A Presentation on MICE Tourism - cf.cdn.unwto.orgcf.cdn.unwto.org/.../files/pdf/unwto_htc_mice...presentation_india.pdfA Presentation on MICE Tourism Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India India London New York Tokyo Berlin

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  • A Presentation on MICE Tourism Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India

    London New York Tokyo Berlin India

  • Why the focus on

    MICE ?

    Global financial Impact of national &

    international meetings = US$ 300 Billion


    Source : ICPB

  • High Value Added Industry

    Seamless Industry creating large scale


    Hi-tech Industry introducing the latest


    Economic Aspect- MICE Tourism

  • Development of regional culture & further

    globalization of the region

    Improvement in city environment and civic


    Increase international influence &

    accelerates non-governmental diplomacy

    MICE delegate becomes a future tourist

    Socio ,Cultural & Tourism Aspect of


  • Source: ICCA Report 2012

    MICE- World Scenario

    Europe 55.0%

    Asia 17.1%

    America (North) 11.9%

    America (South) 10.5%

    Africa 3.0%

    Australasia / Pacific 2.5%

    Market Share for Meetings in 2011 by continent

  • MICE- World Scenario

    Source: UIA, Union of International Associations, Year 2012

    Top International Meeting Countries in 2011 Country Number of meetings Percentage of all meetings

    Singapore 919 9.0%

    USA 744 7.3%

    Japan 598 5.8%

    France 557 5.4%

    Belgium 533 5.2%

    Korea Rep 469 4.6%

    Germany 421 4.1%

    Austria 390 3.8%

    Spain 386 3.8%

    Australia 329 3.2%

  • Of a total of 6.681 events tracked, India has a

    market share of 1.2% (Asia & Middle East has

    18.8% share)

    In terms of delegate attendance, India ranks 25th

    As per ICCA

    International Conference and Convention Association


    MICE-Indian Scenario

  • 85% of tracked meetings had under 1000


    94% were less than 2,000

    Average expenditure per delegate per meeting was

    US$ 2,568

    MICE-Indian Scenario

    As per ICCA

  • Economic benefits to the country A conference delegate spends about 2.5 to 3

    times more than the average traveler

    Professional development through interaction

    and exchange of ideas

    Networking opportunity

    Raising of financial resources for your


    MICE - Benefits

  • MICE - Key Sectors

    Banking & Finance



    Manufacturers &





  • China







    South Korea


    Hong Kong


    New Zealand




  • Supports Bids for International Events

    For events 500 delegates and above

    Rs. 4.5 lakhs for the winner of the bid for a Conference / Convention in


    Rs. 1.50 lakh for the bidder who comes at second or third position at

    the bidding stage

    For events of 200 - 500 delegates

    Rs. 2.50 lakhs for winner of the bid for holding the Conference /

    Convention in India

    Rs. 1.00 lakh for the bidder who comes at second or third position for

    conference/convention of 200 - 500 pax

    Ministry of Tourism Initiative

  • Ministry of Tourism Initiative

    The Large Revenue Generating Projects scheme of the Ministry of Tourism allows financial support for construction of Convention Centers in PPP model

    The Ministry of Tourism extends financial assistance of Rs. 5.00 crores to State Governments for constructing one convention center in the State.

  • Ministry of Tourism Initiative

    Promotional Activities:

    A Video film on the conference facilities in India has been produced copies of which are provided to the members and Indian associations for promotional activities / bidding etc.

    Media campaign with MICE as focus

  • Ministry of Tourism Initiative

    Participation in International Travel Marts like

    Exhibition for the Incentive Business Travel and Meetings (EIBTM),

    Incentive Travel & Conventions, Meetings Asia (IT & CMA),

    IMEX, Frankfurt & USA etc.

    AIME, Australia


    to give exposure to Indias Conference infrastructure.

  • Ministry of Tourism Initiative Research Activities

    Commissioned a study for creation of comprehensive data base of Professional bodies/ Associations in the country

    Supported a Study to Quantify the Size, Scope and Economic Impact of Indias Convention Industry through IIM-B

  • Ministry of Tourism Initiative Capacity Building

    Proposal to organize training program under Hunar Se Rozgar scheme for various aspects of MICE Management

    Campaign Clean India

    To address issue of cleanliness in and around tourist destinations

  • India Tourism Trends

  • 50.8 52.8 51.757.8


    2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

    Foreign Tourist Arrivals

    4.0% -2.2% 11.8% 8.9%

    ( in lakh)

    : ,

    Growth in Global Tourist Arrivals in 2011 : 4.4%

    FTAs Jan-May 2012 : 28.05 lakh (7.8% growth)

  • Source: Ministry of Tourism

    Foreign Exchange Arrivals

    10. 30% -3.7% 24.6% 16.7%

    USD Billion


    -5.9% 27.5%

    FEE Jan May 2012 : US$ 7.29 BLN (10.6% growth

  • * Final

    7.0% 17.9% 6.9% 13.9%

    2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009


    36.6 39.2

    46.2 52.7






    Domestic Tourism A Major Driver

    Source: Ministry of Tourism


    85.0 *13.8%

  • Getting here has never

    been easier !

    Over 50 international airlines fly into India

    4 new world class international airports

    and 32 regional airports under renovation

    Beware of Tiger McKinsey estimates that Indian

    manufacturing exports will grow at 17% p.a.

    reaching $300 billion by 2015.

    Advantage India

  • Getting around in India has never

    been easier !

    Over 12 domestic airlines fly with nearly 1000 flights a

    day to over 80 domestic destinations

    Worlds 2nd largest Railway Network covering over 63,000

    Kms carrying 20 million passengers a day

    Comprehensive Highway System criss-crossing the


    India is the 4th largest internet user in the world

    India connected : 50 million users and rising.

    Advantage India

  • India The Comparative Advantage

    Situated midway on East West air corridors

    Attraction of ancient and exotic culture

    Tourism product relatively uncluttered

    Tropical forests and wildlife

    Expert medical tourism at competitive prices

  • Product Diversity Great Himalayas



    Beaches & Backwaters

    28 World Heritage Sites


    Buddhist Heritage


    Art & Craft

    Fairs & Festivals

    Rural Experience






    Traditional Healing Systems

    Modern Medical Treatment

  • Heritage Film

  • Traditional Systems of Wellness

    Ayurveda Retreats






    Retirement / Assisted Living

    Rehabilitation & Recuperation

    Spiritual and Meditation

  • Shopping Film

  • India Convention Promotion Bureau

    MICE segment (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions)

    in India is growing at around

    20% annually

  • Your first and last point for meeting events in India

    India Convention Promotion Bureau

    Conceived 18 years ago

    Stands before you as the pallbearers of the meeting and conference industry in India

    A joint effort between the private and public sectors

  • India Convention Promotion Bureau

    A joint effort between the private & public sectors, today ICPB is the only body that can truly boast of participation from the entire MICE industry, with members from central and state governments. hotels, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, exhibition suppliers, professional conference organizers, event managers, educational institutions & more


  • Our goal is to market India to the world as a dynamic and rewarding destination for

    MICE Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Events


  • T3 Indira Gandhi

    International Airport

  • Strategy for Growth

    Governments role - facilitator and catalyst

    Synergy - Public Private Partnership

    Focus on upmarket clientele

    Thrust on quality than quantity

    Conservation, Preservation, Sustainability

    Transparent, competitive policy on privatization

    Promoting innovative products and projects

  • Whatever sphere of the human mind you may

    select for your special study, whether it be

    language or religion or mythology or philosophy,

    whether it be law or customs, primitive art, or

    science, you have to go to India, because," he

    said, "some of the most valuable and instructive

    material of the history of man are treasured up in

    India, and India only".