A Tiger in the Zoo

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A Tiger in the Zoo. Prepared By: - Nityanandesh Narayan Tripathi PGT English Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. He stalks in his vivid stripes The few steps of his cage, On pads of velvet quiet, In his quite rage. Annotation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Prepared By: - Nityanandesh Narayan TripathiPGT EnglishJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya

  • He stalks in his vivid stripesThe few steps of his cage,On pads of velvet quiet,In his quite rage.He (Tiger) walks in quiet rage (Unexpressed Anger) in the few steps (small) cage (Cage of Zoo). He has vivid stripes (bright and attractive lines on skin).

  • He should be lurking in shadow,Sliding through long grassHe (Tiger) lurks (Waits) in shadow (Shade of the tree) and Slides (Walks Secretly) in the long grasses of the jungle.

  • Near the water holeWhere the plump deer pass.Near the water hole (Pond, Lake or River) he searches the plump (Fat) Deer (Food)

  • He should be snarling around housesAt the jungles edge,Baring his white fangs, his claws,Terrorizing the village!

    He snarls (Roars) and walks around the houses (Village) at jungles edge (End). He shows his white fangs (Sharp Teeth) and Claws to terrorize (Scare) the village (The People of the Village).

  • But hes locked in a concrete cell,His strength behind bars,Stalking the length of his cage,Ignoring visitors.He (Tiger) is closed inside concrete cell (Cage of Stone). He can show his strength here. So he walks in the length (Limited Space) of the cage. He ignores the visitors (Humans who have kept him in the cage).

  • He hears the last voice at night,The patrolling cars,And stares with his brilliant eyesAt the brilliant stars.He (Tiger) listens the last voice (The people going back to their houses) at night. He also listens the sound of patrolling cars (the cars of police). By his brilliant eyes (Hopeful eyes for freedom) he looks at the brilliant stars (Bright future of freedom).

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