A Deep Dive into Nagios Analytics

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A Deep Dive into Nagios Analytics. Alexis L-Quc (@alq) http://datadoghq.com. @alq Dev & Ops Nagios user since 2008 Datadog co-founder. A little survey. Top 3 failed checks. That I responded to last week. That woke me up. That most of my team responded to at least once. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A Deep Dive into Nagios AnalyticsAlexis L-Quc (@alq)http://datadoghq.com

  • @alqDev & OpsNagios user since 2008Datadog co-founder

  • A little survey

  • Top 3 failed checks

  • Top 3 failed checks

  • Top 3 failed checks

  • Using memory to prioritize remediation...

  • Analytics

  • In the Cloud

  • Nagios a chatty sourceout of 40+ Datadog supports

  • One example

  • More data?More questions.

  • A dialog with data

  • Does size matter?

  • Weekly Count per host split by quartile

  • Weekly count per host split by quartile

  • Notifications

  • Notifications

  • Does time of day matter?

  • Does the day of week matter?

  • Squeaky wheels? (checks)

  • Squeaky wheel?(hosts)

  • Recurring alerts

  • More data?More questions.

  • HOWTO?

  • Find out tomorrow!

  • Presentation matters

  • Take-away?

  • Take-awaysDont rely on your memoryYour Nagios logs are a treasure troveHave a dialog with your dataPresentation matters


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