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A Guide to Weaponsmith: The Long HaulGuide To Weaponsmithing Compiled from many sites and many authors. Put together by myself so we can get as much solid info in ONE place to have for a reference. Special thanks to the following persons for identifying additions and corrections: jsquail madmurdoch2000

Been getting a lot of WS questions, so I figured I'd just post it....there is no other big guide here...so....here it is. If you see errors here, or can think of good additions, let me know via PM. If I like it I'll add you to the credits.

Bear in mind, many Weaponsmiths and their helpers died to provide you this information. (At least their social lives did. )

Table of Contents 1.) Just Starting: What you're getting yourself into and how to go about it. 2.) The Grind: What to grind and how to do it. 3.) The Biz: How to get a foothold in the weapons market and what you'll need to do it. 4.) Useful Information: Any other links to vital information not posted here.

Chapter 1: Just Starting.

So you want to be a Weaponsmith. The grind is a very tedious and painful one; unfortunately, it isn't going to be your only worry. You are going to need a lot of resources, a lot of macros, a lot of patience and a lot of time. Now, don't get discouraged. Any crafting profession takes time and effort to obtain mastery, just be ready to work!

Master Weaponsmith requires Novice Artisan and Engineer IV, at the bare minimum. You will need

31,500 General Crafting XP (granted by crafting Artisan items) to achieve Novice Weaponsmith. This can be done easily and quite quickly just by making survey devices with your Generic Crafting Tool. Pump out survey devices using one metal type (saves time and resources) and in a few hours you'll be good to go. The Weaponsmith profession itself requires 896,000 Weapon Crafting experience to Master the profession. For just the basics, the Master Weaponsmith profession requires 92 skill points total.

It is essential to have Survey IV to be a successful Weaponsmith, as you are dependent on a wide variety of resources. So if you take your profession even the slightest bit seriously, plan to free up skill points. Additionally, if you wish to have your own business, you will need to have Business III to obtain your own vendor. It is recommended for a successful business, that you achieve Novice Merchant and Advertising III, so you may advertise your vendor on the Planetary Map (viewable by opening the map and selecting the Vendor > Weapons tab.)

Weaponsmith Trainers: Tatooine - Bestine -1258 -3506 Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3334 4697 Tatooine - Mos Entha 1294 3383 Tatooine - Mos Entha 1394 3447 Tatooine - Mos Entha 1210 3199 Tatooine - Mos Espa -3058 2052 Tatooine - Mos Espa -2870 2145 Talus - Dearic 613 -3068 Talus - Dearic 516 -2912 Talus - Nashal 4288 5109 Rori - Narmle -5274 -2424 Rori - Narmle -5013 -2426 Rori - Restuss 5382 5599 Naboo - Deeja City 4733 1261 Naboo - Kaadara 5124 6813 Naboo - Keren 1905 2767 Naboo - Keren 1788 2573

Naboo - Moenia City 4802 -5009 Naboo - Theed City -5454 3987 Corellia - Bela Vistal 6862 -5416 Corellia - Coronet 47 -4442 Corellia - Doaba Guerfel 3111 5293 Corellia - Kor Vella -3695 3058 Corellia - Tyrena -5530 -2676 Corellia - Tyrena -5106 -2324

So now you ask yourself, "If this is so hard, why do I want to be one!?" The payoff is....nobody can make as much cash as you with so few resources. Period. You'll use a fraction of what others do once you GET ESTABLISHED. A 50-1000cpu payoff is normal depending on what you are cranking out. Special weapons can garner even more.

Lastly, remember....things that degenerate in game make the best renewable cash.....constant customer base. Markets will stagnate for many items...but things such as weapons and armor are ALWAYS needed. Also, I prefer to usually stay neutral and sell to ALL sides of the fight.

Now that you know what you're getting yourself into, we'll move onto the Grind.

Chapter 2: The Grind

Weaponsmith items grant the lowest amount of experience and use the least amount of resources. This profession requires a lot of clicking, more so than many other professions. For the grind alone, plan to have roughly 500,000 units of Steel for the basics. A few notes: Hand-crafted weapons give UXP (usage experience, the experience granted when someone else uses your item), items crafted in factories give no UXP. One-use items, like Weapon Upgrade Kits, give full UXP the instant they are used, provided they were hand-crafted and not made in a factory. Additionally, items crafted in factories only give you 10% Weapon Crafting experience that you would get for hand-crafting the item. Lastly, Practice Mode gives a 5% experience bonus to hand-crafted items. **I am unsure of the UXP as of 14.1, or how it will apply in future servers. More to follow.**

Extra thought.....your tools. Make sure the tools you are using for crafting after the grind are as high as you can get for rating. Do not be shy about spending money on your set of tools if you can't make them yourself. Fifty grand spent now on some top notch crafting tools will pay for themselves a thousand times over later. Just a few hundredths of a point on overall rating can make a damage or speed differential that keeps clients coming back. Spend the money.....

There are many different routes to take for the grind, here are the most common:

The Universal Grind

The universal items to grind are Projectile Barrels. At Novice Weaponsmith, you start with Projectile Pistol Barrels. They require 16 units of Steel and 10 units of Metal (or just 26 Steel total) and they grant 52 exp. It is recommended you grind Projectile Pistol Barrels until Firearms I, at which point you obtain the schematic for Projectile Rifle Barrels (these give more experience). Projectile Rifle Barrels require 31 units of Steel and 15 units of Metal (or 46 Steel total) and they grant 94 exp. You will grind Projectile Rifle Barrels until Master Weaponsmith.

This method is most widely used, out of convenience. They only use one resource (Steel) and they grant the highest amount of experience for only one type of resource. Saves you the time from hunting down five different resources at once, as well as cuts down on your clicking time. Ideal for Holo-grinders and Beginner Smiths.

The Alternate Barrel Grind

The alternate barrel grind simply replaces "Projectile" barrels in favor of "Blaster" barrels. Blaster barrels give slightly more experience, but they use two different resources. You would start with Blaster-Pistol Barrels at Novice, which require 27 Metal and 1 Gemstone and grant 60 experience. Then you skill up to Firearms I and grind Blaster-Rifle Barrels until reaching Master Weaponsmith. Blaster-Rifle Barrels require 53 Metal and 5 Crystalline Gemstone, and grant 115 exp.

This method is ideal for those who are packing a lot of extra Crystalline Gems or don't mind harvesting extra resources.

The Melee Grind

The Melee Grind starts with Projectile Pistol Barrels again at Novice, but instead of skilling up to Intermediate Firearms Crafting, you choose Intermediate Melee Weapons Crafting, which grants you the schematic for the Two-Handed Axe. The Two-Handed Axe requires 35 Iron, 25 Wood and 8 Steel, and grants 136 exp.

This method is good for those who are packing a lot of spare resources or just tire of seeing their experience bar raise so slowly. In-Game Macros (or do it by hand...your choice )

One of the most difficult parts of setting up your own macro is finding your schematic numbers, as they are used in this command:

/selectDraftSchematic 00

Where 00 represents the number of the schematic. It is different for everyone. My Projectile Rifle Barrel schematic number may be 12, while Joe Bob's is 25. You will have to type this command over and over with different numbers until you find *your* numbers that open the proper schematics in your crafting tool! Once that's over, then you can set up your macros. I found that they tend to be grouped as well, so Docs schematics are together, Artisan are together, etc. It may help the process a bit.

Now, onto the actual macro. This guide was written by one of our community members, unique100: Okay, to do this you will be using the top row of F1 - F12 keys in the "first set" of your toolbar quick slots. Very important to make sure it is the "first set" or it will not work.

You will have to make 3 macros. Pick a name for the macros. I used 'wsmacro1' 'wsmacro2' 'dump'. You can use whatever you like.

Open the abilities window (Ctrl-A on default keymap) then hit the Macro tab. Hit New Macro and give it a name. Then pick an icon for the macro. The icons mean nothing, they are just there to use as a pic to put in the toolbar quickslot.

Write this macro in the box:

/ui action toolbarSlot03; /selectDraftSchematic 00; (This number will be different for you!) /pause 5; (This is where you double click to put in resources) /nextcraftingstage; (Replace "/nextcraftingstage;" with just "/next;" if you have problems) /nextcraftingstage; /createprototype practice no item; /createprototype practice no item; /pause 1; /ui action toolbarSlot04; /selectDraftSchematic 00; /pause 5; /nextcraftingstage; /nextcraftingstage; /createprototype practice no item; /createprototype practice no item; /pause 1; /ui action toolbarSlot05; /selectDraftSchematic 00; /pause 5; /nextcraftingstage; /nextcraftingstage; /createprototype practice no item; /createprototype practice no item; /pause 1; /ui action toolbarSlot06;

/selectDraftSchematic 00; /pause 5; /nextcraftingstage; /nextcraftingstage; /createprototype practice no item; /createprototype practice no item; /pause 1; /ui action toolbarSlot01; (This loops the macro)

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