5 ways to marketing your brand

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5 Ways to Marketing your Brand

5 Ways to Marketing your Brand

1. Google your nameWhat are clients seeing when your name into Google ? Its important to know if there are old photo's, videos or articles that may damage your personal brand. Old accounts such as a forgotten Myspace or Facebook may hurt your image.

Make sure there are no identical named people who you may be confused with. Always define your geographical region on your Linked In profile to be safe.

2. Set up a websiteSure LinkedIn is a great way to share your past achievements and honours. However the best way to really catalogue your latest work is by setting up a website under your name. This way clients, job interviews and peers will always have a reliable place to see your latest work.

3.BloggingTake a moment to connect to your international peers by writing articles in your specialisation. Share the articles in relevant LinkedIn groups, Twitter and Facebook profiles.

4. Include your URLs on your work.Do you have a business card? If the answer is yes a good bet would be that you havent updated it lately. Make sure your Linked In link, website link, email and any other relevent information is on your new card.

When doing presentations take the time out to point out your LinkedIn or website address on the first slide.

5. Be braveChances are you have been talking with a similar audience for a while now. Its time to be brave and seen out new channels to connect to a new audience. Is it through Linked In blogging? Or is it through creating a website? Have you been neglecting the #tags on your Twitter feed?

Make sure to take a moment every month to look over your personal marketing approach.