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  • 40k Team Tournament

    Description / Background Do you love the chaos and fray of 4 armies per table fought over beautiful themed terrain? Do you love playing 40k with a buddy but aren't looking for hardcore 40k? This team tournament doesn't aim to use comp to restrict what type of army you bring, but rather we give guidelines and review the lists ahead of time to ensure that the armies are about the same level. This gentlemen's agreement, all players are to submit their team's lists (must be submitted by September 30th, 2017 to fyrblckdragon@gmail.com). These will be printed out and attached to your rules packets at event registration. This event will follow the Matched Play style of 8th edition Warhammer 40k, with teams having one (1250) point list per player submitted ahead of time for review. Codices, Codex Supplements and Indices that are released prior to September 30th,

  • 2017 will be allowed in this event. Forge World indices WILL be allowed in this event. Fortifications are allowed in this event and will use the updated rules presented in the

    indices or codices released prior to September 30th, 2017. Army lists will be pre-printed for you, and attached to your rules packet. Submission of

    army lists is required by September 30th, 2017 to fyrblckdragon@gmail.com The Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Rules and all relevant Games Workshop Errata

    and FAQs will be used. In the case of a conflict between a printed and digital versions, the most recent update or FAQ will take precedence.

    Each player must bring a Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, the most currently published rules for all units represented in their army and all materials needed to play a game/report the results - including dice, measuring devices, and a writing implement.

    All players are expected to abide by the Dragon-Fall Conduct Policy. The models used in your army must comply with the Dragon-Fall Model Policy (all

    models MUST be WYSIWYG and 3-colors). If illegal units or rules violations are found in a player's list, at a minimum, the models in

    violation will be removed from all subsequent play. Tournament points may be deducted and award eligibility may be forfeited. Likely we will catch these ahead of time and provide feedback on your list submission.

    Dragon-Fall Tournament Judges' and Officers' rulings are final and arguments or poor conduct by players will not be tolerated. Dragon-Fall reserves the right to remove players from the event or Dragon-Fall itself with no refunds allowed.

    Army Construction 1250 points per player / 2500 per team Matched Play. Each team must fit their units into a single Army. There must be one Team Warlord and one Team Lieutenant (Warlord for second player) designated on the army lists. In other words, each player controls a distinct set of units, and in total they must fit within one Battalion (3-6 Troops, 2-3 HQ, 0-6 Elite, 0-3 Heavy, 0-3 Fast, 0-2 Flyers) plus one optional additional detachment. Units must be WYSIWYG, and wargear / power selections must be noted on the submitted lists.

  • Games Missions will all have primary, secondary and tertiary victory conditions. Tertiary conditions will not apply to battle score, but will be there for some fun awards. Terrain will be fixed in each game there will be a variety of table densities so plan accordingly. Fortifications must be placed without moving terrain whenever possible. If this isn't possible, please call a judge over to move/remove a piece of terrain to make room.

    (Tentative) Schedule

    Saturday October 21st, 2017 8am-8:50am Check-in 8:50 Table Assignments 9:00am-11:15am Round 1 11:30am-12:45pm Lunch/Paint-Theme Judging 1:00pm-3:15pm Round 2 3:15pm-3:35pm Break 3:45pm- 6:00pm Round 3 6:15pm Awards Pairings first round will be seeded randomly. Second round will be Upper half position to Lower Half position on score (so with 10 players, rank 1 team plays rank team 5, 2 vs 6 and so on), and last round will be pure battle score pairs (1 vs 2, 3 vs 4 and so on).

    Scoring and Awards There are 125 Points available divided up as follows: 60 Battle 40 Sportsmanship 25 Paint and Theme

  • Battle Points There are 15 points available from the primary victory condition each round and 5 points available from the secondary victory conditions. Scenarios will not be all W/L/D. Tertiary conditions will be mostly keyword based as follows and have a tracker on the score sheets: Headhunter (Number of Characters killed) Bodyguard (Number of Characters alive) Gremlin (Number of Vehicles killed) Flag Master (Number of Charges executed successfully)

    Sportsmanship This is a Friendly Tournament. As you will see, awards are mostly team based, and any swag will be raffled, not given out for a specific award. So, dont be a dick, there is no reason for it! Have a good time. List Submission by September 30th: 10 points. This is important so that we can get the rules packets produced, and that we have time to check lists for accuracy. Each round there will be a checklist worth up to 7 points: 1. Would you voluntarily play your opponents again? YES/NO 2. Did your opponents resolve rule disputes/questions in an amicable manner? YES/NO 3. Did your opponents play at a timely pace? YES/NO 4. Did your opponents measure accurately? YES/NO 5. Were your opponents on time and prepared to play with all needed items? YES/NO 6. Did the winner offer to buy a round after the game? YES/NO 7. Did you have fun? YES/NO Best Sportsmanship Voting: After the 3rd game, players will choose their two favorite opponents from the tournament and rank them Best Sportsman and Runner-up Sportsman. This vote is mandatory and will be part of your final results sheet. Each Best Sportsman vote a player receives is worth three (3) Best Sportsmanship points. Each Runner-up Sportsman vote a player receives is worth one (1) Best Sportsmanship point. A player can earn up to 9 points from Best Sportsmanship votes.

  • Theme Armies must be submitted with a brief theme description. Half a page to 2 pages max! This should describe the Grimdark story behind your army, and we encourage unit selection that matches your theme. This will be factored into your overall hobby score.

    Painting Will be scored using the attached checklist. Maximum: 25 Points. Each player will have his or her army judged by a painting judge during the course of the tournament. A player's appearance score will be calculated using the checklist below (note there are more than 25 possible points available):

    InitialOverallImpression(Circletheonethatapplies) PointsThereisatleastonemodelinthearmyunfinished.Ifsomethingisunfinishedfavorthisone. 0

    Thearmyisfullypainted,butonlytothemostbasicoftournamentrequirementsThereisstillthepossibilityofimpressivebasingorconversionwork. 6

    Armyisfullypaintedandtherehasobviouslybeeneffortputintodetailingthearmybeyondtheminimumtournamentstandard.Givebenefittowardthischoiceunlessunfinishedmodels. 12

    DisplayBase(Circletheonethatapplies) PointsNodisplaybase,RubberMaidlid,etc 0Basic,justoneflock 1Multipleflock,orpaintedwithhighlightsoneflock,framededge 2

    Multipleflock,orpaintedwithhighlightsoneflock,terrainelements,shadingandhighlightingofelements 3

    Intricatedioramathatjustwowsthejudge 4ModelBasing(Circletheonethatapplies) PointsBareplasticbases 0Basiconeflock,nopaint 1Multipleflock,orpaintedwithhighlightsoneflock,nopainting 2Multipleflockorpaintedwithhighlightsoneflock;withcleanpaintededges 3Diorama-likebaseswithhighattentiontodetail 4Theme(Circletheonethatapplies) PointsNoconversions/ArmyTyingTheme 0

    Minimal:Thearmyhassomeelementarythemeelements(head/weaponconsistency,matchedmarkings)oracoupleinterestingelements 1

  • Minor:Unitshavemulti-kitconversionsincludinghead/weaponswapsorextensivemarkings.Thisisformorethanafewmodelssuchasaunit.UnitSelectionsmakeplausiblesensetogether(shareonefactionkeyword).


    Major:Markings/conversionsarepresent,andunitsallsharemultiplekeywords(Forexample,singleindex/codexandallfromsamechapter/brigade) 3



    AdvancedSkills:ONLYjudgethissectionif12pointswereawardedonInitialOverallImpres-sion(Circletheonethatapplies) Points

    Noadvancedtechniques 0Themodelshaveabasecoatwithashadeandhighlightcolor 1

    Themodelshavebeenshadedusinglayeringwithhighlightsorblending(buttheblendingisnotseamless) 2

    Themodelshavebeenshadedusingseamlessblending 3

    ExceptionalExtras:ONLYjudgethissectionif12pointswereawardedonInitialOverallIm-pression.(CircletheonethatApplies) Points

    Noextras 0

    Thearmyhasroughfreehandwork,simpleunit/armymarkings,and/orbasicvehicleweathering 1

    Thearmyhasqualitytransferworkandcleanunit/armymarkingsandorvehicleweathering 2

    Thearmyhasstellarfreehanddetailwork(banners,army/unitsymbols,squadmarkings,etc)and/orrealisticvehicleweathering 3

    Awards There will be awards for: Overall Team (B/A/S) Warmaster (B) Gentleman (S) Headhunter (# of killed characters) Gremlin (# of destroyed vehicles) Bodyguard (# of living characters) Flag Master (# of charges) Tiebreaker will be Sportsmanship on all awards except appearance. Sportsmanship tiebreaker will be appearance/theme combined.


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