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4th grade Revising Editing Jeopardy

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Adding/ Removing Sentences Central Idea Word Choice Transitions Adding/ Removing Sentences Edit Sentences Spelling Nouns Homo-phones Wild 100 200 300 400 500

Text of 4th grade Revising Editing Jeopardy

4th grade Revising & Editing Jeopardy Adding/ Removing Sentences
Central Idea Word Choice Transitions Adding/ Removing Sentences Edit Sentences Spelling Nouns Homo-phones Wild 100 200 300 400 500 Its cold outside, but the subway is warm.
Central Idea: 100 (9) Every Wednesday, my mother and I rode that same subway train. (10) We always got off at Eighth Street and walked to my piano teachers house. (11) On that winters day and every Wednesday for several months, the cat rode the same train we did. (12) He seemed to be by himself, with no one looking after him. Tyler would like to add the following detail to the second paragraph (sentences 912). Its cold outside, but the subway is warm. Where should Tyler insert this sentence? A After sentence 10 B After sentence 11 C After sentence 12 D This sentence should not be added to this paragraph. Central Idea: 200 (1) Theres a big empty lot next to my house. (2) For years the lot had been filled with weeds. (3) When new neighbors moved in across the street, they suggested that we turn the empty lot into something special. Angela wants to add a sentence that clearly states the topic of her paper. Which of the following should Angela add after sentence 3 to accomplish this goal? A Neighbors need a way to become friends. B We decided to plant a garden. C It needed to be special for everyone. D The new neighbors had come from Chicago. Central Idea: 300 (4) Theres a bookmobile in Colombia, too, but its a little different. (5) In this South American country, a van isnt used to bring books to people. (6) Two donkeys are used instead. (7) The biblioburro is what it is. Malcolm wants to improve the topic sentence he has written at the end of the second paragraph (sentences 47). Which of the following could BEST replace sentence 7? F The biblioburro is that. G This unique bookmobile is called the biblioburro. H The donkeys are in the biblioburro. J It is a biblioburro bookmobile with donkeys and books, too. Central Idea: 400 (15) In 1917 a company called Converse invented an athletic shoe for basketball players. (16) These shoes changed the sports-shoe industry. (17) Other companies began making specific shoes for specific sports. (18) Before long, there were tennis shoes, running shoes, and baseball shoes. Devin wants to add a sentence to tell more about the idea he has expressed in sentence 15. Which of these could BEST follow and support sentence 15? A People everywhere enjoy playing and watching basketball. B This was in the beginning of the 1900s that this happened. C It had a higher top to support the ankle. D Basketball had been invented in 1891. Central Idea: 500 (27) If you travel to other countries, youll see many different styles. (28) However, in most places they arent called sneakers. (29) In England theyre called trainers. (30) In Canada theyre known as runners. (31) And in South Africa people call them tackies. Devin needs a topic sentence for the seventh paragraph (sentences 2731). Which sentence could come just before sentence 27 and help open this paragraph? A Sneakers are now worn all over the world. B A lightweight shoe is better for your foot and ankle. C In other countries there are many different styles of shoes. D There are sneakers in England, Canada, and South Africa today. Word Choice:100 (43) That night, and every night after that, Oliver snoozed in the glow of the fish tank. (44) He no longer felt lonely. (45) Mom, Dad, and Lauren was upstairs. (46) They would be back in the morning. (47) But for now he had a talkative shrimp, a funny clown fish, and a pretty coral to keep him company. (48) Oliver had found two new families, one for day and another for night. How should sentence 45 be changed? F Delete the comma after Mom G Change Dad to dad H Change was to were J No change should be made. Word Choice: 200 (1) A bookmobile is a mobile library usually found in a vehicle such as a van or a truck. (2) Bookmobiles travel around, offering books to people who live far away from public libraries. (3) Bookmobiles have been living in the United States for more than 100 years. Malcolm wants to use a more accurate word than living in sentence 3. Which of the following could BEST replace this word? A showing B coming C offering D operating Word Choice: 300 (5) Shafers house is only 89 square feet. (6) Thats about 9 feet by 10 feet. (7) It dont seem like a house that small would have room for anything except a bed, but Shafer is very creative. (8) In his tiny house he has a desk, a very small fireplace, and a living room that comfortably seats four people. (9) In the kitchen theres a single sink, a small refrigerator, and a stovetop with two burners. What change, if any, should be made in sentence 7? F Change dont to doesnt G Change anything to nothing H Delete the comma J No change should be made. Word Choice: 400 (24) Todays athletic shoes are very different from the first rubbersoled shoes. (25) Shoe manufacturers use high-tech materials to make shoes that are good for them. (26) These shoes are lightweight and may help prevent injuries. The meaning of sentence 25 is unclear. Devin can improve this sentence by changing them to F sneakers G others H big companies J peoples feet Word Choice: 500 (6) I started playing baseball when I was just five years old. (7) My older brother Stan had graduated from T-ball to baseball and had given me his old glove. (8) It was a soft Wilson glove, and I was very proud of it. (9) I was sure that with a little more practice, I would be catching and throwing just as good as Stan does. What change needs to be made in sentence 9? F Change little to littel G Change the comma to a period H Insert a comma after catching J Change good to well Transitions: 100 (22) Subway Cat and I never got very close to each other after that. (23) Over time we formed a sort of friendship. (24) I would stare at him. (25) He would stare at me. (26) Sometimes, as he was leaving the train, he would turn back, proudly flick his tail, and meow. (27) Our simple relationship continued until, one Wednesday, he just wasnt there. Which transition word or phrase could BEST be added to the beginning of sentence 23? A Yet B In the same way C For example D Therefore Transitions: 200 (11) Many years of improvements led to Keds, the first mass-marketed athletic shoes. (12) Not only were Keds comfortable, but they were also very quiet. (13) In fact, the rubber soles made them so quiet that people could sneak up on one another. (14) People were referring to the new shoes as sneakers, and the name stuck. Which transition word or phrase could BEST be added to the beginning of sentence 14? F For example G However H Soon J In conclusion Transitions: 300 (10) We had a terrific pizza dinner.(11) We turned on the oven, we made the crust and then set out the ingredients. (12) As soon as that was done, we spread tomato sauce on the crust. Jill needs to use a transition at the beginning of sentence 11. Which of the following should replace For example? A Before B Yet C In fact D Soon Transitions: 400 (7) Porcupines are affectionate, and they form strong bonds with their owners. (8) For example, its important not to frighten a porcupine, especially when its still getting to know you. (9) If it feels threatened, it might stick you with its quills. (10) But once a porcupine considers you a friend, it will become a perfect companion. Luke needs to use a more appropriate transition at the beginning of sentence 8. Which of the following should replace For example? A Therefore B However C In fact D After that Transitions: 500 (7) Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for almost 100 years. (8) In the early days Girl Scouts sold only original sandwich, chocolate mint, and shortbread cookies. (9) There are many interesting flavors available, including lemon, peanut butter, and caramel. (10) Everyone seems to have a favorite, but the cookies that remain the most popular are the original chocolate mint. Samantha needs to add a transition word or phrase to help her readers move from sentence 8 to sentence 9. Which transition could BEST be added to the beginning of sentence 9? A After all B Today C At first D Then Adding/Deleting Sentences: 100
(12) Over the next few weeks, the garden turned out to be a bit more work than we had expected. (13) We had to make sure that all the plants were receiving just the right amount of water. (14) And we had to keep the weeds out of our garden. (15) They kept popping up no matter what we did to stop them. (16) Sometimes my cat would stroll into the garden and slink around. (17) Every afternoon, at least one of us had to spend time pulling the weeds that would interfere with the growth of our precious plants. The third paragraph (sentences 1217) is hard to follow because one of the sentences does not belong. Which sentence should Angela delete from this paragraph? A Sentence 13 B Sentence 15 C Sentence 16 D Sentence 17 Adding/Deleting Sentences : 200
(1) Some kids look forward to summer vacation. (2) Others cant wait for spring and the start of baseball season. (3) My favorite time of year comes shortly after the winter holidays. (4) One day Ill notice a girl sitting at a table in front of the grocery store. (5) As I walk by, she will politely ask, Would you like to buy some cookies? (6) At that point I jump for joy. Samantha wants to add a sentence to the end of her first paragraph (sentences 16). Which sentence could she add to clearly state the central idea of her paper? A I jump higher than you can imagine. B She is talking to me, and I know its here! C Girl Scout cookie season has finally arrived! D Spring break and winter holidays are nothing compared with this. Adding/Deleting Sentences : 300
(18) One day Soriano wrote to a Colombian author, asking for a copy of one of his books. (19) When the author found out about Sorianos work, he told others. (20) Soon many people began donating books for the biblioburro. Malcolm

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