Transforming School Culture with Restorative Practices

The Power of Our Words by Paula Denton15ResourcesNTN Quick Guide Building Positive School CultureSaferSanerSchools: Transforming School Culture with Restorative PracticesThe Power of Our Words by Paula Denton16