355 Route 973 East Cogan Station, PA 17728 .355 Route 973 East Cogan Station, PA 17728 Ph: 494

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Text of 355 Route 973 East Cogan Station, PA 17728 .355 Route 973 East Cogan Station, PA 17728 Ph: 494

  • Hepburn-Lycoming Elementary School 355 Route 973 East

    Cogan Station, PA 17728

    Ph: 494-1112

    Fax: 494-0534

    Visit us at our web site - www.wasd.org


    Dr. Williams


    Mrs. Phillips


    Mrs. Null

    Instructional Support

    Mrs. Hornberger Secretary

    Mrs. Grieco Nurse

    Mrs. Colvin Health Room Tech



    It is the policy of the Wil-

    liamsport Area School

    District not to discriminate

    on the basis of race, color,

    national origin, sex or

    handicap in its educational -

    vocational programs or

    employment as required by

    Title IX. Section 504 and

    Title VI. For information

    regarding civil rights and

    grievance procedures con-


    Director Human Resources

    Williamsport Area School


    201 West Third Street

    Williamsport, PA 17701

    Ph: 327-5500, Ext. 3541

    At the time I am writing this letter, we have just finished our first week of PSSA test-

    ing. At this point, the students in grades three, four, and five have completed two

    math and one reading test. Next week we will complete two reading and our final

    math test. I have been very impressed by our students diligence and persever-

    ance during our initial week of testing. I am so proud of our students and want to

    thank you the parents for sending them to school prepared with a good breakfast

    and lots of love and good wishes. By the time you read this article, the testing will

    be complete. Sometime in June, I will receive the preliminary unofficial results of

    the testing with final scores being mailed to us during the first semester of the 2011

    -12 school year. Hepburn-Lycoming has been awarded the Keystone Award for

    achieving adequate yearly progress (AYP) since 2000 when the award was initi-

    ated. I am expecting that this year will be an award-winning year as well.

    I want to let you as parents know that the academic year is far from over. The stu-

    dents often think because the PSSA test is complete, so is their academic year. We

    have the entire fourth marking period to complete which begins on March 28.

    Many of our grade level benchmarks and standards are taught during fourth mark-

    ing period. Please reinforce to your child that the learning will continue through

    June 8 when we say goodbye and begin summer break. Until then, despite Little

    League, soccer, etc., the academics will continue. Please make sure that you con-

    tinue to create the time in your busy schedule for your childs daily homework and


    We have many great events coming in the spring. Please plan to attend the PTO

    meeting on Thursday evening, April 7, at 7:00 p.m. in the multi-purpose room. We

    have a great Earth Day Celebration planned for April 21 and our first all-school

    field day planned for June 1st. Much parental help will be needed with both events

    so please be involved and come to the PTO meeting to see where you can help. I

    will look forward to seeing you on April 7th.


  • Row 1-10

    Railey Riley

    Kam Rogers

    Rodney coup

    Julianna Hess

    Levi Roush

    Tanner Hostrander

    Adam Aldenderfer

    Blake DeBrody

    Mitchell McManus

    Dominic Fischetti

    Row 11-20

    Madison Satterfield

    Chase Fulmer

    Baelie Merrill

    Matthew Tebbs

    Zach Tagliaboski

    Jocelyn Miller

    Alan Cortright

    Alex Weber

    Sam Miiller

    Olivia Gair

    Row 51-60

    Julian Kiessling

    Emily Esposito

    Morgan Reinsel

    Lily Corter

    Hailey Kinley

    Liza Hughes

    Dameyn James

    Makenna Stryker

    Zakary Rothra

    Brady McKinney

    During the months of December, January and February I had a display in the library

    that featured Jan Bretts books. It was in conjunction with our emphasis on The Gift

    of Reading. It was amazing for me to see how our students enjoyed her books. As

    soon as the books were returned to the display, they were checked out once again by

    another student. Some students even tried to check out my personal collection that was

    displayed beneath the trees.

    Jan Brett is truly a gifted author and illustrator. Each time I reread one of her books, I

    notice more details that I had not noticed before in the illustrations that give enriching

    detail to her captivating stories. Our library recently acquired one of her new books entitled The Easter Egg. The

    book begins Cheer-up! Cheer-up! Spring is here! I read those words as another snow storm is predicted for to-

    morrow. The beautiful illustration of the spring robin and Hoppi the bunny did cheer me up. Hoppi is about to

    create his first Easter egg. The rabbit who creates the winning egg, as judged by the Easter Bunny himself, gets

    the honor of helping hide all of the eggs for the boys and girls to find on Easter morning. Hoppi sets off on an ad-

    venture through the woods, visiting all of the other rabbits to see their creations. When he is about to begin his

    egg creation, his plans take a sudden turn in action that will quite surprise the reader.

    We have been concentrating on character development through emphasizing caring and trustworthiness the last

    few months. This text is an excellent illustration of both traits. I would encourage you to read this book with your

    child. The illustrations will captivate you and the story will thrill you. It is a book for both young and intermedi-

    ate children. It is a new publication so it is not an AR title but well worth reading. As always, I will look for you

    in the library!

    On Friday, March 14, 10 names were drawn at random for the weekly Gold Medal Awards. When the students drew

    their number for the 100 Chart three rows filled all within minutes. The thirty students named above spent an hour

    bowling with Dr. Williams, complete with a healthy snack and drink.


  • The spring book fair will be held Monday April 18 -

    Thursday April 21. All students will have the opportu-

    nity to visit the fair with their class during lunch (a

    schedule will be sent home so you'll know which day

    your child will becoming to the fair). You can send in

    money or a check payable to Hepburn PTO with your

    child on their assigned day, and friendly parent volun-

    teers will help your child select their books. This is a

    Buy One - Get One Free event so for every book your

    child buys, he or she may get an additional item of the

    same or less value FREE! There will also be a Family

    Night on Wednesday April 20, from 6:00 - 8:00

    pm. This is a chance for you and your family to shop

    for books together.

    We will need parent volunteers to help staff the book

    fair. If you would like to help, please call Vicki Stea

    at 998-2021 or Cheri Carson at 435-0340.

    April 4 and 5 Parent Teacher Conferences

    No School

    April 7 PTO Meeting 7:00 pm

    April 21, 25, & 26 Snow makeup days

    School is in session

    April 22 Spring Break

    No School

    Many items such as coats, sweatshirts, hats, gloves,

    lunchboxes, etc. have been collected in the lost and

    found box.

    We will be displaying these items on tables in the of-

    fice hallway during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

    Please take time to see if your child has lost any of

    these items.

    Shana and Zoey Myers are very involved with LAPS ( Lycoming

    Animal Protection Society) and gave students the opportunity to

    donate $1 in order to purchase canned goods for the shelter. Stu-

    dents filled out a printed shamrock with their name on it and it was

    placed on the wall outside the office. The shamrocks went to the

    shelter for display at the end of March. A total of $193 was raised

    for LAPS. Thanks to all who donated and especially to Shana and

    Zoey for their work at the shelter and organizing this wonderful


    Set aside time this month to share a good book with

    your child. Have your child pick out a book for you to

    read and you pick out a book for them to read. Visit

    the local libraries such as the James V Brown, Lycom-

    ing College, or Penn College Libraries. Walt Disney

    once said There is more treasure in books than in all

    the pirate's loot on Treasure Island. Let your adven-

    ture begin today! Happy Reading!

  • Physical Education News

    Fitness Fanatic Club- The students who turned in papers for February where:

    Layla Waldman, Iscah Rinkleman, Brady Umstead, Jackie Snyder Levi Roush, Rebecca Carson, and Domanic Randall.

    Fun in the gym with Scooters

    3. The Lycoming Fitness Challenges winners are: Jackie Snyder, Lauren Early, Delaney Heller, Emma Dickey, Janelle Early, Oliver Shelman, Cameron Dickey,

    Adam Aldenderfer, Ben Manetta, Jeffery Beagle, Devin Gray, Alec Dickey, Gabe Manetta, Lauren Sauers, Alexis

    Carnevale, Austin Reese, Jasmine Inners.

    Below are some of the winners with their prizes:

  • My name is Pam Borek I am a senior at

    Lock Haven University majoring in ele-

    mentary education. I am student teaching

    in Mrs. Rhinehart's fif